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Hi All,

I was wondering what everyone else’s routine is in terms of bettering themselves?

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Some habits I built during last years:

Gym 4x a week

DuoLingo Spanish/Japanese daily (almost 500day streak rn)

Reading at least 25 pages of a non-fiction book

Have a daily hygiene routine (among other things cold shower daily, drinking 2.5L water a day, grooming)

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Can you actually speak in Spanish or Japanese after using duolingo so much?

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Not really speaking, since there are no speaking lessons in the app. I can read Spanish fairly well actually rn. Tend to understand a lot when reading a Spanish newspaper. Think its quite awesome just from using a free app for +/- 10min a day.

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practice on people IRL =D well done with the 500 day streak though. duolingo is good, especially if you apply yourself rather than going through it like a robot

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I became conversationally fluent in Spanish just from duolingo and memrise.

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Wow, Will start to use it then.

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Do the maximum daily xp and try to understand the grammar, don't just go through it fast. Take notes and spend a few minutes after each lesson reading over the vocabs and grammar notes. Don't try to go through the tree as fast as you can, I used to do 30xp revision and 20xp new lessons.

Good luck!

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Spanish for gringos, the book was way more helpful to me than duolingo

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Never used Memrise, is it beneficial to use it next to DuoLingo?

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Do you need to pay to get all the features of Memrise, or is it just time locked?

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Not sure how it is now but back when I used it it was free.

I think duolingo is better but memrise is a great extra.

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Sounds like Patrick Bateman.

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You mind sharing why you're learning Japanese? I was considering doing the same but couldn't find a practical application for the language, save for preparing to visit the country in the future.

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For me personally it doesn't have a practical application actually. I just found it cool to learn a language that I completely didn't understand. Planning to go to Japan next year for some weeks, maybe it might get some practical use then. Although my level is probably way to low to even order food at a restaurant. Spanish is much easier, visited Madrid last year and found it actually surprising how much words I knew (e.g. in a supermarket or a restaurant).

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time to start Duolingo. Thank you. Always wanted to learn spanish

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The thing I dislike about books is they're usually quite boring and expensive. Are there any you'd recommend?

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Just read about topics you like. Personally I like reading about business, history and autobiographies. Pick a biography about a topic you like (Schwarzenegger, Musk, Jobs, Mandela, Agassi, Phil Knight, these are all really great books). Other good books are imo 48 Laws of Power, The Millionaire Fastlane, The Charisma Myth, The Black Swan. Mostly I buy them second-hand, it saves a lot of money.

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Have a daily hygiene routine (among other things cold shower daily, drinking 2.5L water a day, grooming)

Could you elaborate it more? I think I have room for improvement in this area.

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Making my bed every morning

Cold shower


Use some scrub for my face, moisturizer afterwards (have a very dry skin)

Brush my teeth, floss, then some mouthwater

Take my daily supplements (vitamins, ZMA and creatine)

2.5L water daily to keep hydrated

Also clean my room every week, get a haircut every month

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Damn i see all these comments, a bunch of men bettering themselves in many ways. Its badass, and reddit admins cant see the positivity this sub brings..

P.s now i wonder how many of you redpilled fuckers i see at my local gym on the daily :p

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Where ya live

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In metro atl?

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I go to school there but I live north

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I’m in Alpharetta

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I am also in Alpharetta

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How old r u

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I’m 22. Meeting strangers on the red pill subreddit sounds sketchy

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East bay area, CA

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You must be staved

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What meditations do you go through?

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My secret is tracking my time. And limiting my fuck around time.

Other than that gym, meditation, reading, playing volleyball and basketball with my bros. (time with other masculine men is VERY important)

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How do you track it? Do you have an App for this?

Interested in keeping myself accountable in terms of time as well

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I have always used harvest for work and I've also found that it's great at tracking personal time too. Harvest to track my time, and google calendar for planning blocks of time. Having a rough plan helps. I review my time very briefly daily and set aside an hour to plan out my week every Sunday.

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Thanks man! I also plan the week on sunday and put everything in my calendar but I'm downloading harvest right now and will check it out. cheers

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  1. Gym 5 times/week
  2. Reading Philosophy (mainly stoicism)
  3. Started noting down calories and following a high protein diet. Very cautious about what I eat since TRP
  4. Realizing the importance of sleep and the impact it has lately been making in my life
  5. Building confidence by talking to random people wherever I go. Understanding and building rapport with people by trying out the things I read in books
  6. Using to-do lists everyday to improve productivity levels

and the most important one for me was.... Upgrading my wardrobe. Threw out every single shit and started new. It's really true when they say you feel better when you dress better. Cheers mate.

