What Malcolm X learned from prostitutes. (self.TheRedPill)

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From his autobiography, keep in mind this is the early 1900's. I do recommend reading the whole book.

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"Seeing the hallways and stairs busy any hour of the night with white and black men coming and going was no more than one would expect when one lived in a building out of which prostitutes were working. But what astonished me was the full-house crowd that rushed in between, say, six and seven-thirty in the morning, then rushed away, and by about nine, I would be the only man in the house.

"It was husbands — who had left home in time to stop by this St. Nicholas Avenue house before they went on to work. Of course not the same ones every day, but always enough of them to make up the rush. And it included white men who had come in cabs all the way up from downtown.

"Domineering, complaining, demanding wives who had just about psychologically castrated their husbands were responsible for the early rush. These wives were so disagreeable and had made their men so tense that they were robbed of the satisfaction of being men. To escape this tension and the chance of being ridiculed by his own wife, each of these men had gotten up early and come to a prostitute.

"The prostitutes had to make it their business to be students of men. They said that after most men passed their virile twenties, they went to bed mainly to satisfy their egos, and because a lot of women don't understand it that way, they damage and wreck a man's ego. No matter how little virility a man has to offer, prostitutes make him feel for a time that he is the greatest man in the world. That's why these prostitutes had that morning rush of business. More wives could keep their husbands if they realized their greatest urge is to be men."

[. . .]

"Most men, the prostitutes felt, were too easy to push around. Every day these prostitutes heard their customers complaining that they never heard anything but griping from women who were being taken care of and given everything. The prostitutes said that most men needed to know what the pimps knew. A woman should occasionally be babied enough to show her the man had affection, but beyond that she should be treated firmly. These tough women said that it worked with them. All women, by their nature, are fragile and weak: they are attracted to the male in whom they see strength."

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Thanks for the transcription.

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I'd highly recommend everyone read Pimp: The Story of My Life for more on how pimps handled women. Some concepts: make her call you Daddy, treat her like a child, and don't fall for the "The Love Con." If a pimp loves his whore, it's over and she has control over him.

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I'd like to hear more.

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it's a good book, think I picked it up for maybe ~6$ or so a couple of years ago. paperback. Quite hard language though, as it's written in the 30s style new york-ish way. Men are referred to as "jack" a lot for example

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alright jack

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Holy fuck, this is gold...going to check out his book.

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You da real mvp

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This is fucking awesome. Thank you for sharing.

I would also point out that there's clearly a timelessness to this dynamic. Malcom X would have been in his teens and early twenties (ie when he was observing this) in the 1940s and into 1950s which is a time when many seem to think men ruled the world and yet, clearly, even in NYC (where the "Masters of the Universe" reside) pampered women still treated their husbands (which is to say their caregivers, protectors, and providers) with such demeaning vitriol to put in motion this kind of exchange under the express pretense of men trying to simply be seen as men.

I honestly think this speaks to the nature of marriage in general.

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It absolutely can become that way if you don't stand your ground and maintain your SMV.

Radfems seethe with hatred when TRP talks about solipsism and hypergamy, but women do behave this way. They simply do not have much empathy for the men they marry. They mostly have expectations. They know that divorce law is slanted in their direction and they don't fear the termination of the marriage. They do however know you as a man fear it. This grants them license to behave very selfishly in marriage at times.

What women do fear is you having the ability to better deal them. When they know you can trade them in for a younger model they tend to be more empathetic and treat you better overall.

If you have mastery over your own life and know you can weather the storm of divorce, they are less likely to be flippant and selfish. If they know you can rebound and enjoy the company of younger more beautiful women, they respect the marriage more.

Your personal happiness will matter more. You'll definitely get sex more.

Its not hard to find writings of women where they talk about men leaving them for younger partners. They have anxiety over that.

So if you are a pleasant husband - loving, kind, caring and generous, but at the same time have that marital brand of outcome independence described above - your chances of having a successful marriage greatly improve.

Wifey will be happy and you'll be better respected in the marriage. Instead of wifey seeing it as a threat in dread game, she see your outcome independence as proof that she has something valuable - something she needs to safeguard from the intrusions of other women.

Well - she will if she's smart. Some women are too dumb and selfish for this kind of awareness. They think they can be brats in any situation and get away with it. Those women get what they deserve in marriages to high status men.

Women often view men as commodities - to be ignored or safeguarded or valued or devalued as much as the situation calls for.

