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First of all, sorry for my English but I want to express myself and tell how trp changed me.

A little background,I was 11 when I diagnosed with HGH(Human growth hormone) deficiency. I used to look like an 8 year old when I was in high school(for reference here is Andy Milonakis, he is 40). Besides I used to have Pectus Excavatum, my chest was like this. Now imagine a high school boy who looks like a skinny 8 year old freak(my face looks attractive btw). I was getting bullied everyday. No self esteem, no confidence, no social skills, no social life. My whole life was about porn,video games and movies. I started shooting HGH when I was 14. My look was getting back to normal. I was growing 4-5 inches in a year. When I was 19, my doctors said enough and they've stopped the treatment. I'm 5'9'' now and I look perfectly normal. When they stopped my hgh treatment I decided to have Nuss procedure (nsfl), They put a 12 inc metal bar inside my chest. Post op was painful as fuck, I couldn't breath or move. By the time I was still a video game and porn addict. Losing all hopes was freedom. My doctors said "you should stay in bed for 3 months, you won't be able to make physical activity for at least 6 months". I used my time wisely. I started learning English, read lots of book(every kind of books, fictional, non-fictional, even romantic novels), I was still lurking on reddit though, when I was hanging out /r/askreddit, I saw a thread about most hated subreddits and decided to check it. All subreddits looked familier except this one, on the front page, some of those posts were Misogynistic and comments have negative attitude. However, when I read the sidebar and the top posts, I realised that this community is about self-improvement, it's about reminding us that we are men and understand female mind. This is when my life started to change completely. 3 months of monk mode, self improvement books/articles,meditation,o social media and therapy(suprisingly most of male psychologists are red pill btw) 6 months after post-op I started lifting, I swear to god I woke up at 5 am every morning, took my supplements and hit the gym then went to my 8am classes, my chest bar was still giving me pain but no pain no gain they say. I gave all of my clothes to charity and bought new ones(thanks /r/frugalmalefashion), I quit porn cold turkey(thanks /r/pornfree) and masturbate only 1 time a week(I don't believe 90 days no fap challenges, it makes me pussy worshipper beta),started doing kegel exercises, doing yoga to correct my posture,found new hobbies(rock climbing and painting). After a year of lifting,eating paleo and learning new social skills. I finally found courage to talk with girls. I turned into a "not giving a fuck machine" we are a maggots in god's asshole anyway, who gives a fuck? I aproached girls when they were with their bf's. I got beaten, rejected, fell for oneitis or got laid. With every date or casual sex, I learned something new, I found my weaknesses and tried to fix them. I traveled 22 different countries and slept with girls from different races(thanks Couchsurfing and Tinder). the slutty Australians, snotty French girls, perfect Russian wife materials, shy Korean girl. Call this subreddit sick, call me sociopath or a liar neck beard. I'm studying computer science, I have 3.62 GPA, I look fit, a girl who works for P&B offered me to be a model, I have lots of friends, I climb every weekend and eat clean. Did I do all of this for girls? Nah. Maybe at first, but when you focus on yourself and start living, girls come anyways.

Thanks TRP.

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You deserve the Most Improved RedPiller Award for 2015.

Congratulations brother.

You story should be shared to all the self-defeating guys out there thinking they are doomed with their looks. The fact you got offered a modeling job is testament to your hard work. Take note guys you can change your body with hard consistent work like this man did.

This is the essence of TRP. The path for every man to find their cloud.

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more like the red pill hall of fame

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or maybe a spot on /r/thatHappened

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Yeah as great as this could be, I'm inclined to disbelief due to the whole recently bedridden college kid acquiring model looks and body all the while traveling to 22 different countries all the while working on a compsci degree.

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Traveling 22 countries took two summer holidays actually, all you need is a backpack, an interrail/eurorail and some plane tickets.

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subreddit sick, call me sociopath or a liar neck beard. I'm studying computer science, I have 3.62 GPA, I look fit, a girl who

if he had face than yeah its possible, if he didn't have face than it would not be possible without augmentation.

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I turned into a "not giving a fuck machine." We are all maggots in god's asshole anyway, who gives a fuck?

Great line. You've got skills... Your next lesson: Don't ever open again with a fucking apology. It's the sort of beta supplicating move guys will do reflexively to diminish themselves, to be less intimidating to females.

Be the swaggering dick you were meant to be... Read GLO's posts for great examples of this.

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The "never apologize" part is very appropriate for speaking a foreign language. A native speaker never prefaces a sentence with "sorry if my grammar is wrong", we simply speak as we are comfortable and ignore small errors.

