Why is so much of the TRP contradictory? (self.asktrp)

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For example, I just read "How to get laid like a warlord". This post has 4.2k upvotes. I feel like it applied to me and I've experienced it first hand yet it goes against other redpill teachings.

The post describes that for a woman to be attracted to you, you MUST pass her resistances, as resistances are not rejection but rather tests. In my experience this is spot on. The hottest girl I've ever LTR'd put on a massive fight. Bitchy behaviours, acting dis-interested, making me have to pretty much persuade her to come see me in any way. The whole nine yards. But eventually she cracked and admitted she is SUPER attracted to me and I stole her from her 2 year LTR... Basically the post says that rejection does not exist.

Now this is contradictory to fundamental redpill teachings. Fundamental teachings say that if a girl is interested you will know. It says if they are putting up resistances they are not interested. There is the common "Brad Pitt" rule and shit like that.... basically it says don't even waste a single bit of time on a girl who isn't willing to just jump on it. But I've personally found that no girl is EVER willing to just jump on it.

For other examples, I've read that cold approach is king. I've read that as long as you have a rock solid frame and a "I am enough" mentality you can succeed. The post says that "Men and Women are naturally designed to be together and just by approaching you demonstrate huge value that puts you much above other men"... The post basically says that as long as you are decently normal and can hold conversation that you will succeed.

Other posts claim that cold approach will absolutely not work unless you have chad-tastic looks, a nice body, big ass height, basically the top of the fucking food chain.

Now I don't know what to believe. I'm pretty fit, decent looking, can dress pretty well. My game is not incredible but after a couple of seconds my heartbeat slows down and I can hold a pretty fun conversation. Yet out of about 30 approaches I've had absolutely nothing, not even a date.

There are just so many contradictions on theredpill and its hard to figure out the truth. I'm starting to think that we are all on a different level of SMV and thus we each have a slightly different game we have to play with slightly different rules... with only the basic fundamentals like AWALT and lift and quit porn being the correct advices that apply to all.

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TRP is a collection of experiences from all over the world.

Different cities, different cultures, and different women mean that stories will contradict.

This sub is not exclusive to the students that go to Arizona State and fuck sorority chicks all day

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Absolutely. And different levels of experience. Different situations. For instance, if she's not showing any interest, move on. If she is, that's when passing shit tests like a warrior applies.

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TRP is a toolbox. You have to tailor your method to match who you are; what you look like and your personality. Pretending to be a 6’4” built gym rat isn’t going to work for me. I play to my strengths.

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Op is caught in the space between accepting to be beta and being alpha. The body wants the comfort of beta. It yearns it. Society accepts it. If u step out, it is a whole different ball game.

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TRP isn’t a quick fix. Knowing TRP doesn’t make life any less hard. Rather, it opens your eyes to the apocalyptic wasteland that is existence, hands you a cracked compass and kicks your ass out the door.

The only consolation is knowing that when you fuck up, you can come back here and we’ll make fun of you.

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TRP is not some infallible sacred doctrine

It is just a sort of down and dirty field guide written by men and accumulated through our accumulated experiences and insights.

It is congruent where it counts. Abundance. Lifting. Frame. Hypergamy.

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because a lot of people are larping as "plate spinners"

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if you ask me, i think 50% of the sub are fucking betas that pose as alpha giving orders to everyone who posts. But never approach anyone in their lifes.

Not everytime but most time advices are awful, and mentality in general does not joins with trp mindset.

It's important to learn to appreciate good advice, and have common sense.

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30 approaches is nothing. Mortgaging failure is part of being a straight man. Stop hunting for pussy with a sniper rifle and bring out the machine gun. Spray and Pray. You can be rich, famous, and handsome, but a sniper mentality turns you into Drake

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Spray and Pray

Mr. Buffalo, 2018.

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    Approaching just seems so fucked up. Like if I'm outside on campus in the open I can pull a few off but its getting cold and everyone is inside.

    I feel so weird approaching random girls at the location I am EVERY DAY. Especially after getting shot down so much. It feels like I'll build a bad rep.

    At the same time its just so awkward too, everyone is studying or some shit and its so crowded in the halls. It would feel so weird to start busting game on a girl with a million people around to hear you.