Remember, respect is something you give yourself. What you choose to live with is ultimately your choice. You lay the groundwork for your position continually over the entirety of your life. If you don't bother to make sure that you are in good position, don't count on your wife to. That's a good way to end up divorce raped.

When it goes bad, she'll start game planning on how she's going to convert her commodity into a cash flow post divorce.

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I found it particularly interesting because I had stereotypically imagined that marriage in the early 1900's was mostly dominate men oppressing their forced-to-stay-at-home housewives. I guessed things have always been the same.

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I've just recently finally figured out the whole 'mad men' fantasy that feminism portrays as the evil 1950's was exact that: Women's sex fantasies.

Historical portrayals are the battlefield of ideology..

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One could almost say, "he who controls the past, controls the future."

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Full quote: "He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." - George Orwell

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[permanently deleted]

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One problem for them, they age like milk. If their greatest asset is her looks, and she wants a new man every four years, she had better start buying cat food when she hits 30. My almost 32 yo second ex is finding that out now. Her loser left because he can't keep a job and had to move out of state, and she lives with her parents, nobody but desperate losers want anything to do with her.

The first one married a loser she can control, but just last week outright stated she wanted me back. She said this ten years after the divorce was final, and 13 years after she cheated and left. No fucking way is she ever coming back, I am fucking girls in their 20s who look good, have nice bodies, and will do any crazy sex act I tell them to do.

I'm 45 and my life is getting better. Every woman my age I know who decided to try the divorce thing is alone, stuck with drunks/losers, and miserable. There is a reason I don't fuck anyone older than 28, and how women my age act is why.

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new lover every 4 years is a pretty damn sweet deal for a high SMV man too. if everyone lived their life that way though, we'd have to find a way to raise children other than the nuclear family.

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We have.

It's called welfare. Which is why western society is awash in frustrated chumps and women unsuitable for long term relationships now.

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Yeah, it's pretty much going to be the end of civilization. Welfare relies upon there being a lot of high earning men and few women leaches. However, as men realize that being a bum gets them more pussy than being a provider, what's the incentive for them to work for material success? None. It is a sort of "work strike" on massive gender scale.

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Well, historically, families usually lived together in multi-generation homes. The nuclear family is a relatively recent invention in human history.

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if you already talk about "women are hardwired to move on the new lovers" then

men are actually way more happy banging the same person their whole lives

is pretty bullshit because we are hardwired to fuck many different girls.

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Shacking up with only one woman decreases testosterone. Every time she turns you down for sex it also tunes you downward, then add in the effect of masturbation, and the effect of child pheromones, etc. etc. and the dude who stuck around four years is not the same as the one who made the decision to stay in the first place.

Men used to make it hard to divorce because women were the ones who wanted divorces. "Anna Karenina" is an excellent old book describing a lot of AFBB principles combined with old divorce law.

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these days, women eventually find a way to end the marriage (see the popular statistic about women initiating 75% of divorces). this is the reason they do that: women are designed to hop from lover to lover accumulating a brood of genetically diverse offspring. men are actually way more happy banging the same person their whole lives. women? not so much. its an awesome book>

And yet of course as men we were told the complete opposite that it is US who need to move from sack to sack

And guess who we were told this by???? Think hard! The answer is: WOMEN

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deserves it's own post

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That's mind blowing to know.

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Dominate is the verb form. "I dominated my opponent". It's an action, something that is done.

Dominant is the adjective form, "The dominant player won". Dominant is used to describe things.

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yes, me too. but already nietzsche wrote that women are losing their femininity - and this in 1886!!

i have not yet fully understood what caused this initial degradation of female behaviour. it obviously culminated in women's suffrage, then in the sexual revolution and has become what it is today.

but what exactly triggered this process initially i have not yet found out. maybe it is as simple as Unwin said:

Cultures get big by suppressing women's rights (giving a woman and children to a man is, on aggregate, the biggest motivation men can have to produce). this suppression of women's rights is good for society, but unnatural for man who wants only the best for a woman, so there is always this inherent pressure that men want to give women more rights.

until women get equal rights, which so far always led to a collapse of civilization within 200 years. ultimately, the culture will be replaced by a more virile culture in which the women do not have equal rights. you guess the contender for the west.

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The Industrial Revolution really started to hit its stride around the middle to late 1800s. Agricultural society is firmly patriarchal, but it seems that post-agricultural society is not. I wouldn't even call it matriarchal; in my view we would need a birthrate at least equal to the replacement rate for that.

