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"Nice guys" are emotional sluts.

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Girls being used for sex with the possibility of a relationship dangled like a carrot are in the female equivalent of "friendzone"

What makes you think that there are lots of girls that want relationships and are using sex to try to get them?

The dynamic is this: women are the gatekeepers to sex, and men are the gatekeepers to commitment. That doesn't mean that women are having sex to get commitment. They aren't having sex with dozens of alphas hoping to get a commitment from them. They often just want to get laid, and have him go away. Of course, that might lower the number of men willing to commit to them as time goes on.

they can hardly hide the contempt for "nice guys" they use as an emotional tampon.

I would barely be able to hide my contempt for a "nice guy" that allowed himself to be used as an emotional tampon either.

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The only difference is that they are trying to force us to "love" sluts with the anti-slut shaming campaigns while at the same time they can hardly hide the contempt for "nice guys" they use as an emotional tampon

Women are actually OPEN and DIRECT about their distaste for Nice Guys. The media is always critical of them as well. Which is ironic considering the media also portrays Nice Guys as the perfect example of what a man should be

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Agreed. For those who need it spelled out, men who give validation and attention to women with little or nothing in return are equivalent to women who do the same with physical intimacy.

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I see what he did here.

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This should be required reading, perfect analogy demonstrating the dichotomy between what men and women want out of relationships. Somewhat reminds me of the scene in Clerks when the guy learns how many men his girl has blown.

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In a row?

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Don't suck any dicks on the way to the parking lot!!!!

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Hey, you! Get back here!

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All advertising is good advertising.

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True, but that sub is dedicated to passive-aggressively bitching about our existence.

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Women I have dated have actually said this to me. "you don't just say I love you to everyone right?" and also: "yeah I slept with all those guys, but I didn't love them so it's different, it didn't mean anything"

I remember in high school and university a little "but I love you" was the key to last minute resistance. It wouldn't work now I'm sure, but back then ilu was a panty dropper

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Of course I love you and will respect you in the morning!

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Just the tip...

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This is the best material I've ever read in this subreddit.

At the moment, it's trendy to oppose "slut-shaming". I think it's useful to view the people who buy into this mentality into three distinct groups:

  1. People who want to bully and shame men for having sexual standards
  2. People who join in with bullies to feel powerful, rather than risk being bullied themselves and feeling weak
  3. People who haven't given the topic much thought or energy, but hear "slut-shaming" and think that it just sounds so mean

This logic in this piece has a stellar chance of rescuing people in the third group. They could be made to see that the phrase "slut-shaming" is absurd; wanting a mate with fewer sexual partners just another preference, and it's a very reasonable one when viewed with an open mind. Obviously, standards don't have to be reasonable, but that's another issue.

I suspect the only way to rescue the second group is by standing up to the bullies—by showing everyone that standing up for yourself is what's truly empowering.

The first group is lost, unfortunately.

Edit: Grammar. Fuck, my grammar was atrocious.

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Why should she be the one who has to pay by putting her valuable eggs at risk by taking his sperm in order to get the love and attention that the other girls got so easily.

I'm not sure how anyone can take the story seriously after reading that line in particular...

As for the actual story - both characters were manipulating each other. She 'gave' him sex in order to get love. He used 'love' to get sex. Tha