Red Pill TheoryPurgatory - Rollo: “If you want an example of the feminine imperative’s fluidly reinventing social conventions[...] In 2014 it’s 'Any guy who thinks he’s in the so called friend zone is just a potential rapist because he thinks he’s owed sex for his friendship.'” (therationalmale.com)

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Yeah, they are very motivated to always be the better victim. They cannot allow to be the bad ones so they will always hamster out a way that blames the other side.

The 'friendzone' meme has started hitting the net hard a year ago or so, and the female backlash was evident from the very beginning.

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The 'friendzone' meme

Is that that superhero one? God that makes me sick.

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No, I didn't mean 'meme' in the internet sense of 'funny picture', but just as a propagating idea in general. Before a year or two back it wasn't that generally accepted and such a common thrope online.

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Oh right, yes, I agree.

That superhero thing still makes me sick though.

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Could you link to that please? I'm not sure what it is.

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I'm at work so can't, but google something like "really nice guy superhero friendzone comic" or some variation on that and you'll get it. Fuck just thinking about it gets me angry.

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Yeah I found it. I remember it from back then.

It is the typical thing I addressed in my original post here: as soon as you accuse them of being the aggressor/the bad one, they will use their sophism to twist it into you actually being the aggressor.

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It's Friendzone Fiona.

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Fucking Christ.

And the woman that thinks she should just have the man's friendship and that the man should fulfill her neediness quota is what?

I'm sorry, if I want to be with you and you don't want to be with me, I'm not sticking around just because you don't to give me up.

It's the male equivalent of the booty call. Emotionally, in this case.

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Emotional tampon, validation tool, dick in a glass case, comfort on tap.

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Time Ho.

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I explained this a few weeks ago to a woman who took the initiative to tell me she wanted to break things off. Actually, I didn't explain it, I just said "that's too bad, I'm not looking for friends."

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When they've tried it with me I've always found it's easier to just go along with it "sure, we'll be friends".

And then treat them like you do any of your other female friends, you say hi and make pointless small talk if you happen to be in the same place at the same time.

That way they think they're being all mature and grown up, and you don't actually have to do anything. If they try to 'hang out' it's easy enough to say you already have plans.

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And by easier you mean less confrontational.

Given that you're basically placating them and letting them think they're winning with zero benefit to yourself.

You may as well withdraw your contribution to the endeavour, however small, because that is both the option which expends the least effort, and also the option most likely to result in a satisfactory outcome.

In my mind, satisfactory outcome in this case is either she keeps fucking you or you dont have to pretend to be her friend, make up excuses, expend time of any sort on her.

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Yeah, less confrontational is easy.

Having the girl as a facebook friend is fine by me, making an excuse not to hang out takes ten seconds and I only have to do it a couple of times (at most) before they get the hint. Maybe I'll need to ignore a couple of phone calls as well, no problem there.

I don't see any point in burning bridges, this way it leaves her open to starting it up again later. Honestly in my, fairly limited experience, the girls that I have tried to burn the bridges with are the ones that keep hassling me and trying to meet up to "work things out" or "make it less awkward when we bump into each other".

I don't care for that, I'd rather have them as a low-impact, low-responsibility friend that I'm comfortable hanging out with at the pub.

It might be worth mentioning that I'm involved in an incestuous music scene where everyone knows and has fucked everyone else. If I go pissing off every girl I sleep with it's only going to cause me undue stress in the future.

Less stress, in my mind, is a more satisfactory outcome.

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Under your specific circumstances, your solution is probably the best way.

Kudos on negotiating treacherous waters with finesse.

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Nope, I'm a man on a mission. If she's not (a) my mother, (b) fucking me, (c) helping me meet women to fuck, (d) providing high-level conversation, (e) food, or (f) actually being a good friend, she is a time suck and is summarily nexted.

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Haha wow, the sheer spin on that. A guy who is rejected that likes a girl can't be the victim and she can't be seen as the bitch, ohhhh no-no-no, we can't have that. The guy she wasn't interested in, who is clearly hurt by the rejection isn't allowed to move on! He must accept "friendship" and bend over backwards to give her what she wants. After all, he's not entitled to sex, but she is entitled to to his time/money/attention/"platonic" love and hey, you know, if he can't accept her rejection and embrace the social convention as she dictates? RAPE! Lmao. You can't make this shit up can you?

Entitlement + machiavellian spin + hamstering = wow what a clusterfuck. Good to see the hamsters are getting their protein shakes.

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That sense of female entitlement only works if someone plays into it. I've always been confused by guys that are friends with women. Why? They aren't your friends. Men and women aren't friends. A man who has female friends isn't a man, he's a mangina. If some entitled female wants to use a mangina as an emotional tampon or a time-ho, I couldn't care less. Let 'em do the work and receive friendship back.

I don't see the woman as the problem. Women are just being themselves. They want attention. They want validation. They need someone to pluck their emotions and give them drama. They'll accept it from anyone who offers it. The problem is with these manginas that don't know how to genuinely play the mating game, and then bitch about their outcomes. I say fuck 'em.

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Men and women can be friends, there just a shitton of caveats...

1) He doesn't find her attractive in the least.

2) He's known her so long they could almost be related.

3) She's dating one of his friends.

The comedy comes from women thinking their male friends wouldn't fuck them. Oh, they would, but they don't CARE whether they could or not...this is the difference between friends and friend zoned.

I'm friends with plenty of women, probably about 50/50, some extraordinarily attractive, some I've had sex with, some I would have it happened, some would never happen...But friendship wasn't a consolation prize, and I don't accept it as such.

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With me, it's not even friends with benefits, it's sex with benefits. My friendship or attraction or relationship or time is the benefit...I can hate you and fuck you, that's not an issue.