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I wonder if this "women are losing their femininity" observation is just a result of men growing from children into adults and suddenly being exposed to a completely different - much more malevolent - side of women's personality. As a child, you see some of women's most benevolent, feminine behavior. As a man, you enter the dating market and see women at their worst.

I will always remember how Nietzsche was pussy whipped by that one chick later in life.

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Pook said it is Romanticism, as inspired by Rousseau and as propagated by people who aspired to control populations by diverting them to focus on their more base natures.

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I find that a real study of how men were in the past reveals that they were more beta in a lot of ways than they are now. They were definitely more nice guy than guys nowadays. They were more dominant too because they believed they had a masculine gender role they needed to fill.

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Human nature doesn't change

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More wives could keep their husbands if they realized their greatest urge is to be men.

Truth no matter what pill you swallow.

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The wives will (shit) test the men time to time to see if they are the same man as they were when they first fucked...I personally believe it is up to the man to be a man and pass them while staying true to himself and not giving up on what he wants out of life. That urge to be a man must be developed within the man himself. If it isn't, then it shouldn't be a surprise that you are getting dropped by your wife because she isn't seeing you be the man you ought to be.

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Does that mean the men want to be men, or secretly the women want to be men?

Bear with me, I'm confused on that point.

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The women need to realize that their husbands greatest urge is to be men, and the women ought to act in such a way to facilitate their men achieving the man's vision of who he wants to be. Instead, the women henpeck and belittle their man incessantly, and act in such a way as to make it seem like they are deliberately vindictive and petty and small and insufferable, which is basically crazy. This drives the men to dingy brothels, which as bad as they are, are still preferable to their wives.

[–][deleted] 5 points6 points  (2 children)

This makes sense. Thank you.

Also, I would ask why it is that women can define the relationship, but men can't?

Why can't I come home from work stressed, tell my wife I'm cooking up a steak, having a beer, and getting a blowjob before bed?

If she is willing to that for me, and I'm willing to the same (not exactly the same, substitute blow job the female equivilent, or any other physical task she needed) for her, then where is the problem?

I don't need to race off to the brothels, I can get what I want from my wife. As she can get what she wants from me.

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I agree that the husband is just as responsible for the relationship, especially in his inability to hold his ground. This isn't about what wives did to their husbands, but what husbands let happen to them.

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This isn't about what wives did to their husbands, but what husbands let happen to them

I agree completely. In a relationship, you build the reality you want, or someone will do it for you.

Thanks for that.

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They say men should study pimps. That is true. Pimping is pure ruthless game. Pimp by Iceberg Slim is an awesome book.

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This material highlights the difference between real sex and duty sex. I'd argue that paying a prostitute isn't exactly real sex, but it's somewhere between duty sex and real sex. Rollo wrote something about this, I think.

A married man who gets shit on by his wife on an hourly basis doesn't feel like a man at home. His wife may fuck him once every month or two, but this is out of duty, not want. It's solely a transaction. Just enough of a trickle of sex to keep the marriage going, and not a drop more. Because she doesn't respect her husband as a man, doesn't really want to have sex with him, but gives just enough sex to keep the time, attention, and resources coming from her husband. Even when he has sex with her (e.g., when she lets him), it's not satisfying for him. She lays there, starfish-like, and just waits for him to finish. If he manages to catch her eye during the act, he can see how badly she doesn't want him inside of her. Sex with his wife just leaves him feeling more empty and less of a man.

When a man takes another woman, who knows he's married, and knows he's not leaving his wife for her, sex isn't a duty. All the other woman is getting out of the deal is sex. She's fucking the man because she wants to. And that's satisfying. It's validating. It makes him feel like a man. It makes him feel attractive, powerful, masculine.

A prostitute is somewhere between the two. She wants the man's money, and nothing more. She doesn't have to do business with him -- plenty of other johns -- but she chooses to. And for the next chunk of time, he's the king of the world. He has a woman pleasuring him like she means it, because he's powerful. He's the john with cash. He's the man.

Men don't fuck whores because they're horny animals who just want to get their dick wet at all costs. Men fuck whores because real sex (or at least something approximating it) validates them. When the woman you're supposed to love and spend your life with doesn't fuck your brains out nightly, you know deep down inside that something's not right. You know that it's not quite natural that your wife doesn't desire you sexually. You instinctively understand that sex (or lack thereof) is the barometer of where your relationship stands, even though society shouts at you that you're a pig and a shitlord for ever thinking that sex should be a matter of course in your marriage. Men turn to whores when they've lost their wives, in practice if not in legal status, and don't know what to do to fix things.

