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Bingo. GREAT POST! Real. Simple. Solutions. Do everything above. Thanks for posting!

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this made me laugh, looks like an eBay review.

A++, FAST SUPERIOR SERVICE, would work with again!

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Lovely post.

Not gonna lie, fell off the wagon today with regards to my goals -- I attribute it to having spent too much time on low-reward activities (e.g. going to class when I'd be more efficient self-studying), as well as a poor headstart to the day (woke up snoozing). Good thing though, is that nothing lasts forever.

Great list of habits, one that really helped me and became the cornerstone to how my day runs is waking up. Personally, it's not so much about how many hours of sleep I get (although that is extremely important too, as you've correctly mentioned when it comes to getting gainz), but more to do with the mental state of when you wake up. If you hit the snooze button, you're subconsciously telling yourself "my life sucks, I'd rather stay in bed because I don't want to live my life, because I don't want to start my day". Instead, I find that once you conquer the snooze button, everything else falls into place. You brush your teeth, make breakfast, foam roll, meditate, almost automatically. And by the time that the rest of the world wakes up, you've already finished all the important shit and got a headstart.

It's like a snowball. All it takes is a little push, then momentum takes over and before you know it you're a fucking boulder leveling forests.

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You brush your teeth, make breakfast, foam roll, meditate, almost automatically.

Forgive my ignorance, but what do you mean by foam roll?

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[permanently deleted]

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Consider doing power stances in the morning too, along with breathing exercises posted on this sub for even better results in the morning.

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I fell off when my best friend gifted me a video game. I'm still binge-playing but instead of using it as an excuse to avoid doing things (like I was before TRP) I play once I'm done with my daily goals.

Not that I'm doing it perfectly but the fact that I'm now thinking about how I act is a huge improvement over the procrastinating turbonerd who hamstered himself out of doing things to improve himself. I am now conscious of my hazardous behavior, and tagging it as "hazardous" allows me to judge and act accordingly.

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I find the best strategy is to plan in relaxation activities like you are doing.

If you dont, you can procrastinate with them and it feels simultaneously good and bad and you ultimately feel like you wasted your time when you should be doing something more important.

If I schedule it in then I keep my mental frame of control, this is intended, I can enjoy it more fully and I am ultimately satisfied when I move on to whatever I have to do next.

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A very astute observation. The difference isn't in what you do but in how you make yourself do it.

In one case you feel like you're floating, following your urges and impulses. In the other you feel in control.

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That's why, especially right now, it should be a small side project for you. At least until the ball is rolling how you'd like it to be and you've created a balance in your life.

Far too many guys fall into the trap of making pussy their number one priority. They get decent SMV, get a hot girl that was out of their league before, and it's like nothing else in the world matters anymore.

Don't forget the reason this girl likes you is because you put yourself and everything else came after. As OP said, you should have a lot priorities before pussy (ironically often getting you more pussy).

Number 1: your body, your mind

On top of meditation, working out, and diet, I wanna add sleep to Number 1. Pulling all nighters does not mean you're hard working or whatever. It means you don't have time management skills or you're way over extending yourself.

Sleep is a crucial aspect of you're over all health. Don't sacrifice it.

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Far too many guys fall into the trap of making pussy their number one priority

Don't forget the reason this girl likes you is because you put yourself and everything else came after. As OP said, you should have a lot priorities before pussy (ironically often getting you more pussy).

Homey, you hustlin backwards if you chasin a bitch

Stupid - chase the paper they come with the shit.

(and of course, the money is kind of secondary to the self improvement stuff)

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Even more true once you have the bitch and she's fucking you on the regular. That's when guys start to soften up.

"She does all these nice things for me, supports me, and fucks me daily, I should make her a bigger priority in my life."

This is the slippery slope to a scarcity mentality. A beta downfall. The reason she puts you first is because you put yourself first. You should only ever reinforce good behavior with cheap but thoughtful gifts that pierce her heart. And this should be very rare.

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Number 3: your male friends and your family

Have to comment on this.... Your family can be an incredible source of strength, or a huge burden that should be cut out of your life ASAP.

You get to choose your friends, but your family is something you are born into. We don't get to choose the quality of our family, and for some (like me), family is something to be avoided almost without exception. Some family members are life force vampires and will suck you dry without remorse.... steer clear of them.... and don't feel guilty or be made to feel that you should include them in anything just because they are "family".

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[permanently deleted]

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Yup... your (shitty) family is going to help you with a rock solid frame, because they will teach you early on a true IDGAF attitude. Once you learn to apply your attitude to your family to your whole life... things become easier.

