Glorification of a Torture-Murderer (self.TheRedPill)

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This blows my mind. The amount of vitriol they spill about cat calling - the most timid thing I can think of - and here they are supporting someone who raped a person to death with an iron bar. Just because it's a woman against a man she is celebrated. Blows my freaking mind man.

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Blood boiling. It blows my fucking mind too.

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It shouldn't. Many on the left are ok with murder and rape as long as the victims fit the right mold which can be as little and as simple as the victim just being an ugly guy. That's all it takes and the left will happily engage in violence or murder. Just look at the Pro-Nazi that got shot at the Milo event in Washington. The leather queer just went and attacked a peaceful person and when the peaceful person tried to get away, the leather queer kept on him and was righteously shot for being a violent fuck.

Most on the left have no legitimate gripe or righteousness. It's why Americans have to ready for an eventual violent confrontation for which they offer zero mercy to the left so the scourge and cancer of the left can finally be eradicated.

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Many on the left are ok with murder and rape as long as the victims fit the right mold

Ok, on my guard against violent leftists, thanks Davidkpa...

Americans have to ready for an eventual violent confrontation for which they offer zero mercy to the left so the scourge and cancer of the left can finally be eradicated.

Whaaaaa??? So rape and murder are horrible things leftists do, but I need to prepare myself to murder them because they are not righteous? How does this make sense?

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Don't start violence, but repay it in spades. Violence begets violence and that's a lesson that should be forced unto all perpetrators of violence. Simple as that. If you wish to live in peace, be peaceful. If you wish to die horribly, be violent.

Also the old saying, Si vis pacem, para bellum is a Latin adage translated as, "If you want peace, prepare for war".

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I get you for this woman in particular, and anyone else who decides to use violence to try and impose their own personal version of justice. I am just not going to start preparing my mind for the eventual eradication of all progressives, as that sounds like swinging the pendulum too far in the other direction.

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I'm ready for a civilization-wide civil war between the left and right. It will be ugly, but my side - the right side - has the clear advantage and moral high ground. Western civilization will be cleansed of leftist cancer within our lifetimes.

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I am ready for the reign of the independents and for all the extremists from the left wing, right wing, and Muslim communities to sit down and talk to each other more about what our priorities should be as human beings on this spaceship roller coaster we find ourselves on.

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Nah sorry bro. We on the new Right are not gonna comply.

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You can call yourselves the keyboard warriors. Or are you going to start practicing your goose step on the parade grounds?

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Been practicing much more important stuff than marching for quite some time.

And that practice is paying off. Just look at the evidence for increasing power of the right: Viktor Orban, Geert Wilders, PVV, Marine LePen, Front Nationale, Frauke Petry, AFD, Donald Trump, Shinzo Abe, Vlad Putin, Brexit, Danish People's Party, Sweden Democrats, EDL, Generation Identitaire, PEDIGA, UKIP, Poland's Law & Justice party...

We control more than just keyboards. We control an increasing proportion of the world's executive and legislative power.

My advice to you is either get on board the winning team, or spread your cheeks and relax so it'll hurt less.

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this is the same Rtard vitriol of the crazy part of the left. Doesn't anyone notice that divisions are being created and then perpetuated....then how quickly a bunch of naïve fools or paid stooges come on out of the shadows like spiders to throw in the war propaganda on both sides. SOOOO DUMB DAVID.

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<loads another AR15 mag and smiles>

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Female on male cat calling and unwanted foresexual contact is actually disproportionately higher than man on female

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This is the most disturbing thing I've heard in my life. Here is Donna Hylton talking to a reporter: https://youtu.be/T0wztibnmiU

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They had to disable comments for the video while it is 90% downvotes. Feminism requires censorship and harassment tactics to function.

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Feminism without close quarters narrative control would be heard and understood as the hate philosophy it is.

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What a fucking monster. On air she says she spent probably half her adult life (27 years) in prison and implies that she was in there because black women are villified and oppressed.

I am absolutely disgusted. Only 27 years for the torture and murder of an innocent person and is lauded publicly for being a victim. Makes me want to throw up.

