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Woman from Norway sentenced to pay $50.000 for false rape accusations, after the man recorded their whole date. (self.TheRedPill)

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While this feels like justice porn and I know it feels good to hear, I think a lot of people are missing a key point here: Short of recording their entire fucking interaction, his ass would have still been toast.

We shouldn't have to record every interaction. This scares me a bit more of the precedent it sets (I know not here but still). "Oh, she's saying you raped her now? Do you have any evidence you didn't?"

Scary stuff.

[]anonlymouse 85 points86 points  (14 children)

There's more good news. Recording wasn't illegal.

[]Sterflekker 24 points25 points  (10 children)

Recording conversations like that don't tend to be illegal. It could be the case if the police or DA used illegal recordings to get you convicted, but inadmissible recordings of a defendant is never going to be waved. These rules exist to protect against government officials

[]anonlymouse 27 points28 points  (2 children)

There was a post a while back by a lawyer speculating on that, saying that in some cases they would be, but in that case an illegal recording charge would be preferable to a rape conviction.

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It's not a sex offense for one thing.

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Certainly, and if asked about it say on a job application, if the interviewer is sympatico you can explain exactly why you recorded it and took the hit for illegal recording.

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If you plan to record telephone calls or in-person conversations (including by recording video that captures sound), you should be aware that there are federal and state wiretapping laws that may limit your ability to do so. These laws not only expose you to the risk of criminal prosecution, but also potentially give an injured party a civil claim for money damages against you.

Police have been abusing these laws to try to suppress citizens' right to record them.

I'm not saying don't do it, I think you should do it. But don't fucking tell anybody and if you do get accused of rape talk to your lawyer about how to use the recording without getting busted for it.

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Demand a jury trial and as long as there is at least one man on the jury they'd never convict. The prosecutor would realize this from the start and never even bring the case to trial. Record away, I don't care what the laws are, if the only reason you use it is to prove your innocence against some crazy bitch, no one is going to care.

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The jury doesn't get to hear inadmissible evidence. At least they're not supposed to, and the system usually works to cover it up. If the defense tries to introduce it into evidence, recall that first the evidence has to be shown to the judge and opposing counsel. Opposing counsel will object and ask for a conference with jury out, jury will be sent back to jury room, evidence will be thrown out and judge instruct defense lawyer not to mention it, jury comes back none the wiser.

I've been on a jury. There's lots of stuff we were not allowed to know during the trial.

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I do tend to agree. And as somebody else mentioned, better to get convicted of wiretapping than rape.

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inadmissible recordings of a defendant is never going to be waved.

You say that now. Just wait.

[]ThePedanticCynic 11 points12 points  (1 child)

Yet. The feminists are trying.

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And a case like this would help prevent that from happening. That it was used to prove a false rape accusation was made would be a solid reason to fight getting a law like that passed, and if it were passed, would give a right wing party a significant boost.

[]Eloni 99 points100 points  (33 children)

No he wouldnt. He had already beaten a rape case before, which was the reason he was recording this time in the first place. The recording wasnt needed to prove him innocent, it was to prove her Guilty.

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that's crazy how someone can be false rape accused twice. I honestly thought that type of stuff was pretty rare

[]Pornography_saves_li 93 points94 points  (8 children)

That's probably because you don't have daughters in high school. Teenagers refer to 'my rapist' like a merit badge these days.

[]lord-denning 50 points51 points  (3 children)

Bingo - this is the cultural shift among women that men only see a small piece of, and that TRP exposes. The solipstic line of thinking goes "only hot girls get hit on be creeps and have stalkers, thereford I must also complain about these things"...complaining about a dude forcing himself on you is part of being in the "cool" club.

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This is a very true statement. Nowaday, for a girl to admit she's supposedly been raped or sexually abused, automatically gets her lots of attention and puts her in a "club" of others who can justify hating men.

It's really sad for females who actually ARE raped.

[]CUNTBERT_RAPINGTON 32 points33 points  (2 children)

This. Recently something has shifted to the point where nearly every woman that I've dated has been "raped" in the past.

Either rape has shot way up in the past five years and every study has failed to account for it, or being a victim is becoming "trendy".

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Also, another additional explanation is that girl have been socialized to only have sex with aggressive guys who do so called "rapey" things. Just look at girls derision towards being upfront with them, going on dates, or the "nice guy".

A "non rapey" guy comes along and she feels an obligation to string him along, she treats him like she doesn't like him, or does the "perfectionist fantasy" where he's never quite good enough. Eventually she meets a guy who's "rapey", she sleeps with him, is relieved that someone else took the guilt of decision making for her. Later she loses interest in him, they break up, now she describes the actions that are the only way she actually sleeps with anyone as negative.

I'm only saying this is one aspect of the whole picture, but I see this a lot. The gitl is bizarrely surprised that guys who she acts like she wants them to get lost actually get lost, the pushy asshole is the only one she actually sleeps with.