Has anyone else looked back at their bluepill self and cringed? Semi-struggling at the moment (self.asktrp)

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I realized I could've had sex super easily with this bitch, instead ended up oneitising her and failing every fucking shit test. It hurts because I'm beating myself up for it. Damn it fucking stings. Coulda woulda shoulda.

Can anyone offer support or share their experiences. I don't have access to go out much so it may be a while before I get involved with another bitch. Ok that's just an excuse. I need time to be motivated again. Fuck

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Everyone fucks up. I certainly have.

What defines a man is how he responds.

You're already starting to see how you went wrong. That's a great start. You learn from your mistakes if you know what they are, and don't repeat them.

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I wpuld have fucked atleast 10 or 15 girls more if I was redpilled 2 years ago. I have gone to lots of girls places, slept naked in the same bed but still not had sex. Because I was a pussy. So yes I am, and I am happy I have improved by now.

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Holy shit how do you get all the way to the nude and not just do it. I was blue pilled up until 2010 but I never had that issue. Sorry my dude.

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I was afraid of rejection. And yes I know that does not make sense as the deal was already closed, absolutely no ASD aswell in most cases. I gamed them perfectly, but could never seal the deal. Just because I was afraid.

Now however I look back and laugh about it, but at the same time I missed out on some real hot chicks, but also dodged some nasty ones.

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The interesting thing is these things keep happening no matter how much knowledge you have. Oneitis can strike at any time, you will regress and act like a beta. It's inevitable in close intimate relationships. I had a short 3 month relationship with a woman. A lot of my TRP knowledge went right out of the window when I had oneitis. It will happen again.

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Amen brother, there is no fucking cure for oneitis except time..

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I just posted about this very thing. I was living TRP life successfully and happily for three years and oneitis struck. Made me an emotional wreck and I went full blue pill for about a week. Im still struggling with it

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Same thing here. All it took for me was an hb8 virgin and wham.

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Oneitis stories always remind me of cool guys in tv series where they go lame once they fall in love with a girl.

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I realized I could've had sex super easily with this bitch

So what?

There are other bitches. Fuck the next one.

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Yeah, the I could have mindset is definitely fucking with how you are dealing with this one chick. Fact is you didn't so it could just be you lying to yourself. That's could be would be lalaland, try again.

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Hit the gym you spastic cunt. Your past should help you get motivated because of it being bad in itself, then discipline yourself and you won't have to base your actions off of motivation.

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Here’s a lesson in perspective: the “cringe” that you feel is an “impression.” An emotive response. “Cringe” is a negative word. It’s “negative” because you judge it to be so. It’s an uncomfortable feeling surely...the fact that we have an English word “cringe” and we all “feel” it when we read it...strange. It is a gut feeling that something was off. And I personally thank whatever Deity that happens to govern this universe that we have that feeling. Because if you never could cringe at yourself, “you” could never become better, and that Time passes uninterrupted we would be wise in choosing to get better rather than get worse. Because we are going to die anyways. You might as well learn from your “cringe.” It is not a bad thing. It hurts yes, but emotional “hurt” is not necessarily “bad.” It could be growth. Perspective.

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It's ok to be repulsed by your past self, but it brought you to where you currently are. What matters now is that you strive not to repeat those errors (and to forgive yourself if you do, then back on the saddle, moving onward)

Also, rid yourself of any inclinations toward self-pity and/or self-loathing - they are completely anathema to your progression into the man you are endeavoring to become. Understand and accept that mistakes will be made. Perhaps you will lose sight of your path a bit. Maybe life will unexpectedly force you to chart an entirely new path.

Replace every

Coulda woulda shoulda.

with "what can I learn from this?" or "I will strive not to do this again" instead of wasting time repeatedly vomiting up, then slurping back, gallons of regret.

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Even redpilled I fuck up and cringe at myself.

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For me it sometimes happens during dry spells or when i’m low on abundance.

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Of course, we all do.

But these days it isn't just cringe. A part of me looks back and smiles. I sort of miss my naive innocence and fumbling awkwardness.

I don't miss the drought though.

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”Forget the past, remember the lesson.”

-From, The Sayings of Chairman Zaitzev.

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Came out of a BP LTR. Used to beat myself over it all the time, realized AWALT and we can’t expect anything, you have to lead with example and punish bad behavior.

