Why do most men still go to bars and night clubs if women are just going there to waste their time? (self.asktrp)

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Women will always go with their friends to these bars and night clubs, and basically what their gameplan comes down to is this:

1) Have fun with their friends

2) Constantly stare and laugh at losers that stand by themselves acting all desperate

3) Convince as many beta bitches as possible to buy them drinks and never talk to them again

4) If beta approaches her group, automatically talk shit and laugh at him

5) If Chad approaches her group, shit test him a little bit and later on tell her friends that she's going on this "amazing romantic adventure" with Chad 😉

6) Once it gets close to closing time for these bars and night clubs, all the women will assess their options and most likely leave to go to another bar or party if there are no Chads remaining

It seems that most bars and night clubs are designed to have men fail at pulling women. Plus the ratio of men to women has gotten fucking ridiculous that even an ugly chick will get a minimum of 20 guys hitting on her that night.

Why do men still not realize this trap, and why do they keep convincing themselves they will somehow get laid when the odds are statistically not in their favor?

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Because they only know how to hit on women when they are drunk. Picking up girls sober actually requires having decent social skills.

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    Your user name is an oxymoron. MGTOW and Red Pill are polar opposite ideologies

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    Don't poke the shit goblins

    They will open their mouths and fling shit at you

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    Sounds like your extrapolating your view of reality from the red pill fairytale man...

    I don’t know if you actually go out into the real world but this is not at all how it goes down...

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    Dude, do you even real world? Your frame of night life seems to be way off. It is one thing to not enjoy clubs or dancing etc. That is totally fine. But to claim that it is designed for men to fail and the general vibe of the post feels like an incel or someone in anger phase posted this shit. Its all about your frame and how you view things.

    Edit: after reading OP's comments and replies to people i came to conclusion that he is either a massive troll who wants to create artificial argumen or is simply very autistic and insecure. Either way don't humor him/her/it/xe/zh whatever.

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    Wish i saw this before i responded smh

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    Same here

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    I wouldn't say it's designed for men to fail per say, but nightlife definitely exploits those horny, ugly, betas who flock to the place for a whiff of pussy. The type of guys who buy drinks for girls they've had a 30 second conversation with.

    If you have any semblance of RP knowledge nightlife can be like shooting fish in a barrel. Plus it's a great way to work on social skills. Despite what OP thinks, most people at clubs/bars are actually pretty social and nice. I've made tons of friends/acquaintances by just walking up to a group and introducing myself.

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    Dude chill OP is an autistic troll that lives under the bride and games hobos.

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    I do not like night clubs but it is a comfortable way to find a plate. Easy to approach and its juts loose environment where girls escape from their real life because that is where they get a lot of attention. Key word - attention.

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    Nice mindset bro. It's like a trio mixture of insecurity, bitterness, and social awkwardness. I go to bars and clubs to enjoy myself and socialize with randoms girls and guys. I don't just come in a ask a girl for her number flat out. The more desperate you are the more sketchy you appear

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    Dive bars are where I've always had the most success. I'm usually very low key chill when I go out for drinks and I don't even pay any attention to the girls. I just want to chill and conversate with friends. Ironically going out without girls in mind usually are my best nights for pulling as the girl lingering next to me gets intrigued by the guy not even looking at her.

    Clubs are a trap. The "higher end" they get, the higher the pretentious dial goes and the whole thing becomes a shit show. The only way I'll go to an actual club is if I'm already going with some girls. That immediately signals to potentially interested girls you've got some value right off the bat.

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    Dive bars are the spot. The girls are cooler too.

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    I cringed reading this.

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    The most upvoted posts on this sub are usually pretty cringy

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    I day game like it’s my job, and you never see me here complaining about how I can’t get women.

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    Would you make a daygame post? Like yea I'm sure you talk randomly to women at th grocery store at the coffee shop etc. I do that successfully too - with ease and confidence as well. Outcome independent too seeing the numerous opportunities yet

    I seem to get ghosted. Has to be looks and lack of social smv maybe.

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    It's a numbers game. I'm good looking and get ghosted left and right as well.

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    Definetly make a day game post.

    !RemindMe 5 days

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    Haha clock's on buddy

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    Sounds like a sorta incel reply. Not to be a jerk, mighy just be your experiences. I live near Miami and I can say from trial and error of being a grown man and in the dating scene four out of the past six years, some bars you have a way better chance than others, nightclubs are almost always complete bullshit. Nightclubs because it’s so loud you need to really get into someone’s personal space to get their attention over the music, a lot of bars and lounges you can really overhear conversations or girls can overhear your conversation and find excuses to butt in and hit on you. I’m not presently single and I’m not out there spitting any game whatsoever and I can say that there are certain bars I never get hit on and other bars it’s almost guaranteed to happen and it does like clockwork. Maybe just change up your scene for your specific destinations and you might be surprised; could help a lot

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    I have been to two nightclubs. One of them I've went and fucked girls and had times where I've went and never even done as much as dance with a girl. The other I've never been and not had at least 2 girls kiss me. Side note:I haven't fucked any girls from the second club but that could just be because I've never really tried that hard to see them again despite them giving me their contact info.

