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Ok so I know this sounds autistic. But I’ve been going to a lot of social gatherings where I’m the new guy and everyone knows each other.

I end up hitting off with almost everyone. But I never get asked for my contact info. So I’m starting to think I need to initiate. After all I am the one trying to expand my social circle.

What best way to approach this without coming off needy? Doesn’t it look sleepy if I’m asking a bunch of people for their contact info?

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You don't need to ask "a bunch of people"... Maybe only ask those you think would be a valuable contact, or those you're likely to never see again outside the gathering, but would like to.

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Don't need to come up with fancy pickup lines just be like hey bro what's your facebook/phone/etc we should chill sometime.

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Fondle his balls and say "what's your phone number?"

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Don't forget to isolate before you escalate though.

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I make serious comments and get accused of trolling and we let this shit slide?

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Settle down aspergers it's a joke

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It was a funny one as well, that's not the point here.

The point is there have been other people who make jokes that aren't even bad as well, and get banned/deleted because they don't have EC tags or they aren't known, like you.

It's not pretty, but even here in redpill the bias is showing, and to be frank - it's pretty natural. Only thing I don't want to see then is moderators writting their "Timed out for x days. Don't pollute the comment section with jokes" etc.

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No EC tags / known names and this would probably have gotten removed if the mods were awake.

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Don't forget the balls thing, extra points of you put whm in your mouth while you say it

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Guys, this might come across as gay. So say “no homo” before asking for his #

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Best advice ever 😖😖

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I saw two black dudes meet and one was like, Yo hit me up on tha book - TJ tooswift

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Give me your number.

What's your number?

Either or works, I do it all the time.

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People don't give out "contact info" nowadays anymore. Everybody is on FB, Snap, Insta. So just say: "yo lemme add you on FB".

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Except social media is cancer.

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This is true. Not for dating and everything else but unless your business relies on it, there’s really no need other than keeping up with friends and family.

Phone number is the most direct way to get ahold of someone. Guys are guys so just grab a number. Social media has become a shit show and now people use it to take pictures to show how cool they are but really they are less than their online profiles.

Who has time for social media if you are killing it at work, gym, and have an active social life ? Maybe things have changed since I’ve been out of undergrad for a couple years

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People don't follow through on phone number. They don't answer or they stay evasive. Social media gives you a chance to pretend that you are closer than what you really are and that you are trying to network with them.

It sucks that it's this way but it's this way.

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How old are you? That plays a difference. Once you change to 28+ the rules of social interaction and social media change drastically organically

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I'm 29.

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Depends on your friend group. Phone numbers are more intimate. People and women use social media to gauge how cool or acceptable person you are. Do I want to interact with this person or not.

99.9% of people text me back, make plans other than those known to flake when something more shiney shows up.

Text call keep in touch. It's up to you ultimately. But the connectivity changes. Maybe you haven't experienced it yet

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Ohhhh we got a special snowflake over here guys! Social media bad! Learn to use things to your advantage instead of spilling bullshit your heard on the internet.

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Fairly certain the general consensus in trp regarding social media is that it's waste of time for most guys unless it's for work or you can attract a large following and use that as social proof but even then, if you are just trying to game girls that's way too much effort.

Social media is cancer though. It has been linked to the spike in anxiety/depression in young boys over the last 6 years.

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Not using social media to your advantage in this day and age is like Coca Cola not running adverts on their and instead flyering houses.

It’s never been easier to showcase value.

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It has it's uses tho. Being able to resist the temptation to mindlessly scroll through the newsfeed on FB and just use it for messaging, groups, events, and keeping in contact is what makes it worth having

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Tried that for years, still deleted my FB. As someone who owns a company dealing in user information/data I know what FB does with people's data and there's no way I'm volunteering more information to those people than they already have.

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Yeah look I can get what side of the argument you’re saying and he is as well. People make excuses for themselves and bitch about shit that all impacts us. However Social media is cancer and it is not productive at all. It’s a massive distraction for people who take TRP mentality into their purpose and job etc.

Sure though go send out your cold IG messages to thots and try and use social media to your advantage. Good fucking luck.

