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This quote pretty much sums it up perfectly;

"The way to not give a fuck isn't to try to not give a fuck. It's to only care about a few things so intensely, nothing else really matters."

How To Not Give A Fuck

Women want a man with purpose. If your primary goal here at TRP is to just bang chicks yet you work minimum wage job, play video games all day and spend every night at a bar trying to pull chicks because you have 0 hobbies or interests, you've fundamentally failed what TRP is trying to teach you.

Learning game and practicing it is good, but 80%, if not more, of your time should be spent building yourself into a man with purpose and drive. Then game becomes child's play because you care about something more than just getting your dick wet. I don't think society shuns PUA because it's deceitful or "wrong" but because a man who's only purpose in life is to bang as many chicks as he can has fundamentally low expectations for himself. Anyone with $2,000 and a free weekend at Vegas can hire a PUA to get them laid, because getting laid isn't that hard. Women are attracted to men that do hard shit.

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PUA gets so much hate but it is largely redundant. TRP is just a branch of the tree which grew after "The Game" was published. The better pick up artists know that you get what you put in. PUA will get you laid but you will generally get the quality and quantity of girls based on how you lived your life before you found pick up. If you are good looking but shy, PUA gets you laid more, if you had a great career but you are skinny, PUA gets you laid more. TRP could be best considered as a more wholistic approach to pick up because it emphasises getting your life in order first. This was all said before TRP came along. Mystery taught us the fundamentals of game, Roissey said follow your mission, Pook said put on some muscle and follow your dream, Rollo pointed out some truths about females. I do not bother hating on PUA anymore than I hate on gym rats. TRP is currently the best site for putting it all together but something else will replace it soon enough. Whatever replaces it will then bring on the hate for TRP. I view it all as an evolution and I have respect for each link in the chain. We have all learned a lot from the previous contributors to the manospere. Some plateaued, some reverted, some crashed, some married.

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Fuck that other guy, I'm with you. I respect each link of the chain and I especially respect guys like you who talk about the history of TRP. So much is lost in translation about how and why this place exists.

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The guys who say "PUA is bullshit" are usually the guys that it doesn't work for. It doesn't work for them because their personality is absolute shit. They're bitter, hateful, self-centered, etc.. On top of this, they have nothing "sexy" about them. They probably either dress like shit or like an average suburban dad (wranglers and white new balance) claiming that being stylish is "for fags" or something (again, shitty personality).

Also the guys PUA doesn't work for.. Some of them might have other gross habits.. Bad hygiene, un-sexy personality (gamer geek, spergish, generally stupid, etc..) Then they come here to TRP and cry about Chad stealing their girl. How Chad's a meathead retard asshole when in reality, he's an attractive likable guy and the person spouting this is really the one who's the bitter asshole.

PUA techniques from what I read and employed is simply just learning how to fucking socialize with people you don't know and break the ice. Except it's end game is sexually focused (getting her number, getting a date, getting a kiss, getting laid etc..) but arguably, it's really no different than learning how to make friends and be socially savvy.

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Exactly, man. Many people on here hate on it. They don't realize it's just another skill. One that is a necessity to becoming a better man.

I mean, if you constantly chicken out, and can't approach women who are "out of your league" (as perceived falsely by society,) then you haven't fully become a man. Right?

Putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations is what it's all about. And I see many people whom I think don't even try, judging by their comments on the subject. They rather think they have to improve in every other aspect before they go out and talk to girls (specifically for the sake of it.) Whereas they should have begun learning to socialize with random girls (and men) as soon as they began going to the gym.

It's hard, but very rewarding. It gives you a very good sense of self clarity. You can't just read about it all day, you have to do it.

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TRP could be best considered as a more wholistic approach to pick up because it emphasises getting your life in order first.

this is true. HOWEVER. I wouldn't NOT do " game" and TRP at the same time. that's just dumb. you will end up chasing an end goal thats never there and you will never approach ever.

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This is so valuable and important.

Getting laid isn't hard

Go to any bar on any night and you'll find some buzzed broad who you'll say the right things to, and have a sloppy fuck you can feel good about for a while.

Become a man of purpose. Not so that you can fuck more women, but so that you can leave a footprint, so you can create something of value, so that you can inch humanity further through whatever it is that you're passionate about. Lead others through the clarity of your example, learn what you want to learn, go where you want to go, make your life a story that you'll be fucking proud to tell your grandkids someday.

