6 months break from TRP (self.asktrp)

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TLDR; Got off the red pill and sorted out my shit through therapy an other things. Now I'm happy and not depressed.

For those who want to read, any advice at the end would be awesome.

After being a lurker and solid reader of the pill for a few years, one day I just stopped reading.

In the past 5 years I've gone through clinical depression, almost landed myself in jail for dealing, lived overseas for 6 months and had a huge career change.

Now last week I came back to Reddit and the pill to check in and its quarantined?! What the fuck guys!

Anyway, what's happened in the 6 month absence.

First, I reached a point where I realised It was definitely time to get off my ass and start living. Whilst the pill has been great to me and and the knowledge has helped me deal with a lot. I had reached the glass ceiling.

Second We are communal people, us men work best in groups. I had always tried to sort out my shit on my own. I've now started seeing a psychologist, openly talked about my social problems and life problems with a very close friend and an old man I had working for me who has now become a mentor/father figure.

Third I've massively been listening to the Beige Phillip Show by Dante Nero. This is a great extension of where Patrice O'Neal left off when he died .. Rest In Pimp. Dante is insanely tuned in to what goes on between men and women and knows more than anyone how to be a man in this society and your role of as a man with women and in a relationship.

If you're not listening, you should be.

Also started dabbling in a few Buddhism teachings from a monk in the past week. Side note, although very interesting.

Fourth Picked up my fashion. I've always been in the gym (oly lifting now and before that for years I've done Crossfit, marathon running and bodybuilding before that) I'm 6"4 and not a bad sort, so people say 😉 No radical fashion trends or changes, just general clothes that fit well and don't look tacky. It's amazing how a good tee, jeans and boots which are all simple things but wearing these that fit your figure well and you get the colours right it works wonders.

What's happened since.

Seeing the psych and talking to people has helped incredibly. I'm now more open, massively happier and I'm starting to be myself properly rather than trying to be the guy I thought everyone else wanted. What do they say? Just be yourself. What I've realised that means is live for you and not others, you aren't going to get along with or be mates with everyone. Not everyone is going to like you and you them. Realising that and being ok with that has helped my interactions with people immensely. I'm more relaxed and way more confident as I'm not trying to please.

With women. Success... I've barely been trying and they keep coming to me and the amount of sex I get has gone through the roof (humble not so humble brag I know) I'm slowly realising who I am and what I value in people and for myself. When I meet girls this has made me so much more calm in interacting and flirting. This as well has helped me with dealing with family, friends band general people in every day life.

Conclusion I'm the happiest I've ever been in my short life (27M) and I'm at a very interesting and exciting period where I'm finding my value and myself.

As Dante Nero says 'If it's broke, fix it' No truer words.

Long post thanks for reading.

If any of you brothers have any advice on how I could keep this going, Advise and criticise away!!

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Why did you stop being on trp? You missed one critical part of your journey - you start taking action! At the end of the day, that’s the only single one that will make difference, it would naturaly come to you to drift away after you implement stuff and start seeing with your own eyes, not ‘communities’

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You’ve always been in the gym, are 6”4. What was screwing you over that brought you to TRP in the first place?

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Probably a woman. Not many guys come here for Husbandry tips

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How do you know that?

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Call it a hunch

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You should get that checked out.

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Mentality brother, frame if you will, no external forces can help you if ur fucked inside urself.

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There's more to living a happy and successful life than being tall.

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Being tall is a cheat code with women, women being the primary reason people come to TRP.

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Good update and thanks for your words. "happiest I've ever been in my short life (27M)" speaks volumes - you know you're young and have a long road ahead. You seem to have a sober optimism- that will be a big factor in your success in ways that will surprise you 20 years from now.

"Fourth Picked up my fashion" appearance matters. As a young man I thought my appearance did not matter much and purely by my intellect and personality everything will go my way. Where it does not is entirely due to the persongroupworld being shallow and stupid.

Holy shit was I wrong. And I'm not a young man. Before TRP I had moved from awful to passable and occasionally decent. Appearance was either a detractor or a neutral factor most of the time. Now it's an asset. Looking at old photos there are times I'm shocked at what I looked like.

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Where do I download Minecraft?

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Thanks bud.

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Somewhere on the internet i forgot where

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That’s really great to read man, congratulations on your success.

To people who are criticizing him for leaving TRP: not everyone has to go through the same path. TRP is not the answer to all of life’s problems, it’s just a useful set of tools that you must use at your own discretion.

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Can strongly recommend Beige Philipp Show as well, always listen to it in the gym. Entertaining and spot-on redpill advice

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What is your point? You are in top 0.1% of men being 6'4 and muscular and also mentioning someone work for you thereby either also a business owner or at least middle managment...

Wtf has trp have to do anything with you? Your shit is already sorted and your dating life is on easiest mode.

Reading the title I thought I would get a smart critique of trp based on arguments and a sort of review or at least comparison, nope

Your issue is mental health and that has literally nothing to do with this subreddit or the problems most people here have or write about.

I mean I am glad you are doing okay, I guess... maybe if you explicitly stated some kind of conclusion like 'do some introspection and assess if you have a mental health problem and see a professional'... Or at least a 'quitting trp and stopping listening to bros online and instead going to psychotherapy helped me'... nope

we didn't even get that. We got a story about a tip top guy who is less sad then before.


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I appreciated the story

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It’s a Q&A sub though. This reads like a not-so-humble humblebrag with an “oh and any advice is appreciated” tacked on in a very weak attempt to make it pass for a question. If this was on TRP it could at least pass for a field report.

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very good account - congrats ! my advice would be watching out for unplanned pregnancies, fake pregnancies, false rape/ battery charges - in other words constantly vet the women you interact with.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCaX3BIijT0

keep your medical history from them - they will weaponize any weaknesses they perceive

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That’s really great to read man, congratulations on your success.

To people who are criticizing him for leaving TRP: not everyone has to go through the same path. TRP is not the answer to all of life’s problems, it’s just a useful set of tools that you must use at your own discretion.