Is there EVER a valid time to text when they haven't replied to your invitation? (self.asktrp)

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Girl acts super cute and feminine with me, no action yet though.

After a short text convo, in which she continued to act like she does, I finished of by trying to set a time to meet up. No response.

It feels real bizarre because I sense from her that she sees me as very high value in relation to her, yet when push comes to shove, and I suggest to meet up, she ignores my text.

I'm thinking of texting something along the lines of "god you're boring" to try stir some negative emotion.

My criticism of that idea is that it could present me as weak/needy if she interprets it differently.

Let me know what you think. Cheers lads.

EDIT: Nvm lads she's responded, but regardless still great insight, thank you very much for all your input. Definitely learned a couple things.

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God this is cringey.. shes not interested bro, if she was she would of jumped at the opportunity to meet up with you. Do not text her "god your boring" after she curved your ass.

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"You're ugly as fuck, id never date you. Now fuck off

"God you're boring"

Omg, i don't know what came over me!!! Gimmy sum fux plz!!!!'

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Yeah. If a girl is interested you like 8+/10 she will fucking text you, be crazy all over you, even the reserved ones you will feel the interest oozing thru their texts and behavior. At that point unless you're a complete insecure BB you could say or do almost anything and they'll just be like "teehee! you're so weird" or "teehee! omg your so funny". Rollo said to try not to bother with women who don't have at least a 7/10 interest level in you, otherwise the amount of hoop jumping and effort needed to be put in to bed or LTR her will be high. I tend to agree with this, though I guess there could be merit in the challenge.

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When actions and words do not line up, actions reveal the truth.

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What exactly do you type to bring up meeting?

Also if whatever your reply is, is DIRECT. Then ghost her, soft to hard next. Hard next if she doesn't intiate in X amount of days. Rules like this protect your time and keep your head straight. I normally use a week.

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Girls are fickle man. I’ll be on dating apps or snap getting hit up to hangout by an 8 while a 7 ghosts me once it gets to the point of meeting up . Generally I’ll move chicks that don’t respond or are non-committing to “out” or “when other options are unavailable”. You’d honestly be surprised the amount of girls who aren’t down to get drinks together as a singular date but are willing to engage when you hit them up to meet at a crowded bar in both of your respective areas. I’ve definitely had a few instances of success in the short term in this regard. I guess if you are super down for her, try to frame yourself as higher value when you double text to reach. Almost as if you’re surprised she hasn’t taken to you. And if not, then just move one to the next, you don’t have very much to lose regardless.

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This is a great point. There is no causation to most flaking/flakes. I used to take it personally but now I don’t give it a second thought. If you’re a valuable man there will always be a woman after you.

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Ignoring your edit that she had responded. If you were spinning multiple plates and lifting, you genuinely wouldn't care. She saw your text dude, she actively chose not to respond. Sending her additional texts signals to her that you have low SMV, and that you're in low demand.

I had a one-itis shortly after my divorce (13 yrs married) a couple of years ago, after being newly red pilled. Crazy hot, HB9, emphasis on the crazy. Kept me on a string with a bj for a while, but then nothing. Thankfully I started following the sidebar advice, started lifting, and started blowing through books. 9 months later she sees me in the gym doing deadlifts and immediately starts texting me. I didn't respond, because doing that stereotypical stuff (lift + read) that people tell you to do here provided better plates. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I genuinely don't give a fuck. She's not worth my time. It's an amazing feeling, because I had a major crush on that chick in High School. Best of luck on your journey!

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"god you're boring"

Lmao do not say this.

You gave the chance for a meet-up and she ghosted, that should tell you enough ( attention whore. Only wants online validation)

Next her, game other girls. This is basics.

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chalk it up as her not being interested, if she is she will make it easy for you

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The Medium is the message. Women communicate covertly not overtly.

High interest level won't buffle you.

There are only so many fucks you can give.

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Dude. Find other women. You should be gaming a few at a time so that if one doesn't respond you're not as likely to make a gay as hell asktrp post about it.

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It shouldn’t matter, because you’ve got 8 other girls you’re also talking to, right?

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This could be a shit test, don't call or text back.

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Why you worried? You do you and forget about her

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Make yourself subtlety visible to her, posting on social media, while passively ghosting her with no direct texting, like you’re having great times without her.

Come up with your best until she reaches out first.

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Lol FUCK that shit. The question he asked here shouldn‘t even have come up because he should‘ve had better things to do than sit around and freak out on why she doesn‘t reply.

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No, there is not.

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My only feedback would be this... if you are worried about her not texting you back enough to make a post on TRP about it and in that time she actually did, I think you are a little too invested.

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a lot of women get turned on by asshole behavior. Do whatever the fuck you want. Call her out or ghost her.

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These kinds of questions need to stop. TRP is not game theory. We don't LARP here. Stop trying to take shortcuts, you need to read the sidebar and become more alpha.

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This is not real advice. "Be more alpha" is an obvious and pointless thing to say. You could also tell this guy to gain 20 pounds of muscle and earn 2 million dollars, that would help him get girls. But that is stupid and doesn't help him right now in any way. Questions like this are completely fine, guys should always have a good place to go to get advice from RP men.

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This kind of question doesn't merit real advice or answers. TRP is not game. He doesn't need help right now. He needs to invest in himself. This isn't a "help betas get laid by LARPing better" hotline. I did give him advice. He needs to read the sidebar. His question shows an underlying lack of understand in what the purpose of RP theory is.

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Well, I disagree. There's advice that you can give this guy other than "read the sidebar".

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Blue pill behaviour. Get abundance mentality ASAP.

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You are wrong bro, sorry to tell you. If you need to ask for an online advice about a girl, you haven't met, kissed or fucked yet, because she isn't texting you back, her value is definitely higher then yours.

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It’s fucking ASKTrp dude. Nobody is going to post here if they are having no challenges with women.