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    Disregard Females, Acquire Currency.

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    Wake at 6. Go to work or college. Go to gym. Home between 5.30-6.30. Prepare food for next day. Read or do online courses. Sleep.

    Some days I go to college instead of work. On weekends I try to be productive at least until 2pm. Then I do all my social activities, "admin stuff" and unfinished college work. If I have a spare hour on an evening I'll just research into things relevant to my career, health and such.

    Once a month I'll go see a fwb for 2-3 nights. I still need to add meditation and get plates. Maybe work on a business. Shit's hard to manage.

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    My routines aren't "TRP routines" per say. They are just lifestyle routines.

    1. Every day actually begins the night before. The last thing I do before bed is make a list of things I need to do the next day. Then I set out my workout clothes so that it will be super easy to get dressed and I wont have to think about it.

    2. Wake up at 4:30 every day. First thing I do is make my bed and say a quick prayer of gratitude.

    3. Exercise every morning. I do my morning workout on an empty stomach (personal preference) it is the first thing I do. It doesnt have to be strength training every day, but a daily workout of some form or another has been a real game changer in my life. For health and discipline.

    4. Daily meditation. I sit in a quiet place and focus on my breathing for 10 minutes.

    5. Daily writing. I wake up early so that every morning I can accomplish my workout and my passion. Writing is my passion, but for others it might be drawing or making beats or designing videogames. The point is, every day I have one hour carved out for the pursuit of my creative purpose. It is a daily non-negotiable, like working out.

    6. Once a week I try to go out or spend meaningful time with my friends. Even if I am super busy, I will at least call my best bud or cousin and have a chat over the phone. I've found social connection, especially with men I respect, to be very beneficial for my growth. And it helps prevent me from getting needy with chicks.

    7. Twice a week (or once at the very minimum) I do boxing or jiu-jitsu. Again, this could be different based on my interest at the time or your personal preference. It could be soccer, rock climbing, surfing, whatever. Ideally something physical and something where you will compete or interact with other men.

    8. Once a week I clean my car and my room. I tend to be messy and disorganized, so I needed to carve out a weekly time to take care of chores. It feels very good to live in a tidy space.

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    What time do you go to bed?

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    As early as possible.

    Usually 10:00 - 11:00 PM

    If I didnt have class at night it would be 9:00 or 9:30.

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    That's not a lot of sleep. On 6 hours I legit feel depressed

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    That’s not a lot of sleep

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    I practice the guitar nearly every day for at least an hour. Sometimes on weekends when I’m just relaxing, I can spend up to five or so hours on it. But I don’t do it for routine purposes. It’s an actual hobby I enjoy. Books as well.

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    Basically studying for getting into stocks trading. Early waking up, early bed(till 12pm), meditating 2x10min, 1h of book, cold approaching for an hour, dieting+lifting. Add some challenges daily like three major things you gotta do every single day, busting through comfort zone etc.

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    What are you studying for stock trading?

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    Nobody have kids?

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    Yessir, single dad of a 2 amd 7 yr old but have a great support system from fam to watch them while i work/gym. Not so much time for gaming chicks, something i need to make time for.

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    I work on a ship so half my month is taken by king Neptune, we spend around 10 days at sea a month. I work as a law enforcement officer and a mechanic on board.

    If we are in port I work a 7-1300 Monday to Friday. 6- wake up 7:30 breakfast at work 1300 liberty No particular order Gym, play guitar, read, ride my motorcycle, work on my motorcycle, woodworking, make dinner

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    Masturbate furiously in the dark

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    Gym, Krav Maga, reading, working lots of overtime and saving money, spinning plates and fucking at least one of them each week. Writing. I keep a journal and write each day.

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    Writing sounds interesting, what do you write about?

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    Everything. My thoughts during the day, my plans, my ideas. Not like a diary where it’s deeply personal emotional stuff, more like practical stuff.

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    Wake up Cook breakfast (5 scrambled eggs and 1L milk) Gym 3 time a week (lift really heavy) Buy groceries Cook lunch Work Approach 3 girls at least during the day. I work from WeWork. I know I am breaking a trp rule here. Read rational male.

    I still don't have high enough smv or game to pull girls. But I am number closing each day. .

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    1l of milk a day? That's fucked up

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    Sleep is one of my priorities. With not enough sleep I can’t function at my best mentally, physically, or even emotionally. I aim to sleep between 8-9 hours every night.