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Thanks, I'll append this to the post later when I have a break from work.

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Good post.

They can try. They'll lose this war terribly. For every action, there is a reaction. Due to all the attacks on men, there is eventually going to be an opposite push back.

Wait till they get it, it'll be fucking hilarious. They will all rue their lives.

I believe anybody who can celebrate a murderer like that should be spat on and ostracized in our society.

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Their vitriol will tear their them apart from the inside out before anything else.

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The purity test gets harder to pass every year. They let all pro-life women know that not only were they not welcome at the anti-Trump protests, but they were actually worse than Trump. They were branded traitors and despised even more so than the shit-lords.

Meanwhile, Feminists prop up a murderer who literally burned and pipe-raped someone to death.

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ya forgiveness after 27 years maybe, leading the fucking march lmao wow.

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I'm excited for this. Pathetic women think they are equal.

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You did the right thing, more men should do this.

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they're making this woman's life into a movie titled "little piece of light"

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Given the severity of the topic, I don't think it's unreasonable to end the LTR over this. I don't watch a lot of television, and I don't go out of my way to watch or read most news, so this is the first I'm hearing of this. It is abhorrent, and if someone I cared about was strongly speaking out in support of someone who committed such heinous crimes, knowing the full story, I might come to the same conclusion.

Can you speak a bit more about what facets of TRP led you to drop your plates in favor of an LTR? I have gone back and forth between plates and LTR over the years myself. Currently somewhere in between the two. I've been making a point to seek out others' experiences during my visits to TRP.

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Taped her name on reddit search, this name is only mentioned in men's related subs, or women bashing subs. At no point they ever discuss about it anywhere where women might read it.

Nobody seems to truly care about that on women's subs, or they're heavily repressing any discussions about it?

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Liberals, BLM, et. al. don't want to hear things that contradict or attack their narrative. That way, the only information they hear is that which tells them they're victims of a larger group or the government and that they are owed something. These people protesting aren't trying to "defend their rights" as they say, they're looking to benefit.

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This, gentlemen is what we are moving towards. Do not make the mistake of thinking you are immune or sheltered from the machine that promotes this twistedness. Logic is dying, keep to yourselves boys.

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To paraphrase Vox Day, the libtard always doubles down. The difference is now days thanks to social media and the internet they can not hide this shit. Also it is harder to hide facts, example if this occurred twenty years ago, to verify that this woman is a sadistic killer would take a week's worth of research. Picture going to the library, digging through old newspaper archieves on microfiche etc.

I think we are beginning to see the rise of dangerous times--times where violence against men by women is openly celebrated. Am I overreacting?

Paradoxically we are actually living in safer times. In the past you wouldn't know this sadistic bitch is running around on the street. Also it is more difficult for the libtard to use gaslighting etc.

Since the libtard never admits wrong and does mental gymnastics to the point of insanity, they have become a sadistic joke.

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Good point. To me, however, the increased knowledge of the public is more concerning in this case: the organizers and marchers know what she did and see her elevation as the result.

Like my LTR, they support her potentially even more with the knowledge of her actions. In any case, torturing someone to death isn't a disqualifier for being a public figure to these people. That's the rub.

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You need to divide into people who directly profit from this versus people who are just going along with it because it appears to be popular opinion. If it is the first category, they will defend to the death.

As Vox Day again shows, no man is safe. Jian Ghomeshi is a case in point, he had a run in with Vox Day a couple of years ago. Jian Ghomeshi was ironically defending feminazis etc. Ironically he was later a victim of false sexual assault charges. This shows no man is safe.

So if you personally knew the guy who died from getting a rod shoved up his ass by a feminazi, unless you are totally retarded, you are not going to support feminazis.

The weakness of the feminazi is they require someone else to do thier dirty work. So most cops working the street are men. Coworker of cop, his wife assualts him and tries to turn it around. These cops will then be more likely to question female abusers stories.

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To me, however, the increased knowledge of the public is more concerning in this case: the organizers and marchers know what she did and see her elevation as the result.

Well, it just shows what kind of people they are for everyone to see.

