Nexted my Oneitus, you know the story, fucked other bitches and am lifting and she calls me. (self.asktrp)

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It’s like the life of a rockstar. When the music is good the bitches love me. When I’m down they are like deer in headlights. However, I think most of you are familiar with the story I’m sharing. I made a lot of daring moves to seduce my Oneitus that didn’t work.

What works is what you gentlemen shared about lifting, getting a hobby and making money.

So she calls me. I’ve been talking to a couple girls and have forgotten about her altogether. As a matter of fact I wasn’t to interested to make room for her in my list of women I’m fucking and told her I was busy and will call her back when I get the chance. It felt good. I’m just a little disillusioned about all of this. What happens now?

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Fuck her, don't fuck her. When you're celebrating your 70th birthday, it won't matter. Here's what will matter.

DO NOT: Do anything that will tie you down to them. Have kids, buy a house with them, or anything that will put you in a position to have to depend on them for anything, ever.

Think about that day in the future when shit won't matter. Will that sweet unicorn be begging your doctors to disconnect you from your respirator because you are suffering? And of course, you are worth more than what she'll ever make in her lifetime?

Wait til you're in your 40's to have kids. Then make sure your finances are locked tighter than a can of condensed milk. Never tell your SO how much money you have. Always have a certain amount stashed for any personal life emergencies. Like divorce.

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This guy has lived. How old are you sir?

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55 my good man. Far from being in my 70s, but close enough to know that nothing matters. NOT. A. FUCKING. SINGLE. THING.

Except how much fun you have. So have fun. Ignore beliefs and ideology. Be a good man, or not. They don't give door prizes where we're all going. It simply doesn't matter. Be curious. That is what it's all about.

We spend too much time trying to live up to shit that doesn't make a single fucking bit of difference in the grand scheme of things. The Buddha said "Just live your life" and man was he right.

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I'm saving this. Thanks for the insight man. Im nearing 30 and reaching the same conclusions. I've chased a corporate career for ten years and got basically nothing to show for it. I'm just making rich people richer. Thanks for the insights.

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I hope you're doing something for yourself now. I refuse to do any work for anyone except the guy I see in the mirror. Rich, poor, doesn't matter. What matters is that whatever I do, it's for the guy in the mirror.

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Why would divorce ever be a personal life emergency for him? He should never get married in the first place.

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People slip up man.

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You make it sound like marriage accidentally happens one day. Getting married is not a slip up. It’s the result of a series of poor decisions

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Seriously, I was just minding my own business and then accidentally got married.

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Uh huh... so every case of marriage?

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Every. Single. One. Even from years ago. Have you ever looked at a married man? I mean really look. Observe him around his family. 99% of the time they are zeroes. An inconsequential sack of meat that only serves to bring home a paycheck.

Very few decisions are left to him to make, and he's mostly relegated to the tv room because the rest of the house is dedicated to something or another and you see them boast about how they finally got a man cave, or they finally convinced the wife to let them build a workspace in the garage or what have you.

I would rather die a thousand deaths than ever be in the shoes of a married man for even one minute.

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Not how we or my mother viewed my father... at all. His way or the highway in our house growing up. I do realize I am one of the few millennials to grow up like this though.

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One of the few indeed my friend... Kudos to your father.

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This day in age yes

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id say once one is on that level of finances, theyd want to look into an asset protection plan with trusts, LLC's to where they own nothing but control everything ala Rockefeller PRIOR to any LTR

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And you would be correct. I advise to get to know some strategies that promote asset protection even before you achieve any real assets to protect. You don't want to be sitting on a pile of money to then begin to learn how to protect your shit.

Some practice you can start with is learning about how owning a corporation that would be a holding company can be beneficial even when you're starting out. It has plenty to do with psychology much more than anything else.

But by all means do keep that in mind.

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Now you keep moving forward. A feminist once said "If you don't like me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best".

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I think Hitler said it first.

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Could've been George Washington too, but don't quote me on that

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Nah, it was Tesla bro trust me I was there

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I love reddit and redditers - HOMO

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You know my ex?

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If you can’t handle me when I’m bulking, you don’t deserve me when I’m cut

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Why would she like someone who is oneitis, desperate, moneyless, not going to gym and not banging other chicks.. I think if he feels comfortable he must plate her..

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Nah son.

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Its about building self respect.

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It's not even about self respect, it just doesn't work.