In OP's case specifically there are many noticeable errors, but I was still able to understand everything he typed. If he had omitted the first line I simply would have gotten to enjoy the content of his post quicker.

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If he didn't apologize, I would have let it go the minute he said he was teaching himself English. I despise grammar nazis, anyway.

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I am so happy for you. Especially since you owe all of this to yourself. Well done. I completely agree, that once you escape the constant need for validation through sex, a cloud is lifted and real life begins. Encounters with women become a tasty side-dish of life instead of a zero sum game. I have a question though; I'm 28 and still wank 1-2 times a day. It's not really a nuisance, but I did experience much more energy the two weeks I tried going without porn and beating off, as well as more sexual passion for my then-girlfriend. I'd like to do it again, do you have any advice for setting up the practical plan for becoming pornfree and wanking less?

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First off, OP is awesome. I was gonna just comment on his post but saw yours.

I am super horny all the time, and if I'm not getting laid I need to jerk it. There is a way I know if I am just wanting the release or if I really need it.

For me, I just lay down and start thinking about sex. If I get a boner without touching myself, then I'm actually in need. If not, then I'm just looking to relieve stress in an unhealthy way. Hope this helps!

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First of all you need to understand that porn is addictive, some people think it's a SJW bullshit but I experienced this addiction at first hand, I downloaded GB's of porn that I never watch, I watched weird stuff and I could tell 1000+ pornstar names(even male ones). Apart from main current media's bullshit (like FTND), This article and this ted talk are the only things that persuaded me to believe that is an addcition. Try to jerk off without porn for once a week, It's gonna be hard at first but it's going to be an habit after. restrict your internet/social media time, use your time and energy for other things(hobbies,sports,hanging out with friends etc.). Our testosterone levels make peak in every 7 days, you can also take ZMA pills or watch sports games (UFC,NHL,NBA etc.) with your bros. And finally try mindfulness meditation.

edit: about /u/confuseacatlmtd 's question. Try to understand how dopamine works, In our day, when we get hungry we order food in 10 mins or when we fell bored we watch tv shows but sex is different, when we get horny we have to deal with it. If you can't resist this urge, your brain starts to wire itself for every boredom is gonna end up with masturbation or porn. We live in a fucked up world, we consume weird products, we eat chemicals, we have thousands of porn sites/stars, we can see fucked up shit on the internet and they are one click away and they make our brains boost unnatural amounts of dopamine.

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That sucks that you got addicted. I happen to think masturbation is perfectly healthy and if I don't do at least every other day I end up with random bones throughout the day.

I think porn is like alcohol. Manageable to some but toxic to others. I'm glad you got a hold of your addiction dude keep up the good work!

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Yes I completely agree. Porn is all about moderation. I've done NoFap a few times and to be honest I did feel great, my confidence and energy were through the roof. But it also made me think about sex a lot and I was so desperate to get laid that I just didn't feel comfortable. I try my best not to watch porn anymore though because my motivation definitely goes down when I do.

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Go to r/pornfree and r/nofap and PM me if you have any questions.

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Interesting comment about male psychologists being red pill. I see a therapist once every couple weeks - not because I'm struggling with anything in particular, but because I'm an American high school teenager and it's nice to have a healthy place to vent and deal with all the bullshit outside of my friends and my parents. I don't talk about TRP anywhere else in my life but I tell this dude everything and he agrees with me and actually encourages me to keep reading red pill because he says that he's seen a marked improvement in my happiness since I started subscribing to this sub, pursued self-improvement, started getting laid regularly etc etc etc. I'm happier than I've ever been, I attribute that at least in part to TRP, and my therapist agrees.

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I have one question to put things into perspective. How old are you now ?

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I keep telling guys on this sub: Rock climbing is RP as fuck. I started climbing almost 2 years ago. I go climb at the gym 3x/week and weekend trips outdoors when the weather is good. When girls hear that you’re a climber they get turned on. Climbing helps physically, emotionally, mentally… You go on adventures outdoors and, shit, the gear is so cool. Half the college-aged girls have a “Oh, I just love to climb!” phase, which is a joke, because they barely climb and suck at it. If you’re a decent climber who gets outdoors these young girls will think you’re a god. Seriously. I have had random 18-20 year old girls (I’m in my 30s) who see me at the climbing gym message me on FB. It’s almost too easy.

Plus, climbing gyms are the only gyms with almost no landwhales.

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There is nothing wrong about landwhales in the gym, of all places.