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I never really thought about this. I learned at age 12 that anything but a straight face is showing a sign of weakness.

I internalized the IDGAF before starting high school which really has helped me a lot since.

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You can now add an amused grin to your frame. Nothing says IDGAF more then an amused smirk.... like what is happening is so beneith you that you can't help but be amused.

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That found its way into my face long ago. Man, bitches love to hate it!

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Excellent post. Thank you for taking the time to write all of this out. I definitely need to re-evaluate what I want to do with my life.

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do you (or any other guys here for that matter) know of any communities for people like yourself who are continually striving to improve in as many ways as possible? TRP sort of covers that as far as game and aesthetics goes, but I suspect if such a community exists in the broader sense it would be extremely useful.

Excellent post by the way, it definitely lays out a productive mindset that all redpillers should strive to adopt.

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The subs I would recommend:

leangains - for weightlifting combined with nutrition (IIFYM & IF)
financialindependence - for FIRE (financial independence, early retirement)
investing - self-explanatory

I had subbed to some other subs in the past like GetMotivated, but it seemed like half the posts were akin to motivational advice animals so I don't bother with that anymore.

Other than that, if you're looking to learn a skill, I believe reddit has a sub for anything out there, whether it be a coding language, learning a software program, or learning a trade skill.

For me, TRP is kind of an amalgamation of various essentials (money, women, fitness, life skills, maneuvering social circles, etc.); I'm not sure if there are any other motivational subs for men.

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I'm already subbed to each of those. I don't necessarily mean a community per activity, but more a general community for people who are actually trying in life. There's so few of us and I think that anyone who actually gives a fuck about succeeding in life has much more useful advice to another than 100 "lifehack"-like websites. The individual communities are helpful for specifically that topic but it doesn't broaden your vision to what's possible or how you can improve. Example: I would never have discovered nootropics if I only followed TRP and leangains, even though they help me massively to succeed in business.

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Which nootropics do you use?

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Just modafinil for now, but I'm considering piracetam. Modafinil alone has really improved how much I can get done in a day.

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Oh jesus christ, dont use modafinil ongoing....
Piracetam was good for me for about 6 months when used with choline.

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why, what issues are there with modafinil? Granted I don't use it ongoing because I adapt to it after about a month of continuous use. But I do use it for a month at a time.

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Long term, crippling anxiety and this is a fairly new drug so expect more to come.... especially within the medical and legal profession...

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I've never read anything about modafinil causing anxiety and I've read plenty of literature on it - where did you hear about that?

I don't work in medical or legal. I can imagine there are problems within those professions with people using modafinil to work through late nights so I can imagine it would be associated with mental problems there.

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Source was a british study and was in pdf format ill try and find the link over the next few days.

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There's some things on this list I used to do and have started to slip a little, gonna hit it even harder now. Never get comfortable

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Good practical advice. Don't do things backwards and stay organized. Build up your foundation first and work your way up.

I had a college professor a while back tell us that in his engineering field, he had seen many talented men stagnate, but the ones who consistently reached high levels where the ones who had very good organizational skills.

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hey mate this is gold...Could you give more tips about finance?

I got a good salary but I live in the most expensive city in the whole fucking globe (London) and doing activity that I love (travelling, motorcycle, BJJ, gym, climbing, going out for dinners with my LTR etc) really makes it hard to save up at the end of the month. While I could easily go once a month for dinner out instead of every weekend and avoid buying shit I dont need, it would be a big sacrifice for me giving up my hobbies as these are things that makes me happy and feel like I am living my life in full...

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[permanently deleted]

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the culture in the UK isn't very encouraging towards entrepreneurs so many people don't even think of it. It's not seen as the done thing to start a business, but once you do the support networks are pretty solid.

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yh also I think there is way less workaholic culture here than US and people are more oriented to get a nice 9-5 that let you have a nice lifestyle. Could have to do with the fact that is way harder to fire employee here rather than USA.

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you're right in that (outside of central London) there's not much of a workaholic attitude, but I wouldn't agree that it's necessarily for good reasons. Very few people in the UK are aspirational compared to the US, it would seem. All anyone wants to do is go out drinking til they hit 30, marry up, and live a boring settled-down life until they die. I'd sooner hang myself from a motorway bridge than surrender myself to such a dull existence.

