Trying to find that list of passing shit tests (self.asktrp)

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There was a link on TRP some months back to a website that had incredible ways to deal with shit test.
Does anyone have that link by chance?

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Nope it was a different one. This is a good one but the one I remember was different.

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Just check his website, i think there were the full list as you want too, without longer text

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That's the one. Thank you

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The way to deal with shit tests is by holding frame and AA. I get the reasoning behind your request, but the best way to pass ANY shit test is by holding frame. Once you control your frame in social situations, it won’t matter how you respond to the shit test, because you holding frame IS passing their shit tests. Good luck

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AA is usually the correct answer because it makes you seem aloof and can be used very diversly

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Best thing you've learn that has helped you improve you holding frame? I sense the way to actually develop it is to go out there and overcome challenges but it's tricky.

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Also some sidebar offers: AA, flip it on her, ignore. Way better than learning defined answers to all kind of shit tests.

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What does AA mean? I’m new to this

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its agree and amplify the shit tests you get

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Its on illimitableman's website

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I don't think memorizing some one-liners is gonna help you pass shit tests.

The best way to pass shit tests is just to have an IDGAF attitude and agree and amplify.

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Inject 1200ng test

Hit starting strength(just lift out of comfort zone not enough to injure yourself) and properly transmutate that sexual energy into improving your life. Never make her a priority.

Its really that simple.

Example: If you are supposed to meetup and she flakes. You can hit up your friend to go out or chill at his place. Night out just playing pool was fun.

Always have shit to do and don't kill time. Its precious. Once you respect yourself and your time over thots. It becomes real difficult to pull you back into the thinking of where you need to memorize this stuff like its for a fucking Vocab test.

Internalizing this is a lot easier than the latter.

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If u need test to improve ur life ur a pussy faghot

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Learned the hard way. Before "were you checking out that girl?!"..."nah baby you know you the only one for me" FAILED. Now "were you checking out that girl?!"..."which one?"

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Damn, now I know why military people are that good at getting girls. Every shit test was given by their drill sergeants.

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Illimitable man shit test encyclopedia

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Also interested. Following

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There are many out there. But this one was of epic proportions. Should have bookmarked it

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! Remind me 1 day

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Here's hoping someone answers the actual question...

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agree, please tag link

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Learn the ideas behind TRP concepts, not what to say like a parrot. That'll make things a lot easier.

A shit test is a test to see if you can handle yourself in a masculine way. A man should be a rock - the test is done to see how stable that rock is and if it'll start to crumble when you chip away at it.

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go to trp sub and enter "shit tests" in the search - tons of hits

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Link? That sub appears to be gone

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    Bad bot

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    That takes balls. And funny as hell.