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    You currently lack the understanding of context. Get laid like a warlord is about approaching top tier women. You tailor the strategy to the situation. When I go slumming for lower tier women I don’t have to try hard, just make them know im dtf and work out the logistics. When I go after higher tier women, I have to put in more effort. Context of the situation changes how I go about it.

    Granted, I don’t have to try very hard with lower tier women because I’ve executed the advice given by trp: greatly improved my physical appearance and fashion, have a solid frame now and lifted for almost 2yrs so I’m now easily in the 20% category. I’m typically the most muscular guy or in the top 3 in the venue. All dudes are fat now, so it doesn’t take much to differentiate yourself from them. I am 5-10 160 10-13% bf, so you don’t need to be ronnie coleman to be top tier. Veiny lean forearms make the panties wet, my arms get stroked now. I have improved my social skills and can recognize and pass shit tests without conscious effort. I have strong facial aesthetics now that I’m not a fatfuck with tubby lardface. (I firmly believe that damn near all men have an attractive face if they lean themselves down to 11-14 bf%). I’m a sexy mfer now and that ain’t no humblebrag. I put in the effort to build myself into a man of value and now I get to reap the rewards.

    TRP is a meritocracy and curates its members that have useful contributions by the flair system. You gain points from established members of the community that culminate in the endorsed contributor tag. Respect the tag is a rule for that very reason. ECs come in many flavors and from many walks of life, one mans strategy may or may not work in your case. The flair system is put in place because its reddit and any old joeblow can comment. Look at the shitshow of comments on this thread alone. Blackpill incel mindset is pervasive in this thread, you brought them out of the woodwork with this question.

    You will quickly gain a bs filter as there are both keyboard warriors and quitters too lazy to put in the effort that want to drag people down to their level. There are also men in the anger phase venting out their frustrations that lower the overall value of the conversation. Not all comments or posts have value.

    My advice: read all the sidebar resources in this sub and the main sub. Sort the main sub by top posts of all time and review those. Every 3-6 months re-read the sidebars as it will make more sense as you gain field experience. You will take different things away from the sidebar resources based on the stage of progress you are in. Go into u/whisper post history and read his excellent work. Whisper knowledge bombs have challenged me and changed my perspectives on the world in general. Most importantly read the advice then apply it your life to see what works in your situation. I’m a pirate looking at 40, so I cannot offer advice on frat party/college game. I can offer advice on bar game and social circle game.

    There are contradictions as this isn’t a video game guide for a simple side scroller platform game. What works for the noob wont be as effective when you’re a journeyman which in turn may not be the best strategy for the expert. Life is nuanced. The basic advice of lift, improve your social skills and become a man of value will both improve your life in general and increase your success with women.

    On cold approach I generally have about a 5% success rate for same day meet & fuck. That’s about 1 in 20 when I’m out specifically to meet women and fuck them. I’m not tailoring my strategy for one night stands, I shoot for repeat business or simply expansion of my social reach. I like to catch & release women now, it’s not just about the bang itself anymore for me.

    Did not intend an essay but you get one anyway.

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    The conclusion is rather simple:

    1) Depending on your SMV there will be varying degrees of resistance from varying degrees of Attractive Women, The number of girls willing to fuck after an hour of meeting you do exist and their numbers will depend on your SMV (aka Game, Looks & Status). What the other Poster meant was that if the time & money required to land a girl outweighs her SMV then don't fuck around the bush and go for the next one.

    2) Cold approach is very much King. It isn't there for you to lie to yourself about your SMV but for you to realize that Attractive women are not some Celestial creatures that number only one per galaxy but the same homo sapiens descended from apes that shit out of their anuses and are one day going to be ugly old hags with bags of skin. What the other poster meant was that Cold approach (Game) is merely not enough for you to land chicks and Master TRP but that you also need to work on the other two factors of your SMV (looks and status).

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    I forget who it was that said this, but TRP isn't about the truth, it's about what works. You simply cannot pour the experiences from every member here into a beaker, and attain an exact measurement on what works and what doesn't. There's an indefinite amount of variables, and an indefinite amount of ways to approach a situation. Your best bet is to find the most common patterns that yield the results you want, and implement them into your life. This is why fitness, frame, and money are staples; they yield the most favorable results.

