Field ReportFR: You can't kiss a woman on the feet without her looking down on you (self.TheRedPill)

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TL/DR: LTR plate didn’t understand why her friend treated her husband so poorly when he bends over backwards for her… Clarity ensues.


My LTP (long term plate) and I were discussing thoughts about addiction and alcoholism and she brought up that she had a friend of whom she believed she calls herself an addict more so because she likes the attention than for actually being an addict. I referenced this video, and noted how most addiction may be a result of loneliness rather than a chemical dependency.

This segwayed into her going as far as saying about her friend that “She had a RX Pill addiction at one point, she claimed to be an alcoholic, and she’s cheated on her husband several times that he is even aware of and still every morning he will have breakfast made for her before she gets out of the shower, even though he works and she doesn’t.” My LTP had nothing but nice things to say about this guy, that he was in good shape, had a great career, and treated his wife like a queen… He cooked, he cleaned, he did everything he could to make his wife happy (RP truth: Happiness comes from within)

I go “So you’re saying she doesn’t really respect her husband?”

She says “No, absolutely zero respect!”

I say “Well of course she doesn’t respect him, he’s too busy kissing her feet when he should be kissing her mouth!”

(This is referring to a comment in askreddit I saw a couple of weeks ago in regards to “A harsh truth for the opposite sex” of which I felt had some RP gold in it)

My wife brought home a book once for like an 4050 Lit class that summed up everything wrong with almost every relationship I've had and half I've seen. I don't remember the name of the book, but it's about a young black woman post Civil War, and her personal and sexual awakening. She married a successful man she wasn't "in to" because they made a "handsome couple". Her mom drops by. I'll paraphrase in the style of the author.

Mom: Why is you sittin' while your water ain't drawn and your stove wood ain't cut?

Katie: Oh, Momma, Eugene treats me so good, I hardly have to lift a finger around here. He comes home from the store and he'll cut the wood and haul the water, and sometimes he even do the cookin'.

Mom: And does you love him good at night?

Katie shrugs

Mom: (long pause) You is the dumbest child God ever give me to raise!

Katie: Why, what do you mean, Momma?

Mom: That man should be kissing your mouth, and he kissin' your foot. And a man stay down and kiss your foot long enough, you can't help but look down on him. But, come some day, he gonna look up, and SEE you looking down on him, and you ain't never gonna have another happy day.

I argued that if these addictions her friend had were legit it very well could be because she feels lonely in her relationship because instead of a partner she has a lap dog for a husband, so rather than communicating the husband plays the martyr role because he’s afraid his woman is more fragile than she is and that hes too big of a pussy to call her out, while she does whatever the fuck she wants with no repercussions. ..

My LTP went on to say “Well I don’t know if that’s true, about a guy kissing your feet and women not respecting you for it!”

So I asked her “When you were in HS, did you ever have a guy, or a couple of guys who were head over heels in love with you but you only saw them as a friend, or even like a brother?” (The orbiter)

She of course agreed, “yes, there were some guys who liked me.”

I said “Ok, if you would have let them, would those guys have done your home work? Bailed you out of jail, or essentially do anything for you because they liked you so much?”

She says “well I would never allow them to do those things!”

I say “Regardless of if you would let them or not, they would have probably done essentially anything for you correct?” She agreed that “yes they likely would have.”

So then I asked “Well how come you didn’t date any of those guys? I mean they were nice, they loved you dearly, and in their eyes you could do no wrong… so how come you never went after those guys?”

She said “I don’t know, I guess I always find myself attracted to assholes….”

And I said “Maybe you’re attracted to assholes, or maybe you just prefer a guy who’s going to kiss you on the mouth, and not spend so much time kissing your feet? I’m sure you’ve dated several assholes, however an asshole has very little interest in kissing your feet, especially when he knows he can kiss your lips… (Then I gave her a smooch on the mouth as soon as I said this)” She replies “You can kiss me anywhere!”

Conclusion: If you want a woman to respect you, stop kissing her feet

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Everyone wants the branch that's just out of reach. Nobody wants the doormat that we can't get rid of.

Respect precedes love. The moment she loses respect for you her vagina will dry up like the desert sand. You have to always show self-respect first (even if that means walking away), and in doing so be the prize.

It's so sad that today kindness is interpreted as weakness. But alas, too many betas show kindness niceness in order to get a girl and so that's the world we live in. Kindness isn't what turns a woman on anyways: It's strength, dominance, courage, etc.

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    If you want a relationship that's more than fucking, look for evidence that the capacity for gratitude still exists.

    This is making a whole lot of sense right now. Great insight.

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      I think it's fairly well explained above, but to repeat: she's gotten so used to her parents taking care of her: food, rent, cleaning, etc. that when you do those things, she won't respect them. She's come to expect it so there's no appreciation, no gratitude.

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      This makes me want to dump my "girlfriend". Ugh, women are such headaches.

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      Come on now, man, how many basement dwelling neck beards do we have out there. Men and women are vastly different but both either use their capacity or don't and the lower tiers of this results in over reliance on others, namely in the closest and easiest sense; the providers. For many, this has been and stays as their parents.

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      It's so sad that today kindness is interpreted as weakness

      Kindness is only weakness when it comes from a place of need.

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      "When you put somebody on a pedestal, they have no choice but to look down on you."

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      Never kiss a woman's ass. She will shit in your face and down your throat. If she's on a pedestal. She will shit on you from on high.

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      Never kiss a woman's ass. She will shit in your face and down your throat.