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    Yep. It’s sort of a numbers thing too. I have gone to bars regularly for years where I have not so much as seen one attractive girl and then randomly one night some girls will be visiting and not know what kind of a divey place it is show up hit on me buy me a drink get my number and it’s like a perfect scenario. I don’t advocate the amount of money spent and time invested drinking alcohol to hope that can happen, but if you go out enough and diversify your locations you’re going to feel out where you have the higher probability.

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    Women know exactly why guys go to bars and night clubs. They aren't stupid. If guys stopped going (which would most likely not happen), then women would just go straight to Chad's house and skip all the hassle.

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    Ridiculous. Like saying women know exactly why men go to shopping malls. There is all sorts of people of all ages in pubs/bars in many countries. Maybe in America it is a very narrow demographic in them. But in my country it is same range of people and ages you would find in a shopping mall. From children to old people. And they are there for all sorts of reasons.

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    That's like asking why most men are still blue pilled

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    Listen to music, watch sports, and hang out with buddies.

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    Clubs are a great way to practice game. Here's why:

    1. Its loud.

    This forces you to get loud. Get close. And work on your body language and light friendly kino.

    Results: Daygame is easier because you no longer have to scream and there is no background noise.

    1. Gets you out of your comfort zone.

    You will have to dance in front of other people and you will learn that no one will give shit. Girls will also dance with you if you are having enough fun and maybe even grind on you and then make out with you.

    Results: You gain confidence and IDGAF mentallity.

    1. Abundance and Repetition.

    Clubs are the best place to get repetition because of the abundance. As long as you aren't a chode and standing in the corner (which most losers are and even non losers their first couple nights out) and you keep opening and closing sets you'll get tons of practive. Goal here is to make the set last as long as possible and escalate as much as possible.

    Results: You get a week of practice in one night. If you go out twice in a weekend thats double the practice.

    1. You can and should go out alone.

    See u/erenyeager91 's post.

    Results: You get to prove you have balls. And girls will see your balls hanging down in your pant leg.

    Bonus: Its only a scam if you let it be a scam. Go in sober. Pay the 5 dollar cover. Stay till closing. Game your ass off. You'll see results. There's no conspiracy to suck money out of betas because betas are too chicken shit to go and learn club game.

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    I stopped going years ago. Restaurants, pubs, lounges are better

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    Can you give some help for the restaurant? I don't see how it would work out.

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    In my country, a pub or lounge is the same as a bar. Maybe this is more American terminology which differentiates them.

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    I go to night clubs and bars to dance and socialize. Not to meet women.

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    I've gone out by myself to bars and clubs for over 10 years, standing alone rocking to music - never been 'laughed at' by girls so concerned with what other people are doing, because they are usually too vain and concerned about themselves.
    Or taking selfies with their bffs.

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    I don't think I ever heard someone get laughed at for being by himself at a bar or club. That's just what introverted people on reddit thinks happen.

    No one cares. And honestly there has been many times I've been out by myself and I was approached by a group of people to hang with them. Sometimes it's a group of women.

    And even when I'm out, none of my friends including myself looks at people standing on the wall thinking they are losers.

    This isn't high school prom. Literally no one cares

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    OP has a point. If you go to a club/bar with intent to find quality relationship material -- you're just wasting your time. Atmosphere in bars/clubs just isn't adequate for finding LTR material. Even if you're looking for some quick-fun, odds of finding something valuable are low, epecially if you don't wanna come across as desperate beta. I'm not saying don't go to clubs/bars. Just go there with friends to have fun, without putting pressure on yourself that you're supposed to catch some plates. I know it may be tempting, but risk isn't worth it.

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    Looks like you are just not doing well in these environment and you are the one who is standing alone and buying drinks for girls.
    I like to go out with my female friends, and yes, sometimes we laugh at the miserable guys. Sometimes i even ask a female friend or a girl i approached to go to the bar and get the chode to pay her 2 drinks. This is fun, a good story for her to tell her friends and we are drinking free. Win-win. I guess you are focusing too much on GET GET GET GET SOMETHING FROM A WOMAN, and not just enjoying you time. Be a man that is just fun to go out with, have fun and you will be amazed how much attraction can you get even if you are not trying to accomplish anything with anyone. And this is the key. If you are trying to get reaction from the girls like an average chode, you will only get what the average chodes gets all the time and in the end you will be mad at the evil girls who do not give you attention. Just keep on swallowing the pill, learn and read the books suggested in this subreddit.

