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Hey guys, this is just a short and sweet post with a little workplace advice. I run crews in mining exploration. The field attracts a lot of alphas and a fair share of fuckups. Things go wrong every day. The sweetest sentence one can hear is \"I'll make it work\" or \"we'll make it work\", delivered with a stoic, confident attitude. As in, 'don't worry about the details, do your thing and I'll take care of it'. When coming from an alpha it screams total confidence. I notice when I say it to my boss too, he noticeably smiles and relaxes. Of course, you have to actually follow through with it.

Give it a try, it works in almost any workplace setting.

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If you are unsure of something, instead of saying "I'm not sure" say "I havnt made my decision yet". Cleaning up little things like this has done wonders for me.

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Reframing indecision as unhurriedness. Nice. Related to how speaking and moving slowly is related to perception of high status / alphaness.

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Reframing indecision as unhurriedness

One of the 48 Laws is to never appear to be in a rush.

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Comrade Stalin always took a puff on his pipe. This gave him extra time to think over his response to questions.

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I can't wait to read this book.

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Moving slowly at work is not a good idea. No one will think "oh, what an alpha employee" They'll see you as lazy. Unless you're in a position of power, of course.

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There's a difference between a nervous, anxious quickness and actually acting with a sense of urgency, yet have a slower, more deliberate speech pattern.

I can sit down and slow down my speech, and maintain my frame on a phone call and not "be rushed" on a 5 minute call and get more done than someone who talks quickly and tries to do a dozen different things on a call that lasts 25 minutes.

Works on more things than you'd think. Pretend you work at a movie theater concession stand, and the person in front of you has no idea what they want and a line is building. An "Alpha" personality will make recommendations and sell them on something to get them through the line quicker, and bag their popcorn with a very deliberate consistent pace. A "Beta" personality would likely not bother them, wait for them to make up their mind, then rush and throw popcorn in the bag and quickly shoe them through the queue, while taking their time when it slows down.

There's a saying I like, it's "Slow is smooth and smooth is fast". If you have to repeat yourself when you talk quickly, you're not not saving any time. If you spend the time to learn how to control conversations, build muscle memory, learn mental shortcuts, learn to stay organized while under chaos, etc, you can sit down with almost any job and cut down the bullshit yet still act with a sense of urgency and get shit done.

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We say that for BJJ! "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast"

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I've been wanting to pick up a martial art for a while. What are your thoughts for someone who's neglected his body for the first 27 years of his life? I only started watching my health and going to the gym over the last 5-6 months, do you think/see people who are out of shape get injured with Jiu Jitsu, specifically because of their fitness?

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I think BJJ would transform your physique within 6 months, no joke. As long as you go to a reputable school with a good beginner-centric culture, the professor (what you call the head BJJ black belt) and the fellow more advanced students will go a long way to make sure you are eased into it, injury free. Perceptions aside, it is a very safe sport. If you're quite overweight and out of shape right now sure it will be tough in the beginning, just like any vigorous exercise program. But the body is designed to adapt, and with BJJ, adapt it will. Let me know of I can help bro. Go for it!

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I'd say bjj is probably the best combat sport if your out of shape. Not that it isn't physically intensive because it def is,but it probably has a much bigger technique :strength ratio than other sports,meaning strength matters less if you know what you're doing compared to something like boxing (which I love) but even if you're a solid boxer if you let your cardio slip for a year you're gonna be in trouble if you try to spar.

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No bullshit, I just got hired at a movie theater and am training in concessions today. Will keep this concept in mind, thanks!

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Shit, I responded with slow is smooth is fast before I saw your post. I rarely see people say that any more.

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Dam that movie theater analogy was perfect.

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The way this has always come naturally for me is that I'm always having fun and I'm real with people. Beta's are so fake and are coping with how miserable they are. The alpha thrives, and it comes naturally. In this particular situation, if someone is having trouble finding what they want, just be like the nachos are pretty dope. Or the red slushee's here are good you should try one.

