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I know it's like junk food, but it's still funny as shit. Thought I'd link it up here.

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Well binge reading this is gonna wreck my schedule for the day, lol. Someone oughta turn the most cringeworthy ones into a book for men to give their young sons before shit like this happens.

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Wow, that guy is really devoted to the beta life.

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In other news, young woman sees the same guys getting blowjobs year after year and decides to give out a free blowjob to every guy in high school because "no guy should ever have to go without a regular blowjob". The media laud the girl for her generosity, everyone says "you'll find a great husband one day".

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[permanently deleted]

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What is this?

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This sickens me to the point were I won't to vomit. These boys and men think there getting what they want in life. There blind by this feminism bullshit, they believe there needs come after every girls. "You should risk your life for wemon you don't even know." "You should buy 900 flowers, of your hard earned money, for high school girls who get fucked by Chad." Leaves these poor men and boys with a false mindset, they did something right for these girls. They might finally get the vag. Bullshit, all this is bullshit. Poor guy doesn't even know. Thats what hurts me the most. He might get lucky one day. One day chad will swoop in and fuck his girl. Maybe this will trigger his mind to take the Red Pill. This is gross.

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At the young age of 14, Hayden Godfrey learned something new in school: No girl should feel alone on Valentine's Day.

But it's ok for guys to feel alone on Valentine's Day. DAE Male Privilege??

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Holy fuck, he spent 450 for that...

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Man if I could do life all over again, I would have blogged and written about how to white knight. Can you imagine the sales volume on just rephrasing all this garbage for the hungry consumers who want to just share the feelz?


Maybe Oprah would even interview me.

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Steve Harvey's entire career after standup is this exact thing.

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[permanently deleted]

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Steve Harvey is a great guy, you're just a salty nigger

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if you get on Oprah you made it son.

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I wouldn't want to get on Oprah

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Not too late to start brah.

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This sub will be on the fast track to quarantine. Meanwhile subs like AgainstHateSubreddits and SRS can mock other people without fear of being quarantined.

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What would be the grounds for quarantining though? As long as they keep it nonpolitical and funny, its going to be a scratch that they can't itch.

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Nah... /r/niceguys and /r/justneckbeardthings are still alive and kicking. This is just more of that.

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Niceguys is hilarious, because they loathe us yet ridicule the beta saps who would benefit most from us. They laugh at the same cringe worthy shit, as if they themselves don't do it.

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MGTOW isn't too far off either. Mostly just anti-feminism and misogyny posts. MAYBE 1 in 10 posts are legitimately about MGTOW principals and not some frustrated guys reaffirming their decision to be celibate.

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yeah, this is why I stopped going to the MRA sub too.

therepill was like this at one stage, but lately it's been REALLY good.

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Started off laughing my ass off... but it soon became almost disturbing. To think this is the era we live in, to think these guys are not trying to be funny, to think this shit is all around me us.


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No worries. There have been guys like this for centuries. Now you just know about it.

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I've encountered a "nice guy" only once in real life. Tried to snake a girl from me by constantly telling her how beautiful she was and texting her all the time.

I personally feel as though it's more of an Internet phenomenon though

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Welp, here's goes 20 mins of feeding my ego.

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Good stuff. It's like a concentrated version of the Blue Pill Example flair on this sub.

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if we could replace the blue pill example flair and just have this sub, I'd be so happy.

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This is fucking hilarious. They all think they can get the girl by being nice to her. It's seems outrageously wrong even as I type it.

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[permanently deleted]

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What the fuck are you doing in trp? Do you go to kkk to preach how important diversity and black people are?

Fathers should be concerned about their daughters growing up to be narcissistic whores

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[permanently deleted]

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You're pretty desperate to call me pathetic. Enjoy your life mate

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Holy Shit! Two months ago I would've agreed with each one of these whiteknights. In what world was I living in..

Thanks RP.

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This sub is fucking great! It shows all the rewards beta bux gets for stupid white knighting, even death!

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It's the ultimate Darwin award.

Even if they hadn't died, they wouldn't have reproduced anyway.

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Again, a quote I found from when I first discovered the Red Pill: "You can't nice guy you way down her pants!"

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niceguys is a similarly themed sub but it's overrun with social justice warriors

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How have I not heard of this. Lol this is amazing.

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This started out so funny but I scrolled down the top posts I just started feeling actual shame and pain. Had to bounce man. Yikes.

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Is this site to be ironic????

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I honestly can't tell sometimes.

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This one was my favorite thus far

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Yeah I am not going to read that. It feels like I am getting reverse triggered by reading sich douchy shit.

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It could be argued that 'White Knights' are pedophiles because they infantilize women so much.

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As always comedy is a fast lane to pass a message.

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Reading some of the comments I remember this to be a favorite one that goes like this "No one can accept that they're just unlovable."

Reminds me of another one from somewhere "'I love you' I proclaimed into the air, to nobody in particular, just to hear what it would sound like." Though these quotes I can't remember them exactly.

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I think i'll bookomark this for my nephew for later - to show him what NOT to do.

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funny.. but also cringy as fuck

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Jesus. I'm never going there again. So much ignorance.

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Poor sods.. so much wasted potential.

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The top posts on there are hilarious af

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Without guys as this we wouldn't stand out. These guys are not allowed in "The Club"

These are the reasons why I find humor in the Blue pill world while wearing Red pill lens

The more guys like this keep doing their....."thing" I guess, the more men who are in the small percent that practice Game and a Red Pill lifestyle and slide in and do their thing.

Time to catch a couple Cringe feels and laughs

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Slide in indeed.

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I couldn't stop laughing reading those posts. Whoever runs that reddit must really really love being a cuck.

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it aint wrong to defend women, however its wrong to hate them and call them names

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[permanently deleted]

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LOL on the downvotes.

By definition every 10th guy is a top Ten Percenter.

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I can't tell if you're bragging or complaining. Like I think it's the former, but you want to make it seem like the latter? Also, anecdotal evidence isn't 'truth'. Also, also, also.

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hey being a knight defend something is not bad. I always wanted to be one. But realistically, this society has nothing for me worth to defend, all trash not even worth my time looking.

[–]Duke_LFG 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I defend my motorcycle with my life.

[–]RiceballonRage 2 points3 points  (0 children)

There you go. Better off defending your passion, or something that you love and enjoy that will never change. Women, society, people are not worthy.

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[permanently deleted]