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    There is so much fucking whining on this thread. Yes there are a huge number of 40-50 year old posers that author fantasies about fucking 20 year olds. That is absolutely NOT something legit. I don't think I've ever seen or heard of a 50 year old fucking with 20 year old unless he was paying cash for it.

    However, I firmly believe that the core principles of TRP are the truth and the optimal way to live. Developing a strong physique, frame, working on your mission, etc should be what everyone is about and will put you on the path of success. There will be varying levels of success based on factors outside your control. If you're ugly as fuck, short as fuck, poor as fuck, things will be more difficult, no doubt about it. That doesn't mean the core principles change for you.

    I know for me personally when I first got here years ago I was a 19 year old college dropout that was smoking weed and staying up until 5am every day binge watching shows in 360p because I was too broke to pay for Netflix. Was getting zero play regardless of my being 6'5. A few years later I'm a Web Developer, I lifted like crazy and have a very respectable body, I do BJJ, and somewhere along that journey I noticed that chicks actually were attracted to me and wanted to be apart of my life. I then had to learn social skills, and boom. Women are a lagging indicator of success, that's the biggest RP truth that was ever said.

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    Actually there are plenty of 20 year old that bang dudes over 50 lol

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    Real shit brother. These are the stories that I find value in on this sub. Not some fucking bald 50 year old man bragging about his 6 figure salary and how he pumps and dumps girls half his age. Old cunts must be miserable in real life to put up a facade like that on reddit lmao. I genuinely dislike baby boomers anyways so I do hold some bias in that regard. They're just a useless archaic generation that are incompetent as fuck in the work force and realize their potential was already wasted.

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    TRP is a toolbox. Stop reading and start taking action; theory without mileage is bullshit.

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    This! Choose the right tools for the specific job OP.

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    Because you get a lot of people who express opinions but have utterly no clue what they’re talking about. They just want to appear successful to impress other men and acquire karma. There’s a large range of experience on here, and people with less of it can be delusional about how experienced they really are.

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    i dont know if you know this... but this forum started as a support group for recently divorced men... people used to come here and cry about their cheating wives...

    eventually, they started to indulge themselves in "self-improvement" masturbation to take the mind off never having sex again....

    thats how they discovered PUA concepts... back when the whole pickup artist movement was dying... and all coaches were either exposed as frauds or became sex-tourists in poor countries...

    they stole theories from books written in early 2000s and rebranded it as "redpill".

    so now this subreddit is full of men in their 40s or 50s... who havent dated in the past century and who's heads are full of theories and memes from outdated PUA books...

    just look at some idiotic crap that gets posted here...

    first they say - you are the prize and she's lucky to be with you.

    then they tell you to:

    • talk the right way,
    • react the exact way,
    • display correct body language,
    • escalate kino correctly,
    • pass shit tests,
    • turn on all of her buttons in the correct order just to have a chance of getting a phone number which may or may not be fake.

    while the chick just stands there...

    lmao.. "alpha men" my ass

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    oh yeh, definitely.

    I believe a lot of the PUA philosophy and Ive found success with it. But that line “believe that you are the prize” is so ridiculous.

    as well as the whole underlying philosophy that accompanies it. no a dude is not the prize just because he has psyched himself up to think that; A dude is the prize when he has built an admirable career and developed an impressive physique and developed finesse with women. until then you have to use a lot of strategy and work harder than her, because women may be fickle but they are not stupid and they’re not going to fawn over a pawn who is trying to play the big dick game.

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    Men are the prize though.

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    Yeah I've always thought that believing you are the prize is just the way to exude a confident and IDGAF attitude.

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    And as time passed the "redpill" paradigm will break, as every other paradigm did.

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    LMAO. The old cucks crying about how their wives cheated on them and don't take a minute to realize they met them at bars, clubs, vacay or through sororities. What the fuck else did you expect?

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    humorous to me that you chose your trp alt to virtue signal the trp core message

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    Swallow that blackpill then.

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    Honestly, there are only a few core themes here that are universal that you really need to learn. Things that mostly have to do with the biological nature of men and women. Abundance mentality, confidence, lifting, how female attraction works, etc. These things will never change until we either start artificially modifying our bodies or live millions of years to evolve into something different.

    Everything else is the experience of a specific man in a specific context, which is why you should take it with a grain of salt.