If you can be THAT guy, women will be falling on your lap, you won't have to game.

Game to me is essentially pretending to be that guy with purpose, drive, determination, goals, passions etc. around women so that you can get laid.

Fuck that, just be the guy.

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Game is, and has always been, a tool for men of little value.

The best game is no game.

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Let's not take this too far, bro. 'no game' even if you live an interesting life is not recommended.

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His point is that along your path the tools start to come naturally, because the tools are the natural masculine response.

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Life is a game. Game is not life.

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That's the thing, though. Most men, hell, most people who live interesting lives, naturally have "game".

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How I see it is;

TRP teaches you how to grow, improve and focus on your goals. An automatic Side effect is that the ladies will be attracted to you.

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TRP also teaches you how to belittle and disregard those females correctly, because their evolved instinct is to tear you away from your Mission.

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As harsh as it sounds you are spot on. A pick up ne is nothing compared to the displeased face of a succesful man on a mission. And it is honest. A man on a mission could not care less about the vapid Kardashion ramblings of the average girl.

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But if you "grow, improve and focus on your goals" so much that you stop being social and don't go where ladies can be attracted to you, all that work you put in won't get you laid.

See, TRP is not originally about "self improvement", it's about "the truth about what women want". A part of this truth is that "women are sexually attracted to men who are high value, therefore to get women, you should self improve to attain high value". This part got picked up by a crowd of people eager to focus on "self improvement" only, and decided that "self improvement" is all the red pill is about, even removing the fact that you'd do that to get women in the first place.

Except that it's not. Despite what they want, TRP still is about "the truth about what women want". And a significant other part of this red pill truth is that "women are sexually attracted to men who display high social value, therefore to get women, you must learn Social mastery, aka Game" but the self-improvement crowd doesn't want to have to do that, so they just discard it.

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so to summarize, you're saying that to be the man that women want, you must have the crucial 1) have social mastery aka game and the other part is 2) have high value through self improvement?

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No that's not a good summary of the red pill truth. First it depends what you want: do you want to be the man women want to fuck or do you want to be the man women want a relationship with? You can be both (sort of. it ain't really true but it's difficult to understand how the subtleties of women's mind make it impossible to maintain both on the long term. see betaization).

To be the man a woman wants to fuck, you need to be the highest-value-man-in-the-room, which means have a value high enough that you're higher than every other man she can get right now. And being "high value" means a combination of (1) good looks, (2) good social skills and (3) high social status. All of which can be attained through self-improvement: lift for getting good looks, game for getting good social skills, and learn to lead / make and spend money / ace your mission for getting social status.

To be the man a woman wants a relationship with, you need to be willing to share your resources with her (time, attention, money), be dependable and be emotionally supportive. That's nothing that needs self-improvement, and too much of it leads to losing the "high value" that gets you laid.

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If you cannot get laid in Vegas without hiring "professional" help, why not just hire a prostitute and cut out the middle man?

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My point was game isn't hard. I've seen 250lbs betas, 30 year old virgins and total incels learn pickup in a weekend and get laid.

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we really need to talk about the types of girls guys can 'just get laid' to. I'm not a chubby chaser. All of my fucks since starting TRP have been mostly skinny broads. A lot of guys are fucking chubsters or low low quality women.

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True, and this is where SMV comes in. With great game from PUA coaching you can bump your perceived SMV up a few notches. But if you're a 5'0", 500 pound guy on minimum wage, you're not going to be banging supermodels no matter how good your game is.

But if you're an average dude, good game can definitely get you some decent chicks.

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The size of your life is the size of your problems. It's important to ask bigger questions.. not "how can I bang this chick?" But "how can I be a more dynamic and interesting person"

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If your primary goal here at TRP is to just bang chicks yet you work minimum wage job, play video games all day and spend every night at a bar trying to pull chicks because you have 0 hobbies or interests, you've fundamentally failed what TRP is trying to teach you.


TRP is a toolbox. Stop pushing an ideology. If you can live like that and pull chics and are happy TRP doesn't give a fuck. I personally don't want to live like that, but I'm not going to step into your frame on this either.

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Learning game and practicing it is good, but 80%, if not more, of your time should be spent building yourself into a man with purpose and drive.

