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Visit any American supermarket and you'll see a She-Ham, a Ham-Spawn and a crap filled shopping cart. You don't even have to look to know what's inside. It's the same shit, couple of 3 liter sodas, frozen pizza, chips, cookies and whatever the lardette can throw in the cart last minute before checkout.

The leftist explanation is that, some people can only afford unhealthy processed food. They are victims that deserve our compassion and we shouldn't judge them. To that I say Bullshit.

Basic staple foods are affordable and abundant in the United States. Meat is cheaper in the U.S, than anywhere in the world. Twenty dollars spent on eggs flour and milk, is more than enough for a week of delicious baked goods. Learning to cook isn't a problem, because the internet is the best cookbook ever devised.

Despite every possible advantage, little suburban Sarah eats a less nutritious breakfast than poverty Pablo. Why? Because South American women actually cook for their fucking children. They're not too lazy. They're not too busy. They don't throw a pop tart on their child's plate, before hurrying off to smash the glass ceiling. Non western women care about their children. Western women care about an ideology.

If a woman won't even take the time to feed her child, do you think that she will take the time to expand their mind? Right now in war torn Syria, a woman is reading the Quran to her son. Little Mohamed is asking questions about the complicated text and in the process expanding his mind. Meanwhile in America, little Timmy is watching the Disney Channel, while his mother is idolizing Samantha from Sex and the City. Timmy is destined to become an American idiot because his mother isn't doing her job.

American women are shallow narcissists who minimize the time they spend on their children so can maximize the time they spend on themselves. They're more interested in being a hot mom than a good mom. Their too lazy to cook for their children. Their too impatient to explain a deep book.The situation wouldn't be quite as bad if they didn't make every effort rid their children of their fathers.

American children are told to respect their mothers because their natural inclination is not to. Honestly who can blame them? Why the fuck would anyone respect a person who is pushing forty but still acts like their nineteen? Why would a child respect a person who's idea of discipline is counting to three? American mothers are a fucking joke. They might be too stupid to realize it, but everyone else already has.

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My favourite response to girls who say they don't cook or think the idea of a woman needing to know how to cook is sexist is to ask them if they plan to have children. The answer is almost always yes, and the followup is simple: "How were you going to feed them? Buy takeout every single meal? If you can't cook for them, you can't nourish them. You can't even care for their basic physical needs. You're a shitty mother, and you haven't even started yet."

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I will forever be thankful that my mother saw fit to instill in me an appreciation for healthy food and good cookery.

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GayLubeOil, are you familiar that American food companies, the ones who marketed crap convenience foods allied themselves with the women's liberation movement, basically denigrating home cook meals and destroying a heritage of home cooking in the process?

Destroying and marginalizing home cooking was something that 60s feminism and food companies did hand in hand sadly, providing a precursor the obesity epidemic.