Men's RightsThat UVA rape story Rolling Stone magazine published that was too good to be true? Yeah, you guessed it. (self.TheRedPill)

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I almost believe that there is now a worldwide conspiracy to end feminism even from well known liberal sources because every time they try to further their narrative it is completely discredited.

Soapbox edit:

√ Feminist author

√ Unidentified "victim"

√ No follow-up with any of the accused

√ No fact checking for whether this person ever existed

√ No fact checking for if the party ever existed

I wonder if any philanthropic events have been cancelled while all greek activity at UVA has been suspended.

A link to the story: (It seems unaltered and the editor's note is now placed at the top, but I could be wrong)


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Editor-in-chief should really resign over this. It's pretty egregious for a major publication.

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Even their apology has snarky cliches like the usual canard "well women will be afraid to come forward if we're not aggressive about automatically believing them all".

And suspending all Greek life...wtf? So does that mean if one of the university staff is accused of sexually harassing another, all staff activity will be suspected?

Hope the frats sue Rolling Stone and whatever university official(s) laid down the suspension.