What are the 3-5 most influential Red Pill Theories? (self.asktrp)

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Which one have most affected your way of thinking?

Don't want to anchor the conversation.

Hypergamy, SMV, AF/BB etc.

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  1. Lift.
  2. AWALT
  3. It’s your turn
  4. Nobody cares
  5. Take ownership for your life.

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It's her turn

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It's all about frame bro. You're the buyer, not the seller.

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It not really about whether it's buying or selling. Both parties can be in the strongest position. It's a question of supply and demand. If your goods are in high demand, then it doesn't matter, that you're the seller, cause you can just chose who you want as a customer - if any.

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You're the seller. Dick is abundant, but quality dick is rare.

You're the producer, not consumer. Your SMV is your product.

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Never thought about it that way. But it is only consequent assuming the mindset of oneself being the prize.

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This. Mostly everything else is just pick up IMO. Take care of this and you won’t need to worry about “game”

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Number 4

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Man I’m gonna write these on my white board to remember everyday

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  1. Briffault's Law
  2. Hypergamy
  3. Myth of Sisyphus (life is pain & hard fucking work, flow with it)
  4. Discipline = Freedom
  5. Finding your own Path/Mission that is above and beyond any single relationship you could have with a person, even a wife or children.

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Number 5

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  1. Ulysesses 31 - The Eternal Punishment. “the work I do today, I will do tomorrow, and and day after that and the day after that”. “Why didn’t you try to escape” “Too late Sisyphus, too late” Amazing to think this used to be in a children’s animated tv series. These ideas really affected me as a child and I never forgot them. Here is that episode. https://youtu.be/HpCXvD0bWPc go to 20:35 to the point where Sisyphus realises the truth of his existence. You won’t get this level of philosophy in modern kids tv shows.

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Any pdf links to any of these? Cheers man

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The askTRP sidebar

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Cheers bro

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Could you explain 3 in context of redpill?

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Sisyphus was damned to the pits of Tartarus by Zeus for his crimes, fated to forever roll a giant boulder uphill, only to watch it roll back down and have to do it all over again. Unlike even the mighty Hercules, his labors will never end.

One must imagine Sisyphus as happy. He has purpose. Meaning. This is what men are. We have to DO. We must ACT. Without action, we are meaningless.

Myth of Sisyphus is a classic book written as an argument against suicide. Basically, embrace the labors and challenges of life, enjoy your pursuit of happiness, and NEVER QUIT.

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1) Shit tests.

For me, this was the major eye-opener. I didn't get women's behavior when I was teen or even in my early 20s, and the tendency of women to run hot-cold absolutely pissed me off.

What really frustrated the hell out of me was that when I got pissed and emotionally withdrew from a particular chick, that's when she'd suddenly cut the bullshit and make an effort to get my attention. The problem was that by that point I was too pissed to forgive her.

I could've been rolling in pussy from the time I hit puberty if I had any idea what a shit test was and what it was about.

2) Preselection.

Another one that drove me nuts, especially with this one girl when i was in college. I gave this girl the full blue pill treatment and eventually worked up the nerve to ask her out only to be blasted the fuck out of the water. Naturally, I withdrew as I always did.

About a week or two later, this really hot girl joined one of the academic clubs we were, and she and I got along very well. Within a few weeks, the girl who had flat-out rejected me went into full cock-tease mode, right down to sitting on my lap in front of everyone.

Another case where I would have benefited immensely from any knowledge of game.

3) Outcome independence.

There's almost nothing in TRP that actually works right without outcome independence. If you lift because you insist upon a specific outcome, you risk getting discouraged and backing off your routine. If you hit on a specific girl and only hope for her and no one else, she's going to smell it on you. Everything follows from outcome independence, even if it's not something you immediately internalize and work with when you're learning.

4) Abundance.

People buy into whoever displays a sense of abundance. If you have abundant friends, people see that and want to talk with you. If you have abundant personality, people connect with that and want to be your friend. If you have abundant style, people assume it means money (never mind how many 30k millionaires there are in this world).

That's something I'd have never bought into in my younger, angry phase, when I would have just considered it all "in group" behavior that left me on the outside.

5) Nobody cares.

This helped me more in my family life than it did anything else. Once I learned that everybody's whiny bullshit is just a gimmick trying to get others to commit a little of their resources to them, I became much more capable of keeping my family at the right distance.

People don't like it, but I keep score, and I make a point to always keep people slightly in my debt with the understanding that when I need them they either show the fuck up or get cut the fuck off. It's just simpler that way, and I've been surprised how much people respect me for it.

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Totally agree with number 1. There are some kids who come around here who are in high school and I think good for them! When I got into college I was browsing the seduction subreddit (which in all fairness gets a couple things right) but if I had been on Redpill instead I would've actually had good game back then. Instead, I was a skinny, blue-pilled simp who only had bravado going for him--which got me a couple dates, admittedly.

But if I knew about shit tests, agree and amplify, outcome independence, I would've been "rolling in pussy" like you said. Oh well. Now's the time!

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Thanks man :)

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Can you go into a bit more detail how it helped you in family life in keeping them at the right distance?