    Lifting weights is second. Keeps my confidence and energy up. Also just makes me feel more masculine.

    Meditation is a close 3rd. I try to meditate at least 5 minutes a day but it’s usually between 10-20 minutes. Helps me keep my frame solid, helps my focus, it even makes me happier and feel more joyous about little shit.

    Nutrition / supplementation. I notice a slight difference when I go strict with my diet and vitamin routine. Nothing crazy but it helps.

    As long as I do all of these throughout the day, then I allow myself to indulge reasonably.

    I feel if I add any more routine stuff I end up burning myself out and start dreading the repetitiveness so any other improvement or healthy actions I could take I roughly play them by ear.

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    In linear order most of my laboral days go as follow; has room for improvement, IMO:

    Wake up, go to work, work, lunch, go to class, gym/continue assignments (depends if it's gym day or rest day), go back home, relax, dinner, sleep.

    Work is 4h/day, classes are usually 2h day, gym/assigments another 2.

    Most of my commutes are listening to music, reading non-fic or both. Mostly music, must admit. On relax I either play bass, games or socialize( if possible). Unless there are deadlines/exams, of course...

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    Wake up







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    Wake up, do what I want, go to bed.

    Life is about doing what you want and being happy. If your happy the rest is all bullshit. TRP helps you achieve that happiness.

    Assuming what your doing isn’t hurting others.

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    Wake up

    Grab a brush and put a little makeup

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    You wanted to

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    Why'd you leave the keys out on the table

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    Grooming, working out, planning my days out, making sure my grades are good

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    Work week:

    -Wake at 630 am, followed by drinking water and taking creatine -Leave for work at 7am -Finish work at 5 (normally), go to gym (hit gym 5x a week). -Get home, make and eat dinner. Do whatever bullshit I want. Read trp or similar theory, socialize, play games, do stuff with my aquarium hobby. -Sleep 930-10pm.


    -Wake 730 am -Eat breakfast -Gym -Do chores / tasks I cant do during work week -Eat dinner -Socialize / go out.

    Sometimes my schedule doesnt happen due to unforseen events or work requirements, but generally how my days go.

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    Fight(BJJ + Muay Thai), fuck, food, fasting, and filming.

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    1. Working out 4 days a week
    2. Going to work
    3. Eating healthy (meal preppin')
    4. Netflix
    5. Training to join the army, I want to become a pilot

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    1) squeezed lemon in 0.5l water + creatine every morning

    2) 20 minutes meditation + Wim Hoff breathing every morning

    3) read 10pages/day minimum; either in the morning or evening- it adds up trust me

    4) gym x4/week + running x2/week

    5) practice stoic philosophy every day (usually in the evening); there are great apps for that

    6) cold showers

    7) eat alkaline rich diet

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    Wake up, Eat, Go to sleep

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    Wake up at 6.30 everyday, cook a big breakfast and have a cold shower. Gym 3x a week Read, journal and meditate before bed.

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    Just be productive everyday. Maybe only on Sundays will I not do anything and not feel too bad about it. For instance, I go to work (make money), then go to the gym(at least 3-5x a week), and try to be social (eye contact with strangers, smiling, small talk with friends at the gym).

    Friday I had an interview at a possible better job. Currently I’m scouring the internet for a possible job that will give me better hours and health care benefits. This is how I’m currently spending my free time. I’m always trying to better my life somehow.

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    Not telling or you gonna steal it and use it for yourself without my permission. You better find your own routine.

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    thank you! :)

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    Wake up, lift , jelq, spin plates, hold frame, take my stack of 15 supplements, eat 10 raw deer and lions caught by hand of course, bang 73 virgins who wanted me because I passed their shit test, and go monk mode at the end of the night and juice cleanse while reading

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    Weird flex but ok

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    • wake up 5:30
    • repeat positive affirmation 3x: "Today is the first day of the rest my life. I choose to spend this day training my mind to make wise choices so that I can live freely."
    • meditate 30 minutes
    • cook breakfast
    • take supplements
    • hygiene
    • apply skincare
    • consult wunderlist and begin working on tasks
    • wear fashionable clothes
    • listen to 1 new jazz album a day
    • leave home and say "I am enough"
    • cold open girls
    • make habit of talking to everyone
    • Muay Thai 4x a week
    • Meal prep Sunday's & Wednesdays
    • study sidebar
    • listen to Patrice O'Neal podcast while doing chores
    • prep for bed at 8:30
    • finish wunderlist for tomorrow
    • bed at 9:30