    Personally, I only saw success from TRP when I stopped coming here to read daily and decided to just go and experience life with the above fundamental tenets in mind.

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    I think the 2 contradictions you listed aren't really contradictions.

    For the first one, it's the age old question we see which is "is this a shit test or rejection?" I think having the attitude that every woman wants to sleep with you can certainly help with confidence, and women do like sex, but that doesn't mean you'll get lucky with 100% of those you approach.

    The second one you listed I look at different thoughts on smv. Looking like chad can increase smv, but so can simply acting like chad. I've always thought of smv like xp in video games. Do you allocate them to confidence, appearance, career, height, attitude, etc...? Different high values help with different women. But a good rule is if you max them all out, you will have an easier time with everyone.

    That said, tools in a toolbox as others have stated. You read about a hammer and about a screwdriver and you're wondering why the have different direction. Lots of guys here have contradictory advice as well.

    The core of all this is find happiness in yourself, don't be afraid of women and talk to them, and women are more interested in strong handsome, successful, charming men than over or under weight slobs in mommy's basement.

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    Come on man it's not a bible, these are different people inside these posts.

    My personal experiences don't match yours. Cold approaching is an incredibly important life skill regardless of your motivations. Networking is vital to your SMV and the more you approach the more people you know, the higher your availability of positive and thriving social connections versus taking the mixed back of potential shit you might 'accidentally' run into in life.

    More is better, it IS a numbers game and most people, normal people live in little bubbles where they never meet anyone new and just run in small circles.

    You are being pushed to literally bring the world together with cold approaches and that has an incredible value. This value takes time to cultivate, but you shouldn't be just trying to bang, you are trying to gather together your world and more intimately know it and understand the parts of it that best serve you, and the greater good of your community.

    To be a master of your world you must know and engage with your world.

    Yes you can put women with persistence, but as far as I can tell here at TRP we aren't trying to promote or support women who put up heavy resistance. Those women don't need to be getting laid for bad behavior, we as a group of men all reject this behavior, we expect women to be up front and honest about the desire they have and don't play stupid games.

    There are tons of ways to get panties off. I do not suggest working on women for weeks or months that have heavy resistance, just not my type of woman no matter how hot. She's a disaster. I like them easy, I always will. I want my whole life easy, I want a team player not a combatant.

    Anyhow thanks for the post, sure you got plenty of good answers.

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    The red pill is realizing an alpha man's place in the world and how culture teaches us to be beta. It's about becoming Chad instead of hating Chad.

    The rest of the stuff you mentioned is more about Pick up or gaming, which is not really the red pill. You are talking about different pua strategies, and they all work differently depending on who you are, what you want, and how much effort you put in.

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    Quite a lot of it is cope. A lot of people framing the world in a way where they can get anything they want.

    Ask yourself : Are there people you, a man, would absolutely never, ever, ever date? For me there are multitudes. I think I'm fairly intelligent, likely 93rd-97th percentile, just say smarter than 19 out of 20 people. I'm basing that on 1. interacting with other people and 2. standardized test scores

    I would never date someone that was dumb or even average intelligence. I wouldn't be able to stand being around them. I wouldn't be able to speak to them. I'd guess at least 2/3rds of the population I would reject, not for sex, but for relation ship purposes.

    And keeping that in mind...are how can we expect women to be any different?

    there are real and obvious hierarchies that everyone notices

    There are simply women out of msot guys league.

    In my own life, almost all of my friends have overrated the looks of teh girls they're seeing. I had a friend who tried to convince me that this 4 he was seeing was at least an 8. I don't think it's any different on the internet.

    If you're male and you're 5'5'' :

    Are you a movie star?

    Do you famous in any way?

    Do you make a lot of money?

    No? Then you're not going to get pussy, and if you do you're going to work incredibly hard for it. The guys that are short that end up with good looking girls? They're all the same. They have Napoleon complexes, they're loud, extroverted, focused on clothes, and find ways to brag while pretending they're not. And to be fair to them, they have to develop into this or no one will take them seriously. BUT, they don't pick up women, they HAVE to get into a relationship.

    Chad wanders into a party without his hot girlfriend with no intention of picking anyone up and accidentally takes home two co-eds.