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The only cure is self awareness. It will take time patience and a lot more. Once you get there, there are no emotions, only rational and logical decisions.

Looking back i was brought up in RP environment, then went all billy beta (destroyed my life) and now actually found RP and more self aware than before.

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I cant count how many 18/19 year olds and milfs i could've smashed in my first few years at this job, i didn't even give a fuck about the job and i made so many excuses for myself. Sometimes it just happens cuz of where you are in life. Looking back though I'm so glad i didnt date these 2 chicks who were in love with me over that 2 year period - turned out to be exactly the kind of hoes i was trying to avoid.

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Sex in itself isn't the endgame. It is if you wanna spin plates but in the end there are many aspect to TRP lifestyle. Sometimes pulling back and focusing on yourself (business, growth etc ..) is the thing to do. Meaningless sex with a stupid bitch won't bring further.. You're torturing yourself over nothing just enjoy the journey dude.. The name of the game is enjoying yourself and keep progressing .. ie fucking better QUALITY girls, getting better job etc..

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You're not alone. Not that i'm RP, still revert back to the bp stuff when the pressure is on. But yea, a lot of us are in the same boat.

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Yeah when I was 18-25 I was super blue pill. Oneitis for any girl that ever let me touch her. Getting upset when she eventually moved on. Always wanting to be in relationship immediately whenever I became newly single. I did so much cringey shit even now I still cringe at some of it.

I changed myself 100% after my divorce at 27 and started working out and adjusting my philosophies on everything. Years later I discovered red pill and realized everything I was doing was red pill to the T so I felt great that what I was doing turned out to be something that I wasn't alone on.

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You are not alone at all.

I look back on my adolescents and college years and my 20s and they are literally infested with ridiculously stupid blue pill life and decisions.

so many setbacks that cost me so much time and money that would not have happened had I been at the helm of my life. but I’ve got my shit together now and I’m operating three businesses and doing well, thanks to TRP.

Part of my issue was I did not have a red pill father, and he demonstrated and encouraged me in horrible decision making and life skills. I have a little boy now and I’m raising him the way that I should’ve been raised abd that makes me feel great inside too.

But the nightmare of blue pill living from the first huge chunk of my life still haunts me.

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You live and learn. Going forward you won’t make the same mistakes

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I don't cringe. I laugh at it thinking was I really that pathetic and how grateful I am to have discovered TRP and change my ways.

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Being blue pilled to the extreme while being a kickass lead guitar player in highschool, i cant believed i turned down so much pussy but waited for the "one". Never happened

I like to look back and laugh, since if that didnt happen i wouldnt have woken up to to reality and be bitter blue forever.

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Don't think about her. There are other women. Learn and move forward.

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I'm going through this shit rn, and i keep reading and changing my ways but still have this oneities issue, anyway i can feel the differences since i started to read about TRP. Not easy tho

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I sometimes look back and think damn that girl was totally into me yet I acted like a retard. It happens to all of us

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Of course we do!

The fact that you do is proof that you outgrew your old self.

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Yup. It's pathetic how BP I was. I was always the guy in the friend zone. Then I stopped hanging with any girl who only looked at me as a friend and focused on the ones that wanted to have sex.

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I look back, cringe for about .5 seconds, then laugh at my old self

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Most people are too self-absorbed to remember your failures. Move on.

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Wait until you look back on whining about missing out on one sexual partner. This will be the real cringe.

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Hindsight is 20/20. And super painful. So many of us , myself included were raised by soft men and overcontrolling women.

Boys growing up are sold a huge lie to make them act like women for the benefit of women, religion, true love, chilvary to name a few. TRP breaks those shackles and enlightens us to the web of lies used to make us dance like puppets.

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Yeah and I still cringe about certain shit I've done in the past year since discovering TRP. It's a journey and I'm much better off now than when I started

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Of course. If you're not cringing at your old self you're doing it wrong.

"Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things"

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Very negative and poisonous thinking, brother. Do not let the past and "should woulda coulda" take over your mental narrative. It is unhealthy because you are playing out situations that never occurred and it takes you away from the present.

Stay focused on the now and planning for the future.

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everyone has shit like that except for chads. just be glad your still not bluepilled lol