Do you miss that innocence from the Blue Pill? (self.asktrp)

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I dunno, but sometimes, especially when I'm drunk and get reminded of my "loves of my life" during my Blue Pill days, I get nostalgic about how pure and honest that love is, I get a bit angry about how things play the way they do now, and I kinda hate it and myself for a few minutes and then TRP kicks in the next day and I'm moving on like always planned.

Do you guys experience such episodes?

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I like the idea of only showing it when it's a winning hand.

On one hand Jordan Peterson (fangirl here) would say to speak truly. It is simply absurd that we live in a world where traditional ideas can get you in trouble but they can, so you have to be aware of your own safety as well. We have "friends" who in one post will say it's ok to beat up Nazis and in the next will imply that Husband is a Nazi for supporting Trump.

The route I have chosen is:

  • open about my beliefs with friends who share them, obviously. No pretending I agree with people when I do not. Staying silent is easier than you'd think. If you say nothing, most people will keep talking and assume you agree.

  • avoidance of politics with those who are raging leftists. The caveat to this is that if I have sufficiently educated myself on a particular topic, I'll usually make the arguments as long as it stays in discussion territory. Sometimes I hedge and say "this is what I understand the conservative argument to be" if a person is volatile or a friend I hesitate to lose. Or my favorite "oh but I actually read that this ::insertfact:: " . Ben Shapiro says never fight with a leftist unless the debate is for the benefit of the people watching as you won't ever change the leftists views.

  • I keep away from politics on social media. Instagram is for cat pictures. FB is for keeping tabs on people's lives. I tend to take time off of FB when something major (political) happens because it just gets me worked up anyway. I do like what I like of FB. So I'm sure people can see that I follow JBP and Milo if they really want to look for it. I just don't engage in debate here.

  • at work I can say what I want. There are 2 of us in the office and the tone differs from client to client but we are not quiet about the values that impact our industry and don't keep mum to spare clients feelings. This is awesome for me, if your work is not like mine, then you should absolutely keep quieter here to protect your job.

I wish I could speak more to dating but I'm an old married lady who shares enough views with my partner that there isn't any conflict there. My brother and I can talk about RP stuff, I keep quiet with my sister so as not to offend her unnecessarily. It feels pointless to me to have to explain to her that I'm not evil and don't hate her life choices...so I say nothing. I will always love my siblings and there is no reason to my mind that ideas should trump those feelings. Though that may be the only situation (people) where I'd put love over integrity.

I'm a bit of a wuss but have opened up more over time. The more confident I feel in my knowledge and facts, the more likely I am to have an honest discussion with someone. I doubt I will ever "come out" as conservative or red pill because I think it's atrocious that you have to come out about a set of ideas, which should always be growing and developing anyway.

Act with strength and grace so that when they critique your beliefs, and call you a weak woman or a white supremacist it's laughable. Take whatever advice you get here, think about it all deeply and the live your life in a way that you feel good about yourself. I try to live the spirit of speaking honestly if not alway the letter.

Good luck and Welcome!

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Even the non-leftists have often come to accept feminism as normal and post videos about men being lazy or calling parenting "babysitting" when Dad does it or saying guys are dumb. It's pretty bad out there.

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I agree. I just put 'leftists' in their own category because the more extreme the views, the less likely they are to listen (and the more likely to be threatened by any differences in opinions). It's so culturally acceptable to disparage men that you hear it from people who probably don't even really mean it, but it's just automatic.

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My bf knows my stance and agrees.

I don't preach my stance to society as it's considered so fringe and society is super far gone by now.

Occasionally women come to me who are sick of feminism and I'm thrilled when they have that turnaround.

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My boyfriend is pretty conservative but he doesn't know I look at RPW stuff. Also you do have to be careful. A lot of people I've interacted with get mean if someone doesn't have ultra feminist views.

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A lot of people I've interacted with get mean if someone doesn't have ultra feminist views.

You simply just ask them questions. I had a girl that wanted to fight me over the wage gap and I asked her if it's legal to pay women less than a man, then why are men still hired? Play country dumb and they just deflate on their own. Nonsense like this needs to be nipped in the bud or before you know it your whole house is filled with termites and needs to be demolished. It also gives those who are on your side but silent, and those who are wavering middle ground the confidence to speak up next time. I also think as a woman, I'm required to speak out because the men in my life are silenced due to severe social repercussions.

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I understand what youre saying. I just wanted to point out usually it's men who don't like me not being ultra feminist which is a little awkward. Also I'm pretty liberal. Just have noticed society has this weird attitude about men and women.

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it's men who don't like me not being ultra feminist which is a little awkward.

Yeah, that's weird. I think it's just pounded so hard into them that you need to be nice to women that they just spout the talking points. I have a few male friends that like who shoot themselves in the foot.

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Basically my question is, should I be keeping my having taken the red pill a secret, and just appearing very neutral on social media (ie, not following any anti-feminist people, or liking controversial posts) so as not to take away from my appeal in any way?

If your motivation is to be appealing....I think that's just flat wrong. Be who you are and appeal someone who likes that.

