Red Pill TheoryYou're the island, and she's the seagull. (self.TheRedPill)

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Guys, the #1 mistake that men make is projecting their own traits onto women.

Getting shit done, which is squarely the domain of men, requires teamwork and alliances. Loyalty and trustworthiness are the literal CURRENCY of male relationships. Think about that for a moment.

Women simply. Are. Not. Loyal.

Super-high SMV guys are rapping about it.

Towards that end, I've developed a useful metaphor: the Island/Seagull concept.

As a man, YOU ARE AN ISLAND in the middle of the ocean. The better your SMV, the cooler your island. More food sources, better weather... generally a rockin' place for a seagull to hang out.

If your island really kicks ass, the seagull might stay there forever.


Seagulls can fly. They're designed for it. If they catch whiff of a better island, and they think they can make the journey, they'll go. Period.

The corollary to this is: it is USELESS to try to convince a seagull to stay there. Because fuck you, they can just flap their wings and adios.

All you can do is make the island a place where seagulls would really want to hang out.

Also, it's absolute lunacy to give a seagull domain over your island. Because they'll just eat all the food until there's none left, and shit everywhere. When there's nothing left to take? Adios, on to the next island. You'll just be a barren, shitty rock on the open water.

Btw, do you lift yet? You should go do that.

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Also as a high SMV island the last thing you want is a whale to wash up on your beach and scare off all the seagulls.

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"Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine."

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Also seaguls flock. If a seagul sees another seagul sat on the island, it must be habitable.