Rant/VentingFirst day stumbling on TRP. (self.TheRedPill)

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Today I stumbled upon TRP after reading some comment in a thread from a female about how this has got to be one of the worst subreddits on the website, and is an absolute disgrace towards gender equality. I knew I had to at least see what she was referring to.

To keep the story short. You guys are great. I've read about the top 30 posts of all time so far and I've come to realize this about myself in the short amount of time on here. I am in fact a beta. Constantly getting shit on by women, friendzoned, cheated on, the works. Valuing other women's time and opinion over my own.

And you know what?

I am better than this.

So thanks TRP! For getting it to click in my mind, that it's not that there's no good women out there. Or that I'm destined to be lonely. But that I have some serious work to do. Not going out more to find the right woman, or any of that shit. To make MYSELF more worthwhile than before and make them come to me (in a sense). And that I need to value myself over any piece of ass that walks my way.

Thank you all!! Off to the gym now. Enjoy your Friday guys!

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Yeah, that's how we get a lot of our new members. Redditors tell horror stories about how we're vile misogynist rapebeards and blow our evil deeds way out of proportion, and curious individuals will wander in and discover a community that is nothing of the sort.

This is such a common practice that many subreddits will actively forbid you to even mention this sub lest men have their minds corrupted.

Don't mind the haters. It's just noise.

Sidebar is that way. -> Give it a read. Your life is about to change for the better.

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Welcome. You've taken the first few steps in a long, hard, complicated journey. It will challenge you, piss you off, make you depressed, make you angry, make you introspective, and make you grow.

But at the end of it you get superpowers.

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Dont thank us. Thank the silly feminists that linked you here with their perpetual hyperbolic outrage at an obvious "mens space". Good luck on your progress. One thing dude, dont post with your regular account feminists are vindictive pieces of shit. You're prolly gonna get screwed over on your current account (i mean goddamn come on private! dont you know about basic PERSEC!) and theyll lie and mischaracterize this and you to screw your life. In other words delete this post.