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so im seeing this girl again in a few days, fucked her good the first time thanks to sex god method, noticed she likes dominant things but im gonna admit im not that imaginative.

so far i ve pulled her hair, pin her arms, slap her butt, vary between strokes, whisper dirty stuff, the basics... but im aware im missing the more fun combinations, in some trp post i read some guy pinning the girl's arms with one hand, cover her mouth with the other and fuck her hard and deep a good minute or 2. thats brilliant shit, i need more of that if possible.

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Powerslam her through the table, frogsplash from the top rope, cash your money in the bank contract

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Instructions unclear: dick stuck in bank contract

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Good god almighty! That killed her. With God as my witness, she is broken in half.

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How far do you want to take it and how comfortable is she with you? Keep in mind these can backfire if she claims assault.

Seems like you covered the basics.

Here are some suggestions :

grab your belt and wrap it around her throat pulling it while you fuck her from behind.

Bite her and growl

Spit on her and call her any name you can think of

Lightly beat her

Tie her up and fuck her close to climax then stop. Repeat as needed


Candle wax on her

Put her on a leash and make her behave like a poodle

Treat her like she's your step daughter in a daddy role

Make her eat your ass

Roleplay some rape scenes

Throat fuck her


Get her to film yourselves

I can go on. You'd be surprised what some women are into. I my eyes were opened when I saw this sweet kindergarten teacher begging and squirming to be fisted after being slapped around.

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Fuck am I a freak? I do all of this

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Nah fam, my current STR was a virgin till she met me and she would be psyched to know I'm probably gonna do most of this stuff with her before I move away for school

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Ok I just don’t get the step daddy thing. I’m down with all the rest that shit just creeps me out since I had step parents.

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I don't either but there's a wide array of women out there that are into it. Like. A. Lot.

It ranges from a more innocent paternal love and caring relationship Richard Wilkins(the mayor in buffy the vampire slayer) relationship with Faith. Check it out on YouTube as it's an amazing example for anyone that hasn't seen the show.

To something more along the lines of incest or sexual molestation.

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Put her on her stomach with her face outside the edge of the bed (so her face doesnt get smooshed). Put a pillow under her hip and get on top of her, hit her hard from the back while supporting her neck and head with both hands, one hand covering her mouth and one hand her throat. Apply pressure on her throat as you see fit based on her reactions, the situation etc

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What's this position called

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The “Coke Rock on Your Clit”

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I have no idea, I made it up myself by improvising in the moment

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Sometimes I wonder how they enjoy this shit lol. I ain't complaining tho

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Fuck her in the ass.

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This is my goto. Seems the limit before really deviant behavior.

For the OP. Be confident and don't ask if you can, tell her that you guys are having.

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All good till they shit a little.

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Cum on her face

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Buy one of those suction cup dildos and stick it in the floor make her sit on it and then take her ass from behind.

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Blindfold her and tell her to do shit while you google up what to do

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Saw a post somewhere where a guy hung the bitch upside down from the ceiling with his cock in her mouth while he spun her round.

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Put your foot in her puss

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The ole cunt punt?

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That's the one

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I don't know, I might be too far gone because of the standard I've set with my LTR, but dirty talk and ass slapping register on the "mild" version of sex for me.

If you want to do some real domination stuff, it's gotta look like a rape. And you probably should build it up over a few encounters. Basics is choking her hard, shoving your fingers down her throat, slapping her face, smushing her face with your hand and combination of all the above.

Then you got the restraining of the arms from behind so she kinda hangs up in the air while you pound her HARD , holding her forcefully. Shoving her into the mattress and holding her there, giving orders like hold the headboard then restrain her hands on it, pinning against the wall. Shoving her head into the wall, making her lick your balls by guiding her head while holdong her hair firmly, spitting in her mouth, grabbing her by the pussy while doing her ass, calling her names, having rushes of aggressiveness, dragging her like a toy, biting her, giving very hard pumps spaced ny a couple seconds, looking angry etc.

Basically my sex is a constant combination of all the above. I give her a hard time every time. The filthiest position you'd find me in would be doing her ass hard on the couch while shoving 2 fingers in the pussy and holding her from there, one hand around her throat choking and pulling back to me, and spitting in her open mouth and biting her cheek. But for a casual relationship, that's prob too much.

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Buy a restraining kit online. You can find many stuff on aliexpress.com which is very cheap!

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suck on her toes while fucking her missionary

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Walk away. Without imagination, this girl will destroy you.

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Put you foot on her head while fucking her doggy.

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I'm into rope play and it's great. It takes a lot of practice to get good at and I suggest that you find a group in your area. It's way too hard (and dangerous) to learn the more advanced stuff on your own.

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Totally agree.

I actually go to an instructor myself.

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“May I have permission to tie you up”

This will dry the pussy up. This is what it’s like in BDSM circles which is primarily run by feminists and everyone operates under feministic rules.

A better way would be “you ever been tied up before?”, or “I want you to tie you up”. You aren’t directly asking/begging like a little Bitch. But telling her in this way signals to her that you’re sexually experienced and have done it in the past, with a hint of Dominance

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I always tie em up, blindfold, and have my way with them.

You can get really creative at the hardware store. Make sure you get soft rope so it’s easy on the wrist. Learn how to to tie some basic knots like a clove hitch and square.

Get a huge mirror and put it so it’s facing your bed.

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In my arsenal of toys I have a whip, cuffs, gag ball, restraints, the works. But, what works for me is that I keep my conversations sexual as much as possible leading to the toys. Then tell her exactly how’s she’s gonna wear it and what you’re gonna do to her and it’s over. Checkmate

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Choke, slap and spit is your next level.

I like to choke girls and make them count "One..Two...Three" and then stop, then try again and make them counter higher than their previous number.

Also, get some rope.

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Blindfold her and fuck her in the ass , make sure you use lube and open her up first with your finger

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Saving this thread bc y'all some inventive motherfuckers. Here's my contribution: use belts around her waist/legs while you fuck her doggystyle for extra grip and pseudo-bondage Use clothes pins on/around her nipples before you suck them. Eat her ass (make sure she's clean first) and play with it in general Fingering while choking (choke safely, from the sides. There are muscles that keep you from actually hurting her there). Pillowcase arm bondage (kink university made a solid tutorial on it but I'm on mobile rn) Have her eat your ass if you're into that (make goddamn sure you're clean inside and showered first)

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Lick her armpits

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You can try spitting on her or in her mouth.

You can try shoving her own panties in her mouth.

Call her a filthy whore while you do it.

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I suggest reading heart of dominance

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Have her on her back and then throat fuck her, don't ask her to change positions rather you do it yourself grab her and manhandle her.

Look into painal(some chicks enjoy it) grab her by the throat and face in doggy style,play with her face while you pound her from behind.

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see if she likes her nipples being bitten, nipples are sensitive so be careful but it can make em go wild

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Finger in butt(while doggy style), spitting on her face(this one's nuclear), slapping her face(not with same power as you slap her butt, a little less power), choking while missionary, daddy roleplay, tell her to eat ass.

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Get her to call her dad mid way through and make him watch

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invite your mother

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Good Christ I think I committed a couple felonies just reading half of this fifty shades nonsense.

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what is the sex god method lmao?

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To each their own (I guess)