I disagree, game is 80% for women, but building yourself is 100% for life on other things.

. I don't think society shuns PUA because it's deceitful or "wrong" but because a man who's only purpose in life is to bang as many chicks as he can has fundamentally low expectations for himself.

I disagree and this is putting women on a pedestal, you don't need to be all that to get women, but you must be masculine, which society doesn't teach.

Honestly it seems guys are so stuck in blue pill ideology that we must first shame men, than repeat what women say and simply build a career, lift, boxing, mma, all these things aren't necessary and are quite blue pill.

If your primary goal here at TRP is to just bang chicks yet you work minimum wage job, play video games all day and spend every night at a bar trying to pull chicks because you have 0 hobbies or interests, you've fundamentally failed what TRP is trying to teach you.

Not according to the mods or the side bar, and remember guys have been told this all their lives to be something, rather than enjoying life it's always a mission. Yet time and time again we see guys with no mission, no life goals, no jobs get the majority of the women.

Read Michael's Story, its on the side bar, you will see a guy who is doing well, but stil can't get laid.

Women are attracted to men that do hard shit.

Not really, women are attracted to resources, and if your hard shit brings resources you will find women, but you typically want sexual desire and not resource desire.

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This guy truly creates invaluable content on various subjects. There should be another RP Antibiotic Nuke post with videos , his included.

Where you been , Clint?

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Manson is more purple. He's been going the route of Athol Kay, to appeal to a broad audience. This means women, since the only way to make a buck is to appeal to consumers

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The video in OP has nothing to do with Mark Manson. I know he recently released a book with a similar title, but this post isn't about his work.

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The guy is not red indeed , but he does possess the talent of entertainment and can help most introverted subscribers create an outgoing social life teaching them body language , flirting and what not.

Or maybe I just like him because of those Game of Thrones videos , eh.

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I like his writing, like it was said elsewhere, take from where theres value. if everyone was 100% mark manson, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world

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Where you been , Clint?

Grinding day in and day out. Found a purpose and trying to start my own business for the past 8 months around it. Don't have time for TRP right now.

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lol you answered within an hour

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"You don't understand you blue-pilled moron. It takes hard work, dedication, and a daily dose of TRPPPP"

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Well, $2000 for a PUA, $100 for a hooker, which one is more valued then ? Getting laid or being good at PU ?

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Difference between buying a fish and paying for lessons.

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This is pretty interesting. Imagine that your number one goal was the be the best pick up artist alive. Not for me, but I'd respect it anyway. PUA could be seen as a hobby or skill. But even if your goal is to be able to bang as many hot girls as possible, you're still following this message since your goal is the be the best pick up artist and this girl is just along for the ride. So in this way, even when your goal is banging chicks, that girl isn't the main priority.

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I just got out of a LTR .. I've been drifting and only been thinking about the relationship and noticed my business was suffering. I actually had no interest in it and there was a great opportunity where I lost a lot of money cause I was "attending" to her.

She broke up with me and I had 1 day where I actually was a little upset but then realized fuck this and started consuming myself with work. Back to 10 hour days. Within 3-4 days I was back into my work and made a couple good deals luckily which sparked me back on track.

I had a girl over and in the morning and i was doing work calls while she sat there listening to me. I didn't give a fuck she was there because I was so focused on my work. when i drove her home, I did another work call while she was in the car. This was not on purpose but my priority list changed. Before I would maybe let the work call ring but because my head is in a good place she sat there like a chump listening while I handled my business. I used to fuck this girl but this time it's different she's way more sexual with me on text hours after dropping her off. The vibe brushed off on her that I have a mission and she isn't that important I guess.

I tried acting like I don't give a fuck but when I have consumed myself with work and actually put it before everyone it does actually make you not give a fuck and attracts women. They can truly tell if you don't have a purpose.

All I know is my advice to guys, watch out for these soul goblins. They will drain your energy if your not careful and you will lose focus on your business. If you are slacking at work it's already begun and you need to tip the scales in your favour.... she will thank you for it. My only other suggestion is stay alert at all times and watch yourself start to slip or become distracted. One fun weekend with a girl can do it... make sure to choose work first or whichever passion you are obsessed about or can be obsessed about.

In other words. Be as passionate as the salt guy is when making his food on insta lol. If you haven't seen it, Google salt guy insta

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"Women want a man with purpose" is an empty statement, and OP did not provide a theory to defend the idea.