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2 things I learned in the Marine Corps.... Slow is smooth is fast and KISS-Keep it simple, stupid. If you do things patiently and dileberately it will get done right the first time and thus is faster.

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sorry that took so long.

Thank you for waiting.

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Great. Stating things in a way that demonstrates you're in control is a great way to display confidence and frame.

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It's shocking when you realize how effective simple word choice and posturing can be. I've always considered it's effective use to be relatively high level stuff. Strong alphas will utilize it. Dark triad men are often masters of it.

Understanding the nuances between words and phrasing and knowing how to frame your speech to better accentuate your status and authority is an incredible skill.

It can absolutely be learned, but it's a skill that will naturally be much stronger in some than others. I'm definitely above average with it. Still, I've met men who are natural masters. Miles ahead of me. It's enthralling to watch someone with that skill when you are conscious of it.

I swallowed the pill almost two years ago. I'd kill to read some solid posts about this kind of stuff. The deeper more subtle ideas that would be useless to a beginner. I'm far from having mastered myself and every RP concept (which I doubt I ever will, there is always more to learn), but I'm itching for that eye opening, brain jogging feeling I got when I first started reading TRP. Some Advanced TRP.

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You're in college...ur just a puppy...the most you should think you know is to accept you don't know shit. Once you accept you don't know shit, you will be ahead of most RP know-it-alls.

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Sterling Heights? You could probably hit my school with your first guess. It's within 60 miles. Hopefully we're in the Elite Eight come Friday night.

I wouldn't say I don't know shit. There are a ton of men on TRP with far more wisdom and life experience than me. Countless guys that can provide better insight on the things we discuss.

Despite that, I've had plenty of experiences in my life that allow me to provide legitimate insight on certain topics. That's how I knew TRP was the real deal when I first discovered it. I wasn't BP when I started reading. I had already been developing my own ideas and strategies parallel to many of the ones here and TRP fleshed them out for me. Obviously I've still learned much more here than I would have figured out on my own. I finally started posting on this alt account a few months ago when I felt my knowledge had developed enough and I was comfortable contributing without talking out of my ass. If something is better explained by someone else or there's a topic I don't have any experience with, I don't post.

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He's a grown ass dog compared to the 80%, but I understand what you mean.

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This has done wonders for me with my employees. I used to have a bad habit of getting a big picture first, making a decision, then learning about the small details. It leads to either bad decisions or flip flopping confusion.

I've now realized that staying calm, learning the details, and taking as much time as I need to decide is the only way to get things done properly.

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Alternatively - make the decision you want to have happen 3 decisions from now.

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This is a really good one. I find myself saying "I'm not sure" quite often when it comes to my recollection of facts (I'm a med student, can't really blame me), though I usually follow it up with "let me get back to you".

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Workplace, yes it works wonderfully. Unfortunately, it does not work around females. Every time I've used that around a woman, they want to know:

-How you'll make it work

-When you'll make it work

-Why you want to make it work

-Who's helping you make it work

-How does making it work make you feel?

-How could it be done differently to make it work?

-Are you sure you can make it work?

-Why are you so confident? Don't be so cocky.

...and so on. If you say "I'll make it work" to a female, expect a massive shit test, which may or may not be resolved with repeating the phrase, followed by "...trust me."

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I'd never say "trust me." Rather, I'd deflect her questions with, "Don't worry about it. I got this."

I don't play the million questions game. She's just going to use my answers to question, overanalyze and undermine everything I say, so why bother? If she insists on playing the game and won't accept "Don't worry about it", I'll show irritation and interrupt her with, "Do you want me to do it or not?" When she says yes, "Then stop interrogating me. I said I'll make it work."

The only way to win is to refuse to play the game.

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Not always true. They may be few and far between, but good female bosses do exist.

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I have a female boss. When I first started working, I was in a BP slump. My supervisor then was a RP woman, feminine and dutiful and just a quality gal. She basically told me to put my foot down with her boss. So I did.