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There's also a higher level of desensitization as a result. Whereas in the past someome uttering the lords name I'm vain would have been an issue, now we're boarding on murder being acceptable and inspirational. It's nuts.

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Yeah, but Trump saying some political incorrect thing is a disqualifier for being a public figure to these people.

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Truly their support of a premeditated torturer-murderer is plain sick.

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Thanks for sharing OP, just a small correction on her name for those who were curious on further information it's Donna Hylton.

Also linked a site from women's march speaker list and it provides a brief statement of her, listed below.

https://www.womensmarch.com/speakers/ Donna Hylton: Formerly Incarcerated, Criminal Justice Reform Activist

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She changed her last name to Hylton to hide her past, it appears. I went with the original intentionally. Thanks for the clarification however.

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I have a friend who got fucked over by bat shit crazy girl who accused him of raping his daughter. Now this is the same girl that pulled a knife on my boy because she thought he talked to him in a bad tone. Now he's living in a rented room in a shitty house getting financially raped left and right. This guy just did not know how to use a condom and he meets a crazy bimbo.

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It is pretty amazing, reading about this anti-democracy march (I seem to recall women did get the vote some time ago, something we will live to regret). Feminists are sniping at each other about it, because it was seen as a 'white woman' march, and they now find themselves low down in the victimhood totem pole. But I have heard people talk about the 'terrible things' that Trump said about women. I listened to the tapes, and frankly there was nothing particularly terrible at all. So, some women will throw themselves at you and let you do anything if you are a billionaire and media personality? Who knew? Now, if it is hate speech you want, try reading feminist writings. I'm sure people get tired of me bashing feminism, but it really is a hate ideology masquerading as 'fair and equal rights'. And this? This takes the biscuit.

If Trump had said about women a fraction of what feminists have said about men, I would be 100% opposed to him, too, but he hasn't.

It is a topsy-turvy world we are living in. SJWs constantly talk about racism, yet they are the biggest racists around. Feminists go on about sexism, yet they are the biggest sexist bigots. And the latest thing is people like AntiFa attacking people they call 'nazis', but it is pretty obvious who the violent brownshirts are, and it isn't the Trump supporters.

From wiki on the Sturmabteilung: 'Their primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties'. Did I not read that the violence at some Trump rallies was actually organised by bussed-in agitators, organised by the opposing party? And certainly what I have seen since about people going around beating up anyone they think voted for him fits nicely with Sturmabteilung tactics. Fun times.



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This whole thing is disgusting. What happened to her, what she did, that she's an "inspiration" to people. It's like a crackhead fairy tale. Her life was fucked, she fucked someone else's and now she's inspiring a generation of fucked up women.

Anyway good job on not continuing a cycle with your LTR, who has some odd reasoning on something like this. Maybe it would have been an issue, maybe not, but it would have been hard for me to overlook as well.

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Liberals. The most disgusting, deranged people on the planet.

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Point supported by ad-hominem attack below. I felt obliged to respond to him/her.

[–]Infinitezen 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Do you even hear yourself buddy? His initial statement was about 1000x more ad-hominem than mine was. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

[–]Infinitezen 3 points4 points  (2 children)

Because Liberals are the war mongers? Because Liberals are the prohibitionists? Because Islam is a Liberal religion? Fuck your one sided view of reality. It's pathetic and historically laughable.

Edit: Am I hurting your feelings with my facts?

[–]Dingaste -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Liberals are warmongers. During his reign John F. Kennedy (liberal) dragged us into Vietnam and on the brink of world-scale war with Russia (via the Bay of Pigs debacle), followed by (liberal) his VP and replacement, Lyndon Baines Johnson. It wasn't until the conservative Richard Nixon was elected, that the U.S. was finally extricated from his brutal, seemingly endless conflict. Hell, even your president (liberal) Barack Obama dropped 24,287 bombs on foreign citizens on their soil last year alone, and ordered ten times more lethal drone strikes on foreigners on non-US soil than his (more) conservative predecessor, George Bush. So, fuck you and your righteous indignance.

