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Are you becoming the person you want to be?
“Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of everyone of its members.”

From a young age we are socially conditioned into paths, interests and personalities. You are this, Timmy. Jimmy is that. This and that are a farce. You are so much more, so much more flexible than the identity which society foists upon you, an identity, mind you, that is formulated on your most inchoate experiences. Instead of lifting limits as we develop, society creates them. So many good men are locked in the prison of social conditioning, behind cells named “introvert”, “clown”, “nice guy”, “loner”, “nerd”. And so effective is this confinement that even in solitude we find ourselves kept from escape. Society turns you into the prison guard of your own allegorical cave.

Society dictates your values, your culture, your ambitions, in essence your life. Go to school, get a job, get a wife, and raise some kids. Nowhere in society’s dictums do we find contemplation, passion, inspiration, or self-fulfillment. On the contrary, we may find pre-packaged thoughts, beliefs and routines. We are stricken with fear at the thought of realizing our potential, realizing our reality, because we have never seen anything beyond the purview of accepted sensibility. This is a state of arrested development.

How do we escape?

Cast off the chains of social tyranny. Reject groupthink, that is thinking in terms of what the group expects. We do this not for the sake of contrarianism, but rather, for the sake of personal development. In order to grow we must become free and uninhibited. You must stand up, reject the shadows on the wall and break free of your shackles.

Begin by accepting yourself. Your insecurities, your shame, your dejection, all of it is a function of fabricated constructs which we no longer oblige. You have been dealt these cards so you may as well play them. You can flounder when you’re dead. At this time you may have some reservations; indeed, without society, you may lack values, boundaries, and ambitions. Take time to reflect on these subjects, if necessary think back to your childhood. You may be surprised by what you find.

Realize that nobody owes you anything. Nobody is responsible for your needs but you. As the Bhagavad Gita tells us, we can choose our actions but not the results. To expect is to attach one’s self to an outcome. “Attachment is the root of all suffering,” said Lao Tzu. Instead of attaching the self to external transience, take validation from within. Seek action not for the result but for the intrinsic merit of accomplishment. Verily, inaction is a graver error than failure.

Learn as much as you can about the world, about its tyrants and heroes. Read. Reading is thinking with someone else’s mind. How can you know what you want from life if you haven’t discovered it? Use great men as your role models. When in doubt, consider what they would do in your stead. Be serious about taking action but blithe about results. Treat triumph and disaster just the same. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

How do we grow?

Become fearless. Hecato* of Rhodes said those who cease to hope will cease to fear, for fear and hope are two sides of the same bond. Realize each adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent advantage. Obstacles are in fact paths. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Perfectionism is the enemy of greatness. Failures provide opportunities for growth. Rejoice in your setbacks for they are proof of progress. Laugh at yourself, life is absurd.

Believe in abundance. Your mind is a curious thing, it will focus in the direction it’s pointed. If you’re worried about scarcity, you will find scarcity everywhere. Conversely, if you believe in abundance, you will see opportunities everywhere. Eschew failure, think about success. Play to win, not to not-lose.

Become entitled. Understand that “life is a just employer; he gives you what you ask. But once you have set the wages, you must bear the task.” If you don’t feel that you deserve something you will never get it. Entitlement is like burning the ships behind you, you are left no choice but to strive for success. There is no greater motivation than to ‘sink or swim’.

Cut the fat from your life. Negativity is infectious. Negative people, like crabs in a bucket, will seek to pull you down to their level before you escape. They will do this furtively and perniciously. Weigh the effects of a person in your life not by the sentiments they arouse but by their objective impact – were you better off before or after they came into your life? You may be surprised by whom you decide to let go. Discontinue imaginary escapist diversions, viz. video games, television and pornography. You will not need them where you’re going and they will act more as a tether to indolence than anything else.

Develop self-dominion. Self-dominion is command over oneself. Learn to trust yourself, not arrogantly or combatively but inherently. Confidence is the reward for courage. Do things you fear. Cultivate self-discipline and willpower through keystone habits. Keystone habits are habits which impact all facets of your life e.g. regular fitness, diet, reading. The key to developing a keystone habit is replacing bad habits with good habits. For example, if you’re bored, instead of playing the newest Halo of Duty for stimulation, try hitting the gym or watching a MOOC. Over time you will build a craving for the latter that not only outweighs the former but is many times greater because it is rooted in something earnest.