Lo and behold, all it took was putting my foot down once and suddenly I had no micromanagement, no unreasonable requests, total freedom to make and fix my own problems, and I got a promotion a month in with a 20% raise after my supervisor quit leaving me her job.

She treats me like a man and not her employee. She asks me how to do things and never ever even comes close to blaming me for things that go wrong, sometimes even when they're my fault.

If I hadn't taken someone's advice early on, that could be much different.

Plus now I think she wants to fuck me and to be honest that wouldn't be so bad except don't shit where you eat.

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Agreed. I've had three of them. The fourth was a cunt, but overall I've had a good experience, anomalous though it may be.

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she is only going to be a cool female boss while things are going her way without any effort

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...and so on. If you say "I'll make it work" to a female, expect a massive shit test, which may or may not be resolved with repeating the phrase, followed by "...trust me."

I also like: "I said I'll make it work. Not we will make it work."

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[permanently deleted]

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Have a female boss. Whenever she gives me a task, I look her in the eye and say "done." She doesn't question it and lets me handle it. If she doesn't give me a task, I beat her to the punch and ask for one. Then ask one or two questions for clarification if necessary, and say "sure thing Boss." All it takes is establishing trust and having a good record of not fucking up, doesn't matter what's between our legs.

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I'm glad we have a positive example of a good male female work dynamic in here. People knowing their role and maintaining frame in all things drastically improves everyone's position. Thank you for sharing.

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Same. Best thing is to anticipate and already have things done. That's happened several times on my current project. I find myself answering her questions before she even finishes them.

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I have a female boss. She's pretty legit. Looks out for me on the job and what not. I work in an office setting. She even gives good advice regarding my work:

  • Always get documentation whenever possible. Even for verbal conversations. Send an email mentioning the conversation with detail.

  • When someone asks are you busy (because they need you for something), always say something along the lines of "yes, but I can pull away for a second if you need me". Never say "no".

  • Make a list of all your tasks and things you've accomplished so that you can ask for a raise and can't be denied.

  • If they start asking you to regularly do things outside of your job description, set aside time to speak with the big boss and talk about your duties, your willingness, and most importantly, your pay increase.

She's definitely a rare breed. Those are all the things she made sure to mention to me throughout my time working here, plus more. She usually doesn't question me with anything. Once I say I got it or that its taken care of, she forgets all about it.

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Don't answer those questions. She'll be upset at first but once you follow through, she'll trust you forever.

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I avoid and keep minimal contact with all my female employees. Even if the female supervisor is the only superior there, I take things into my own hands to get shit done. 99% of the time she can't make decisions so I have adapted to stepping in and making them myself. Yeah sure I am not in that sort of position, but working there for so long, and after finding this sub, I am more confident in the decisions I have made and will make.

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So true. When making plans for the weekend like transportation I'll say "I'll make it happen" and they'll chide in "how are you going to do that?".

They get an "I got it" or an ignore.

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Every single time? Really? That's amazing.

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I'm generalizing, but the occurrence is so frequent it might as well be nearly 100%. Don't be pedantic.

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From this, AND I A NOT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE, MERELY OBSERVING, do you see why men used to just slap them and tell them to STFU?

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That was simply due to men not understanding Amused Mastery, and learning to control their tempers. Snapping is losing frame, and helps no one.

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it was the fastest easiest way to end s*** test s

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What are you doing today? What are we going to do when we get back to the office?

We are going to get shit done thats what we are going to do.

People around the office have this get shit done mentality.

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Just try to avoid:

"Make it work!"

  • Tim Gunn

That screams something else.

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My family loved this show and used that quote on me when I had homework troubles and the like! It got me through high school.

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Remember: excuses are for betas!

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Does that include valid excuses?

I've had people ask me to do things in an impossible timeframe. I've made it work but not in the timeframe they ask for but a hell of a lot shorter time than most at my job can produce.

There are certain things I can't change such as how long a vendor takes to manufacture a product. I can get them to do it sooner then you're average customer since I have a good relationship with them but some things are out of both our hands.

