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Even the dog Whisperer is getting fucked by a bitch.

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Oh this was fucking gold

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Bill Burr: Epidemic of Gold Digging Whores. Awesome video about women getting outrageous divorce settlements.

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Wow, and he's actually done something useful for the world, unlike her.

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Reminds me of Bill Burr's redpill-as-fuck rant about great men getting divorce raped by gold digging whores. Link here.

So Ahnold gets ripped as fuck, comes to America, learns the language, becomes a trainer, becomes an actor, then becomes a goddamn Governor. You can't top achievements like these.

And what did his ex-wife do? Fucking got cheated on, so she gets half his bank. How the fuck does that make any goddamn sense?

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It only makes sense in that the contract you sign when you get married states just that. No one is stopping any of these men from having prenuptial agreements. I commend Bill Burr for making this an issue. Most people don't realize what they are doing when they sign the dotted line.

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no reals only feelz

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"I'm afraid to get married. Why wouldn’t a man be afraid to get married at this point? You know, look at Kobe; look at the shit he is going through right now. All right, the guy is getting a divorce. His wife is going to get $70 million bucks, never hit a lay up in her life."

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Unless there are children involved. Unmarried men have even fewer rights to their kids, and will have to pay child support whatever happens.

Alimony seems to be on its way out, and a prenup might soften the blow of divorce settlements.

If there are no children involved, and the dude's had a vasectomy, then definitely, don't get married.

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Yes. The only solution to solve men getting screwed over with divorce is to live solemn, empty life with no family and to survive off a flow of young, loose women with issues until you're an old lonely man. Maybe the better solution is to find a spouse/significant other that is stable and trustworthy instead of just marrying the hottest chick that will say yes. Also, if divorce happens, hire the best/seediest lawyer you can find.

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Vasectomy is a man's best friend.

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They don't even have to be your children for you to be forced to support them. You just need to be seen as a "father figure"

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[permanently deleted]

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You go ahead.

But be aware that you are not a player in the game of evolution. You are only one of the pieces. So if you want to bust your ass so that a bunch of alleles can "win" a game they're not sentient enough to know they're playing, then knock yourself out. But you aren't going to win anything for it.

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This. Ultimate MGTOW. Whisper nailed it.

Small excerpt from the article:

Dawkins argues that it is a mistake to assume that an ecosystem or a species as a whole exists for a purpose. He writes that it is incorrect to suppose that individual organisms lead a meaningful life either; in nature, only genes have a utility function – to perpetuate their own existence with indifference to great sufferings inflicted upon the organisms they build, exploit and discard.

Here I'll break it down some more. It's a bit subtle but...

Does this sound familiar?:

  • If you don't have kids (someday), you are a loser at life

  • You should "man up" and marry

  • If you have kids out of wedlock, you are trashy

Those beliefs are on the beta end of the spectrum, maybe not necessarily blue pill though. At least it's a half-step above a white knighting circlejerk. You know, a bunch white knight betas circling the pedestal of pussy all bent down on one knee pledging their fielty to their princess, being at her every beck and call offering their jacket when she is cold or throwing their jacket into the gutter so she doesn't dirty her shoes.

What do the white knights have in common? The view that you should act against your self interest time and again to help out women. That you should go out of your way to look out for them. That their princesses find this self-effacing behavior attractive. I think this is a fair summary of the blue pill.

Once again:

in nature, only genes have a utility function – to perpetuate their own existence with indifference to great sufferings inflicted upon the organisms they build, exploit and discard.

I think Whisper was on to something deep when he said

So if you want to bust your ass so that a bunch of alleles can "win" a game they're not sentient enough to know they're playing, then knock yourself out.

Food for thought: How many people out there are not sentient that their genes will play their minds and emotions like a video game if unchecked? That from your genes' point of view, you are the organism - to be built, exploited, and discarded. It's not just the woman in the red dress you have to be careful to not let manipulate you, it's also the code that makes up every cell in your body. Welcome to the Matrix motherfuckers! haha!

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Yes... Good goy... don't pass on your white man genes... don't leave a legacy... all is going according to plan

Sorry I'll see my way back to /pol/

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This is the crux of it. For some of us there is a bigger picture than having sex.

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It's like these guys don't even read the great books for men.

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If you dont pass on your genes what do you leave behind, everything else is transient. What better way to establish your legacy than to have resources and have kids with a good women so your children can use those resources and climb the social ladders of the world. You are born into the social category you are and the opportunities presented to you because somewhere along your history one of your ancestors either fucked up or succeeded. Isnt sacrifice the most important quality of a leader? Isnt the goal of this subreddit to be a better man?

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If The Red Pill is about accepting harsh realities, then you simply have to accept #1.

Your purpose as a biological entity is not to sit around, drink beer and blow your load into a rubber. It's to fuck women and have children. Your purpose in life is to see to it that your genetic material is included in that of the next generation.

So yeah, if you never breed, you do lose at life. Because that's the entire purpose of life. There is no getting around that.

Edit: to add, indeed, Numbers 2 and 3 derive their entire authority from the undeniable nature of this fact by positing that only through marriage is the production of children properly achieved. this is the lie, and it is on that front that the lie can be destroyed. Because you can have kids easily without marrying a woman or even starting a traditional family.

But you will never defeat the primary instinct of every life-form that has ever graced this planet, and in all likelihood, any other. If you try to argue against #1, all you will do is discredit your arguments against #s 2 and 3. You may as well try to use your voice to tell a computer that its coding is wrong.