Stop blaming. Blame transfers agency from you to someone else, it’s petulant and puerile, dangerous and ridiculous, vulgar and foolish. It connotes a lack of control over yourself and others, it telegraphs powerlessness. In fact it rarely serves to any benefit and more frequently exacerbates the issue. Don’t be mad that people are the way they are, they’re exactly as they’re meant to be – you are the one imparting unmet expectations. Keep advice to yourself unless solicited.

Live in the moment, be present. Excess attention on the future leaves you anxious and ineffectual. Excess attention on the past leaves you sullen and rueful. In reality we can never know what to expect from the future and the past is never quite as we remember it. There are times to look ahead, to plan, to deliberate and even recalibrate. Spend that time wisely and then look ahead no more. Likewise, there are times to reflect and perhaps repent. Make peace with your past and then focus on the present.

Spend time alone. The crowd brings out the worst in all of us. This is a natural outcome, for that which we have in common with most others is also that which we are least proud of – our baser qualities. Solitude affords a man communion with himself. His deepest motives, values and ambitions can only emerge through honest introspection. Ask yourself tough questions. Carry this composure of solitude with you everywhere, even in the company of others.

Ground yourself. Give way to neither love nor hate. Say nothing and believe nothing with unshakeable conviction. Take care of yourself first before you take of others. Finally, be positive and believe in yourself. For, if you already expect nothing, are planted in the present and grounded in your temperament the world will throw itself at your feet.

I’ll see you in Valhalla


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to qualify, this is a blog me and a friend are starting to practice writing and waxing poetic. any feedback or scathing rebuke is welcome.

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Please write more.

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Just a couple. I found a potential contradiction:

In one line you say that nobody owes you anything and in another you say you should feel entitled.

Another thing is that i like the testosterone ridden atmosphere here in trp. Some more attitude would kick ass.

Edit: So i guess im getting downvoted for putting straight forward feedback. Thats somehing a bitch would do.

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This is indeed seemingly contradictory and perhaps may require mental flexibility. You should feel entitled in order to give your life impetus and purpose. But you should not expect those entitlements to fall into your lap. Rather you are capable of effecting their attainment, through sacrifice and determination. So, instead of two contradictory statements I see it as a single affirmation of self efficacy, that is a self-fulfilling belief in your ability.

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Feeling entitled is feeling you have the right to something. For example a promotion at work. This will cause a feeling that your work superiors owe you that.

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This may be semantics, but consider the entitlement one of worthiness. Some fellows go through their life feeling they're not worthy of the dog shit they step in. You are not entitled to (owed) anything per se, but you are worthy to receive what you reap. And what you sow depends on whether you feel you're worthy of the harvest. For example, someone who doesn't believe in their ability (read: feel entitled) may not put themselves in a challenging situation - they're afraid to succeed and inadvertently prove themselves wrong!

This boils down to the truism that, without attaching yourself to the outcomes you can contemplate the possible outcomes before acting and then choose action accordingly. Fortuna favors the bold and an overestimation of your abilities at worst affords many opportunities for growth (failures); while the inverse leaves you stagnant. Perhaps I've drawn this out and the point is lost.

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Well this is my feedback. That is what i understood upon reading. And im definitely not the only one who will think this.

Worthiness is a more adequate word. Also because its pretty stigmatized by its use in criticism. For example: "this entitled teenager parked in the handicap spot"

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Hey :) reject that groupthink!

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"Hey :) reject that groupthink!" Oh, so when you and the information you gleaned from ignorant authors write a lengthy rigmarole on how to better your life and how others should live it's okay, but when a larger number of people understand that a word is loaded with connotations ergo live their lives according to the semantics of the word it turns bad? you just sound like an ignorant child who doesn't want to accept reality

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You sound unreasonably frustrated.

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You should expect 100% from the world, while also giving 100% towards what you expect.

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I think the way to say is that you're entitled only to what you give yourself. Want more? Then get more.

