Red Pill ExampleMexican Man decides to give the US life a try with his wife and son. Feminist shit tests ensues. He Masterfully extinguishes the nonsense. (self.TheRedPill)

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This is a story my cousin shared with me a few days ago about a colleague of his. I live extremely close to the Mexico/US border so a lot of successful mexican men decide to bring their families to our country to live a "better life". This is just one story about what happened after moving here from mexico.

So we'll call my cousins colleague Julio (43 M). Lets just say Julio an "import/export entrepreneur" and has his shit together financially not to mention the level of alpha male mentality he has do to his line of work. He Provides for his wife, married 17+ years, and for his 15 year old son.

One day he decides that he's going to take his family from the potential dangerously threatening life in mexico and bring them to the US. So he gets his shit together files for resident status and he gets it. He buys a really nice house, brings his family and begins this new life.

After a few months of living here. He tells my cousin that he starts to notice that the wife no longer likes to cook and clean and starts giving excuses about not being able to. He thinks "no big deal this is all new ill give them time to adjust" so he orders food or cooks himself for a little while.

Until one day he gets home after putting in work and providing for the family, he asks his wife calmly to fix him up a meal as he is really hungry and cannot wait. She replies "No Julio, I have rights too you know?!" he holds frame and responds with "Oh you have rights too? OK". What sends him over the edge for a more effective strategy is an argument he had with his son a few days later in which the kid threatened that he would call the police on Julio and send him to jail. He holds frame again and this time plays by "their rules" for a couple more weeks to let things settle down.

Julio still owns a ranch in mexico. So after dust of those arguments had settled. He plans a family weekend down at his ranch. His unsuspecting wife and son happily acquiesce to the weekend. He spends Friday, Saturday and Sunday entertaining the fam. Sunday morning he goes out to the grocery store and brings back enough food to stock the fridge and cupboards for a week. His wife is confused as to why he's done this because they are supposed to be going back home later that day and the food he has bought is 10 times more than what the caretaker needs for a week. He takes their passports, finishes packing for the trip back home and heads to load it in the car. His wife see's him loading the car and asks "Julio, why didnt you tell me we were leaving?! I haven't even packed and Im not ready!" Julio calmly says "Oh baby, I forgot to tell you, you aren't coming back home with me until you learn to be my wife again and Julio Jr. is staying here with you until he learns respect." his wife loses her shit so Julio gets in the car and leaves with out them.

Over the course of the next month and a half he visits them once every 4 days to check up on things and make sure they have what they need.

First visit the wife is still pissed and demands that he take her back. He declines and leaves without them again.

Second visit: wife is now calm and with little girl voice asks him to take them back. He tells her that she is not ready and she loses her shit again so he leaves with out them again.

Third visit: the wife calmly asks if she can come back with him. he says not yet. she says "ok baby, i love you call me when you get home"

Fourth visit: She couldnt be happier to see him and welcomes him with food on the table and Julio is just as excited to see him.

Julio milked it for another few weeks. He now has brought his wife and kid back home. She now happily cooks and cleans and fucks him when he wants. As for the boy he's doing well in school and likes spending time with his dad.

This guy is a fucking master strategist.

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"No Julio, I have rights too you know?!"

Isn't their solipsism amazing? HE WORKS EVERY FUCKING DAY yet she totally ignores that, likes it's just expected. So in her (and all of these chickenheads out there's) mind, it's her "right" not to contribute while he...still contributes. And for him to disagree is sexism.


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This reads like a revenge porn story.

Maybe he fixed her attitude for a few weeks, but only thing he really accomplished is that his wife will now be hiding her passport from him and never travelling back to Mexico with him.

Nothing is stopping her from exercising 'her rights too' once back in the U.S. and there isn't much he can do about it, being married.

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Everyone gives Mexican shits but they're actually great folks. The killing is crazy but that's largely circumstantial. If I were involved in that kind of scenario id probably be a drug lord too.