If I'm offering you me, and you reject me, whether my dick or my heart, you don't get me. I don't care if you like hanging out with me or talking to me. I don't stick around in inequity of desire situations.

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it's not even friends with benefits, it's sex with benefits

Excellent way to put it.

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Men who are friendzoned need to walk away. More than 20 years ago a friend of mine got dumped. His now ex told him "We can still be friends." he told her "I have enough friends" He never spoke to her again. I wish I had done the same in my past.

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Talk about victim blaming! There's zero sympathy for men from women who aren't perfect in every way.

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The source of the friendzoners-are-rapists meme, as far as I can tell, was Jezebel putting a hit piece out on beta orbiters so women feel justified in abusing them.

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[permanently deleted]

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Just like Patrice said, women "reduce themselves to a series of holes". Now can you blame anyone for treating them that way?

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Because women consider sex a reward. Ask a honest woman what she considers the difference between a relationship and a friendship to be.

Which is why I say that a woman that has sex because she wants to is a great woman. ("Slutshaming" is terrible.) Otherwise, using it as a trade off for a relationship or three dates or marriage is no different than a pure exchange of money.

Women insist that the friend zone is about sex. Wrong. What eldudeness said is the correct answer.

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Funny how they spin it this way. By the same logic a women who think they're entitled to resources in exchange for sex or the mere opportunity to have sex are nothing more than prostitutes. But of course we're not gonna talk about that...

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[permanently deleted]

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[permanently deleted]

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Friend zoning today is a combination of prude, easy

Schroedinger's hoe

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No. It is a clinical diagnosis term introduced by men to describe a situation in which they are wasting their time & money, considering the goal they are trying to achieve, but are going nowhere. The "friend" word is a cover for what is really happening. The man is operating on the understanding of "implied pussy". The woman is operating on the understanding that "friends provide".

Sure, you can still be her "friend", but reduce the provision of your resources to what you would be doing for a male friend and direct your efforts elsewhere. Also, male friends actually reciprocate with the same, while female friends are accustomed to be the non-reciprocating receiver. I sure do not buy my male friends flower, chocolate, I do not pay for their food and do not want to get touchy/feely with them.


The problem with all this is that the LJBFed guy is caught in the process without ever having understood that he’s playing a predictable part in a feminine social convention. So he sees the LJBF as an event rather than what it really is, a feminine-approved socially permissible mechanism for rejection.

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If you are ambivalent about whether you ever fuck a particular girl, the so-called friendzone will never bother you. It will bother most women though, as they wonder, "Doesn't he want to fuck me? He's not even trying to fuck me? What's wrong with me? I'm so fuckable! Maybe I'll try flirting with him. Crap, I better try harder!" Soon, they're pursuing you and giving you social proof.

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I have noticed this with roommates. My rent is cheap so a flick switched ruling out any of the girls here. Really confuses them when you make no effort to be with them.

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flick switched

Switch flicked, humourous typo.

Really confuses them when you make no effort to be with them.

If she gets her panties in a twist and her ego gets hurt that insecurity can turn into a pointed attack "I think recklessracoon is gay!" be aware but don't sweat it. "Yeah I'm gay, it's not that you're ugly or anything."

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I actually have experienced that from one of the girls.

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It's one of the catch-all phrases women use to fuck with a guys reputation when their egos get hurt, hardly surprises me our little snowflake here couldn't possibly live with the idea that she simply isn't worth fucking so thus had to rationalise you had no interest in fucking any women whatsoever. That way it's not her fault she isn't getting the sexual attention she feels entitled to from you out due to the insecurity and vanity that inhabits her narcissism. They need to feel attractive and if they feel unattractive because a man of high enough SMV refuses to give them attention they can't possibly acknowledge that it's their fault, that perhaps they're just ugly or plain undesirable, oh no, it must be something that's up with the man. You must be gay, or incapable of handling a real woman, or some other blame-shifting bullshit like that. Women are like that. It's hilarious, and sometimes, annoying.

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Happened with my current gf when we were just starting to mess around. She LJBFed me for some reason and I was OK. Of course she still wanted to hang out for all the social perks I offer. Told her OK and cut her off completely. She started texting me about three days later and demanded we watch a movie at my place and was very flirty (even though I wasn't exactly flirting back and was spacing out my texts) . Yeah we all know what happened.

A drunk conversation later on down the road yields the fact that I didn't whine or jump into the friend zone made her want me more.

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Friendzone is a term which has been massively diluted.

It shouldnt simply represent a situation where a male is interested in a relationship but the female is not, and rejects his advances, offering friendship.

It should represent the greater evil, which is where the advances are NOT fully rejected, where the carrot is kept extended in order to extract additional resources from the male.

Bottom line, if she isnt interested in you for sex, thats her choice. If she choses to offer her friendship to you, it is also her choice, same as it is your choice whether to partake in that offer. Its no different to us offering our plates sex, but making the choice as to whether to withhold commitment. They can take our offer, or they can leave it.

Whats less fair, is where she uses her obvious power over the male to be an emotional/physical/resource parasite. That is what ive always taken the friendzone to represent

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The friend zone is a Beta man’s punishment for expecting to be entitled to the rewards reserved for an Alpha.

I'm currently reading through this article, but this sentence spoke volumes to me. Feeling entitled to rewards reserved for the deserving is such a detestable trait, and it is this trait I see reflected in so many women these days. It used to make me mad, but now it's just disappointing. At least when these beta males attempt this, it seems to be on a more subconscious level.

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No man should allow himself to be in the friendzone.

If you can describe any relationship you have with any girl as friend zoned, delete their number and move on.

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What is this friendzone meme anyway?