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This is exactly the truth...I'm a believer of this as a doctrine in women because I have experienced it first hand with my current girlfriend. I am a pretty successful guy (college grad from the University of Rochester with a full time job) and chose to be with a girl "beneath my class" and the girls I used to frequently hang out with instantly called her these names and chastized her...This is scary but wholly true.

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In any environment where women are vying for male attention, you'll hear the slut label tactically employed to hurt another girl's reputation. It's what one girl will accuse another of being when trying to land a HV dude before she can... Or in your case, male talent was scooped up from an unapproved outsider.

The word still stings, but might get overused from today's foul-mouthed wenches. Some girls seem to take the buddy approach of calling their closest friends by the foulest names.

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This all goes back to projecting. Women are afraid of being perceived by men as "slutty" or even "creepy," because that's how they see everyone else around them that they find undesirable.

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Very interesting, I never thought about this class related semantics before