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Red Pill ExampleThe Red Pill is even tougher to swallow for girls (self.TheRedPill)

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You know this bitter, harsh taste of the red pill that men have to swallow:

--> there is no such thing as everlasting love. The moment you stop improving and you lost the admiration of your significant other, it’s over.

--> Women don’t care if you’re a good person. They care that you have dominant, alpha traits to give them the tingles and impregnate them; or provider, beta traits to support them and provide for them and their offspring

--> Women are only attracted to guys of higher value than them, and they are hypergamous. As long as they can safely branch swing to a guy with higher value, most of them will do it. They’ll rationalize it by feeling that the love is gone between you two

--> Don’t trust women. Lying and manipulating is to them what resolve and hard work are for us: our weapons in life

--> You’re only as important to others as what you bring to the table: so lift, grow, become better. No free pass for any man.

Well, this is a (very resumed) tough pill to swallow, but no matter at what age you swallow it, you can still grow and improve, get better women, follow your interests, try and build the life you want.

Women, on the other side, have a very tough pill to swallow too:

--> Since you can remember, life has always been awesome: people love you, treat you nice, opportunities present themselves, you’re never alone. You have no reason to doubt that it will never change. Well, it will. And it will change abruptly when you hit 30. Nobody tells you that, and you’re unprepared.

--> You think you’re attracted to nice guys, but really you’re not. You like charismatic, strong men that you can’t manipulate –men that are socially above you and treat you accordingly. Unfortunately, a lot of those men are assholes. Deal with it.

--> You think you have a great personality because everybody tells you so, and that you have a sense of humor because everybody laughs at your jokes: newsflash, people only do so because you’re young and hot. In ten more years people will start treating you like shit (like people treat men all the time)

--> Nobody cares that you have a degree. You can climb the corporate ladder as a single, independent woman, and think you’re happy, and you will be for a few years, but you’ll probably end up alone, or in an unfulfilling relationship, and you’ll be miserable. You’ll wish you married that nice guy you turned down when you were young, and who ended up becoming an amazing man. Now he doesn’t even look at you.

--> No matter what feminists tell you, you won’t feel fulfilled if you don’t have a household or a family of your own. You don’t realize it now because you’re young and everything revolves around you, but when you’re older you’ll notice that your life feels empty. Just look at those 50years old women with no kids or loving husband, they are truly miserable and bored to death.

--> You’re young and have all the power in the world, but it’s granted to you for a limited time. Don’t waste it in multiple meaningless flings. Find a good man, use your love and knowledge to push him to become great. Build a household with him. You only have limited time to find prince charming and build the life that will make you happy

A guy that finds the red pill in his 30s, 40s, even 50s, can still change his life for the better. For a girl it’s not always the case, there are mistakes that cannot be undone. They can hit the gym at 40 and change their attitude, but for a lot of them it won’t change anything, and the realization that they made poor choices will hurt them. That’s why women don’t swallow their own red pill.

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I think it was lauren becall who said: "a beautiful woman dies twice".

[–]Bibosas 2 points3 points  (2 children)

a beautiful woman dies twice

What does it mean? I ask seriously. No joking. You mean "the wall"?

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"a beautiful woman dies twice".

First is when she notices wrinkles, second is the actual death.

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Nobody cares that you have a degree. You can climb the corporate ladder as a single, independent woman, and think you’re happy, and you will be for a few years, but you’ll probably end up alone, or in an unfulfilling relationship, and you’ll be miserable. You’ll wish you married that nice guy you turned down when you were young, and who ended up becoming an amazing man. Now he doesn’t even look at you.

Ouch. True but painful to watch.

I have a female friend that this is directly happening to now. This girl was a New York/LA 8-9, intelligent, well-educated and hopped from one alpha guy to the next. I only knew her back in my over-weight, poor and beta days so of course nothing happened.

Anyway, fast-forward to now, she's 34 or 35 and the years of working some incredibly long and stressful hours all the time are noticeably taking their toll on her physically. She has broken down in front of me a couple times crying because she is starting to get turned down by men that she feels are way out of her league. She's also told me that in the last few years she has come to the conclusion that she does want a child and marriage and feels as if it is all "slipping away".

It was a marked day in my life when she asked me out on a date and I politely declined. Strangely I always thought I would feel some sort of satisfaction from it ... but instead I felt pity.

C'est la vie.

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Reminds me of a story this ex-beta orbiter told, how the girl he used to orbit once drunkenly confessed to him "I will marry you when I am 35". He was just part of her long-term life plan.

