Field ReportThought I was with that one-in-a-million until she pulled the biggest shit test of all. Keep your guard up. (self.TheRedPill)

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Maintaining the vigilance of being "ready to walk" at all times is what makes my current relationship simultaneously the most difficult I've ever had and the most rewarding.

Way to stick the dismount, brother.

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I felt like I didn't know what was happening in the relationship and didn't like it, and I needed you to tell me you wanted me

"Why would I fight for something you're willing to so easily throw away?"

Good on you for holding firm. It's a lot harder once a girl has moved in, if only because of logistical issues and sunk costs. A lot of men give up due to the extra effort involved.

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I'd give it 10 to 1 odds that her move out was a prelude to a breakup (possibly influenced by an opportunity elsewhere), and she just wanted to hedge her bets, and maybe even get you to help her move her shit.

Then, you demonstrated that you don't care as much as she thought, she got worried she was making a mistake, maybe things didn't work out with her other opportunity, and she tried to pass it all off as trying to get you to fight for her -- you know, she did everything she did for the sake of the relationship. For you. So you should definitely be grateful!