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As an engineer in the field, shit gets thrown at you multiple times throughout the day.

You've learnt not to panic, use your mind and think. When all around you are losing their cool, it is you who is calm, thinks and acts accordingly to solve the issue.

I've done this many times, often staying back for extra 5-7hours just to fix the fuck up. Is it worth it? I'm not sure. But it sure is satisfying to know that I'm able to fix problems of epic proportions.

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[permanently deleted]

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Omg your name. That skit was hilarious

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Totally. I work as a stage helper. My job is to give the director what he wants, 10 seconds before he wants it. And if there is a problem, I'm already solving it.

I really like my job.

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Every time I have ever heard that it was followed by an incredible accident. It has gotten to the point that I hear that I cringe. I can't even type it...

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i have just discovered the phrase of "I'll handle it"

does anyone know how this phrase campers to OP's ?

i'm just now incorporating it into my life.

EDIT: "not" changed to "now"

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I've done this with great success. I used to say things like "It is what it is." (Boss pointed this out in a performance review once).. or things like "I'll give it a shot".

Now I say things like "Yeah, it'll be done." or "I'll take care of it." Not just in the workplace, but out and about, working on cars, etc... it's great. Don't just say it.. do it. It's like a motivator. "Yeah it'll be done"... makes you put 100% effort into it. "I'll take a shot at it" screams I'm going to give 60% and see what happens.

[–]BadassRPMofo 3 points4 points  (1 child)

I do this when I'm weighing my options and can't/don't feel like making a snap decision. It's rare (for me) but it happens. I find it to a very effective way to take the reins and force people to wait on your decisions....whether it be at work or dealing with a plate/significant other. If fact, I used it this morning on a plate who lives a decent drive away from me and offered to come over instead of me driving to her. I prefer to go to her, but didn't know how I would feel later in the day after just getting back from Europe last night. I told her I'd let her know this afternoon, but "either way you will get a chance to see me tonight", which is all she cared about anyway.

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Be careful with that though. One time is okay but if you keep it up like this she will take you for granted and that's when shit goes down

[–]highlivin 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Absolutely. So long as you follow through, you're golden with this line. And you'll make for yourself a killer rep.

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I do this a lot in my job as well. There are always problems that arise randomly and when I can confidently say "I'll take care of it" my boss will set back, relax and let me handle however I need to.

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My attitude is similar. My go to phrase is I'll get it done. Never failed yet and my company literally can't run without me. God I love my job. There is a lot to be said about just owning your responsibility and getting shit done.

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As long as you make it work. A few times not doing it and you've broken the statement.

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Hell, not just anyone can say it either. You already need to have earned some implicit trust to pull this shit off. Either that, or you've got a real hands-off boss. If I had a rookie say that shit to me, I'd ask him how.

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So true, I've caught on to this recently and have begun using this phrase or its variations. It's very powerful, puts people at ease, restores and promotes confidence in you.

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I'm in pipeline construction and do a lot of purchasing. Foremen and supers call me all day looking for supplies that can be difficult to find or they need it yesterday...you know how it is.

My go to line is always, "I'll take care of it."

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I like to say "I'll make it happen" or "We'll make it work". I heard a cool one my boss told me while trying to figure out a work schedule that benefited both sides, he said, "We'll massage it".

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"We'll make it work" was a political campaign catchphrase of political party that won the elections in my country. They, unfortunately, did NOT make it work...

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Boss: They aren't doing what they are suppose to do. Getting info to us late, etc etc etc.

Me: Yeah. They're screwing up. But its cool. I'll take care of it.

Boss: :)))

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Is this video accurate of what a day's work is like for you? http://youtu.be/nfs_8m-59bk

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[permanently deleted]

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Thanks for replying.

I am really interested in your job. Did you go to a university to get your job or was it more you have to know people to do mining exploration? Also, it seems like you've been in the same mining area for a while.

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It's a good way to end a conversation with the coworker that likes to talk for 30 minutes only to come up with the conclusion you mentioned in the first 5.