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What sort of purpose? I bet the PUA who works at McDonald's gets much more pussy than the "respectable" guy who slaves away 60 hours a week as a middle manager at some soulless corporation.

[–]icanhazTRP 10 points11 points  (7 children)

I'll bite. Who the hell knows and who the hell cares what purpose means. TRP is amoral because each one of us chooses what is moral and what is immoral.

However it is certainly odd how you only choose to define purpose = pussy and only the second workplace is a soulless corporation, as if McD were much more stimulating and challenging.

Beta provider as it may seem on the surface, at least the manager has a better chance of living a comfortable life and arrive to a point where he has enough savings to let this money work for him and choose to own his own time. McD dude relies on a deadbeat job and selling his time to someone else in exchange for making ends meet.

I'll even add a twist: perhaps the manager is a marathon runner on his spare time. A surfer. A writer. A gardener. A Harley nut. I have friends who work their 50-60 hours a week and each one of them have those hobbies. You wouldn't know at first sight.

[–]evil_misogynist 2 points3 points  (6 children)

Sure, but the same applies to McDonald's guy. If anything, he probably has a lot more time to devote to meaningful hobbies than office guy. Office guy is probably paying enormous amounts of his life force into Social Security that's not going to be there for him and a 401k that's as likely as not to be either confiscated or inflated into nothing. McDonald's guy probably works part time and gets welfare.

I left a high paying office job to be self employed. I make less money now, but I'm also much happier, healthier, I have much more freedom, pay very little taxes, and I don't have to put up with corporate feminist diversity bullshit.

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Dog, do you work at McDonald's or some shit? Why are you so stuck up on this analogy. Nobody wants to work at McDonald's even if it gets them laid 30 times a week. TRP is supposed to be about aspirations and improving yourself as a male. If your only goal in life is to fuck girls then good for you, go do that at McDonald's. There are, SURPRISINGLY!!!!, more people who do not work at McDonald's and strive to be better for themselves, and do have a lot of sex while improving themselves! This sub is supposed to follow a mantra along the lines of, "If you improve yourself other people will like you more", except it's more directed at those other people being females. If you're successful and OK with yourself no shit other people are going to like you more.

[–]icanhazTRP -1 points0 points  (0 children)

So, under your premises it is much better to leech off mama government than to take responsibility for your needs and wants.

If you prefer McD guy and depend/rely on welfare, you should also become a public servant too. Guaranteed employment unless you screw up really bad, just keep pushing papers for 35 years and you are done.

Freedom for me means I get to choose what I do for me, I give it blood sweat and tears and I make it happen. It takes 5 months or 5 years but I get there.

Freedom for McD guy is to rely on a fat boss to get an extra shift so he can afford a whatever $1,000 emergency or on a fat govt official who may or may not increase the amount of food stamps and coupons he gets. McD guy will probably be rallying around for Michelle Obama in 2020.

Buy that's cool right? Because of all the 18-year-old, 200-pound land whales available as co-workers. Just "grab them by the pussy" and #enjoythedecline

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Compound interest always beats inflation WAKE THE FUCK UP!

[–]Ovadox 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Only if the inflation rate is less than the rate of return on your investments. Historically that's been the case but there is no reason to believe that will continue to be the case indefinitely.

[–]evil_misogynist 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yep, beat me to it. And there are plenty of historical examples where inflation blew away interest rates and destroyed savings. Including the bond market right now.

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If your take away from a video about Tyler Durden and not giving a fuck is getting a 60 hour work week to a job you hate then i think you miss the concept entirely.

[–]Endorsed ContributorWoujo 12 points13 points  (10 children)

This is wishful dumb PUA thinking. Girls aren't attracted to losers. Period. At least become a drug dealer so she'll think you're dangerous or something.

[–]turok281 5 points6 points  (9 children)

Exactly. The RP feels like a group of losers patting each other on the back for their failures sometimes, and how losers are Chads and successful people are betas. You become successful thanks to discipline and hard work (alpha traits) and not by going with the flow working a low skilled job (beta). Keep deluding yourselves. This community is getting bluer by the day. We are overrun by cucks.

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Women don't fuck your career.

[–]turok281 1 point2 points  (1 child)

You misunderstood me. I don't work for women, i work for me. If the deal i am getting is not good enough, i am out. My point was the glorification of the unskilled worker, as if he has some higher purpose.

