Patrice O’Neal: What If All Men Had 10 000$ And Women Got It By Sex (self.TheRedPill)

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Late master stand-up comedian Patrice O’Neal had this great concept of representing the sexual market dynamics in an opposite way on how much different genders desire sex.

Men’s sexual desire is equal to women’s desire if every day all men had 10 grand cash in their pocket, and every time a woman had sex with that man, she would get that amount of cash.

That’s how much average men desire sex.

Women would be running on the streets hitting on men persuading them to have sex with her. A woman would come with all kinds of tricks and techniques on how she is not really interested in the money, but the actual man.

Women would study seduction, evolutionary psychology and the desires and instincts of men in order to be able to get what they really want: 10 G’s. Women would be phonies – faking their actual desire for the money and playing an actor which pretends they want more than just the 10 G:s.

Continuously the men would be thinking: “Does she really like me for me; or is this woman after my ten G:s? Is she going to leave after she gets my 10 G:s?”.

A man would walk on the street and hear the weakest of women whistling and shouting at him dirty things with no desire to get to know him any better. After a day of work a man would come to his home and complain how all the women out there are only after his 10 G:s and that there is no good women left out there. “They are all just pretenders and pigs after my 10 G:s”, he would say.

After a while, when the man has lived his potential and followed fundamental male desires as a result becoming affluent and rich, he would no longer care about the 10 G:s. “I am better than 10 G:s”, he would think to himself and throw the money at the hottest women with no hesitation. “Take it, I don’t give a fuck”, would be his subconscious flow.

He now knows that he is better than the given 10 G:s which he had nothing to do in the begin with. He will feel great superiority compared to women and men who are not worth more than their 10 G:s.

See, women cannot be much better than their pussy, which is why they have to be continuously thinking: “Is this man only after my pussy?”.

A man has no up ceiling on how valuable he can become in the eye’s of a woman, but a woman can never be better than her pussy.

By nature alone, men are greater than the women’s pussy, but the uncontrolled neediness and pretense of men have made women with pussy look like they are fucking celebrities. Average men feel like they are never as good as the pussy, unless it is one of a dirty white trash whore’s.

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To extend on this, one could also imagine two additional things:

1) Some men would have $20,000 every day and some would have only $5,000. Women would treat them differently. Some men would mix a good chunk of counterfeit money to their daily amount to make their pockets look bigger. And some men would never be able to pull out more than $3,000 a day no matter what they do.

2) The daily amount of money would be reducing over your lifespan. In your prime years you could easily pull out $30,000 per day and women would be chasing you like crazy, even trying to rob you at knife point in some dark alley. But once you hit 30 years old, your pocket would shrink to the size of a peanut, and female attention would vanish. Then you would become bitter and join some SJW club proposing that 'All men are valuable no matter how big their daily pockets are'.

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Comedians have an excellent way of bringing Red Pill knowledge across, and the reason it's "funny" is because it's really a "hidden truth"

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This belongs in a collection of trp parables.