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    I've never stepped foot in a bar or a night club in my life lmao yet here you are making up dumb shit about me, it's hilarious 😂 Just keep your mouth shut honestly!

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    Sometimes i even ask a female friend or a girl i approached to go to the bar and get the chode to pay her 2 drinks. This is fun, a good story for her to tell her friends and we are drinking free. Win-win. I guess you are focusing too much on GET GET GET GET SOMETHING FROM A WOMAN, and not just enjoying you time.

    You have absolutely no sense of irony.

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    I see what you mean as i read it again. The difference is in the mindset of doing things. If you are desperately trying to make her wet to fuck ASAP is not really working and completely different from being funny, playful and high value while you are inviting her to a little game with what she used to do sometimes anyway.

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    I think you still missed the point. You're chastising guys for wanting to "GET GET GET" something from women, yet you'll go clubbing/to bars and dupe guys into buying you drinks. You're perpetuating the problem, but free booze! Amiright?

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    Have you ever tried to introduce some RP thuth to anyone? Even if i was trying to help my friends understand why they fucked up with the girl and i recommended sources to read or watch a video and learn, because they are great guys, they could achieve anything they just kept doing what they were doing always and never tried for a minute to improve themselves and fucked up again. You cant make people change if there is no willing in them. Life always give you what you need right now. If you fuck up something and it does not came into your mind to think about what was the cause and what can you do to be better next time, than this is not my problem. And i cant respect this. I was a chode, like most of us here. If i was treated with all the love and support when i fucked up something i still would be there. No pain no gain. Most of man fell the pain and just let it be there.

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    I don't introduce anyone to RP, I discovered it on my own, internalized, and applied to my life. The improvements have been plentiful and amazing. When people ask what I changed I tell them I started working out, eating better, fully engaging in myself and in my hobbies and suddenly women are interested. I let the results speak for themselves, if other guys follow suit, great. If not that's too bad because they're missing out.

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    I rarely go to night clubs anymore but my friends that go regularly are there to hook up and are usually successful.

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    I go to these places to have a good time...not to entertain women. You are in a feminine frame.

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    Night clubs are my favorites to pick up women. Easy game and you can have a lot of fun. But maybe that's just me.

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    Be Chad...don't be a loser.

    If you are a loser then don't go to a club.

    You have a very fucking bad attitude which likely signifies why you are toxic in clubs and likely to women in a whole set of locations.

    Instead of railing against women and "what they do" you should fucking concentrate on not being that loser......but I can see you are stuck in anger phase screaming at women for not just overlooking your loserdom and still going home to fuck you.

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    Where in my post did I say I go bars and night clubs? Did you get knocked out really hard last weekend that you can't think properly? Anyways, I'm not a "loser" but thanks for the meaningful contribution to this post.

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    Then you should probably not post theories on shit that you know nothing about...and your post show that you took the gurgitations of a bunch of loser incels as the dynamics of how women act in clubs.

    I don't go posting theory on the best combinations of Cheetos and energy drinks to get the most out of your weekend of Fortnite in mommy's basement because I don't do that shit and don't have any valid suggestions for doing it.

    You should probably leave theory on clubs to those dudes that go to them and actually understand what is going on from a non-loser viewpoint.

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    Uh wut? I live in NYC and there's always a decent looking slut to take home whenever, even for the most average looking guy. I think this largely depends on location, the type of bar/club, and obviously the guys SMV.

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    Why does this sound like an angry 4chan rant?

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    Most men are blue pilled morons

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    Why are you worried about it? You should be at a point in your life where you're the "Chad" in these situations and you should be closing, regardless? Why do you care if other guys are failing?

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    My friend was at a bar the other night and got all excited when some attractive girl started talking to him. Bought her 2 beers in 10 minutes and then she "had a bf". The only part I hate about bars and shit is they charge me $10 a drink of decent liquor and rocks, then I'm expected to tip.

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    Buying women drinks you haven't fucked is there most beta needy clingy thing ever. Jesus

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    There are women who don't like going to bars.

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    Ok.... So from reading all the posts and replies I have figured out the following.

    OP is on a religious mission to spread the word that day game is the only one true game....

    All beta guys not familiar with TRP need to repent and remove themselves from night game and clubs or feel the wrath of OP.

    Any one who questions what OP says or offers an opinion of night game or something that does not align with OP's holy self published book will be charged with heresy and sent to live a life of eternal damnation.