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The last oneitis I had, 2 years ago, once told me that I would make a great husband. That she could see herself having kids and marrying me when we were older. I took this as a compliment. My heart dick felt so good.

Meanwhile she was fucking her weed dealer. What a dumb fuck I was.

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[permanently deleted]

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there are a lot of very good girls out there. Yes in your country, yes in your town. They just tend to be more shy and they don't wear as slutty clothes.

No, no, no. Get rid of that idea, buddy. Girls with low self esteem aren't what you think they are and unless you handle the whole thing like a Jedi Master, it will backfire at you. When you pick a girl with low self esteem/confidence, sooner or later she will see it as a low social value sign.

*Random shy girl: Wait a minute... Why did he choose me and not some other popular, outgoing and blatantly sexy chick? Because HE CAN'T! He's weak and has no power. But... if I managed to get his attention with no "efforts"... hmmm :) *

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Truth that my brother, I can testify, I once just trying things told my insecure ex when I firsr saw you I was struck I told myself there is no way you can get that, just trying to make her feel better I was getting sick of her insecurity I should have know better, her eyes changed like a coin she was the price now not me, next day she started questioning me about my future and what I wanted to do with my life and to look for a new better branch and I was suddenly not enough, taken for granted, I was left no choice but to go nuclear when she started to treat me like an orbiter

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Fuck, I felt sad for her. I don't like seing people suffer.

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it's extremely common for a young girl to be aware of the general trend that women lose their attractiveness around 30, but to think that they themselves will find a workaround

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I believe we call that, "hamstering"

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[permanently deleted]

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Yup. From Wikipedia:

In a survey of faculty at the University of Nebraska, 68% rated themselves in the top 25% for teaching ability.

In a similar survey, 87% of MBA students at Stanford University rated their academic performance as above the median.


In ratings of leadership ability, 70% of the students [surveyed by the College Board] put themselves above the median. In ability to get on well with others, 85% put themselves above the median, and 25% rated themselves in the top 1%.

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And this is why many women NEVER accept the truth even long after it has arrived into their lives when older.

Women are not good at accepting pain like this. Their nature is to avoid pain through hamstering forever and ever and ever.

I recently questioned your stereotypical 65 year old childless Feminist about whether if she could go back in time would she have appreciated the man's role more and accepted the importance of family (Patriarchy or something similiar) and her answer was:


A Feminist will prefer to die childless than to accept the truth. It's a suicide mission.

If the "failures" which we call "aging childless Feminists" actually DID realize their mistake they might pass this wisdom on to younger females, but they generally reaffirm the failed vision to the death.

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Women hate other women as the default setting. They try to drag younger women into their same path as affirmation of what they've done.

Feminism is hardest on the women.

[–]draketton 74 points75 points  (17 children)

hard bitten men do the same thing, while dressing it up in platitudes like "building character" and "paying dues"

spiteful cunts, crabs in a bucket

[–]1cover20 33 points34 points  (15 children)

It's more likely to be men who have indeed paid dues (put up with shit to have some learning experiences as well) telling younger pretenders to do so.

And now as an older guy myself, it's scary how incompetent newcomers are and the sort of mistakes they could make. Offering them a period of "paying dues", with the full expectation that they will thus rise to competence, is a very kind thing to do.

It's too bad that career ladders are so uncertain these days that the opportunity is hardly there any more.

I'm not so sure about "building character" though. I think that's mostly inborn. We get experience, we keep our character.

[–]draketton 35 points36 points  (10 children)

a youngster paying dues can mean 1 of 2 things

drilling the difficult fundamentals of a job, until he's built up enough skill at the fundamentals to never mess them up (what you're talking about)


going through every single unpleasant or permanently damaging experience that an older guy went through because the older guy is miserable with those experiences and misery loves company (what I'm talking about)

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Hey if you want to forge a strong iron tool you have to beat on it a lot

[–]Endorsed ContributorAFPJ 20 points21 points  (1 child)

Each person is a different alloy - more heat and pressure might be required for some to cure.

While some heat & pressure is good for most, too much stress will eventually break all of them.

[–]BomptonBrotha88 7 points8 points  (0 children)

Yeah I agree. Like a good coach in High School knows when bust your ass and when to ease off or even show a bit of warmth to get the most out of you and teach you the most about yourself and about life. Ideally, a master/apprentice relationship should be like that.

[–]1Dev_on 9 points10 points  (0 children)

makes sense, so long as the guy is self aware.

nothing like pain to make someone appreciate the simple pleasures