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I second this. Being such a small island doesn't allow as easily for entrepreneurial spirit. During my time in the US it was abundantly clear that small local business thrived simply due to its proximity of customers and lack of competition. In the UK if you were to open up say a window cleaning business or a catering company, especially within the south east you would have a lot of customers but also a hell of a lot of competition. When one business owner is successful, you tend to see it spread like a virus to every town and city in the UK, simply because logistically it is so easy to travel to from a business point of view. Trying to compete with a business that is successful and nationwide is incredibly difficult.

I guess this is why every high street looks the same in the UK.

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Your post has inspired me to do some research on joining Patreon to get support for my art hobby, thanks.

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Pay yourself first. The first "real" job I had, I sat down with the goal of saving 10% of my salary. Due to crappy math, I came up with a number that represented 18%. I then thought to myself what do I need to do get up to 20%?

Sure, I wasn't living in London, but that exercise made all the difference. You can save, with proper discipline. In fact, you will likely find that you don't even miss the cash that goes to savings.

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Long time Lurker...while I'm still very Purple Pill it's these kind of posts that have me impressed with TRP. Really there is nothing here i can argue with and frankly it makes sense to me at a personal level. Ty

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After reading this, I have to do a dumbbell workout right fucking now.

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Throw some wide grip pullups in there while you're at it.

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An upvote is not enough, thank you stranger!

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Your post affirms what I've come to believe. Invest in myself first. If I am happy, busy with fulfilling work and hobbies, and building my financial worth I am doing just fine. The upside is that living this lifestyle makes women flock to me, at which point I screen them. I no longer seek validation from women. By pursuing my goals they end up seeking validation from me.

Also this isn't like a light switch for instant gratification. It's a path, a journey. I feel like I'm the protagonist writing the story of my life. This is what being a man is and there are no shortcuts.

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"Never beg anyone, Never trust no-one, Never expect anything from anybody" - Scarface

This quote always sets my priorities straight, i see way too many people at school nowadays orbiting (effectively begging for attention), expecting their teachers to do things for them and investing too much time in fake friends and bitches. Also to add to meditation, breathing exercises are great for calming the mind and releasing adrenalin when you need it, Wim Hof (Guy who climbed everest in his shorts) uses them and they're very powerful. Great post OP.

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Classic. Mods please sidebar this masterpiece. FR,AWALT, and Chad talk is entertaining and what not, but the content of this post is real TRP. How many posts do we need analyzing AWALT and/or what some HB5/6 texted or said? Sometime's there is so much "Chad" talk that, I think this is a homosexual subreddit.

More content like this post or diving deeper into some of it's ideas are truly needed. OP has succinctly provided a message that should be read by every male in the western hemisphere, especially in the single parent states of the US and UK. Personal improvement IS NOT about doing so to attract or please a woman, ITS ABOUT BEING A MAN! Making progress, taking risk, being strong and enjoying life.

And one more ..... no offense mate, some of your posts are classic and spot on...but really, GAYLUBEOIL?? WTF is that?? What are you saying about yourself mate? What are you on about?

I will always stand by, represent, and LIVE the TENETS of the TRP, but I can no longer participate in this circle jerk with a few Indians and Asians crying in the corner.

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Bit late to the party..

Good post, but don't forget that social media is powerful tool in your arsenal. Woman are on it several hours a day. If you have a badass profile of you looking handsome as fuck, doing manly things like lifting, riding a motorcycle or suited up they will instantly perceive you as high value.

The point is, dont waste any time on it browsing all the bullshit. Just let them taste your value.

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Great list.

Let me add one thing about mobiles: If you think about it, no message can ever be that urgent that you have to see it right now (except maybe your bank). It's all stuff that has happened already or you'd expect a message and check the phone preemptively (like when meeting with friends you check if someone is late). If your mother texts you that your dog died it already happened. Seeing the message right away won't make him alive again or you less sad.

You can even set contacts to ignore the silence if you really have to. 99% should be silent forever though.

And don't watch television. Nothing in there is real, not even the news. It's all fabricated to brainlessly entertain you (and mostly tailored towards women). Read a book or maybe watch a movie of your choice.

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Anyone else have good resources on meditation? Not the chanting/humming chakra stuff-the stuff OP mentioned. Checked out Michael Sealey, any other recomendations?

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There's nothing to it.

Set a timer for ten minutes in a dark, quiet room.

Lay on your back. Focus on the sound of your breath. In and out.

If your mind wanders, that's normal, but bring it back to your breath as soon as you realize it's wandering.

Did the timer go off? Then you just meditated. It was that easy.

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[permanently deleted]

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Did you just link to your own post? I am on phone, so maybe a glitch.

