Girl is beaten by Chad, yet goes back numerous times, even breaking a retraining order twice to see him. Can someone give an explaination to why he has such a firm hold on her emotions, other than "because hes Chad"? (self.asktrp)

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He also robbed her.


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Low self esteem + abusive childhood issues

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Where’s chad at? This boy looks gay af. No trace of a beard on him.

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Why u salty?

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Not salty bredda. Just honest observation. Where is the boys facial hair?

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This happens quite a lot...particularly with young women, then less so later in life with well adjusted women.

First......stop labeling every dude with a chick as a Chad. Just because a guy has a girl does not make him a Chad, nor does that the Fortnite champ of your lame social group stealing your HB4 GF make him a Chad....

The most usual reason is that the girl has some deep seated emotional issue...whether it is a lack of self-worth or less common but still happens....a princess who has had guys groveling for her attention all her life runs across a guy who is the first not to kiss her ass so she becomes addicted to getting HIS approvalattention.

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This happens quite a lot...particularly with young women, then less so later in life with well adjusted women after they've hit the wall.


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By chad, he means really good looking

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It's incel vernacular

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Spawned on TRP. Get a grip

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Get a grip. NoFap vernacular.

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This dude is hot af idk why you are complaining about calling him a chad

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That guy looks like a fucking psycho

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Who? The young one or the one who were talking? That young guy "yes ser" was so annoying, just watching that video I had urges to punch him in the face. Anyway, it's all staged, and they're just actors.

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Young guy

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Prove they are actors. Show me one person who acted in that show and later got even a small role somewhere.

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Yes sir

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The young guy his facial expression shows how big of a bellend he is. He has such a punchable face.

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He get dat pussy doe

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Not really

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Stockholm Syndrome?

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Because emotion

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cause shes a girl. this gets her tingles going

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She's a very confused girl who has been physically assaulted throughout her whole life by her raging military father, and has a mother who not only accepts this but outright condones the situation. On top of that, her mother is probably one of the most judgmental bitches in history and likely denigrates her daily. So this ho acts up on the chad, keying his car and shit looking for the same kind of attention her father gives her.

This is a great example of why men should stay away from BPD PTSD STD bitches. But dudes are so fucking thirsty that all they wanna do is pretend to be chad and try and fuck any little drip they can find. Then you hear the same 2 stories. "Auuh, I fucked that betas gf, or uuuh she keeps txting me." It's like, ok great man. When STD Sally's beta bux shows up with 10 simps and kicks your head into the concrete or BPD girls dad is military and actually finds your ass.. good luck!

And there we have Chad. This crazy bitch prob shows up at his house late at night half naked and he's like.. well fuck, might as well smash this becky one last time. Then wakes up to her putting a baseball bat through his windscreen. And now's he's on Dr. Phil having to basically deny rape allegations.

TL;DR Bitches be crazy, Betas be thirsty and Chads have to navigate the middle.

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This crazy bitch prob shows up at his house late at night half naked and he's like.. well fuck, might as well smash this becky one last time. Then wakes up to her putting a baseball bat through his windscreen. And now's he's on Dr. Phil having to basically deny rape allegations.

This deserves all the karma.

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Don't you know by now women like an emotional rollercoaster

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I know a girl like this. Chad keeps her nose well fed.

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Wbat do you mean

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Nigga he talkin bout that fine white snow.

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It chad the cocaine or is there literal cocaine

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What do you think?

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Chad has to be the cocaine

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Naw. How often do you generally hear the phrase "that guy is like coke for me". Personally i've never heard it so there's no reason i'd assume that was the case.

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"His love is like a drug"

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Yeah, but that's not what the dude said. He made a literal comment about her nose. This is standard drug slang.

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It's not 'daddy issues' and whatever else.

All women share this nature, always have always will. It's a form of hypergamy. He makes her feel 'lower' than him. Her hypergamous drive gets a kick from being around a man she views as superior.

It's the same psychology pimps exploited.

All the cliches that girls like douchebags, psychos etc all have their root in this.

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Pimp game.

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They don't know about that. 🤭😉

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Emotional rollercoaster causes oxytocin pair bonding (think push/pull), plus he doesn't put her on the pedestal which demonstrates higher SMV.

She then gets addicted to him and comes back for more cos of dem tinges.

And 'Chad' lmao, the dude can barely grow a goatee, indicating low T levels.

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goatee, indicating low T levels.

Low DHT levels and/or DHT receptor sensitivity in his hair follicles. Not T levels. This is coming from someone with a full beard. There are plenty of low T soyboy cucks that can grow a full beard

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Another indicator, the bitch behavior.