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Complaining about a single downvote is something a bitch would do.

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worthy, but not owed

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I like it, but what's MOOC?

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Massive open online courses

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I'll start by saying that this is a good post and it's great that you're practicing writing. I don't have much feedback to offer on that front but I can offer some on a specific area.

Horatio of Rhodes said those who cease to hope will cease to fear, for fear and hope are two sides of the same bond.

Who is Horatio of Rhodes? I did a search but nothing came up.

In any case, you're falsely attributing to him the idea nec spe, nec metu, which means "without hope, without fear" when directly translated. It is the exact idea you are trying to convey: to attach yourself to hopes is to give yourself fear; they are sides of the same coin. Without dark, there is no light. Without hope, there is no fear.

The origin of nec spe, nec metu is not exactly clear. However, it seems likely to have originated in the late Roman Republic. I have seen the quote falsely attributed to both Caesar Augustus and Marcus Agrippa. Cicero, speaking to the Senate in 57 BCE did say nec spe, nec metu but the context is a little too awkward to be the source.

The idea later found use as a maxim among chivalric knights and members of military orders. It was adopted by Isabella d'Este as a personal motto and later as a call-to-arms by Caravaggio. It was adopted into the coat of arms of Feltre, Italy in 1933.

I don't expect you to know all this. That would be completely unreasonable. I only know this because I love the saying nec spe, nec metu and studied a ton of Roman and Medieval history in college.

My advice to you is that you source the shit out of your posts (doesn't matter if it's in-text like I did here or if you use a bibliography/works cited at the end). My second piece of feedback is that you make sure you don't make claims or say things that are inaccurate (even something minor) because it will end up lowering your ability to speak authoritatively in the future if/when someone calls you out on it.

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You're right, I meant Hecato of Rhodes. In a letter to his dear friend, Seneca attributed this insight to Hecato - but it's undoubtedly an ancient and perhaps eclectic idea.

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♂ This is a great writing, from literature and philosophical aspect.

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Good post man. Very Emerson and Thoreau-esque. Recommend those two authors to those who've never heard of or read them.

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Will check them out. Any books to begin with?

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Walden by Thoreau, Self-Reliance by Emerson. You can usually buy books or rent books at the library that are a compilation of essays by these two. Keep in mind that the diction is very romanticized and poetic, but there are a lot of valuable thoughts and ideas in their books.

Enjoy man!

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[permanently deleted]

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They're also relatively cheap on amazon. Unfortunately the vast majority of Europe does not know these authors. They're basically never mentioned in schools.

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All I ever got assigned in high school was these authors. At the time I hated it

Edit: didn't notice you mentioned Europe

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[permanently deleted]

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Yes! I came up with something similar during a recent trip.

Pain, like sunlight, makes you grow. Follow the sun.

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Indeed, praise the sun!

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For a moment, I thought you meant a trip like a LSD trip kind of thing.

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"Discontinue imaginary escapist diversions, viz. video games, television and pornography. You will not need them where you’re going and they will act more as a tether to indolence than anything else."

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More idealist than practical. Good read but doesn't really focus on execution. Also there is too much in this post if you want anyone to be productive with this advice. Why do I know this? I'll give you one example, You say reject groupthink. Everyone here exhibits groupthink, it is so natural for humans that only those that have true self-awareness will appreciate this post. Posting here is no different because many redpillers also exhibit groupthink. You can't tell people what how much self-esteem they should have. They figure it out themselves. Ultimately to reach this level you can only go about it two ways, alone or with a mentor.

Edit: I come off as very negative but I will give you an example to prove my point. It requires such mental discipline and can only happen once you understand yourself completely and when you have raw high self-esteem, not that inflated bullshit everyone thinks is real (look it up if you need a definition). Name everything important to you. Remind yourself that your ability to think rationally exists only when you have mastered every simulation that will cause you pain to you and your loved ones until each scenario elicits no emotion. Only then will you be able to think logically. Natural emotional suppression at its purest. Just don't get lost. How difficult is this? Pretty fucking difficult.

