The View feminist accidentally admits "When it comes to physical strength, they're not equal" as an excuse why men can never hit a woman even if she hits him. Whoopi Goldberg disagrees (self.TheRedPill)

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Obviously, no one, including Whoopi is excusing Ray Rice's savage behavior, ie knocking his girlfriend the fuck out. But the conversation veers from him to whether a man can ever hit a woman back "as Steven A. Smith made the point that women shouldn't instigate men to the point that a man hits a woman." (I corrected post, as LAMFF pointed out.)

Whoopi says "if you hit someone, don't be surprised if they hit you back" regardless of gender. Pouting feminists on the panel freak out!! "Men cannot hit women period!"

"When it comes to physical strength, they're not equal!"

"There's NO circumstance to hit a girl!"


As usual, feminists want cake, eat too. "We are equal and should serve in military and firefighting units and all jobs. But we want the easy jobs at the factory. We can't carry as much. But you damn better pay us equal or even more! Also, we can batter you, but you can never ever touch us unless we basically sign waiver."

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men learn they shouldn't hit people who are stronger than them. why is it so hard for women to learn the same thing?

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A bunch of angry females advocating for unadulterated violence against men. No surprise there. Good on Whoopi for standing her ground against these blood-sucking harpies!

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I love how the women on the far right with legal experiance uses that experience to support her justification of her position by saying, "I have tried a lot of domestic violence cases and.. MEN CANNOT HIT WOMEN! PERIOD!! EVER!!". So in a single sentence she proves that the court system is completely slanted against men including those who are physically attacked by women and then acts like that somehow justifies her sexist hypocrisy. Then she has the gall to respond to Whoopi saying "Teach women not to hit men if they don't want to get hit back" with the ridiculous statement of "BUT THAT'S BLAME THE VICTIM!" And this That unabashed bigot was a Federal Prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice for the District of Columbia! And when Whoopi closes with the statement, "If you make the choice as a woman and decide to hit a guy [...] and he hits you back, you cannot be surprised!" This former Federal Prosecutor who has put countless men behind bars, replies "Then we can haul him to jail!" Unreal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunny_Hostin