Rant/VentingThere is NO rape in 50 Shades (self.TheRedPill)

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Do women love 50 Shades of Grey? You bet your fucking ass they do, but it's not for the 'rape'. It's not even for the BDSM, because there's barely even any of that in it. In fact, there's hardly even any sex scenes at all.

You may be thinking, "No sex scenes? Pshaw, the media calls it 'mommyporn'". It is, but not because of the sexual content. It's because of this...

  • Anastasia (the main character) is a plain, no personality, average and un-noticed girl, with one beta orbiter. Oh yeah, and a virgin too.
  • Christian Grey is a BILLIONAIRE. The city's most powerful man, who is self-made by the way. Oh yeah, he's incredibly attractive, super fit, and well hung.
  • By doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING other than being a clumsy asshole, Anastasia somehow makes Mr. Super Alpha fall under her spell.
  • HE COURTS HER!!! He doesn't abduct her and rape her, ravish her, or anything else like that. The motherfucker stalks the shit out of her, but it's okay because he's hot and rich.
  • And buys her shit.
  • And takes her for rides in his helicopter.
  • He NEVER does anything to her sexually without her consent. SHE's in control the whole time.
  • He takes time out of his very busy day full of multi-million dollar deals just to make sure she is well taken care of.
  • He falls in love with her and completely debases himself because even though she has no personality at all, he somehow has fallen completely in love with her.

In case you're missing it, here's a brief synopsis... Plain no-talent, zero personality girl meets hot, buff, young, powerful, rich man. He wants her, she says no. He sends his (incredibly loyal) thugs to track her, he pull her bacon out of the fire, says he wants her, she says no. Alpha fucks anyone?

He says he wants her some more, she says she's not sure. He shows her around town in his helicopter, which HE pilots. He shows her his incredible penthouse apartment with servants and assistants. He tells her he wants her, she says she's thinking about it. More alpha fucks.

He dominates her by telling her to eat. She does as he says. They have tender, caring sex, despite his threats that he fucks, "hard". He politely and expertly uses a condom when they have sex. Alpha fucks with beta undertones.

She likes the sex, agrees to more. He "dominates" her by setting her up with an awesome job interview (which she DIDN'T want him to do). He further dominates her by replacing her piece of shit car with a brand spanking new one (what an oppressive asshole) . He buys her a new computer and dominates her buy telling her she has to use it to email him. It's total beta bucks.

EVERYONE she knows and is important to her (close friends, family members) tells her how wonderful he is and how lucky she is to be with him. They pretty much tell her to do whatever the guy wants because he's so fucking out of her league that she'd be an idiot to pass up the chance to be his cum rag. Bam, social proof!

She gets a couple of spankings, and some semi-rough though 100% CONSENSUAL sex that she's in total control of.

This book isn't about the sex, it's about the female fantasy of instantly checking out of the sexual marketplace with the highest Alpha attainable who also has pledged his complete beta servitude to her. He's hot, rich, well hung, and knows how to keep sex interesting but not TOO dangerous. He tells her what to do, where to be, how to do it. It's fine for her to listen, because he's rich, smart, and powerful. Other people defer to him, so it's OK for her to do so too. He also makes sure she has no need that's unmet, money will NEVER be an issue. That's the kind of "domination" women are after.

Don't let them fool you with the BDSM shit. This book is about BDSM as much as Hustler is about a woman's personality.

This all makes me think of an old Chris Rock quote. "Know why your woman hates you? It's because you weren't her first choice."

Before Christian Grey came along, Anastasia was asexual. She didn't even have a 'choice'. There was not a single man on earth she was interested in, and wasn't even interested in having any interest in men.

Then, suddenly, like magic, "poof"! The embodiment of everything every woman wants in a man appears to her and is instantly smitten with her.

She went from not wanting a choice, to getting every woman's first choice. That's what these women are drooling over, not the non-existent 'rape'.

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Plain no-talent, zero personality girl meets hot, buff, young, powerful, rich man.

What every American woman is expecting to seriously happen.

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That zero personality trait is an intentional writer's trick. The less personality a protagonist has the easier it is for the reader to insert themselves into them. Just like Neo from the matrix.

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I never read the book. If your synopsis is accurate then this book is an example of why I'm glad I was born with a penis. Women all want the top alpha man (i.e. the powerful billionaire who is good looking, well hung, etc. etc.). Most women have zero chance of snagging this guy except maybe for casual sex, especially when they're young. That's why they usually end up with some guy they don't really want and then spend all their time bitching. As a man, my standards are much lower. I could be happy fucking an ugly $5 whore in an alley in Port-au-Prince. Women have a tiny number of desirable partners to choose from while I have hundreds of millions of women that I'd willing to bang. I could be rejected by 99.999% of women in the world and still get more reasonably attractive cookie than I could handle.