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Well, he did abandon her. He didn't even take his wife's feelings into consideration when he got captured. He didn't even love her enough to just die so she could get that sweet, sweet life insurance and move on to a new provider - someone who would actually be there for her.

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I love this, it's exactly how women argue. This is the spin doctoring, deflecting, self-justifying victim posturing bullshit that many women execute so flawlessly when they're caught red-handed being anything less than noble.

It goes something like this:

  • Deflect when accused by shifting burden of proof/blame from the accused to the accuser.
  • Use these deflections as they grow in number to construct a false narrative.
  • Deny any responsibility.
  • Play the victim by talking about emotions, play for sympathy.
  • Make the man accept your false narrative.

This is the bread and butter of a woman's survival other than her sexuality, which of course, is another option they'll leverage if they deem you more suitable to be "charmed" rather than "mentally coerced."

The difference between charm and coercion is one's pleasurable, both are however, manipulative. Soft-machiavellianism or soft power.

Soft power is a concept developed by Joseph Nye of Harvard University to describe the ability to attract and co-opt rather than coerce, use force or give money as a means of persuasion.

Note how men are inherently predisposed to the latter whilst women, the former.

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Which is why arguing with a woman is fucking pointless. Always. She will never cede her point, even if she thinks the sky is purple. You're just being an argumentative dick and calling her stupid for disagreeing with her. Why can't you just let her be right for once? God I have heard so many women say that. It must be great to admit that you are content living in the comfort of ignorance. That despite being purposely ignorant through your own denial of fact your life is so free of consequences that it makes no difference as to the real color of the sky.

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Seriously, it's incredible to me that i was with a girl for a year and a half, and in the numerous fights we had (always initiated by her for some reason) I was never wrong. Women suck at arguing, and have no real basis in logic to formulate their ideas. For some reason I kept hoping that one day we would get into an argument and she would have a valid point and I could concede and say "You know what, you're right." But it just never happened. And thus, I got lambasted with the, "Why am I the one who is always wrong? You never say that I'm right!" Well no shit, I'm not gonna tell you you're right just to soothe your feels.

It is akin to arguing with a child.

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Because it's like we all have brain farts, men and women. A man says something stupid without thinking it through, you call him on his bullshit and you bust his balls a little bit, you both laugh at yourselves and it is over. A woman brain farts, probably not even thinking about what she is saying, and then when you call her on it she goes into "Wait, I am not stupid! I wouldn't say something stupid! That has to be right, he is just an asshole for calling me stupid!" and the hamster keeps running in every direction just to avoid being wrong. Women are so god damned insecure they can't even laugh at themselves. The unicorns laugh at themselves, even in private. Most women can't.

Why else would they be so proud to be "strong" and "independent"? Just like a chihuaha will yap and yap and yap to show how ferocious it is. I don't get why in the last 50 years women have shamed each other into not wanting to be feminine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a traditional woman but they no longer pride themselves in taking care of a family. I remember an episode of Sanford and Sons where Redd says, and I am paraphrasing, "Yeah, you can wake up and cook for yourself and come home, drink beer, watch tv all night, do whatever you want for the rest of your life. But it is nice to come home, have a wife kiss you hello, you go wash up in the bathroom and you have some matching towels, you sit down to a dinner she made for you out of love and have a pleasant conversation with a nice lady." Ladies, what the fuck is wrong with that? I would marry a 5 if that is what marriage was like.

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Here in the UK there's a saying: "Women aren't always right, but they're never wrong."

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Kind of an aha moment when I realized female romance comes from her subconscious, and then is rationalized to logic.

When it comes to "negotiating desire", you aren't trying to convince her logical brain.

You're trying to convince her subconscious brain. Do that, and her logical brain will bullshit whatever it can to rationalize her subconscious feelings.

But yeah, influencing a girls subconscious, is classed as manipulation.

So yeah, all effective romance is manipulation of some sort.

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Inconsiderate asshole not dying. A considerate man would have commited suicide while being a POW, so she wouldn't feel guilty while fucking other guys.

Also being a military widow is much more dramatic then being the wife of a loser POW. As a widow she could stick a flag in her window, have a good little cry on appropriate occasions and have everyone feel sorry for her.

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Agreed this guy is an oppressive shitlord. He's having all the fun working at his job, being fulfilled, and there she sits being the slavish "wife." I bet he didn't even request time off from his captors to celebrate their anniversary. He's not even trying to be supportive.

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Don't forget all the Facebook likes either.

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Yeah, Homeland actually depicted this pretty well. When the dude was a POW, she was used to constant pity parties, attention, and validation - while she got to fuck around on the side, receive his checks, and so on. Best of both worlds. It is the ultimate divorce - you get the full beta provider effect while also getting to be considered a "heroic military wife."

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Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. -- Hillary Rodham Clinton

Thanks to his surviving the POW camp, she didn't even get to be a primary victim. No wonder she cheated on him.

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Holy hell, that is a real quote? What a cunt.

[–]Endorsed Contributorredpillbanana 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Yeah - to be fair, if you read more of her speech, it makes a little more sense. Still, it doesn't excuse what she said, and it goes to show how far women will go to paint themselves as the victim - even at the highest levels of power.

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Listening to women try to apply logic to their narcissism is like drinking a big bottle of douche juice.

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You know her girl friends actually said this kind if shit to her at the time too

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And with proper feminist education, one would be able to tell you that this sexually abused by being captured.

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Yeah. He had to survive and come could he? /s

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[permanently deleted]

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But at least a Lannister always pays his debts.

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If at any point the government should step up and help a guy out this is it. What is the end game here? What happens when men become so alienated from their family and country before they just stop giving a fuck

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Wait. This is from 1974! It may be a bit late to fix this.

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