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Thus the 80% of men with the most investment and most to lose in the conflict of women’s sexual strategy (Hypergamy) establish social conventions to develop assurances of their own.

This is partly why globalists are the ultimate bulls - -they want to cuckold entire societies. It doesn't make them alphas, it makes them leeches.

Do you think they'll stop owning land? Live in rented apartments?

Stop getting married and raising children in nuclear families?

Degrading the institutions of ennobling and civilizing ritual practice like the marriage, the family, the inheritance, and property ownership lies at the deep objective of hypergamy-incentivization by mass media and the 'choice architects' of society.

The lure of reproduction and immortality is how they keep the male hamster on the grindstone wheel.

I recently downgraded my own apartment for a longer commute (slightly longer), I'm buying less food. I'm not not saving as much for retirement anymore.

I'm going to buy an egg, and I'm going to hire a surrogate womb.

The West isn't mine to save, but I'm not going to go along with its destruction.

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So they wanna make MGTOW illegal eventually?

Over my dead body perhaps.

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thats the idea. weed out the "undesirables" of their dystopian vision