[–]1jb_trp 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Agreed. But it is nice that almost all the women in climbing gyms have decent bodies--especially the regular climbers. I climb because I love it... But cute, young girls in yoga pants thinking you're hot because you're a decent climber and in good shape is a definite plus.

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Whales belong in the ocean, everything is wrong lelele

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Rock Climbing is cool and all but you can't tell me it's more red pill than MMA ;)

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you get the gay comments, same with wrestling. Rock climbing is pretty RP

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You should submit this to Aesop's Red Pill Fables.

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Are you trying to tell us by seeking self-improvement in ones life through sacrifice, study, discipline and a concrete plan - your life improved for the better?

Are you serious that self-control, pushing yourself and actually trying to be the best you man you could be, and taking the time to do so - actually brought results?


What about just accepting your lot in life and being content with being handed the shitty side of the stick, whats wrong with that? So many accept this. Why do you have to be different!

Okay, its all sarcasm... just in case you did not get it.

Excellent work, so nice to read this...

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Perfect summary of what redpill is all about. Notice most of this was directed towards OP and not women? For all the misguided haters out there read the above.

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"Don't chase butterflies, tend your garden and the butterflies will come"

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I have pectus exvacatum too... It sucks. I didnt have any procedures. My parents didnt even tell me what I had or think about it. I grew up with serious self esteem problems related to this. I'm a bit old for the Nuss now but I'm going to do some cosmetic surgery soon. I feel better about the problem but it still is this thing that hangs over me from when I had self esteem problems, and getting it fixed will just make it a nonproblem.

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I was a bit old when I had nuss, it's way painful for older guys, but it's definitely worth it. Consider the surgery

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I do get winded sometimes but maybe just a little worse than other people. I do also have flaring of my ribs and probably will never look 100% normal.

I already am in $250,000 debt from grad school. If I go a month without working because I'm sitting in a hospital, I go broke.

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Great post! I'm going to come back and read this whenever I get discouraged.

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Good for you bud. This story brings a smile to my otherwise emotionless face.

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This was the most inspiring post I have ever read in this sub. As you already know, you are the man.

Liar neck beards and sociopaths would've quit and stuck with just the porn a while back.

It's refreshing to have these types of stories instead of the cliche angry AWALT posts.

Keep it up dude.

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People always talk about their random world travels on this sub. How did you accomplish this fund wise? You said you used couch surfing and shit, but what about the rest? Food, baths, etc. Also, congrats on the success.

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Great post. Thank you for inspiring me.

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Glad to see you came out strong. Hopefully i can achieve the same myself

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Slow Clap to Stand up and Applause...Well Done Mate..Well Freaking Done!

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Awesome post buddy.

"Did I do all of this for girls? Nah."

THIS is something TRP keeps on forgetting.

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I can relate to this as well.

I was born with a form of dwarfism, my body does not generate growth hormone or testosterone, had to take shots most of my life.

I was always the short kid, the looking like not very masculine.

Even these days at age 52, I go to restaurants, and am almost always mistaken for being female.

But your right, the right attitude can change you.

I am finish reading the Book of Pook PDF, which is a life changer.

Now I just have to push forward, and start excersizing.

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Wow, holy shit, what a story! It's almost hard to believe. Incredible!

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After reading shit like this, ask yourself; WHAT IS MY EXCUSE?

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no confidence, no social skills,

How did you change this. I am physically fit now but what did you do to change this?

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Therapy, meditation and living with this mantra "you are in a video game and others are non playable characters, play your game fully so you don't regret it when you die"

For social skills, I've learned some psychological tricks, conversations feel like a game when you can read someone's body language

[–]TRP VanguardHumanSockPuppet 12 points13 points  (1 child)

That's a good way of phrasing it for the newcomers.

"Every person out there could have a hidden side quest. Go for 100% completion."

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I hate games like that because I get sucked in and it takes away time from my real life. However, if I frame real life like that. Well that is one hell of an RPG.

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Which psychological tricks?

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I've learned some psychological tricks

Thanks. Where or how can I familiarize myself with this?

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In a nutshell: Confidence comes through basing your self-image on your own judgment and detaching from the judgment of others. How do you do this? Achieve more.

Social skills come through practice. Use your bedroom for nothing but sleep, expose yourself to human interaction as much as possible while actively changing your body language, tonality, pace etc.

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I had the Pectus bar as well (your chest caved in roughly the same amount mine used to). I also had lots of little diseases at high school, and it hurt to have the operation, but honestly, I don't think it was that bad. Sure you're not taking it a little too seriously?

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That's not my chest, mine was 3rd degree pectus excavatum, worst than that one. It was effecting my stamina.