      For some reason, upon reading this I burst into laughter. Combination of metaphor and vulgarity, how hilarious

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      Depends mate. The best girls have good asses physically and pretty characters too. The best kind of women.

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      I will chime in about addiction bit as it seems everyone just swung into 'all addiction is just absence of quality friendship/companionship' trope all or so easily. After the chemical hooks are sunk, they are very strong and even with outstanding support kicking the habit is tough. I know, I was there. I used to do heroin, and trust me no amount of personal network will fix the shakes and sweats of withdrawal if you go cold turkey as you are literally bent in half losing your mind. Fuck. Benzodiazepine withdrawal is even worse, as in it can actually be fatal.

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      It was easy for me to bite because it could explain why I never got addicted drugs and alcohol even though I've used them many times.

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      Well, if she's hanging upside down by her ankles ...

      And yes, I only read the headline.

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      Regardless I appreciate the honesty!

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      Stop kissing his feet, beta faggot

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      They are still looking down relative to their perspective.

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      Came here to say this. Upvoted your post instead.

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      Same, having a foot fetish, i've kissed plenty of womens feet and they always looked up.

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      Now, with a system of ropes and pulleys...

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      Think of the most fucked up thing, then multiply that by 10. Yea, that's happening somewhere for no good reason.

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      Mom: That man should be kissing your mouth, and he kissin' your foot. And a man stay down and kiss your foot long enough, you can't help but look down on him. But, come some day, he gonna look up, and SEE you looking down on him, and you ain't never gonna have another happy day.

      Katie: Oh, mama. You don't get it. I'm done set for life. If Eugene ever don't do all that for me and more, I go see ol' Mr. Sharks the town lawyer. He gonna get me this house, most of Eugene's money at the bank, and get the judge to make Eugene pay me every month. Enough to hire a guy to do all that Eugene do for me.

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      I've got nothing to add to this.

      Well put, this was a great read.

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      Another version I've heard:

      If you place women on a pedestal they will have no choice but to look down on you.

      Applies to people in general actually.

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      The dog analogy stands here. If you have a well trained dog try to do a submissive behavior such as kissing his chops. He will be repulsed and confused because you're supposed to be in charge. The woman who was getting her feet sucked probably feels the same.

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      But what if I have foot fetish?

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        This is a legitimate question, will somebody please address this?

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        I think foot fetish is right there in the femdom section. Rarely if ever you see someone who has a foot fetish but isn't somehow submissive to women.

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        So if you're into femdom are you just wholly fucked?

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          I second MeltzerDriver's comment. Keep it to yourself and don't practice with women in your social circle. Also, you can try to lose that fetish like I did. As a fetish, while masturbating it feels good, but I think the practice will be different.

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          Then you should be cumming on her feet, not kissing them.

          Or both, if that's what you'd like.

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          In one episode of the pick-up show "Keys to the VIP", one of the contestants attempted to get a woman's number by sucking her toe. It made him look like a complete bitch; and he was humiliated in front of a bunch of strangers. He didn't get the number either.

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          Good post. But just to note here, there is literally no point in talking about relationship dynamics or red pill with women.

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          I remember as a young boy having dreams where I would sacrifice my life for one of the girls I had a crush on. It seemed like such a noble thing at the time, but now I truly understand what it was. Innate knowledge of my own disposability.

          Pile this on with an born addiction to pussy, and you have the recipe for a desperate and weak creature.

          You must kill that desperation. There is nothing more important than maintaining your integrity and respect you have for yourself.

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          Great story. The modern day version should include references to oral sex, lol.

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          But what if Im into feet stuff

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          My LTR plate is into me like no other in her past.

          Note, I don't take her on only her word on this, I just anecdotally know when I glance at the roster of betas before.

          The secret sauce is exactly what your post breaks down. Only difference being I don't readily tell her I understand this truth, when to her it's just a phenomenon.

          Maybe it's less Alpha-like to not admit to a plate my practices, but I think ladies being naive to RP methodology keeps it that much more effective.


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          One of the girls I'm seeing right now told me the other day she was "scared of me and what I might do." I was fairly shocked by that as I am not a violent or angry person at all. But I remembered that she isn't a native English speaker and she constantly uses words in the wrong context or incorrectly. After prying for a minute or two, she finally was able to clarify that she meant "I can never predict what you will do, and that makes me nervous about our relationship." To which I just smiled.

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          Law 17: Keep others in suspended terror: cultivate an air of unpredictability

          · Being predictable gives control to others.

          · Behavior that isn’t consistent will wear people out, and they’ll stop trying to explain things.

          · When used to the extreme, you’ll intimidate and terrorize.

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          Which is especially hilarious to me since I am probably the MOST predictable person I know. But since she can't understand my motivations and reasoning, it's a "mystery". >_>

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          Its better to be feared than loved.

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          One of the best post I've ever read.

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          If you hold her feet up in the air....

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          Great post. You have an interesting style of writing.

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          "FR: You can't kiss a woman on the feet without her looking down on you"

          That's why you have them on their back, on the edge of the bed...with your dick in them before you kiss and suck on their toes. haha

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          A sane person can experience normal interactions without their head swelling up like that.

          A person imbued with the Mass Psychology of FAscism cannnot.

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          I would just change "kissing her mouth" for "fucking her gorilla style".

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          Not if you're pounding the shit out of her.

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          You can if she's asleep.

          .....Or dead

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          Long term plate? lol. Just say girlfriend, man. It's okay. We know you're an alphafucks.

          Sorry for the diversion.

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          I like to suck my girls toes while I have a butt-plug up her cornhole and a two fingers giving her a papsmear....is that okay to kiss her toes then???