[–]Infinitezen 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Your history needs a lot of work. Nixon purposefully drew out the Vietnam war and bombed Cambodia. I'm not the biggest Obama fan or anything, but he only continued what Bush started, while under extreme pressure. Your cherry picked history isn't really going to cut it. Kennedy was a centrist at best, and he ended up getting killed for going too far against the grain of the military complex.

But the larger point is this, the world is a lot deeper than black or white, right or left. Anyone who makes sweeping generalizations about an incredibly large and philosophically divergent group is either very misguided or an idiot.

Also like how you managed to avoid my points about prohibition and religion, two crowning jewels of conservatism. Nice Job!

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On the Youtube video she confidently says that black women are being criminalized and that's the reason she was in jail, because society stigmatized her. Also mentions a lot that she was in jail for 27 years and she's the victim. I can't believe that these naïve women that march without having a clear reason to, listen to these kind of people and get brainwashed.

[–]1empatheticapathetic 2 points3 points  (0 children)

This woman is a dark triad. This is the type of woman who does shit like that, have zero empathy about it (but then again most women would be able to hamster themselves out of accountability) and then use it to her advantage.

This type of woman is the perfect woman to be a figurehead in the women's March. She is able to create bullshit problems and ideologies that women can feel strongly about because although AWALT, this one is towards the end of the spectrum.

Her current position is like her justifying her anger towards her incarceration and how she was a victim. She's getting that anger out and blaming whatever is hot right now, particularly men.

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Did u/Valhalla_Man remove his post or did the mods??

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I'm having trouble finding out. I am unsure if I broke any rules and I am not receiving answers to my PMs

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So you didn't take it down?

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Nope. No answers either. Just reposted it. If it goes away again I'll know it was intentional.

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And they despise a guy just because he SAID he would grab a women by the pussy. Not mutilate it, not actually doing the deed, not killing someone, just speaking the words.

[–]bloodypill 12 points13 points  (1 child)

Not even that, he said they let him grab them by the pussy.

[–]dpape39 4 points5 points  (0 children)

It honestly was standard locker room talk from years ago. MSM making a huge deal over nothing again.

[–]HS-Thompson 4 points5 points  (3 children)

I don't give a fuck about this woman, she has nothing to do with me, my sexual strategy, my goals of self improvement, or anything else that affects me.

Maybe we should have subreddits for angry men, Trump supporters, and outrage porn or whatever, and put this kind of story there, and then this sub could be where we discuss sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.

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Egg fucking zactly. This place is like a sub forum of breitbart sometimes.

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This sub needs to refocus on personal improvement and lifting up our fellow men in empowerment. This post is not even close to that.

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This script keeps getting longer and longer.

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You gotta share her reaction lol

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When did people stop believe women were regular people?

[–]mgbkurtz 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Women need to grow up quick, or they are going to be extinct.

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I had heard about this woman's kidnapping and murder charges on The_Donald but was unaware of the torturing component. Thanks for sharing that.

Am I overreacting?

I don't think you are. Listen to your instinct. It would be much easier to simply keep plating women until you find one that doesn't even pay attention to this third-wave feminist shit and sees it for the hypocrisy that it is. They're out there.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Thanks. It is a painful transition but it is the right one.

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After listening to her speech and looking into what you've pointed us towards in regards to her clear disgusting crimes. I think you made the right call ending your LTR over her opinions.

The ultra herd mentality we are seeing from the far left and feminist is becoming so far removed from critical thought it does leave one questioning whether or not the cognitive dissonance is becoming incurable.

You've made the right choice no doubt about it.

[–]le_wolfe 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Kudos brother. Don't patch up even if she begs for it.

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Every time I was gonna hook up I make sure I'm not being set up

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Fuck third-wave feminism and fuck the big pharma / big hollywood / media industrial complex

[–]mflbatman 1 point2 points  (1 child)

What does this have to do with self empowerment or improvement? Please don't devolve into an echo chamber of hate. Let continue building ourselves and fellow men into more powerful, well-rounded humans.

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This woman was released from prison after 27 years. She is now listed as a key speaker at the Women's March

This is clear proof that feminism must be ended.