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Thanks for your effort u/Thesegates. Solid post. Good order of priorities, women being the consequence, not the cause. Cheers

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Great ass read! We need more stuff like this.

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Great post. This is exactly what TRP is all about. The more people in this world that get their shit together the better a place it will be.

To add my two cents I have a bone to pick with the attitudes on this sub that the body is as important as the mind. The mind is what makes us human and makes us an alpha. Its our attitude towards things and the way we hold ourselves internally that define our external self. TRP helps us to choose better actions and take a different perspective on life which are important first steps. But for many of us we prioritize our roles as acolytes in the temple of Brodin chasing aesthetics rather than being true scholars of the school of life. Would you rather be a mere gorilla or a wonderous human being? Yes being a mighty silverback sounds great at first and some of us may envy the bountiful yet simple life of these beasts, our humanity is what truly makes our lives worth living. Yes, aesthetics might make you feel better, more dominant and more respected for a time. There's no doubting that or the power that it can have on people. Maybe you don't need to just look athletic - you need to BE athletic. Be functionally strong and powerful and not just an unfit lump of meat. If you truly believe your body is a temple and want to be a physical specimen then the lifting life alone won't cut it. Be the man who could spend a hard day's graft in the garden, keep up with your kids playing football in the park and take your woman out on an active adventure without breaking a sweat. We need to be fit too guys as much as it may scare you that it might interfere with your gains. Body muscle dysmorphia is all to common as it is without us reiterating the message of lifting your ass off irrespective of where you are in life. GET STRONG AND FIT. Your health and happiness will be better off for it.

Matters such as game and looking big which are frequently discussed on this sub are simply examples of guys wanting to talk the talk. People want to be like Leo or Ryan Gosling because they act like they're the shit, when compared to 99% of the population they actually are the shit. Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are no doubt alphas above many others despite not exactly fitting the usual physical criteria we apply to ourselves but we don't aspire to be this kind of alpha. These are the alphas of the mind. Whose internal value is through the roof because of the internal value they have cultivated for themselves in life not the gym. True scholars of life may not look the part but they can always walk the walk.

Sort your shit out then start contributing to the world. This may be as simple as contributing to TRP or helping those who can be helped to swallow it - men and women. There are too few of us to start worrying about creating more competition.

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Do you recommend any calendar/to-do apps?

I completely agree with your post. My life feels out of balance when I prioritize women above my other goals. My productivity falls to MAYBE 30% of what it was before.

For anyone wanting meditation help, the app Paced Breathing may help. Every so often throughout my day I'll take a few minutes to center myself.

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Nice post man. Better than a work out and that's the only thing that's gonna get you pussy and keep you from killing yourself

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Incredible post! I have lifting and meditation going for me but I need to focus on my career. You make it all sound very managable. Respect

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Amazing content, thanks for sharing!

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Great post.

I've been on my longest dry spell since I was a virgin (about 7 months now).I'm not going to lie, I've been starting to feel 'the thirst' these past few weeks, but really need to buckle down and focus with finals coming up soon.

This really helped me get my headspace back to where it needs to be. Thanks for posting.

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Solid amazing post mate, thank you for this valuable information.

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Love this. Simple and useful. We all know AWALT and Blue Pill, etc...yet another example gives little of value. This post however is more of what we need here.

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Bro... I've been in the dump recently... I got a new car, got my dream job and I've been in the crapper for no reason I don't know why. This post kind of woke me up and resparked my true goals in life. Thanks for this man... Please keep them coming

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Well written and thought out post Thesegates! I sent a link to my nephew. With social media I would add Tinder. A man should never concern himself with 140 minor characters.

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Good post about fundamentals, but the section on social media is exactly why TRP comes off as cultish sometimes. Reddit IS social media. To say that you're above it or different while writing an essay on a social media site is sort of ridiculous. Instead, it should say: use social media with a strong purpose

[–][deleted] 8 points9 points  (2 children)

You want to talk or read some shit over the Internet? Come to TRP. At least we will understand you here.

What part of this did you not get?

Seems like you're nitpicking.

[–]TheDarkLordBix 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Right, so: let's only communicate online in the confines of a single subreddit?!?!

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Ideal sleep is 4.5 hours (for a very small minority), 6 hours, 7.5 hours or 9 hours. Not 7-9. The only way 7 works is if it takes you an hour to fall asleep, and you're actually getting 6 hours of sleep in that scheduled 7 hours. The brain runs on 90 minute cycles, so you want to sleep in multiples of 90 minutes. The advice for 8 is a bit better as that's only accounting for 30 minutes to fall asleep.