    So here's the truth :

    1. Only Chad, about 10% of the population, can pull pussy regularly, and he'll do it easily

    2. There's a 20% below that, that may get something regularly, maybe 5 or 6 girls of lesser quality per year if they look better than average and know what to tell women to make themselves seem bigger than they actually are, which will work in the short term.

    3. Everyone else needs to get in a long term relationship. These are the guys who will tell you about some vague wild times or how they had their run (they fucked 3 girls over 2 years, 2 BJS, and 394 girls they 'could have' fucked, you know, if they'd wanted to).

    Now, there is an advantage to an LTR, and that is that, believe it or not, women don't get enough credit for making good matches with men. I really mean that. I don't ever see that mentioned here, but women really do have good intuition for who to get into a relationship with.

    Now, the retort to that is going to be something about all these women that make bad matches.

    Lower classes. Those are just the lower classes. It's a rigged game for them. Certainly the bottom 40%, probably more, have no incentive for marriage.

    What is marriage for?

    1. Childern

    2. Money

    The bottom 40% don't have money to save or to pass on. The bottom 40% don't have children that are going to amount to anything. They have no incentive to form lasting pair-bonds.

    Now I don't know what to believe. I'm pretty fit, decent looking, can dress pretty well. My game is not incredible but after a couple of seconds my heartbeat slows down and I can hold a pretty fun conversation. Yet out of about 30 approaches I've had absolutely nothing, not even a date.

    Yea, because you are not attractive. No, no, no, there's not but. You are not attractive. You know how you know if you're attractive or not? If you attract people. IF people don't want to go out with you, then you're unattractive. It's really pretty simple.

    Every single user of this subreddit should have a profiles with the following information

    1. Age

    2. Race

    3. height (as measured during a medical check up - not self reported)

    4. Weight (combined with 5 and 6 give musculature)

    5. Wrist circumference (frame)

    6. Waist circumference (body fat percentage)

    7. SAT or ACT (or other standardized test) scores

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    I’m also intelligent, except at the 99th percentile I’m not a genius, though. I’m just “smart”.

    (Smart enough to work as a linguist, IT manager, and air traffic controller at a busy facility at different points in my life.) You have your whole concept of women backwards. You need to stop looking for a woman that is as logically smart/rational/intelligent as you are.

    You’re filtering out women because they aren’t as smart as you, but I figured out a long time ago that there are LOTS of women that are great to have around or have sex with that aren’t really anywhere close to as smart as I am, and that’s perfectly fine. You should instead be looking for a woman that NEEDS a smart, successful, dominant man in her life. Stop trying to look for “an equal”, finding a soulmate is blue pill Disney fantasy bullshit, instead look for a woman that makes your life better. And hint: you don’t need to have logical debates with a woman to have a good relationship.

    Also, you seem to look down on having a lot of money, but isn’t the overall biggest benefit of being intelligent is being able to figure out what works, and using it to your advantage? If you’re smart, but you’re broke, what is the point of being smart? You’re not leveraging your natural talents to get what is best for you. Sure, being a movie star is one decent way, but there are plenty of other ways of being successful. The subset of “overcompensating short men” is only one possible way to be successful, there are other ways.

    (36 y/o, 5’8”, virgin until 25, but 200+ lays now, 200lbs 20% body fat, 99 afqt ASVAB, 1550ish sat, 25 composite act at 13 y/o).

    Use your intelligence to become successful, do whatever it is you need to do. By the end of this year I’ll have made 170,000 in Ohio. Life is good, but you need to learn how to make things work for you, because honestly you come across as bitter and frustrated and resentful.

    [–]ghjklzxcv123 -5 points-4 points  (1 child)

    Being smart does not mean that you can have better career. I see average people having very successful careers because they like doing boring mundane tasks. But usually redpill applies better to smart people, i have been testing it on my social environment for a few years. I have been pushing people to trp at certain points of their life. i saw that a genius aspie friend's smv rised above the dumb and emotional friend who was natural chad before.

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    Success is subjective. “Better career” is also subjective.

    Ask yourself, how many stupid doctors do you personally know? If you’re so intelligent, why would you “choose” to work in a career where you are not rewarded for your skills. Do you think being a doctor is a mundane job where every day is the exact same as the last?