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I think its just ego

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You need an ego if you want to respect yourself.

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Maybe, idk

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Everyone has their own rules for when someone knows them before and after TRP. Some will plate those that knew them before and didn't give them a chance, and some won't. It's really up to the person to decide because just like choosing to go to the gym and lift and get your life in order. ONLY you can make those decisions, because it's your fucking life to do whatever you want with it. For me i'm a dick and also believe if you didn't want me before you don't deserve me now. I do this because if they knew the full on beta I was if I have a off day they might go "yup he's back to who I knew he was" Where someone that didn't know will just go "Ooo he's just had a bad day I should probably suck his dick to make him feel better."

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Those who go back never learn. They never learn to value themselves. They keep making the same mistakes over and over again. They never gain the mentality of having an abundance of options. They can never next someone. They still get walked over.

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Fucking truth

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This comment is underrated.

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Every whores mantra on tinder

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I swear when you sign up for Tinder that come prefilled in the hip section. Also "loves music and dogs and food" and "must be over 6 feet to ride"

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Men should start putting “Must be between the ages of 21-24, and reasonably fit”. If these whores can list height then we should list age and weight lmao (I actually did this at point at my profile, didn’t get flack for it though)

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You decide if you want to fuck her or not? Once you do you'll either succumb to your inner feels for her - if there are any or you'll realise she's just like the rest of them.

Or don't chase her one bit -let her come begging. You could use the opportunity to improve your game - it's called dangling the carrot. Time to step up your machiavelianism. Never know when it comes in handy.

Ofcourse the shorter technique to fuck which you already know : "come over"

But she could be chasing for validation so....hence the dangling if the carrot.

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I assure you it is going to be more drama than it is worth.

She already has established you in her mind as having piss poor frame. If the “new and improved” you contradicts that, the level of shit testing you are in for will be FAR greater than any new woman you meet....its not worth it.

That said, hooking up with her could either draw you back in, or it could take her off the pedestal. In my case it was the latter, but proceed with caution. Do not dedicate a great amount of time or effort into it.

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read kids with dynamite by Rollo, it goes over this. you have been given a great power in TRP. bitches want to fuck you, even the ones that you thought would never want to again. Your oneistsi, is a person, don't be an asshole.

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Now you next her.

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Personally, I've been where you are with this and I can say I think the best reaction is to next her. She's the past, she can stay in the past. She's either seeing the improvement in SMV and wants a piece now, or she's trying to suck you back into orbit. Or maybe a bit of both depending on how you pass the shit tests she sets up for you. Either way, it's not as good as the new girls you've got options with.

If you decide to explore adding her to your list though, don't talk to her on the phone, minimal texting. Just tell her to come meet you out somewhere, or even just tell her to come over to your place. Then, you know the drill - a little push/pull and kino, escalating kino, back off some, escalate again to ward off LMR and ASD, and it will either happen with her or it won't. Especially if it does, let that remind you that she's no different than the girls in the rest of your line up and was never worthy of the oneitis pedestal you had her on before.

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Maybe OP should send her flowers...

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just plate her , you can never have too many hoes

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False. Each plate requires a time commitment no matter how minimal that may be and that time begins to add up with each new plate. Time is the most valuable asset you have.

If the amount of time spent on plates fucks with your mission, you have too many plates. Your mission should be a higher priority.

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nah i dont get it. i dont know what you mean at all. i never failed doing gymnastics for a woman. i never rummaged through the trash for an old broken plate. thats a fundamental of Tomassi.

whats next for you? another case of oneitis probably.

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I thought about leading her on just to flake for shits and giggles but ah, never mind.

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You're not doing it for shits and giggles. You wanna do it because you want to fuck her but still be able to hamster your way out with a "it just happened". Just move on dude.

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yeah thats gay dude but if you have nothing better going on then yeah why dont you exact some petty revenge in a girl who wont give a shit 24 hours later.

petty my man. petty.

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What is this so called ‘dangling the carrot’?

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I dunno, is she on the upper end of the hotness scale?

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Just a question here brosef did you fuck your oneitus?

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Where is this strategy you are referencing?

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Love reading this shit, good job man. Nothing is more empowering than having girls who refused you try to get back to you. It's a confirmation that your SMV has increased, and it's a great feeling. Incredibly satisfying to shut them down aswell, you can almost sense their regret. You can do whatever you please now though, why not plate her? Just dont fall into the trap of getting oneitis for her again.