[–]zephyrprime 5 points6 points  (2 children)

You talk like you've never been with a whore before. Let me tell you something - there is nothing at all "real sex" about having sex with a whore. They don't even want to look you in the eye at all. It's like they're having an out of body experience while they are having sex with you because they are trying dissociate themselves from the act because it is traumatic for them. At best, they treat you like a dildo and fuck you impersonally while trying to avoid looking at you the whole time and hoping you come quickly so they can leave. Even if you pay for an expensive prostitute, their act of caring about you is transparently fake. I speak with experience (obviously).

You are correct that men go to ho's because their marriage is not working.

[–]TRP VanguardArchwinger 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I wholly defer to your experience.

I'd like to think that the transparency of the transaction with a prostitute, not trumped up with how everything is supposed to be, like with your wife, is at least a little bit less frustrating. Plus, a prostitute doesn't have to do business with you. If she takes your money, you at least passed the first hurdle of not being so sketchy that even a whore doesn't want to be around you.

It seems like it would be a different kind of transaction than with your wife.

[–]yourenogood 0 points1 point  (0 children)

My experiences were a bit split. Plenty of hookers like this, but also plenty who did really enjoy it (or at least have no qualms pretending). I definitely don't claim that's the case for all of them though, or that a substantial number don't exist like you said.

A common theme of the ones I found who enjoyed it was loving the attention and validation that came from knowing a guy was paying her to be with him. Some didn't even fuck guys outside of prostitution because they felt almost like the guy didn't consider her worth it if he wasn't willing to pay. Also the taboo effect of being really dirty and whorish, living this secret double life. Helped along by Sex and the City/ Belle Du Jour/ Pretty Woman type fantasy, glamourising it in their own mind. Then there were the students who just wanted to fuck constantly anyway and figured they might as well get paid for it. Heavy Daddy issues and always wanting to be with, and desired by, older, wealthy men.

Again though, yes, plenty who just want to get it over and done with for easy money.

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I have a lot of respect for Malcolm X. This passage was brilliant and most observant. Would be a strange world indeed if wives of henpecked men could red this and actually see fault in their own actions rather than adversity against which they must justify their own actions.

What kills me is we all see the wheel spinning; They know what they're doing is disastrous, we know what they're doing is disastrous, competing with men rather than complimenting them as women has made people unhappy, and continue to do so. It's like a pig suddenly becoming self-aware of what it is and what it does, and then choosing to continue to live in it's own filth anyway.

I could go on, and judging from the comments a lot of you could as well. I'll just say mad love/respect for brother Malcolm, and his insight.

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43 year old woman who was a year behind me in school, was saying how women need to be independent and stand on their own. Meanwhile, she is sponging off my hardcore beta friend who has also been divorced twice, and has started to realize why women are the way they are. She is clueless, thinks women need more independence, but is unwilling to achieve it on her own, you know the way a man does.

Even if they realize they are fucking up and going against nature, they will persist in the fantasy. Men will still believe NAWALT and they have a unicorn, or there is one, and women will try damn hard to believe they can be independent and hold to feminist ideals. When it fails, its the mans fault because he was abusive or drove her to cheat somehow, or he chose poorly. She gets a pass, but we as society blame the man.

We are fucked.

[–]zephyrprime 1 point2 points  (0 children)

It's like the tale of the scorpion and the frog. They can't help their own nature.

[–]zephyrprime 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Very interesting to read. He has some great insights straight from the horses mouth.

However, Malcolm makes some mistakes and shows that he's still somewhat bluepill. He mistakenly believes that the women are just accidentally being bitches and that the problem is that they don't know how to keep their men. "More wives could keep their husbands if they realized their greatest urge is to be men." He mistakenly believes that the women simply lack the knowledge of what a man wants (to be men).

In truth, the reality is much worse. Women will actively seek to emasculate their men because it is their instinct to do so. It is no accident that this happens. Women follow their hypergamous instincts and will seek to weed out any man who is not alpha enough - even if this means weeding out their own husband.

[–]FortunateBum 7 points8 points  (0 children)

Good find.

[–]niceguy_gone_cad 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Pure gold. I'll add it to my list of Red Pill books to read.

