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I first came here a few years ago and promptly made the classic mistake of making some improvement and then promptly getting putting myself in a sub par relationship early. Fast forward through a year and a half of regressing until I finally end the relationship and I’ve been improving again.

As I begin to run back into success I find the need to remind myself how important it is to be diligent against complacency. To keep pushing ahead; to acknowledge this success not as the goal, but merely as momentum.

Managed to land a hot 22 year old?

            Get another one

Have a great source of income?

            Get another one

Learned a great new skill?

            Get another one

Won a championship at a tournament you played in?

            Get another one

Have a great Friday night guys, and then get another one!

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Got an std? Get another one.

Just kidding, upvoted.

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that's the mind of Dj Khaled.

Another one.

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His wisdom is so real but his reputation makes him seem like satire.

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He is a twat actually, and I think he ripped off the gimmick from Rick Ross. They can both choke on a chicken wing.

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I don't get it. Khaled is a genuinely good dude, very positive and uplifting, he seems like a great guy. He motivates people. I don't see rick fucking ross doing that shit, fuck that guy.

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Yeah fuck Rick Ross and his pears

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motherfucker went low key vegan

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Met Rick Ross back in December. He was at the Florida high school football state championships cheering on his old school and was actually a pretty chill dude. Got to do an interview and shit with him.

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He's also a former corrections officer pretending to be a gangster...

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He wanted to end the Israel Palestine conflict and make it one nation under hip hop called "wethebest-istan"

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DJ Khaled's favorite number is 11. Cause theres another 1.

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And right now, you're sitting on exactly 11 upvotes!


Aaand now I'm sitting on ∅.
thanks reddit :/

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It was so good, but I made it a 12. Conflicted.

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Yeah, that's the attitude.

I heard a spanish PUA coach say one time: when you finally find a hot top ten babe and she also likes you back, the first thing you have to do is go out and find 10 more girls like her and fuck them too.

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You may want to change sup to sub in your first sentence...fun post, right to the fucking point. Never stop improving, and never let a bitch hold you back.

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This advice, i like it.


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My only issue with this mentality is that a lot of top tier women do not wish to be part of a rotation and will only allow themselves to be plated for 2-3 months at most then they will ghost you to find a chad who will LTR them, of which there are plenty. The incomes, skills, championships do not mind being bundled together.

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Forgive the Buddhistic preaching, but the greatest gift she's giving you is not her pussy or her "feminine energy" or any of that sort of thing, but drilling into your mind the concept of impermanence.

She's never yours; it's only your turn

No tears, soldier. Enjoy her while she's with you. They all come to an end eventually.

C'est la vie. Keep moving.

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I've always worded the greatest gift given to me was my ex breaking up with me. Time to reword that. The concept of impermanence. Thanks

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It can be. My greatest gift to myself was breaking up with my ex...not something I wanted to do, but in the long run I understood why I did it and am happy with the path I have chosen.

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Which is exactly why you keep finding more. Your goal was never to LTR her in the first place and if she leaves you for someone else that's all the better.

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2-3 months is more than enough time to find her replacement, and probably a replacement who's even better.

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This attitude makes you less hurt when you're not the chad they want to tie them down.

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This is what powerlifting has taught me. Hit a personal record on deadlift? Get another one. It's never time to stop.

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I like the attitude, but time constraints don't allow you to do everything. Sure, fuck as many girls as you want, have a bunch of fun hobbies, work really hard at your job, train hard in sports, but you'll never be able to do everything. Time just doesn't allow it.

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Didn't know DJ Khaled was on this sub

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I have great wife ... a true unicorn .... should I get new one?

[–]bloodypill 44 points45 points  (3 children)

Two unicorns are better than one, right?

[–][deleted] 13 points14 points  (2 children)

I can't seem to find a better deal ... yet

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I set a unicorn free, once, it got snapped up while the bed was still warm, before I got out of the driveway.

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You might have to move to a country that allows it. Or go to Montana and set up your own country that's as big as your house.

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Hi, do you have a moment to discuss our lord and savior Jesus Christ?

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Momentum toward what? Another one? Turtles all the way down? At some point you want to be complacent with what you've accomplished in your life, and just do shit because you want to shit for the shear pleasure of it not because you're working toward some "goal".

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This is good. Take a break and enjoy the rewards. Use the time to make a well thought out plan towards the next goal and recharge the batteries for the next push.

Case in point, I recently chose to pursue a private pilot license. Just the book knowledge alone was the largest amount of "on your own" study I've ever taken on. There was no class or professor, only me and the books. Well I pushed for it and got it done. The next goal is the instrument rating but I'm still a little burned out on learning at the moment. So for now I'm enjoying the rewards by hopping in the plane and flying around and enjoying life. People have their happy place and mine is in the sky. In a few months I'll make flying a chore again and get that rating but for now let me enjoy the completion of the first goal.

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Thank you, I really needed this reminder today.

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"Greed is good."

Gordon Gekko.

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Save up to 15% in 15 minutes. -GEICO Gekko

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Great succinct post.

I prefer "Get a better one" but either way is a substantial improvement on the common thinking "Do anything to keep the one you have". Frankly, fuck those guys. They arent competition.

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Don't rest upon your laurels.

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The hunger you felt on your first day should remain in you for the rest of your day. Once that flames goes out, you are fucked and cucked.

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Duuuuuuuude I've been running into a little success lately and GAH DAMN could this not be more true. Enjoy it but remember, it's ALL about the next thing. Always give yourself something to look forward to, and you'll never peak. Focus on YOURSELF and how to live YOUR best life, not on petty bullshit/wins that gets in the way of the big picture. Thanks for this post.


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Great succinct post.

I prefer "Get a better one" but either way is a substantial improvement on the common thinking "Do anything to keep the one you have". Frankly, fuck those guys. They arent competition.

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Gee that sure is ambitious. I'm not sure.