Rant/VentingWhat's with every girl having a rape story lately? (self.TheRedPill)

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I'm a senior in college. Two days ago I met a sophomore and we got to talking. She immediately hinted at wanting me to come over and cuddle in bed with her "without anything sexual happening".

Anyways, yesterday we're conversing again and she reveals to me that she was "raped by a guy who was cuddling with her in her bed and tried to have sex with her".

Then we go to the campus rec center where we meet up with one of her friends. They discuss last night's party, where the friend reveals that she was "raped at the party when a guy who was giving her oral sex took it further and tried to fuck her."

Seems like people are being very frivolous with the term 'rape' lately.

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bc showing off a new iphone doesn't get that much attention anymore

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They're self veto-ing for you.

Look at this way, women who claim to have been raped fall into 2 categories, those who have and those who pretend they have. The first group, well I feel awful for them but it's a lot of baggage for a prospective partner to have to deal with and I'm not altruistic enough to give much of a shit, I'm here to get mine.

The second group are quite simply bat-shit, issues up the wall and obviously liars, someone you don't really want to get involved with because it could seriously damage your life.

Either way, if you hear the words "I've been raped" leave a girl's mouth, you turn tail and run.

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They are. Talking about "rape" on college campuses is all the rage these days. If you're a girl without a "rape" or "almost rape" story, then you must not be desirable enough.

I fell for it in my beta days. I would hear the sob story and feel bad for the girl, then the very next week, see the girl and guy flirting and hitting it off again.

Honestly, there should be different words for the two occurrences. A hook up session going further than originally planned (but not objected to at that time) is not even close to the same thing as violent, purely-against-the-will, forcible sex.