Do you advertise your stance on feminism by the things you like on twitter / facebook / any social media ?

I stay very neutral on social media, not to be appealing but because I don't see the benefit. I have yet to see someone change their mind from social media. I don't see good reason to increase the tribalism. I use FB for pictures and keeping in touch with people. I try to avoid scrolling during political or social outcry (hard to do).

Does your SO know you have taken the red pill or are anti-feminist, or does he just think you are miraculously amazing compared to most women these days?

Yes. I introduced him to RP concepts. He takes what he likes and leaves the rest. RP has been helpful overall. He definitely thinks I'm not like most women.

Do your friends know your stance?

In face to face situations with people I am very open about my views. I don't label them "red pill" (except to one person who knows what that means) but I will tell someone to their face I don't agree with them (in contract to social media where I don't think that's a useful place to debate).

I think it is important to be a light in the darkness for things that I believe very strongly in. If people stay quiet than others may not be brave enough to question and speak up themselves.

You love your sister and I don't think there's reason to instigate conflict. There's a way to disagree and be respectful but I would guess she's made up her mind and isn't interesting in changing at this time so why bring it up around her? That doesn't mean hide but don't be contrary just to rile her up.

So basically, do I just not make my stance on feminism ( Or anything red pill related) on social media while secretly having traditional and conservative views.. ( and of course traditional and conservative behaviour) ?

I like social media/screen secretive but face to face open.

I am also super interested in Jordan Peterson after finding out about him recently!

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Thanks so much for this, I totally agree. Neutral might be best until I can articulate my views as soundly as JP!!!

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A RP man will view all social media interactions, especially favoring the side of men's rights, as attention whoring or virtue signaling.

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To add, avoiding social media posting eliminates the akward diferences of opinion or issues with work, family and friends. Wheb in doubt, don't. Soon you wont be able to tolerate most people online. Keep it and you to yourself and develop your own opinions. No one elses but your mans will matter anyway.

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First of all, welcome!!! We are so happy you found us, too! I loved your post :D I totally empathize with

wanting to be this traditional kind of woman makes sense to me now... its natural ! ! ! Its.. literally in our makeup. ...

and I lol'd about your sister.

I can't say whether to be open about your views or not. There are pros and cons to both. I am totally open so I will share my experiences about that:

Good Things

  • I feel more authentic.

  • Since applying RP concepts, the caliber of men asking me out skyrocketed.

  • I like to date men of a similar political opinion; their eyes honestly just light up talking to me.

  • It feels really good when you get along with someone over this as you both feel like underdogs.

Bad Things

  • I became a pariah on social media. Seriously, just make a "red pilled" account with a fake name. There is too much liability. Someone who has influence over your life might brand you as a deplorable person just for watching Lauren Southern. Facebook and Twitter have algorithms that assume things about you if you like too many "red pilled" pages. You do not want to have to go back and do damage control or lose access to your main account because you spoke a hate-fact.

  • My friends all know my stance. Some no longer wish to be friends with me anymore. I admit I was shocked by this since I really don't care how other people live their lives, so I couldn't imagine them being so threatened by how I want to live my life.

  • I have never experienced threatening behavior like I have from liberal men attacking me for my conservative views. One guy, WHO WAS 6'5", told me right after I met him that I was a piece of nazi garbage. I've never been called a slut in my life until I let people know I voted for Trump; now multiple men have told me that I deserve to get raped.

To be honest, I think the smarter girls are more sly about it. I think the smartest thing to do would be to hold your "red pill" cards/knowledge close to your chest, and only reveal them when you knew it to be a "winning" hand in the situation you are in. This way, no one would be the wiser, people would feel comfortable around you, but you could take your own steps to surround yourself with people who will help you live the life you want.

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Wow thank you so much. I completely agree hahaha I have already made a secret twitter !!!!

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The only male on Facebook that has been offended at my anti-feminist comments on certain pages is a liberal guy who is a male feminist (he and several other mutual friends like the same band btw). Said liberal guy (40-something and seriously obese) has a tendency to date women who are abusive and treat him terribly. Even his liberal leaning female friends have told him that some of the girls he's dated are bad news and that he shouldn't lower his standards like that, but he replied with a stupid excuse that he wanted someone to go to bed with.

On the other hand, the conservative and non-feminist guys on my friends list don't mind at all.

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So basically, do I just not make my stance on feminism ( Or anything red pill related) on social media while secretly having traditional and conservative views.. ( and of course traditional and conservative behaviour) ?

Being RP will make you anathema to feminists. Expect it, prepare for it. Mainstream women and men will look at you funny. Just do your thing, ignore the haters, and when everybody wonders why you, your children, and your man are so happy, tell them how to do it right.

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If I see a woman liking antifeminists posts I'd definitely be more intrigued to getting to know her

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I am 21, a virgin..having traditional and conservative views...my sister is 3 years older than me, her number is 20+ and she majored in gender studies....