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I had the Nuss procedure when I was 15. I grew up confident for the most part, but pectus was a HUGE insecurity. Now I have a nice looking chest and a couple cool scars that chicks love to ask about. Post op recovery was a bitch but being an athlete I'm sure I recovered faster than typical. Good post and congrats on your transformation

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Excellent job on your self improvement.

I have a buddy that has a concave chest as well. We drink body shots out of it.

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Good job brother, keep on going!

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Fuck ya dude!

I enjoyed reading this story and I am very proud of you.

such an inspiration. Nice work, man. Well done.

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How long did the whole process take?

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Wow. Thanks for taking the time to make this post man. I've been browsing PPD and TBP lately for entertainment and this post reminds me that it's not all dark and gloomy here. Lots of positive things can happen as a result of putting your mind to it. Mad props, my friend!

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Yo bro! I have mild/moderate pectus not nearly as bad as that. I don't know if its severe enough for an operation. What do you think about getting a nuss done with a more mild form of pectus? My doctor is reluctant to send me to a surgeon that does nuss for adults, but I could probably get her to give in or go to another doctor that would refer me to the surgeon. What do you think?

[–]yuur6[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Do you lift? My friend has mild pectus excavatum and he looks better than normal with his chest muscles. Nuss can be painful for adults

[–]SplashArtist 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I do but im still pretty thin. I weigh 150 at 5'11.5". do you think it will look better as i pack on muscle or make it look worse?

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Would love to see a before and after pic. Congrats man

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I really don't want to post my current look cuz I have some profiles on modelling websites and with a reverse search anybody can reveal my identity.

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Fuck me! I can see why your surgery was painful, they were not gentle in that video.

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[permanently deleted]

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Using cs as a sex app is not a good thing actually, there will be a sexual tension If you stay with a girl who lives alone and you use this tension wisely you can get laid, otherwise it looks creepy.

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i can relate to this post..so much...i even rock climb paint and study computer science myself... :D

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Bad ass . Keep improving man

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"I aproached girls when they were with their bf's."

I respect you and your story, but that's just stupid and self-harmful. Not to mention, unfair to other people.

Good work anyway, you're an inspiration for us all.

[–][deleted] 17 points18 points  (2 children)


Boo fucking hoo. Life isn't "fair." It certainly wasn't "fair" to OP, but he took control of his life in the ways that he was able to. It's not OP's responsibility to respect a relationship that couldn't withstand such a bold approach.

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Why is this guy being downvoted! He's right

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fuck sakes, too many pussies on this sub lol. PraiseB2 has it down to the T.

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Yeah I don't get it, like what she was there with her BF and you just randomly walked up and started talking? I mean what exactly were you expecting, her to give her number?

[–]theproudbanana 3 points4 points  (2 children)

ITS PART OF THE FUCKING GAME. IT IS FAIR. END OF THE STORY. In every single post there are people crying about the same thing, it is fair get over it.

TRP used to ban people that was against this right?

[–]Vialix 0 points1 point  (1 child)

It didn't

Your opinions don't become facts when you capitalize them either

[–]theproudbanana 1 point2 points  (0 children)

its not an opinion. Its part of the sexual strategy... its amoral(sidebar)

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Would you say the Pectus Excavatum was one of the strongest things that was holding you back, do you think it would be different if you didn't have the operation?

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Both pectus excavatum and hgh deficiency effected me psychologically.

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Hey I also have pectus. I had corrective surgery when I was younger. I've been lifting for nearly a year, and while my squats and dead lifts continue to go up, I've been plateaued on my bench at about 155 for nearly 6 months. My friends think its because of the pectus. What has been your experience?

[–]yuur6[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Same for me, I struggle at bench press too. Also after bar removal I experienced muscle lose on my inner chest, I don't know why.

[–]CrimsonCapn 1 point2 points  (0 children)

probably just cosmetic coz that bar presses your chest outward. Glad to know it isn't something I'm doing wrong, and I figured as much, just nice to have conformation. Congrats on your RP transformation.

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[permanently deleted]

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[permanently deleted]

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I don't like the format you did this in man, but the links to self-improvement subreddits are great. It's like you're telling a story.

[–]yuur6[S] 3 points4 points  (2 children)

Yeah my English sucks, sorry again.

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Your English isn't bad at all. He means you should space out your writing into paragraphs (I think). Its easier to read that way.

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You said you read a lot of books. I imagine they were written in your native language, not English

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Andy Milanokis is fucking forty?

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you're not antisocial. stop using that word. look up a word's definition before you start using it