[–]someboringdude 1 point2 points  (0 children)

"Domineering, complaining, demanding wives who had just about psychologically castrated their husbands were responsible for the early rush.

[–]likechoklit4choklit 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Maybe the problem is monogamy, not women's behavior. I see a lot of generalizations flying in these responses, but what it really comes down to is that we are all selfish actors that have strong drive towards community. The community builds the norms, the norms influence the child, the child eventually maintains the community. Men and women alike crave novelty in sexual partners and life experience. We are also living in a media saturated environment and given little views of what it could be like to sleep with whomever strikes us. It also reinforces the "one and only love, forever and ever" rather than a series or multiple "loves" that humans are totally capable of.

Taking the 4 to 7 years estimates for monogamy to fall apart (just enough to ween a child) perhaps rather than blaming women for having the balls to spin a husband like a plate, we should be rethinking the nature of our social bonds.

I don't think Malcolm X nailed his analysis here. These men may have been unhappy because they were multiple years into a marriage, working an industrial era job in a populated place, with kids and other societally demanding obligations, and the only opportunity to find a piece of fresh and stimulating sexual intimacy was the early morn. Further, a man can fuck a whore while simultaneously totally loving his wife.

There isn't a life lesson in these words; just an opinion about observed behavior.

[–]circlhat 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Men are by no means a shining beacon of morality. Sometimes it is all the man's fault, and sometimes its the women

rather than blaming women for having the balls to spin a husband like a plate

Spinning her bf maybe, but not a husband.

I don't think Malcolm X nailed his analysis here.

His analysis was spot on, but it doesn't cover every situation and scenario, that doesn't mean its wrong, you can only go so abstract.

The issue here is husband works, tries to be kind to his wife, wife treats husband like shit, husband wants to feel good about himself.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (9 children)

"cesspool morals of the white man"

waaah whitey keepin' me down!

[–][deleted] 18 points18 points

[permanently deleted]

[–]Cyhawk 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Another thing, you can't deny that Western society has horrific morals.

Having read a good chunk of Malcom X, what he was saying was it wasn't Western society that has horrific morals, it was just the white man. He recognized the class divide between rich (lack of morals) and black (morals) and that most white men aspired to be more than what they were in terms of class to better themselves. Since they couldn't become rich over night, they adopted the rich's morals since it was easy. His hatred (depending on the time of his life, it waxed and waned) of the poor white man was not because they were white, but because they tried to be something they could never become, just like he himself, could never aspire to.

While not strictly TRP material, Jim Goad's The Redneck Manifesto dives into this topic in much greater detail and from the white (I'd assume more assess able to most who read here than some of Malcom X's books). Just read the first chapter on Google's preview.

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

If a green alien race came down and treated you like shit and the only experience youve had of them were negative from the day you were born, you can very well bet you would start to hate every single one of them.

[–]--_-_-_-_-_-_-_-- -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Western society has horrific morals.

Morality is relative. Today a "terrorist" tomorrow they are "freedom" fighters.

[–][deleted] 5 points6 points  (0 children)

This was 30 years before the Civil Rights act.

[–]theozoph 8 points9 points  (3 children)

Remember the context in which this was written. Malcom X at the end of his life was far less racist than in his early years.

[–]the_colon_poweler 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Most people White & Black are far less racist as they become order.. why? Because they are about to see their maker.

[–]theozoph 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Not so sure about that. Malcom X was on a spiritual path of self-improvement. Not many people make this kind of life choice.

[–]Turnsideways -1 points0 points  (0 children)

You know nothing about Malcolm X do you? He went on a pilgrimage and discovered that he was "brothers" with people of all color from all walks of life. That's what changed his mind, not the fear of death. And can you really blame him for feeling that way before? If someone black ended up in the Caucasian neighborhood and so much as looked in the wrong direction there was a high chance you got beat.

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It's too much work to sustain a marriage in this society. Better to be single than miserable.

