Red Pill ExampleLecturer to sue his ex-wife over claims she swapped his sperm for a former lover's while undergoing IVF and then led him on to believe the child was his (self.TheRedPill)

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This is textbook RP. Everyday we are reminded about the rules of the red pill lest we slip up and fail to protect ourselves.

Females have a dualistic mating strategy (AF/BB). The first is to find a male with good genetics to give their potential offspring the best chances of survival. The second is to secure the commitment of a male who can provide for her, and her child, an adequate amount of resources and a lifestyle of her choosing.

The female in the article followed this strategy to a t. She secured the genetics of a male she felt were superior to those of her husband's, all the while ensuring that her husband would support both her and her child with his time, commitment, and resources.

I predict that this man will be forced by the courts to support the child since the feminist movement has influenced government institutions to favor the female imperative.

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And in countries like France, the duped husband wouldn't even be able to do a paternity test.

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What is this?

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Nice country, garbage politicians, garbage laws...

I watch helplessly as my country is slowly destroyed by the retards that are in charge of it. i'll give you concrete examples (this is just from the last 3 months):

  • the government passed a law that enables it to block access to (censor) any website it wants without even asking a judge for permission. Yes, that's happening in central europe in 2015, not in some backwards ass dictatorship from africa. (fun fact too, this law was passed under the guise of preventing TERRISM, of course, using the recent attacks as cover. the first site blocked ? thepiratebay. thanks government for saving me from those damn jihadist torrents ! )

  • they also decided that cars from 1997 and older will not be able to enter or drive in Paris anymore starting in 2016. It will extend to other towns in the future. if you drive a €500 1995 peugeot 106, you're fucked and you need to buy something newer to go to work now. it's easy, just ask your parents for money or something, jeez... oh by the way, if you drive a 3 ton gas guzzling V8 biturbo monstrosity like a porsche cayenne, you're fine. a ferrari that drinks 35L/100 ? fine too. as long as you're not a dirty poor person, you can pollute Paris all you want. oh yeah, the funniest part is that the "people" drafting these laws are supposed to be socialists, and are driven around paris in high end luxury cars on our dime.

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I'm guessing the latter was passed ostensibly for omissions reasons?

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I have a thing for French cars and it makes me sad to see how French politics makes it hard for the manufacturers to compete internationally.

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I often see the case of France written. So no, indeed you cannot do a paternity test without the consent of a juge. BUT if you have legitimate assumption the paternity test will be ordered and if the mother refuses it she will loose every claims.

Meaning it's easy to prove that you're not the father but hard to prove the child is yours.

Edit: the whole paternity test are banned in France is half ways true. You aren't allowed to do one by yourself. But if you contest paternity in front of a judge then the paternity test is mandatory

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So you have to provide a judge with proof, something only a paternity test would give, in order to be allowed to have a test take place. Catch 22.

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Legitimate assumption can be anything, if you argue it correctly to the judge.

Lacking sex life, busy life schedule at the time of conception that would make it very unlikely, woman's lifestyle puts a serious doubt on her (goes out every weekend, etc.) and that's just after 30 seconds of thinking about reasons. Give yourself a week and you can comb through your and her life and find plenty of reasons.

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Couldn't you just order a cheek swab kit online?

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that is a felony in Britain. You are violating the child's right to his genetic information, I kid you not.

In Germany the law to declare it a felony did not pass. It might be a misdemeanor. Certainly the result is absolutely useless and invalid for legal purposes. Even as argument to order a test.

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If you want to prove that the child is yours yes. Men aren't protected for that.

But if you are contesting the paternity then the court will order a test in 100% of the cases.

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Nothing in the last sentence made sense

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Bit tired my bad.

So for France: A man can prove he is not the father by asking a judge to order the test. The mother has every right to refuse the test, but if she does so the juge will then assume that the men isn't the father.

It become problematic if you want to prove that the child is yours. In that case without the consent of the mother you can do nothing and most of the judge will dismiss your request.

So in conclusion. Easy to prove that you're not the father but hard to prove the child is yours.

Paternity test are prohibited if one of the party doesn't consent. Can be overruled by a judge

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So then men aren't trapped into raising a child that isn't theirs in France. That's what I take from your post. So why are people saying France automatically forces you to raise a child that isn't your own?