Other commenters gave practical and useful advice to navigate life while supporting your beliefs. When trailing into Red Pill topics/areas of discussion, there is no need to be overt or force conversation. Most people will "accidentally" lead themselves to a natural observation or conclusion. Without using TRP/RWP buzzwords, when engaging conversation I normally lead with: "Hmmm...tell me - why do you think that is: like that/men or women are like that?" They almost always surprise themselves when they arrive to an inevitable TRP/RP/RPW conclusion.

I mostly nod, agree, and form an ever so slight and coy smile when the light bulb goes off. Priceless.

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Your sister though...she is unsalvageable.

This may be true and I suspect OP has a better handle on it than we possibly can BUT I think it was unnecessary to say.

For all the many ways I think my Sis messed up her life - she's my Sis and I'll defend her to the death. It actually is frustrating when people insult my family, only I am allowed to do that. Because in the end, they are the people who I grew up with and the people who understand my roots. Even without being super close to them, I'm connected to them in ways that I am not connected to my very best friends. If someone came in and told me that my sister was a slut - I'd feel like I had to defend her against the outsider whether or not the outsider's words were accurate - and that's it's own bit of frustration.

There is nothing to be gained from insulting OP's sister. OP isn't trying to be like her sister, she's trying to understand how to deal with her differing world views. Brutal honestly is appropriate when there is something to be gained. I do not think there is anything to be gained by your brutal honesty here.

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Thank you so much for this post.

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Husband > family > everyone else. 😊

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Hard truths generally force people to become better.

I see your point. Great...then I hope she can help her become a better person.

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I don't disagree and if the sister was the OP - I'd support your comment.

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ROGER - I adjusted the comment to reflect the part that may be useful to others...hope that helps.

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This entire comment is useless. It is rude and lacks any useful advice.

Please read the sidebar and review the rules, and make better decisions the next time you decide to comment.

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ROGER - tracking all...

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Wow. You're just a hateful asshole.

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I wish you luck. :)

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Haha that is amazing, I will do the same!

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I love Jordan Peterson!

I fully (well, mostly) embrace my views on social media. But that wasn't until quite a while spent on testing the waters with people in person. No one except my SO and parents have agreed with me so far, but I guess my friends respect me enough to talk about it.

However, I am a writer, and my opinions are my product. If you are afraid of losing a job because of this, I'd keep it under wraps. If not, I'd speak my mind. The only way to get these ideas to spread is to endorse them to people who don't already agree.

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This is very true! Maybe I should just have courage haha

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You're from Toronto? shit you're a unicorn. if I were you I wouldn't care what they think. I've posted anti-feminist stuff all the time on Facebook (had to cut back because of law school applications and whatnot), but what I've found is that the people that get the most offended were the people you least talk to. so is it really a loss? as for your sister, what is she really going to do now that you have taken the redpill? disown you? lol she'll be fine, and if you are having success in your relationships and life and she isn't then she might she might be indirectly persuaded to take the pill herself.

I also think its a good thing if more and more actual redpill women speak up more. If y'all want the culture to change and come back from the far left state that it is then you should speak up or the other side is the only voice people hear. I am from Toronto as well and i extremely rarely meet someone red-pill so i know exactly what you are talking about lol (say hi sometimes, its always nice to meet people from where you are lol).

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Omg this is amazing hahaha yes I totally agree. And am so happy to know there is another unicorn in Toronto!!!! I only know one other girl who is red pill 😭 I am desperately wanting to have red pill friends. And wow that’s amazing about law school!! yes I keep going back between keeping it secret because I enjoy being liked by my friends hahah and then sometimes saying oh whatever and liking Jordan Peterson tweets. I definitely tell people in person my affinity for JP however I haven’t divulged the extent of my red pilling haha. I suppose I should really remind myself to see them with empathy because society has made it hard to have any other opinion than left. Did you go to University in Ontario!!

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PMing you!

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So I know this thread is a little old but I just wanna throw my opinion into the ring. Take it for what you will.

Feminism has taken on a lot of additional meanings but the core of it is equal rights, opportunities, and choices for women. The feminist movement was a powerful and important movement, and I hope that on this fundamental level we can agree.

I'm a leftist, feminist (by new and old definitions) women who is new to RPW and a surrendering relationship. I think it is possible to live a life where I trust and surrender to my Captain at home, and also maintain independent, successful activities outside of the home. I like to lead and I take up leadership roles in the volunteer work I do all the time. It gives me great pride and satisfaction to take charge, but the love I have for my partner lets me surrender to him and give him that pride and satisfaction from leading our ship. It is a choice I have been privileged to make.

You know, do what you wanna do on social media but I think it just makes people that do it look tacky (regardless of side). I've done my fair share of it, and the result is a lot less fb friends- trust me. Now with hindsight, posting political memes is polarizing and makes you look argumentative. And the world doesn't need another twitter alias for us to spew anger (regardless of political leanings). Save politics for a few dates (+) in. You don't always have to agree with your partner, you just have to be able to discuss without hurting feelings. Just look at James Carville and Mary Matalin!

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This is an anti feminist sub.

You can be a feminist, but you can't talk about (promote) it here.

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Cool, peace.