[–]johnadams1234 -2 points-1 points  (7 children)

There's a reason Malcolm X ended up embracing Islam. There's a lot of alignment between Islamic principles, and what's being discussed here:

  • A man is the Imam of his household. Imam is an Arabic word that literally means the leader.
  • Muslims bow before no one but God, but according to one Hadith I have read, if permission was going to be given for anyone to bow in front of another, it would be for the woman to bow to her husband.
  • A man may take up to 4 wives, but a woman may not take multiple husbands. This is due to the psychological differences between the genders.
  • A man may grant divorce to his wife, but a woman cannot initiate divorce. In cases of abuse, she may be released from her marriage by a judge.
  • Women keep their bodies covered except for their husbands. If you consider it seriously, you'll realize that a woman flaunting her assets is disrespecting not only other women around her, but also the men, who are expected to sit by passively.
  • A woman who angers her husband and doesn't ask for forgiveness is cursed by the angels until the following morning.
  • Obedience to her husband is part of a woman's worship of God.
  • A woman cannot leave her house without her husband's permission.
  • When a man and women marry, the man gives a Mahr to the wife (a gift. usually a substantial amount of money or land). In the case of a divorce, this is what the woman keeps, nothing else. Prevents the marrying-for-money that's so common in the US.

Islam is the most balanced way of life, and treats women fairly too. So, for example:

  • Cheating by either gender is prohibited in marriage, and the penalties are severe, up to and including death.
  • Fornication is prohibited. So all the guys talking about scoring women on this sub, that's a load of unethical shit.
  • When a man takes a wife, he is required to maintain her and their children together.
  • Women are not prohibited from working, and whatever income they gain through work is theirs. In particular, her husband may not use her income for her upkeep, if she doesn't consent.
  • Women are not prohibited from education.

Now, no woman in America is going to admit that she could be happy under the circumstances outlined above. "That's so oppressed, I could never be happy" they'll say. But you know what? Deep down they know the reality is that they would be happiest to have a strong man controlling and guiding them, who won't take bullshit and who demands respect, and gives respect in return.

And if you're a guy and you're trying to live your life by what women say, you're a loser. Wake up bro! Follow the Word of God and you will become a true man.

[–][deleted] 5 points5 points

[permanently deleted]

[–]football1010 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Look at Christianities ties to Mitraism.

[–]AgentSmith27 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Islam is the most balanced way of life

I think people who say this never actually read the written works of their religion. People cherry pick passages that suit them and tend to ignore the rest.

Upwards of 90% of what is written in religious texts (in all religions) is just utter fucking nonsense. The torah, new testament, the Koran... they are all filled with archaic and irrelevant garbage.

The problem is, everyone dismisses the parts they don't want to hear. The 5%-10% they agree with is what people focus on... and its intellectually dishonest. Its sad to say it, but the religious "fanatics" are often the only ones following their religion. Yet, everyone else thinks they are insane... and I'd agree. The actual religions are pretty crazy.

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I actually looked into Islam awhile back. I'm Catholic though.

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I was engaged to an Arab woman more than twenty years ago. We didn't get married because of the bullshit caused by my Pentecostal and racist military supervisor. I learned the religion, her parents loved me, and even though her husband doesn't want her anymore, she stays with him showing an immense stubbornness. She could come back to me easily, but won't. Its simply not how she was raised.

There is plenty of good stuff in Islam, but also plenty of shit. Its a good view on human nature, but like any religion it can be used to manipulate and destroy. Anything can be claimed as 'god wills it' and people will blindly follow. When someone makes up a god that can be made to justify almost anything, then nothing is wrong as long as you have the verse/surah to validate it. Remove the superstition, take the view on human nature, and you have something valuable culturally. Keep a fabricated entity in it who can say anything men want him to say, and you will lose any benefit it might have had.

I was Sunni for almost twenty years, but once I thought about it, and the differences and similarities with the Lutheran religion I was raised with, it became obvious. So much in both religions is demonstrably false, particularly in science and the limits imposed to stem scientific understanding, that I can't believe an all powerful creator of the universe wouldn't know how it functions. If he does and told us the wrong shit to keep us ignorant, that is worse than him being clueless. The easiest explanation as to why so much is factually incorrect is that god is fabricated by man.

Some of religion I like, but I give a shit if what I believe is true and based on fact. You can believe how you wish, as long as you don't try to make me live by it. :-)

السلام عليكم

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Yeah good attempt at recruiting, but alas it doesn't work that way in reality. What you're quoting are some basic principles.


You don't need to convert to Islam, doing so also puts other penalties on you. And I lol'ed hard at the unethical part, did you just label everyone who scores girls unethical?

As in dating is unethical?

Seriously, learn to adjust to the times. Dating is normal it's not others fault you're still clinging on to a different belief set.


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Summary: Never let your woman be a bitch. Never let her make you her bitch.

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"Bitches ain't nothing but hoes and tricks" - Malcom "Sex" X