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The post delivers on the title. It serves better as a reminder of where you want to go rather than a list of things to do. I have just gone through a period of self discovery and have yet to start practicing. The post above covered much of my experience with light suggestions that I agree with. If someone reads it without having a relatable experience I would pity them as the depth would be lost on them.

Sometimes reading and understanding parts of these advices will hep you gain conviction in your own self improvement. I will list below what it did for me, but firstly about its practicality and lack of execution. Hit the gym, dress well, keep clean etc. are all simple and universal. The op is anything but, it will involve hate for most, it will involve depression and anger. Some will not be able to act "if the world is shit, why stay above it". It's important the op doesn't assume the process is finished or that it's equal for everyone. No less than someone who wants to fix dead bedroom rather than the logical move of ending it.

We are mostly lost, even the "real" rp guys have weak ass outlook on life, they have chosen to simply accept the world as it is. But not all truths give the same outcome. Which is where the groupthink is necessary here, having everyone discover and test everything is exhausting.

Second paragraph reflects on a theme I experienced regularly in the past, but it's peoples way of trying to understand what you are, lucky never fell into it as different people saw me differently so I never needed to put my self into such a title. I rebelled against the future others wanted for me, but until recently I still followed the groupthink. Conforming to others, doing whatever the group I was with was doing and not out of want. I have a lot more to do as I'm still following some groups.

In my bitterness I imagined a small world where everyone was alike, I limited my imagination to what others would expect of me combined with what I could away with doing in life, not doing what I wanted completely. It put me in worse state and this limited world was no longer worth much to me (still isn't but at least I now have outcome independent ambition).

I don't agree with cutting all fat, it's a but too idealistic, restructuring your relationships is much better, cut those who resist it.

Self-dominion is actually execution of these ideas, and he does give decent advise for those who want to start. It's a long process again and posts like these are general and wouldn't give motivation for or enough variety to last long. It's good enough to see what it's about and some examples.

The last section is imo the best and most useful advise given how many go through the process after learning rp. I started with spending more time alone to reflect, then it hit me and only recently have I started to stop blaming and accepting the nature of people. To escape it I had to leave the past to the past and not think too much of the future (currently working on this). And the last paragraph is the most important in this section, RP isn't absolute, reflect on it and you will avoid bad suggestions and groupthink.

Years ago in my late teens I took practical advice from reddit, it's a fun memory now, but god was it horrible. Groupthink makes you believe in crap and it's hard to get rid of until you experience it's failure. Take ideas from others reflect on it, find your way to practice it. I feel most of us have played enough games to know the difference between playing after spending hours on guides vs applying the guide as we play, yes you are less likely to fuck up with guides, but it's dull and not your unique experience.

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How much can a man read before he actually implements it? All I seem to do is read and I fall back in my bp ways.

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techniques for improving internalization include: contemplation, writing, speaking and active practice

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I have found that getting into something slowly is often better than jumping into it and "learning while drowning".

I thought for a while that to get better with girls I should go out, alone, to a club and approach 100 women. I did this, but at the end I was totally burnt out and had learned very little.

I stopped and took a different approach. I simply walk up to someone, male or female, and ask them for the time. Then I ask them for the time and "How is your day?" Then I ask for the time, how their day is and a personal question about their day, based in their answer.

I found that I grew much faster, and I grew much better. I'm well on my way to conquering this area of my life, by taking baby steps and slowly increasing the difficulty as I feel I can.

You work out in the same way. You don't try to bench 200 lbs right away, you'll hurt yourself. You start with just the bar and you do 30 reps with that. Then you add weight as you can.

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Thank you

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Take baby steps and make small changes over time. Reading is for gaining knowledge and to be used as inspiration for your own action.

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This might go unnoticed, but this is the best answer here.

We fail if the task is too large to swallow. But if we create small, easy tasks one at a time, and keep at them until they become habit, the larger goals become much easier.

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Mad gains. Get jacked and enjoy getting jacked. Your testosterone level will rise. Testosterone will do a lot for you. You wont even have to try much or stress out.

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Do work (i.e. hard work, manual labor, or intellectually difficult) that shows results so you can enjoy the sense of accomplishment afterword. Especially if you don't enjoy it. This will snowball into you looking forward to doing more work so you can feel that sense of accomplishment again, and again, and again.