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You sound pretentious my friend. It is possible to have a "higher purpose" while working at McDonald's.

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (3 children)

What you said about the community getting bluer, I agree with. However, I don't think that being a successful businessman necessarily means you're good with women.

[–]turok281 -1 points0 points  (2 children)

Yeas of course. I talked about alpha traits. Succeeding financially requires alpha traits. My problem is with the glorification of the loser that works a dead end job but somehow he is Chad. He is not. Stop the delusion.

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

That's why it's important to have big goals you're aiming for and working towards rather than just working a dead end job (or a job you don't really care about), which is most of the population.

[–]turok281 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Agree. Mind and heart focused on purpose.

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Holy shit, I see why Tom Torero suggests staying away from these forums. A bunch of super negative little whiners you guys are (did I get redirected to the MGTOWs somehow??). I'm going to quit wasting my time after this, but in case it is of use to somebody:

I've been that hardworking super driven guy all my life. I have a master's degree, I've made a lot of money, and now I run my own IT business. The red pill, coupled with my own life experience, made me realize that none of that really matters very much to women. Certainly didn't get me anywhere. And to the guys that say "pussy doesn't matter"...you need to get your T levels checked.

Money and "success" (as conventionally defined) don't get women horny. Confidence, entitlement, and social proof do. Having a low paying job isn't sexy, but neither is having a high paying job. I know guys that make a lot of money who intentionally don't show it to women because it gets them put in the provider box. Obviously having more money is better than having less money, but you don't get something for nothing, and that bigger paycheck is going to come at a cost. The best PUA I ever met got that way because his parents paid all his bills and he focused on nothing but game for several years. In my experience, freedom is far more valuable than money as long as your basic needs are met.

To quote Fight Club: You are not your job. You are not how much money you have in the bank. I took me a long time to learn this lesson. To me it's just astounding that guys will spend 60 hours a week working in some shitty office management job and have no time or energy to do anything else just so that maybe in 10 years they can be promoted to a higher paying shitty office management job. If that's a "purpose", count me out. That same guy could be teaching surfing lessons in Costa Rica part time, living on minimal income, and becoming a musician on the side. While getting tons of quality pussy, of course. That's what the red pill is about. Go read the sidebar again. I don't know how you guys manage to get it so ass backward. Having "discipline and hard work" so you can be a good little cubicle drone so that maybe one day you'll get rewarded with a used up thirty year old wife who has been getting fucked by "losers" for the last ten years is exactly the opposite of red pill.

Maybe you've spent a lot of time and effort to get where you are in your career. So have I. Get over it. It's a sunk cost. Swallow your pride and admit that perhaps some of the "losers" whom you so despise might know something that you don't.

PS: Enjoy the Decline is an excellent book.

[–]turok281 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Calm your tits bitch! Your problem is that you do everything you do for women and not for yourself. You built your own business to impress women? You are beta to the bone son! There is nothing wrong working on your career as long as it's part of your goal. We are different people, with different purposes.

[–][deleted] 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Mcdonalds guy has a purpose, and his life is designed for it. Office man let life happen to him, and it's soulless becuase he's not purposeful in his action.

I work in an office now, it's fucking awesome, but I have purpose

[–]GeorgeBushIV 3 points4 points  (0 children)

ill bite too. purpose is something internal, its something that drives a individual to be charismatic, enthusiastic and motivated. those are characteristics and give women tingles.

doesnt what their job is, purpose isnt a tangible thing.

[–]WolfofAnarchy 1 point2 points  (0 children)

So? Pussy isn't a measure of how great your life is.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)


People think you're scary in a serial killer way if you are intense about things in a non-regular way.

They don't look at your intensity, they're looking at the size of your wallet, and if you happen to be intense about things that make money, they'll be fine with it, and if you don't, they don't care no matter how much you "don't give a fuck"

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Watch tfm the zen of zero fuck giving..

[–]ecosci 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You cant manufacture not giving a fuck women can sense beta behaviour like a shark smell blood the best thing to do is be a selfish bastard they secretly love it.

[–]CyberninjaZen 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This is true. I've noticed that women want me more when I turn them down to go to the gym cus the gym is more important to me than them.

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The narrator of this video sounds like a fucking pussy. Just saying.