When a convicted criminal for anti-male crimes is invited to speak, you know what their agenda is.

LTR said that she supported her at the Women's March / I have decided that this is reason enough to end things

RED FLAG. Good work for ending it.

[–]Entrefut 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Wish that life hearing was on tape. I want to see the group that decided she was good to go.

[–]neuroneater 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Did she change her name, or are you confusing her with Donna Hilton? http://www.nytimes.com/1985/04/08/nyregion/the-city-7-held-in-slaying-of-man-in-trunk.html

[–]KennyF91 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah if she were to torture say a child molester or rapist and had proof that's one thing. However to kidnap and torture for a random is something I'm not getting behind. I've done some dark stuff but never that and if I did, doubt I could fully purge all of the bad and dark stuff out of me

[–]rorrr 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Are you sure it's the same person? You misspelled her last name twice in your post - Hilton vs Hylton.

[–]Cartz1209 -5 points-4 points  (4 children)

I will first start by answering your question. In my opinion, yes you are overreacting. I mean you break up your LTR because she has a different opinion than you? Damn... for sure that is only an excuse or you are a very intolerable person.

What that woman did was horrible of course, but she did her time, if the sentence was fair or not, that's another topic, but she did it. So she payed for what "society" determined would be her punishment. What she is doing now should by no means be impacted by what she did in the past. She is speaking for women's rights, not against men's (although for some extremist women one leads to the other).

This is a story of violence and absolution. A story about a little innocent girl that was raped through the years by her adoptive father (a man) and how that turned her into a monster. Then the monster did what's expected of monsters, monstrous things, as in killed a man. She was convicted for that and during that time she became a new person which now is trying to bring something good into the world.

Now, this is the STORY. I'm not saying it's true. I'm not saying she is now a good person or that she changed. I don't know her. She may have become a good person or a good actress. However her story is a good one. The material of a movie, which has a good message behind it. The movie isn't propaganda about women torturing men.

If a man had done what she did, would he ever be able to find himself in the position she is now? Absolutely not! For several reasons, being that first there is no such thing as Men's Marches. Same way there's no such thing as White People Marches (where white women are included).

The concepts of TRP are good. Excellent in fact, but seems to me that there are too many extremists around here. I think it wouldn't be unfair to compare it with the Muslim religion and its extremists. The base message of the religion is good, it's the extremists that turn it into something bad with their wicked interpretations. Same applies to all the women who take women's rights to the... yep you guessed it, extreme!

Now, go ahead and downvote me to hell. That means my opinion has been read and hopefully some of it will stick and become food for thought.

[–]mummersfarce_is_done 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Delete this message or ban me or whatever. But based on your writing, my intuition tells me you're a woman.

[–]mflbatman 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I commented something similar before reading your comment. More and more I see TRP changing into something negative and vitriolic. A large subgroup is losing the fundamental tenants of self improvement and sharing insightful knowledge. I'm having more and more trouble defending TRP from everyone else. This sub needs to let go of the hate and sensationalist bullshit that headlines propagate.

[–]0kool74 -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

and hopefully some of it will stick and become food for thought.

The only thing that is gonna become food for thought is that you are an absolutely retarded moron! we get a few of you on this sub from time to time.

[–]Cartz1209 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Dude don't be a dick and respect someone else ideas. You are not the owner of the truth and master of the universe. Consider the hypothesis that you could be wrong.

I have written my opinion supported by what I think are valid arguments. If you feel you have anything to add that can lead to a nice argument which could change my mind and the ones of those who may share similar opinions, I'm all hears.

Just mumbling stuff like "you are retarded" leads nowhere, gives the idea of a low IQ and honestly people like you give a bad rep to this sub.

[–]Shotgun_Sentinel -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

The left has turned the world on its head. Because of them neo-nazism is now seen as a desperate alternative to their stupid bullshit. Now there is about to be a strong divide and a higher chance of violence.

[–]H2offroad -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Too bad we are men. I'd kill before anything went near my ass.

[–]SouloftheVoid -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Someone should torture her to death!