How to get ready for a social situation after a stressful day? (self.asktrp)

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My work has entered a rather stressful period, and I find myself working longer, harder hours than normal.

I’m committed to sticking to my usual social activities outside of work, but when I have a date or meet-up during the working week, I’m finding myself less engaged and enthusiastic as I once was.

Does anyone have advice on how to maintain the energy and enthusiasm needed for socialising shortly after a tiring dats work?

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Consider this, It IS okay to take time for yourself. As with everything too much of one thing and we end up worse off.

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More work is not going to help you heal from work. Take an hour and go do something you love. Video games, a good tv show, or whatever you consider to be “not work”.

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I believe this is the most wholesome stuff I have ever seen on /asktrp, thanks guys.

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Go lift heavy shit in the gym. Also, meditation is really good for clearing your head after long day at work. Ideally do both and you are golden.

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Key word here is heavy. If you go in the gym and push your limits work will seem like child's play in comparison. This goes for martial arts as well.

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I've lifted all day and i still feel stressed

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Boss Man, you’re completely right. Get in that kenjataimu state.

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Hey, man, aren't you doing the social stuff to unwind and relax? Don't make that into work, too. Take some time and focus on your own personal hobbies, even if it's just a half hour after work before you go out.

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Its better to cancel/don’t go to a social event than it is to phone it in halfass. If you’re not up to snuff, then bow out.

On the work front I suggest finding the low/no value things that you do and ruthlessly cutting them out. That’s the only way to regain your time.

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A 20 minute run followed by a shower and 10 minutes of meditation.

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I suffer from the same thing. I set up plans with a girl on a friday night but after the 9-5 slog all week the first thing I want to do when I get off of work on Friday is nap.

For me personally thought the biggest hurdle is actually getting myself out. Once I'm out I usually have a good time.

In your case then it's okay to take a week or two to yourself and just relax outside of work. Lift, meditate, etc.

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listen to music, EDM

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put the terminator theme song on, get in the shower, curl up in a ball like when the terminator got sent thru time and visualize yourself as him.

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I think I'll copy/paste this answer for every question that comes up. Excellent.

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Are you in a legalised state? High THC low CBD weed does it for me. It give me like a second energy boost with appetite and the will to blow steam off. It also reduce my alcohol consumption to one drink every 2 hours maybe ..

TL:DR Weed and less alcool

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Fuck weed

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Take a cold ass shower and you should be good to go

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Try cold shower. It doesn't have to be all cold shower. Take a shower and turn it to cold at last 20 seconds. Trust me it's what you need. It refreshes soo good!

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10 minutes of deep breathing/ meditation

Then I give myself a few positive affirmations and a gratitude list.

That usually does the trick for me.

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+1 for the gratitude list. Gratitude re-frames everything. Stressful day at work eating at your social life? Well, some people don’t have jobs, and most people’s jobs are so boring that they would probably kill for a little stress. And some people don’t have social lives. You have all those things. An attitude of gratitude can change your life my friend.

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Honestly, Take a day for yourself. It's cool so long as you stay about your business.

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Hey man lay down close your eyes and chill.

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This was my go to when needing to work but not enough sleep:

Soak the corner of a towel in hot but not scolding water and wring it so it's soggy damp. Place the towel on an eyelid and hold it there until it stops feeling hot. Repeat for the other eyelid.

Instant pick me up and it lasts for 2 to 3 hours.

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Yeah. Pull your panties out of your ass crack and stop being a little bitch and go have some fun. Wah wah wah, my day is hard, I'm sad, I can't have fun.

Jesus fucking Christ. You are pathetic.