Woman wears a GoPro camera in New York city to show how much she suffers "Street Harassment" Wants you to donate money to stop these heinous acts. (self.TheRedPill)

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This lady wore a GoPro for TEN HOURS and was complimented, I mean "verbally harassed" over 100 times just because she is "beautiful" (up for debate). Most of the comments were "Good morning, you look beautiful, and God bless you". Such harassment right?

There were maybe two situations shown in the video that I would consider verging on uncomfortable. A stranger walks along side her for about 5 minutes and another gentleman yelled "DAMN" but then followed that with "I just found a thousand dollars" to which I laughed.

Her fellow females will jump along side her in support right? The top comment on this video is from a woman and quotes.

-- "How is men telling you to have a nice day and saying you're beautiful harassment? The most vulgar thing that happened was a few yelling "DAMN!". What are they supposed to yell about, your personality or how smart you are? They don't know you. All they have to go on is your looks in the seconds you walk by. How about take it for what it is and gracefully accept the compliment as you keep walking. Acknowledging their words as flattery is not going dehumanize you. Don't take it so seriously because I'm sure the moment you were out of sight they forgot all about it."

And how is donating to this non-profit going to stop men from complimenting women, better question is that really what women want? Be careful what you wish for. 

EDIT: Another top comment from a male --

"So this girl wants people to donate to the girls who get complimented on the streets? Practically saying she wants you to donate to good looking women. Since this would only happen to good looking women. And the thing is, out of all 100 of those guys you could choose any one of them to take you out for dinner that night and wine and dine you. And rinse and repeat the next day. I wish I had those opportunities as a male. Get over yourself."

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I wish somebody would wear a camera to document how it's like to be a 21 year old boy going out.

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Oh boy, SJWs are gonna be so conflicted on this one. Which basically means it'll get nowhere.

On one side, woo women harrassment, time to sharpen the axes.

On the other side, all the harassers are black, time to put the axes back in the shed. Clearly it's all because the white cis scum males of the country are pushing them to do it.

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"Hello, have a good day!"

"God bless you, have a great afternoon."


Lord, give her the strength to endure this life...