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Had to do a bit of research.

From what I get it exists a rule "possession d'état" (hard to translate would probably be "paternity by status") that could explain it.

Basically if you have recognized the child as yours and raised him/her for more than 5 years you will considered as the father no matter what. Even if you prove afterward that the child isn't yours. So there is a 5 years deadline, it's too late after that.

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ok so not so bad then. But basically you still have a chance to argue that the kid isn't yours and if they deny a paternity test then that's even better than doing the test, because you're let go. Not so bad as perpetuated sometimes. Reddit loves to regurgitates shit so much, that it's often too twisted from the truth.

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It seems you are saying your instead of yours a few times.

Yours is the second person possessive pronoun – it replaces "your" + noun.

This baby is yours

Is the same as

This is your baby

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No surprise, do think the fraud claim should move forward as this is classic theft by deception.

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I hope this guy wins. It would set a good precedent that women cannot lie about paternity to secure child support.

However, being a realist and knowing how family courts usually deal with this crap he's probably screwed because he treated the kid as his own for however long.

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I do not have high hopes either but I just wanted to point out this is not going through the family court system

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Probably won't. Most, if not all, of the elements of this fraudulent paternity have already been decided in other cases, and NOT in favor of the presumed, but not actual, father.

EDIT: Just saw that this was UK, not USA. It could go anywhere.

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Why would the ex lover and her go to the sperm clinic if she didnt intend to get pregnant with the ex's child?

Open and shut fraud case. Let AF pay up and releive BB. Oh, wait.

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Why would the ex lover and her go to the sperm clinic

Something tells me that they didn't even really go to the sperm clinic for impregnation...

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I hope he gets all his money back. Penalties would be appropriate too but the child shouldn't suffer too much.

Maybe we should imprison the wife and simultaneously force her to pay back the money. That would hurt the child, but it's also how we treat men ordered to pay.

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The child certainly shouldnt be held accountable for the actions of the mother.

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Correct. The child should be taken from the mother and given to one of the fathers. No child should have to be raised by criminal.

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What is this?

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Penalties would be appropriate too but the child shouldn't suffer too much.

So they say, but children are made to suffer all the time when their fathers are imprisoned for not paying alimony / child support.

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women must hate modern science

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They do, it stifles their emotional argument.

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There's a video of Chomsky explaining how modern feminism tries to mimic the hard sciences as a way of establishing an alternative method of finding facts, since the scientific method is "male privileged".

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Please link us to the lecture, it sounds good

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[permanently deleted]

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It's curious that I like a lot of what Chomsky says and understand him. Yet, I find most left wing politicians and "intellectuals" completely retarded. I think Chomsky is very insightful and well informed. He does target the United States a lot, so I can see why it would cause a lot of butthurt.

It's also curious that there's no good criticism of Chomsky.

Only true criticism is that he's an idealist. He believes that good will overcome evil through reason and knowledge. He's willing to sacrifice himself on the altar of righteousness.

I believe in power winning over reason each and every time.

That's really the only difference.

You could also see this as the Nietzschean divide between slaves and masters. Both believe they are right and the other ones are evil. Yet they are both just operating from their own goals and viewpoints to maximise their own potential.

Noam Chomsky is firmly in the camp of white males are evil and brown people can do no wrong because of the oppressive nature of the white race as a whole.

That's a ridiculous strawman.

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Can you link to where Chomsky talks about the Ferguson situation? Genuinely curious.

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That ending was unexpected.

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This is why they make genetic tests illegal in many countries. If it could help a man. It reduces option females had all during human history.

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The tide... it is a-turning.

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''The lecturer’s solicitor, Ellen Windsor, said: ‘I have been involved in two previous landmark cases covering paternity fraud in the High Court, both of which were successful.’''

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Holy shit. Technology is really empowering women

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I'm too lazy to find a link but it's pre-programmed for women to cheat on their men. They find masculine looking men more attractive on their ovulation period (can get preggers) but then find softer features more attractive for the rest of the month. AKA BB and AF

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It's been on TIL numerous times, so if anyone doubts this search it under r/TIL

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Alpha Fertilized/Beta Bastardized

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Additional takeaways from that case:

The couple married in 2002, and the husband – who already had two children by a previous marriage – had his vasectomy reversed so they could have a baby. [...] Seven months after the baby’s birth, the husband and wife separated and were divorced in 2007, [...] His wife, now aged 53, [...] Now the 60-year-old academic

  • don't mess with vasectomies, guys
  • WTF don't try having a child if you are over 50 and your woman is 45.

