Red Pill ExampleWherein a guy's GF suggests cuckolding, and he drops her instantly (self.TheRedPill)

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This guy is my RP hero. The short of it: guy's GF tries to gauge his interest in cuckolding by telling him about a couple she is friends with that does it (he responds accordingly). Eventually outright asks if she can fuck another guy and wants his blessing. He calls her the appropriate names and drops her.

Not surprisingly, the bulk of r/sex is calling him out for his reaction to this, but he stays true to his values.


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The guy pays for everything. The moment the girl proved that she is not LTR material, the only rational decision is to recognize the sunk cost and move on. Future time and money is better spent looking for a new girlfriend. Even if the girl doesn't cheat, the guy knows that he will not marry her. She is sexually unsatisfied and he no longer feels the same way about her knowing she prefers other men.

The only reason why a guy would try to salvage the relationship is if he is so bad that he cannot possibly find another woman. Wouldn't surprise me if that is the point of view that many of the responses are coming from.

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This gal was looking for a beta's endorsement of AFBB infidelity. Oops! Guess she got fooled into thinking that something more than 1% of guys would go for such a thing, or that her beta was one of the 1%.

Good thing they sorted that out before marriage and kids....

A musing on the issue generally: Compared to the real world, Reddit seems to have a higher percentage of those who think a polyamorous/cuckold/open lifestyle is one that could actually work well for a large slice of modernity's population, not just the fringe 1-2% that currently expresses that behavior in action. They think of themselves as "sex positive", in the sense that they think those sorts of arrangement will lead to more satisfied people having more sex with more people. Everyone wins, in their minds, and all we have to do is overcome socially-programmed issues of jealousy.

The fact that jealousy and sexual behavior might be very hard-wired, and that a man's typical reaction to sexual infidelity might be similarly hard-wired, is something they will not generally accept. The fact that things like homosexuality and heterosexual acceptable of committed females having multiple sex partners outside the primary relationship hovers in the low single digits should serve as a cause for slowing down and thinking hard about it.

Almost no redditor would argue that homosexuality or heterosexual orientation is a choice. Why would they argue, then, that a very widespread heterosexual disinterest in cuckolding or some such would only be a social gender construct, etc. etc?

I never get a good answer to that question when tossing it out there to "sex positive" polyamory pushers who opine that it is patriarchy, not wiring at work.

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In reference to a post that got deleted in the middle of my reply:

Please help me here: Say, the guy there apologizes to the girl and they make a deal that she won't have sex with the other guy. How does our hero over there curb her fantasy towards fucking the other guy? I mean if a woman develops such a fantasy and tries to act on it I'd assume that even if she says she does not want to cuckold, that fantasy is there somewhere in her mind. Why wouldn't she act on it one day when the possiblity is near???

That's the thing. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak. If he stays with her, but forbids her to sleep with other guys like she wants to, she'll either grow resentful and the relationship will fall apart, or she'll fuck the guy anyway behind her boyfriend's back. Either way, it's best for the guy to cut his losses and GTFO.