    Yes, some people can do mundane, repetitive tasks over and over, most of those jobs pay 60,000 a year, or so or perhaps up to 100,000 in certain areas of the country. Maybe if you’re a broke college student or came from a really poor family that might seem like a lot of money right now, but in the grand scheme of life, it’s really not.

    It’s never too late to change career paths (possible exceptions being the military or air traffic control where only under 30 need apply). But if you’re actually as smart as you claim, and you’re stuck in a career path that you don’t like (perhaps engineering?) then switch. A “true alpha” mentality is being able to burn away all that you have in order to build something better. Risking it all is a side effect of high testosterone levels. If you’re “stuck” with something you aren’t happy with, get rid of it. You’ll end up happier. I could have kept putting out resumes and doing mid level IT work after I got out of the Air Force, but you know what, I fucking hated it. I’d rather go back to working in a restaurant as a line cook rather than ever sit behind a computer monitor all day again, but you know what? I don’t have to, because I figured out how I could earn 10 times as much money in a year and could still be happy. If I wouldn’t have gotten hired by the FAA my second choice was to go to medical school and use the post 9/11 G.I. Bill (as much as possible) along with large amounts of debt to make it through.

    But anyway, that’s you really the only point I’m trying to make. Intelligent people see what works, and stop doing what doesn’t work. Dumb people do the same shit that doesn’t work over and over and over. If you are good at standardized tests, great, I am too, (high five), but the more important thing is making that work out in your favor. And if you’re smart enough, but too lazy, well that’s why TRP always encourages men to stop being lazy.

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    What a bunch of incel horseshit.

    This points out that you don't have an actual real life experience with chicks. Where you asshats fail is mindset aka FRAME. You think in black/white binary scheme. Tall = pussy, Short !=pussy. It's a factor, but not that important.

    You might have high IQ, but you fail in EQ. It's even stated in your reply. You can mentally masturbate whole day, but the thing is that you don't have actual experience.

    You compare man to women. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Masculinity is the opposite of Femininity.

    Instead of whining, go out and improve to maximum what you have, then post your results when you get there.

    TRP is praxeology.

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    Good post apart from "wrist circumference" lmao wtf

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    Blackpill/redpill comment, nice.

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    Where are you from? India?

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    Brutal blackpill. You’re right though.

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    Stoopid idiyote you think ur more smarter than me I don’t assosiate with cavmen

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    Some heavy hitting truth here folks.

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    I have the same problems with TRP. My suspicion is that it only works when you are awkward as fuck but somewhat attractive and lifting and frame and better conversations can push you into the top 10 or at least top 20 percent. Of not you can probably get fucking ripped and still get some chicks online for fuck or two but that's it. I have bad eyebags that sometimes disappear. On those rare days hotties stare at me and take my cloths of with their eyes and the only thing that prevents me from getting their numbers is that I'm a fucking loser and never learned social interactions but when I have the eyebags I am non existent despite being 6'3. They find me creepy in fact. Someone explain that with TRP.

    [–]jm51 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    Someone explain that with TRP.

    You already did:

    <I'm a fucking loser and never learned social interactions

    I've known natural players that are short, ugly or both. We can always find an excuse, all we have to do is want an excuse and hey presto, there it is.

    Antonio Banderas was getting laid before he became famous so it's not the baggy eyes stopping you is it?

    [–]markinsinz7 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Do u see Antonio Banderas face?

    [–]H0tTamal3 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    Most chicks probably don't even notice your eye bags bro. You're just mind fucking yourself. On these days that you speak of, where there are no bags under your eyes, I guarantee you are carrying yourself with more confidence. Bitches can tell if a guy is insecure from a mile away.

    [–]moncojoe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Man I don't get this kind of talk. There are clearly huge eye bags that people hat told me about before and they keep rubbing their eyes when they see them under mine because it bothers them so much. I appreciate your attempt but it's real and I'm not making this up. I feel super down because my looks are gone. I carry myself just the same. I'm tall and walk like a tall guy.

    [–]TheStumblingWolf 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    You need to figure out who you wanna be when reading TRP and apply that filter to what you read. TRP is not one set philosophy.

    [–]christophertracy92 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    The Red Pill is not a guide and has nothing to do with PUA.