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stupid fucker gave his woman IVF

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How can she even defend this???

I mean why would the ex-lover need to actually donate any sperm if not to get her pregnant? She failed.

I hope the ex-husband gets his money back.

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I predict that this man will be forced by the courts to support the child since the feminist movement has influenced government institutions to favor the female imperative.

Doubt it. This is practically fraud.

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It's in the UK, so who knows.

In the US though, it doesn't matter, when it comes to Paternity, men have no rights in the US, only financial obligations. A woman can litterally steal a man's sperm from a discarded condom in a garbage can, and then get paid for the rest of her life. A woman can also litterally knowingly lie about paternity, and the courts will still force the named man to pay child support even after it is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt the woman lied. Again, men have no parental rights, the courts in the US just view males as sources of money and nothing else, women are also completely impervious to fraud no matter what the real evidence shows:



[–]ex_astris_sci 7 points8 points  (2 children)

That's terrifyingly fucked up.

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Don't be American; don't get married; always wrap it. Always

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And whatever you do, don't get raped by a woman because you'll have to pay for the child anyway.

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That's why you rinse the condom instead of leaving it in the trash. Easy way to say it's so it doesn't smell if asked. No possibility of the crazy ones pulling that stunt...

On the other hand, there's precedent of chicks using sperm collected from bjs, so maybe pinching their noses will solve that too...

[–]1oldredder 3 points4 points  (0 children)

courts gladly enforce fraud on men by women. That's the nature of the "legal" and "justice" system

[–]QraQen 7 points8 points  (1 child)

Well there are rape cases where the (obviously male) victim was forced to pay child support.

Don't assume you can project simple morality and logic into the system of law.

[–]waylandertheslayer 7 points8 points  (0 children)

Wasn't there even one where a 14-year-old boy got raped, and when he was an adult he suddenly had to pay several years' worth of child support out of the blue?

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Could any one point out any cases like this that the woman won? I would really help my anti-feminism speech!

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If you're going to impregnate your wife (as opposed to a surrogate), it should be done naturally. Even if your wife is honest, mix-ups can happen from the clinic's end as well. If your wife simply has problems getting pregnant naturally, maybe its time to find a new woman.

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[permanently deleted]

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Thanks Voltaire. Got any more wisdom from your ass?

How about this: do whatever you want with whoever you want.

I said "should", not must. Just advice from my part. You not only shouldn't trust women blindly, you can't ignore clinical errors either.

That being said, Fentrix, what's with the ad hominem attacks and shame trolling? I guess 100,000 members has its pros and cons. You can't be bothered to read the rules, can you?

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[permanently deleted]

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If your beta ass

Don't flame bait. Keep your discourse civil.

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It is normally an issue with the man. Sperm counts have been declining for some time now.

[–]R4F1 2 points3 points  (2 children)

That is true, but in this case, if you read the article you wouldn't have said that. The man was fine, even had kids with a previous wife, it was the woman who had trouble conceiving, so she went to Spain with her lover but got pregnant with his sperm rather than the husband's.

[–]schabadoo 0 points1 point  (1 child)

There was a general comment about having problems getting pregnant, so it seemed appropriate.

[–]R4F1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Not disagreeing with you. We're just talking two separate things, but in this case yours was kinda offtopic (as far as the article is concerned).

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In vitro cuckolding. Wow just wow. When you think that's impossible that something gets worse...

A family source said: ‘The marriage was turbulent. His wife got bored with her husband and had long conversations with her ex-lover.’


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Is there a good time to do the paternity test so you can know the child is yours before it's born?

[–]killcat 2 points3 points  (0 children)

You can do amniocentesis after the 1st trimester (I think) but there are risks to the pregnancy.

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You can't perform a dna test prior to birth even via amniocentesis.

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Yes, it's called NIPP, look it up. It just needs a sample from you and the mother's blood, very clever. Make sure you use the most reputable firm though.