Oral but no sex? (self.asktrp)

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Been saucin' up this girl for about a week and last night got her back to my room. We got high, were almost completely naked, I fingered her to orgasm a few times and she gave me oral, but the few times I tried to take her panties off she kept grabbing my hand and saying "not tonight". She was wet as a fucking slip and slide so I know she wanted it, but why do you guys think she wouldn't let me go all the way? I'm assuming it's because she doesn't want to just be an ONS so she's holding out, but I'd appreciate some second opinions.

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Because girls don't add guys they've blown to their n-count.

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truuuu chainz

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I laughed so hard at

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It caught me off guard also.

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Up vote earned

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Username checks out

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They really don’t. I actually count blowjobs only as 2x for asymmetrical slut factor. If only women knew how dumb they sound when they say oral doesn’t count

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Is there a consensus if oral counts for a guys n-count?

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No. You wish.

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I'll just count the ones where I cream on their face

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Shoulda waited until midnight then asked, "How about today?"

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Could be on her Period, maybe she didn't shave. Lots of reasons, girls are weird. Get a second date, if she doesn't fuck then. Drop her, or keep her as an oral plate.

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Oral plate. Gold.

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I've just realized I read TRP and asktrp with somewhat serious focused face. Good to have some small laugh occasionally here.

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Thanks I've been waiting for a good time to use that material

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Are you saying that an oral plate is gold or coining Oral plate is gold

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What do you think AmazonAlphaMale?

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She unsettles the frame.

Genuine desire cannot be negotiated. - Rollo Tomassi

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What does he mean by unsettles

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Not settled, what are you missing here? She ruffled his feathers, rustled his jimmies, busted his chops, yanked his chain... Literally...

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Ah so she challenges his frame... I am from Balkans... our English is not very extensive.

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How much would you say TRP principles apply to Balkan girls? (outside of basic principles that apply everywhere: lift, confidence, status, money)

-Srbija ovde

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Idk, personally I am at the point where I don't care anymore, it doesn't matter if I cum from oral or pussy as long as I cum, that's why I don't pressure hard if a girl doesn't want to have sex. Usually if she gave you a blowjob you are going to fuck her anyway after some time. If that bothers you find a girl that wants to fuck, if not just give her some time.

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Some girls just don’t put out on the first date, I wouldn’t read too much into it.

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Sex can be a big deal for some women.

Is she on birth control? Give her a few more chances. I mean I'd keep going as long as I orgasm but that's me.

Ask her why a few days from now. Fuck it, ask her when she says no. Whatever the reason shrug and accept IMO. She will or she wont, be abundant and next her when it gets old.

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Some girl's policy is to just not fuck on the first date. Obviously they'd be singing a different tune if Brad Pitt was the one trying to fuck but who cares.

Obviously I'm trying to fuck but I'd rather have a date with girl who's fun to talk to that ends in only oral then listen to some vapid whore talk for 2 hours then fuck her.

Funny because I just actually came back from a date where the exact thing happened to me. After getting a round of drinks we started hooking up in her car and things were getting hot and heavy so she started blowing me but everytime I pushed for sex she stonewalled me.

As retarded as it sounds, some girls just don't fuck on the first date on principle but will have no problem fucking the next night on a second date. It's their hamster convincing them that it's a lot less slutty.

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Who cares dude? You put your dick in her mouth? If she still doesn't want to have sex next time and proposes oral again, agree and have her lay on her back so you can climb on top of her and fuck her face. Its about as good, if she doesn't have fangs.

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She was on her period. That is most likely, don't get into rocket science here.

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He fingered her, he would know.

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All the benefits, none of the work.

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the fact that she went there is all good - just ask the right questions subtly to see if she has a diseased hole. I extracted the fact a girl had herpes by asking, "so would you prefer i wear a rubber or not?"

It got her hamstering hard, and she had to fess up ! NEXT !!!

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There are a lot of girls who think not giving it up early is the key to commitment. Sounds like she’s one of those.

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Yeah, but they don't realize that that only works in its entirety, not halfway like providing a bj and fucking other guys but keeping you on the back burner because they think you're worthy of being leeched off of.

Pre TRP I would've fallen for this, but thanks to the sub I was able to shut down one or two such girls who were suddenly seeking commitment.

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Oh ya definitely. If you’ve ever seen blue mountain state, the running backs GF in the first season is the perfect parody.

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I'm not seeing a problem here. You got head. Was the head not good? Did she not finish you off?

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Just be patient. A lot of girls are weird about having PIV with a guy they just met. But also, do yourself a favor and don’t ever date a girl that has this warped view about sex. They want you to “earn” that but have no problems putting a dick in their mouth and tasting your cum. It’s the most retarded logic to be casual about that but huff and puff about the idea of putting a penis in a vagina.

Have your fun but I wouldn’t emotionally invest in a woman that thinks like that.

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You speak of women like they are logical thinkers. Finish choking down the jagged pill, you fairy.

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You sound like an incel.

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that can still be transmitted orally !

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Was the old dip n sniff all OK?

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She probably wasn’t clean or shaved.

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Could be a few things. How impromptu was your date last night? She could not have prepared. Or she is holding out in hopes you find her respectable and you end up dating her instead of just being a piece. Or she doesn’t fuck much in general. Or she felt bad and wanted to return the favor but didn’t find you attractive enough. It’s impossible to assess all the factors over reddit but proceed how you want, all you can really do if you can’t figure it out.

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Some other dude's hitting the Vag bro. You got what's left

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She sobbed your knob and is wet for you, yet you are still upset? Talk about validation seeking behavior. Take it from a mrp man, this is a very good thing. Just because she's into you doesn't mean she doesn't have a hamster. Two of the best relationships I've ever had started this way. She's going to rock your world the next time you hang out as long as you stop being a faggot.

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Wasn’t upset at all it was some good fucking head just wondering why she was willing to do that and not fuck. What would you suggest moving forward though? So far I’ve been off campus for the weekend and the only text I’ve sent her so far was making sure she got back safe after the night. Planning on maintaining radio silence until she texts me or I see her in class Tuesday.

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There are girls out there that will do oral the first date but no sex till like the 10th, its there moral.

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She's a tranny but doesn't want you to find out