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I hardly use it, however I use it for logistics just like anything else. The problem is all the shit that comes with it.

I have 90% of my 'friends' posts muted. I use it to talk to them but I don't want to see the shit they share because it's garbage so often, a total waste of my time and time they could be using on something else.

Certainly worth using but cancer mostly.

But I'm a special snowflake.

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social media is your wing man bro. I hate it.....but if you’re not using it you’re gonna look weird, and if you do use it right it’s going to help you.

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but if you’re not using it you’re gonna look weird

I hate to call you out my TRPbro, not this is a blue pill statement.

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Brother if you don’t care what you look like, then stop showering and stop studying game. think...

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Why are you worried about fitting in? This wasn't about not showering, this is about being worried that you don't fit in, worried about what people think of you due to not having social media.

That's very blue pill. You might want to look at the Red Pill sidebar.

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That's dumb. You literally ask "hey man, what's your number?"

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hey man, what's your number?

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and i don't mean the phone number ..hehe ;))))))))))))

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281 330 8004

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This. Except I'll just open facebook, tap the search bar and hand it to them. I rarely even say anything anymore

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For me Snapchat is easy and most ppl my age have it. “Bro we should lift some time, you got snapchat?”

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I'm on none of those shit places.

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This is by far the best Answer on here

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I do it just like with women, you just don't plan to fuck these people. Ironically the women are more keen to meet up then men who are flakier then snow.

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Can’t you just friend them on social media? No need to ask for anything, that’s what the search is for. As long as you have a common friend or know their names.

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Make a flyer in the shape of something cool, like a flexing bicep. Make it veiny so it's clearly a flexing muscle. Then write on it something like "Cool guy looking for other cool guys to party with, nothing sexual. Dues who lift preferred. Again, nothing sexual."

Then you can just hand that out to the cool looking dues you meet.

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Find an excuse like playing chess or fifa or buying weed or looking at their knife collection or something else that has come up during discussion.

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i got business cards for situations like these. i don't own a business either, just has my info

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“Really enjoyed our conversation tonight - would love to stay connected” - hand phone.

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"Hey, you seem cool. Let's exchange contact info."

(FB/IG/Snap is better than # because you get a broader scope of who they are as a person and vice versa)

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get some business cards with your mail / number / social media of choice and say "hit me up if you want to grab a beer"?

[–]DBOLinouttacontrol 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Depending on the circumstances, this could come off as really baller or really dorky.

[–]Count_Giggles 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Step one. Run a Business

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I had the exact same issue. At first I only let people ask me, but then I realized that simply saying “Aye bro you’re pretty cool, what’s your snap” works wonders. No one is not gonna give it.

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Common interests. If you don't have a common interest it's just weird.

"Hey man, you play guitar? I drum. We should jam some time, what's your email?"


"Dude, you cross country ski? What trails? We should go to Local Park one day. What's your email?"


"Sports team fan? Hey man, me too. I'm having some bros over for the big playoff game, we'll order pizza and I'll have beer. Give me your email and I'll send you an invite."

Compare those to this:

"Hey, I'm in desperate need of a male friend, and I'm sad and lonely. If you give me your contact info I promise not to blow up your phone."

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Have a reason to hangout with them.

"Add my snap (as you hand them your phone) and we'll do x thing some time."

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How do you get invited to the social gatherings in the first place ? Maybe you’re just a guy they like that they expect to see at social gatherings. Kinda like the friend in high school you always liked but would never actually hang out with outside of school.

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These ideas could be used for girls actually. Thanks community!

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> Doesn’t it look sleepy if I’m asking a bunch of people for their contact info?

No but it can look a bit creepy like you want to start stalking them,

Maybe look them up on facebook instead and send a friendly request, everyones on facebook now.

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Social media is better. When you think they're cool, ask for the number after the next hangout.

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Add them on FB if you know their full name. If you don't ask them for it. If you'd rather call them/txt them then ask "btw what's your number?". It's good if it comes out naturally. Like you're planning to go out with them and need the contact to... You know contact them.