    Praise OP.

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    This post is so funny. If you are gaming chicks consciously they will tell you they are looking to fuck or not. Really I’m serious you don’t have to jump through any hoops or shoot any free throws.

    I’ve had women who I met at party that I fucked that night who later turned into a FWB tell me if I didn’t find you I was just going to a bar to meet someone else, I was like I know the game I’m not at mad at you baby, now roll over and let daddy hit this ass.

    People don’t think it be like it is. But it do.

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    OP is definitely an incel

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    You have no idea what you're talking about. Don't make specific lists of items about stuff you don't know anything about, pretending to be curious about it when you're just hamstering your defeat or your friend's in such settings. I get almost all my plates and ONS from bars, clubs and before/after parties.

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    Because you can't get women during the day, my friend. Just admit it and move on.

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    To each his own. I'm more than satisfied with my sex life and don't really daygame, I find it a bit cringy to be honest, especially street daygame but I respect people who do it. Do you agree with OP's post ?

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    I like dive bars and little country bars. Not into night clubs at all because I don't like pretentious people pretending they are rich. (over 90% of the US makes under 100k/yr, so 90% of people have no business even PRETENDING they are rich) I pull 6 figs but I'm more of a jeans/t-shirt kind of guy. I don't typically cold-approach women at bars but have had some decent conversations pop up organically. I NEVER buy drinks for women I don't know. If a gal is chatting me up and asks for a drink, I'll tell her she can get us both one, and I'll get the next two rounds. Never had one buy a drink for me and then not stick around for the next round. I will say though, I very RARELY meet a woman in a bar that I would consider for anything more than a plate. If you meet her in a bar, you'll have to hunt her down in a bar when she's mad at you and throwing pussy at Chad. In my more BP days, I would have hunted her down. In my more RP days (now) I wouldn't date a woman of that quality and if she did run off and slut it up, I'd next her.

    Use bars/clubs for what they are worth.......people watching and eye candy. Use daygame for meeting the best women.

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    pull up in a 2006 Porsche Boxer hoping to pass it off as 911 Turbo

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    IRL, I pull up in a yellow 05 Corvette and most people think its new and expensive ($12k car when I got it 6 months ago). Rumor at work was that I had a "Ferrari" because most people are so car-stupid that they don't know the difference between a $10k, 15 y/o Vette and a new $300k Ferrari.

    An 06 Boxster could probably fool 90% of women under 30. Lol. Give it a shot!

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    I've got an 09 Eclipse and people have asked me if its an Audi

    [–]HardTruths83 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Lol.....depending on the Audi, your Eclipse could be significantly better than an Audi.

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    You're right but you're also wrong. Clubs are a very superficial environment. In terms of game, it's similar to online. It's purely based on looks and social proof. If you have that, then it's a great place to find plates or ONS. If you don't, then don't even waste time with it.

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    never spent any time in bars or night clubs... never saw the appeal and don't deal with drunk women. and strip clubs were NEVER an option... makes no sense at all to me to throw money at a woman i can't touch. fuck dat.

    note: any man trying to pick-up drunk girls for sex at bars and night clubs is asking for a prison sentence. even if BOTH of y'all are drunk, all she has to do is have one change of mind, thought, or regret. you're done.

    [–]BurningOrangeHeaven 3 points4 points  (2 children)

    Yea I'll probably never go to a strip club just because of how dumb of a concept it seems every time i think about it.

    [–]pollodustino 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    On the whole they are very dumb, and serve mostly just to separate a fool from his money.

    But every once in a while, you just wanna have some no-stress titty in your face.

    [–]omega_dawg93 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    $ is better spent at one of those Asian "massage" places imo.

    in Houston, they have them on every corner.

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    The “no touch” rule is just something that started in America and then infected other western countries. In other countries such as Russia you can touch the girls as much as you like during the dance. Only thing not allowed is fingers insertion into holes. And it is also much cheaper. Just another example of the pedestal that western men put their precious women on and that even strippers think they are “worth it”

    [–]shamakvv[S] -1 points0 points  (1 child)

    Exactly! All these guys here commenting that I'm butthurt and dumb shit like that but I'd rather be safe than fucking sorry!

    [–]omega_dawg93 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    yep. the #metoo movement has men doing things to avoid women in many ways... from cold approaching to how they relate at work.

    but in this present culture... to STILL be trying to pick-up drunk women for one night stands? maaaan, no thank you. sober pussy or no pussy (for me).

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    You can think that way....but I don’t know what it accomplishes. What’s the value in framing that you’re in a losing battle?

    Fact is there’s women, and alcohol, and music. Nice place for a plate.