I'm working on renovating my house without hiring any outside help. When I used to think about what I had to do, I loathed it and felt overwhelmed. But I would pick a small task, and focus on that until it was done. Then I could look up and see a change, and that felt great. So I'd do another.

Now it's gotten to the point where I find the work itself rewarding.

So yeah, stop reading and go do work. Any work. Start small. In time, you'll find you want to gradually build to bigger tasks.

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What books do you read?

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This is the best thing that may ever come out of this sub. Thanks, I needed this. This shit should be side barred.

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There are so many great posts the sidebar is already too full.

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True. I just saved it via RES.

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great post, hopefully more like these will come about

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There is a road that leads to Valhalla where only the chosen are allowed..

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'were you better off before or after they came into your life?'

That question hit me and gave me a reality check in the present time. Your post showed me I need to spend more time alone.

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Yeah, you can measure all ur friends this way.

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Your post addresses a lot of the things I've thought about lately, namely trying to break out of what family, friends and society expect of me, and just doing my own thing. I know it will be hard but I'm so freaking motivated to take the path less traveled

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way leads on to way

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Phenomenal post. Excellently written. I have liked it, saved it, and will reread it again later today. In depth, thought-provoking posts with elegant language are one of my favorite things to see on this sub. Keep it up. I look forward to seeing more from you.

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Nec spe, nec metu.

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Great post. Fearlessness is the way. Reason makes fear obsolete, we dont need to fear a fucking bear to know that we should get away from it. For all those Dune readers and non readers:

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

That and mad gains. Mad gains will land you mad chicks.

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Fuck yeah, Dune. Highly educational fiction--a rarity.

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For the first 18 years of my life I was held down, abused, beaten, actively prevented from following my dreams and wants. I had to struggle daily to not kill anyone, not let them get to me, and to work towards what I wanted from life. Yeah I thought about killing everyone who harmed me for many years, and I had the capability to do it. The reason I didn't was because I would have been prevented from doing anything I wanted if I had killed my abuser.

The memories persist, but they are the last thing I want to dwell on. I was a victim until I was capable of defending myself, and I haven't been since. Its not the mentality I want, nor is it the one I had, it was the circumstance I was in. In spite of everything they put me through, I have done OK. Not great because self doubt, constant reminders, anxiety and depression stemming from PTSD have wrought havok on me. Still I persist, still I strive to improve.

I want my fucking dreams and nothing keeps me from them. Continuous progress, constant effort, learning every day, finding ways around obstacles and physical limitations imposed on me from a very rough life, and a drive to persevere. I talk about my past because it lessens the emotion connected to it, but I would rather look forward to things I am going to do.

Learn from the past, don't live in it. Plan for tomorrow but be flexible today. Dream big and make it happen by letting nothing hold you back. You do that by focusing on goals after you have set them.

My goals consist of building cars I want to drive and keeping myself active and useful. The means I use to do that vary, and most everything in my life is centered around those two items. Getting laid is secondary, building my new shops is a means to an end, and learning as much as I can allows me to do more with a small budget. Having a fast street car is one of my priorities, and I have several. Its what I want to do, the experience I want to enjoy, everything else is secondary.

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Thank you. I find these posts to be very motivating in my path to becoming the man I want to be. Too bad I just came from the gym. Feel like going again.

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Other self improvements you can take. Read a book nigga.

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Saved, nice post with good points. Please message me your blog url and I'll check it out.

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link at top of the OP :)

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Very well done. Reminds me of a piece by your usernamesake.

“For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered. But for those of us who can't readily accept the God formula, the big answers don't remain stone-written. We adjust to new conditions and discoveries. We are pliable. Love need not be a command nor faith a dictum. I am my own god. We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.” -Charles Bukowski

My favorite quote from Bukowski, and one I constantly find myself going back to re-read. Everything you said here is spot on and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

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Inspiring, I like it.

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This was a great post, OP

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Working on the "Live in the moment" phase. I realized last night actually after taking a small hit of weed, which I normally do not do, That I live life too much for the future. There is hardly any time to be happy in the moment. So I abandoned my normal routine and got on my roof and watched the sun rise. . Great shit!