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I grew up in a functioning dysfunctional family. Dirt poor. Father had died when I was 5. (We weren't poor when he was alive, but my mom married much older than here, so . . . ) The typical indulgence of chaos and drama you expect in that scenario.

I went to college and got my shit together financially. Being the stable person in an unstable family is a bad business, especially if you're not keeping score. Everybody has a fucking thing they did for you like 10 years that somehow entitles them to borrow money when they're hard up. And somehow these minor debts never get repaid in their eyes.

It took me a long time to figure that all their whiny bullshit was just emotional blackmail. After a while, you have to face facts that people who never, ever catch a break don't exist. What's actually happening is people don't leverage their breaks when they get them because they're lazy, whiny, scared or some other type of weak.

Eventually, I realized it wasn't my job to make up for people who could never save money in good times or invest their surpluses while ahead.

Keeping score was the only way to keep things in order. It takes a bit of a mean streak to do that to family.

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this is a solidly thought out and insightful response to this post

consider this saved

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Agree and amplify is the biggest one for me lately. It's finally cemented how to "not give a shit" and how to have a good sense of humor and NEVER be defensive or insecure. It's made me a lot more fun and confident.

I would argue understanding hypergamy and SMV are more important, but those are really just sort of bookish concepts. A&A gets you through (most) any shit-giving social situation which, when you open your eyes, you realize happens constantly from everyone around you. By constantly passing shit tests, you're constantly demonstrating SMV and not-giving-a-fuck.

Though lifting is probably actually the most important.

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AWALT — this will bite you in the ass if you forget

Genuine desire can not be negotiated

Never re start a failed relationship

Never negotiate for sex

My favorite that started it all is rejection is better than regret

Spin more plates and get an abundance mentality.

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-Have a mission and fucking chase it (don't aim to be a wage slave)

-maximise your SMV (lift etc)

-Don't be emotional

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  1. she's not yours, it' just your turn.

rest dont matter IMO

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It's her turn.

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The biggest one for me was FRAME.

Frame is everything. I still find myself losing it from time to time but I’m learning. This was the biggest one for me.

Second would be, LIFTING.

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DGAF attitude and lift.

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  • Lift

  • Lift

  • Lift

  • Lift

  • SMV is everything


  • SMV is everything

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  • Social status.

  • Social status.

  • Social status.

  • Social status.

  • Social status.

  • Social status.

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The #1 top theory that TRP is based on is...

Read the Damn Sidebar.

#2 might be: Lurk for 3 months while

reading the damn sidebar.

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With everything, not just women!

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I can't narrow it down but it's somewhat empowering being part of an oppressable movement. "I think this is true. I see the fault in your ways and am comfortable living against your outlook". Does my confidence good.

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1.) AWALT: Really stomaching in the reality women are approached all the time which makes it easy for them to jump ship / "branch swing." Cheating or browsing the "market" to them is thus never off the table

2.) How expendable you are as a man / aka it was "just your turn," so dont take it personal

3.) Plate concepts - this is something I have always felt, but TRP was the first time I felt justified in juggling plates.

4.) LTR's are damn near worthless, goes double for the thought of marriage.

5.) Lifting and physical appearance ARE as important as society says, swallowed too much of the "don't worry about looks, just be confident and fun" pill from PUA's and it gives you the false sense that picking up women is easy.

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5) This is one of the few points I disagree with redpill about atleast in definition. I dont think tou need a very pretty face but body, style will help a lot more. The thing is you should look manly. Posture, appearance of strength will trimph good looks in my experince. I am sure Vin Disel could pull more ass then guys that look like Brad Pitt of George Coloneh despite being bold or average face.

Also men and women tend to think they are less attractive then they really are. So while you might look in the mirror and see 5. If you dree well, and workout you might be seen as a seven or an eight. I actually hate the number system.

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I agree with this, I was trailing more along the general lines of physical appearance overall. You can tell me Vin can pull more than Brad Pitt, but you'll never convince me any amount of "personality, confidence, and dose of fun" would allow Pitt to be outdone by a Jonah Hill.

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My 3 would be...

AWALT / Hypergamy Lift / exercise / mediation Outcome Independence

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face palm...yes you're correct. And it totally changed my formatting haha. Anywho all of them. Haha

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Noooobody expects the Spanish inquisition

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It’ll be different for everyone, we will all naturally do some theories well and some poorly.

What changed my life the most was escalating - I know it’s not exactly a theory but it gave me sudden results.

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Kino / escalation...

What an eye opener, and even more educational when it doesn't work.

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Women's solipsism and cognitive dissonance

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Lift jelq spin plates hold frame shit test lift lift sperg out on reddit

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Why jelqing? Isn't there sufficent evidence that it doesn't work that well and you could risk injuring your dick?

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It’s a joke

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I wouldnt say reddpill but in days when puas were really hot and people where doing cold approach and getting.numbers, even before the red pill becaue I was getting.phones, dates but.nothing more.

The redpill was that cold approaching regardless of balls etc... is NOT EnOUGH. That was the main thing.

You had to have things going for you, some type of talent, work you are developing, hobbies, personalities, social life. Just approaching being cocky funny etc... were not sufficient on their own.

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Frame, frame is so important

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always be looksmaxing, hypergamy, blackpill. thats all you need to know. everything else is cope.