Guy's fiancee starts hanging out with another guy and admits that she's more attracted to him. AskMen's advice: don't break up, stay with her! She's just confused and exploring her feelings! (self.TheRedPill)

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So a guy has a girlfriend of nine years (read it: NINE years) and they are in a long-distance relationship but pretty serious. They've gone ring shopping together.

Well, surprise surprise... he finds out that during his absence, she's been visiting another dude constantly for the last several months. He asks about it and the girlfriend says the other guy is cute and she is in love with him, but it's all so "confusing".

Cue the betas of AskMen coming out in full force. If your girlfriend of nine years decided to tell you that she's more attracted to some rando and has been hanging out with him more than you (probably fucking him too), this is a huge red flag... right? Nope, not according to AskMen. Here are some of the highest voted answers:

I really wouldn't sweat it. Talk with her about why she has those feelings. Tell her that it bothers you that she has those kinds of feelings, and talk it out.

Talking is the quickest way to dry up a girl's vagina. I really hope OP doesn't sit down with his girlfriend and start crying or something, though I have the feeling he probably will.

Just don't make any rash decisions, and try to listen to what she has to say. This doesn't need to be a huge deal :)

He has listened, she said she finds the other guy hotter and more worthy of her time.

The best thing I heard from this is the honesty from your future wife. People do not find this trait easily. She trusts you and loves you enough to tell you the truth.

Yes, if your fiancee is honest about the fact that she sees you as low-value compared to another dude, it's actually a good thing! Because honesty. You should go ahead and commit to marriage just for that.

It's perfectly normal to find other people attractive, or to be attracted to them. The important part is that you recognize it, and know not to go past that.

She's been at this other guy's house - alone - for the last six weeks intermittently, you fucking idiot. You think she hasn't crossed any borders?

I... I can't go on. This is too idiotic of a thread. Remember gentlemen, betas are as bad as feminists. They have bought completely into the lie that women should always be given the benefit of the doubt. If you're at the position where your girlfriend is off visiting another guy's house while you're gone (and admitting that she thinks he's a hunk), then your relationship is long gone already.

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Tragic. Absolutely tragic. This is the shit our young men are being taught: to disregard their own dignity and common sense because females are somehow beyond reproach when they act like whores. Their setting this guy up for failure. This is like the fucking template for beta bux right here

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Trickle truth time. How many hops, skips, and jumps before she finally admits she was fucking this other guy?

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I stopped reading at 9-year long distance relationship.