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A mod should sticky this. This is what this sub is about.

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What a brilliant post. Full of excellent soundbites. I'm going to write some out and stick them on my wall.

How people can criticise TRP when stuff that's as motivational as this gets posted is beyond me.

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[permanently deleted]

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This advice will help you find validation from within, as opposed to from outside sources. That's the best kind, the most fulfilling, unshakable kind. I think that's a reward in itself.

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If you risk the 'greatest failure of all' you will have still done more with your life than 99% of the people on earth.

The greatest failure of all would be to not pursue your dreams and not live the life you want to live.

Would you rather die knowing you did all you could or die dreaming of what could have been?

[–]bautron -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Not nirvana... valhalla. Its where warriors go.

Nirvana is more for stoners and way-too-chill mofuckers.

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Amazing post.

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Thank you..

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Good stuff. One thought. The sentiment expressed in your post seems to represent a sort of "motivational" or "you can do it" or "go out there and accomplish x y z" type mentality. I don't have an issue with this, and think it has a place in our dialogue about life and happiness.

However, I would like to see anther side of the coin represented. That side is the sentiment that advises one to chill the fuck out, to be grateful for what one already has, to realize that the fancy accomplishments and ambitions one has are oftentimes overrated, wont bring real lasting well-being, and that learning to simply enjoy our health and the beauty of the world around us is arguably as--if not more--efficacious at securing happiness.

[–]charlesbukowksi 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Both are equitable frames from which to approach. I'll consider this in the future. Thank you.

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not as much as I would like, I injured myself lifting and my archery range closed until futher notice, that was pretty much keeping my depression in check so I'm struggling with trying to do other things, i'm trying to think of it as a temporary thing that will pass eventually

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I'm stuck in a similar situation. Accepting that time off is necessary is hard. Especially when something such as lifting or archery is such a valued part of life. Perhaps giving the physical a rest for now and studying is the right move.

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Bukowski sucks

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After reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_More_Mr._Nice_Guy:_A_Proven_Plan_for_Getting_What_You_Want_in_Love,_Sex,_and_Life I know I have to put all other TRP related materials ("Models") on hold until I went through all the tasks successfully and really internalized that book. It really hit home, I am in awe. Should have read it 10 years ago though.

[–]manofdepth 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If you are seeking to explore masculine shame; I highly suggest this book: Roy U. Schenk and John Everingham - Breaking the Shackles

This book is an in depth look into masculine shame and how to get free from it. If you are looking for a way to immune yourself further; this is a shield which shall protect you.

You can get it for free on this website: PDF File

Read this book, it's great!

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Man, I just learned so many new vocabulary words.

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"Treat triumph and disaster just the same." "Eschew failure, think about success." I feel like this was written by a freshman in high school. These logical inconsistencies are laden in this edification.

"you may lack VALUES, boundaries, and ambitions. Take time to reflect on these subjects" "Become entitled" seriously... this is embarrassing to read

"Seek action not for the result but for the intrinsic merit of accomplishment." "were you better off before or after they came into your life?" so judge yourself for your intentions and others by their results... so retarded...

"Blame transfers agency from you to someone else, it’s petulant and puerile, dangerous and ridiculous, vulgar and foolish" "Cut the fat (bad friends) from your life." so you are telling us to stop blaming, but we are allowed to blame our friends for their shortcomings?... this is despicable behavior.

Lastly, "Give way to neither love nor hate. Say nothing and believe nothing with unshakeable conviction." is terribly advice. even if you say you are doing these things, you are under the powerful spell of the human condition so you are only being incredibly daft if you believe you have power over your own humanity... we are human, not vulcan.

edit: downvotes for being intellectually superior to OP by using sound logic? this just goes to show you the majority of users on theredpill have minds of children

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Well, I made it through two paragraphs.

This subreddit is weird. I don't give a shit what dudes think.

[–][deleted] -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Yeah, I'm sorry but this reads like a bunch of airy-fairy idealistic pseudo-buddhist new-age platitudes.

The writing style itself comes off really pretentious as well. There's lots of words, but not really much being said.

I think you need to lay off the acid.