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The bitch behavior?

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You know what's sad, once she inevitably gets past him or he finishes with her, she's forever broken because most other guys will not be able to take her through that roller coaster again.

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Yea aka damaged goods.

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Alpha widowed

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Ur wrong on the low T. Dude don't got the genetics for it or is still 2 young

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He’s probably projecting because the abuser is chad and he isn’t

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Guy has very defined features and is low body fat without being skinny. He’s definitely high T

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Guy looks like preteen. High T - higher t to dht conversion - facial hair.

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I disagree personally. Facial hair or lack of, especially on black people, doesn’t indicate much.

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But the bitchy behavior does.

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When was he a bitch? All i saw was amused mastery.

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Well put on your glasses. If you think that was AM, you have a lot to learn.

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Yes sir!!

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    His 1 point got to his head

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    Incel brigade triggered

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    Good girl!

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    Lmfao! The boy has no trace of a beard. Where did you see a goaty?

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    My bad, it was a shadow.

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    Lmfao!!!! Dat part

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    Turns out I'm lowkey chad despite being ugly cause I started growing a goatee at 16yo... Right?

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    Wrong sub buddy.

    Lmao never though I'll trigger so many incels.

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    Achievement of the day, init ;)

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    And 'Chad' lmao, the dude can barely grow a goatee, indicating low T levels.

    Its not black and white. Clearly hes Chad.

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    Chad is an archetype, not a person you asshats jerk to.

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        Every few months there's a period where the majority of comments is naive bluepill bullshit.

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        A real alpha, i.e. Chad, has control of his emotions and acts rationally.

        Lol. You need to reread the sidebar and/or the rational male. Search the alpha buddha the rational Male on yotube and there is a guy who has narrated the part

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        she has the problem not chad and chad sounds more like tyrone.

        its called the AMYGDALA HIJACK

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        Damn, that is the most brutally honest Dad when it comes to dealing with a situation with his daughter I think I have ever seen.

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        But he sounds rehearsed and weird. Like hes pretending that hes holding himself back when really he wouldnt do anything

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        Yeh I believe he's capable of it, but isn't going to throw his life away just because he wanted to kill a guy on Dr. Phil. Still, the man summed up the situation perfectly which many fathers can't come to grips with the reality of a situation like that at all, let alone openly lay it out like that on national TV. Respect.

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          I mean theres not much else you can do in that situation. Did I trigger you?

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          Cause bitches like emotional roller coasters.

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          How’s this guy a Chad lmao? He’s a scared beta bitch, look at him lmao. And what that girl’s dad said was dope as fuck “It was only through my inability to find you, that you still draw breath.”

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          Chad because of extreme low inhibition which equates to inpenitrable confidence.

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          I saw zero evidence of “impenetrable confidence.” Lol.

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          Ok maybe hes insecure, so what? He still wins the social interaction by seeming carefree

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          “Wins the social interaction” wtf are you talking about bro, the guy has some psycho bitch who won’t leave him alone and her military dad who wants him dead. He lost big lol

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          Well when you say it like THAT

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          And he’s getting verbally demolished on tv lmao

          [–]picklestien[S] -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

          But he still looks like the winner

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          Because he's Chad

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          This could be a good case study for all RP

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          ? What does this mean family?

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          Trauma bonding to the abuser, Chad has nothing to do with it, a violent person isolates their target being the only source of care and love.

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          It's very, very simple and something most people don't get about human nature: Biology trumps all. The biological impulse to procure the best genetic material being the #1 biological impulse in post puberty, pre-menopausal women. A LOT of the chatter in today's world misses the mark of reality (imo of course) because people don't understand this fact (nor the fact that a lot of our behaviour is about multi generational outcomes not single generational).

          Or, in trp lingo, tingles>everything else.

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          How does this boy give her tingles? She looks like a young woman and he looks 13-14. Not a trace of a beard on him.

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          Does that only work if your chad?

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          Alpha widowed.

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          Y'all are tripping, this kid is handsome as fuck

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          He has no facial hair though.

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          Facial hair is for dudes who have shitty jaw lines unlike this kid lol

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          He’s hot and she wants to be with him and she won’t get bored because she can never have him. The abuse part has nothing to do with it. If a girl doesn’t behave that way it’s because the guy isn’t chad enough

          [–]picklestien[S] -1 points0 points  (1 child)

          I thought Chad was binary, either are or arent.

          [–]warthundersfw 2 points3 points  (0 children)

          You either are or your not relative to the girl imo.

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          All of the above and probably has a big D

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          Thats the real reason.

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          OP measured it with his mouth for this post.