    The Red Pill is cold hard truths, that everyone utilizes in his own way.

    [–]btharmony 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Lol I think 70% of the folks on this sub are dumb as fuck and are just desperate to get laid or want nothing more in life than sex. The only people you can truly look to for sound advice are the mods and those individuals that have insights to share that surpass the simple notion of getting laid.

    The theory is far more valuable than the generic field advice that is offered on most posts. I would advise you to get the takeaway from TRP - find introspective value and be your best self. Everything else is moot.

    [–]raadim 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    "But I've personally found that no girl is EVER willing to just jump on it."

    well they will and that is the point of being Alpha Fuck. You've spent enormous effort to get her and steal her from her LTR. I'm pretty sure she fucked someone just for pure desire while she was in LTR with her bf.

    Alpha - inspires genuine desire

    Beta - negotiates (qualifies) desire

    [–]CaptainBW 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Contradictory truths...as if our Universe wasn’t already built from a foundation of paradoxes. Lines blur in TRP because many of these theories exist as spectrums in the real world and not pure, easy to see categories. AWALT? Really should be called “all women have the tendency to cheat” (it’s more encompassing than that though), some women still retain a small degree of self control, contrary to things you’ll read around here. Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks? You might be one or the other at different times to different girls.

    I’ve been a lurker/random commenter for about 3 years now, and in my experience, it’s been seeing the seemingly contradictory TRP observations turn into Truth in the real world, while the quality of comments and commenters on these subs has gone down.

    [–]sorryforthelifestory 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Because when you take a bunch of sexually frustrated men and have them discuss things on the internet it doesn’t always make sense

    [–]warlordchad 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Cold approach is hot and cold. You’ll go for awhile and kill it, then you’ll hit a streak of women that aren’t into you. Just keep going—the more you do it the better you get. And watch infields of guys like Todd V, Julien, and others—there’s tons of stuff out there on YouTube that can help technique. Look, every girl is like a video game: if you know the right moves and figure it out you can beat the game. Some games are easy and require only that you play and persist. Some games seem unbeatably difficult. But the point is to focus on you and how you’re playing—it does no good to blame the game.

    [–]IVIaskerade 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    A lot of these so-called contradictions are because it's advice aimed at guys in different stages.

    It's like physics - when you're in primary school, they teach you that everything is made up of these tiny balls called atoms that are basically spheres. Then when you get to high school, they go "well that's not really right, atoms are actually these little planet-things with electrons orbiting a core of protons and neutrons" and then when you get to university they go "well that's not really right, atoms are actually distributions of charge" and then when you get to PhD level they go "matter is a mathematical construct".
    But if you tried to get a 7 year old, or a 14 year old, or a 20 year old, to understand the PhD model, they wouldn't be able to. They lack the grounding of the previous models - not only are they incapable of understanding and applying them, they're incapable of understanding the process of learning them in the first place.
    Despite this, though, it doesn't actually negatively affect them, since for a high school student, atoms-as-planets is enough for them to work with.

    And so goes The Red Pill. When you begin, you aren't up to the task of slaying 10s. You have to get your shit sorted and establish a baseline competency, so you're told that if a girl rejects you, move on. Get experience.
    It's only when you've built up your foundation can you go back and recognise that sure, what you've been doing so far isn't completely accurate, and here's how you change it to be better.

    You might note that this process isn't unique to TRP or physics. It's the basic process of learning pretty much everything - you don't learn bad habits, that's actively detrimental, but you don't learn the best habits at first because your first step is to gain the knowledge required to be able to to learn those best habits.

    [–]Beastmode421 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I’m just getting started with all this but have the same question as you. As best as I can tell it comes down to having options to move yourself forward. There isn’t a black and white right and wrong way of doing things that would apply in every situation, but you have to work towards being able to do what the situation calls for so that at the end of the day you can be proud of your decisions

    [–]demalteb 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    TRP thought based solely on external validation and acting as if you were better than you really are. This is purely ego-based, self-refuting and destructive. It is a recipe for disaster and depression. If someone puts up an act of resistance just to seem more attractive, why on earth would I want to shag them? Or even worse, be with them? If someone puts up an act of being strong-willed and self-contained, but really isn't, of course any sane person will eventually see through the disguise and do everything in their power to drive them away.