Younger guys (< 30) of TRP, what troubles you or worries you most about getting older? Older guys of TRP, what do you have to say about those troubles and worries? (self.asktrp)

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This is how we are going to do it.

All guys on TRP younger than 30 are going to mention what troubles them the most about the future or worries them the most about life as they get older.

Older guys will come in and comment on this troubles and worries.

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Being red pill means being aware of biology and seeing the world through that lens. Nothing you listed sounds red pill to me at all, it’s all pretty normal surface stuff that has nothing to do with red pill theory. Personally I wouldn’t bother with a dude who talks about red pill all the time. Men who talk about red pill and “alphas” are usually super beta or using it to get laid as much as possible. Natural alphas don’t spend their time on TRP, they’re out actually accomplishing their goals and doing their thing.

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Agreed, guys following the red pill are beta's that are either angry or trying to better themselves. A young single man that's already using it is a different beast to a married man trying to save his marriage. An alpha would be taking you out to dinner for a start. For you to follow the red pill you need to understand that you are falling for him because he's shown an interest in you but sooner or later he won't be good enough. The point is to find a man you can truly respect and admire x

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So by that theory, any women active in RPW aren't actually RPW. Otherwise they'd just be doing their thing, chasing their dreams without validation of a "captian". Really, any true red pillers would just be bettering themselves because it makes them happy, not because TRP says so. Pursuing happiness for self, and disregarding social groups that say you need to do x or y to be happy. Biologically speaking, we have only one life to live, why not spend it maximizing self-fulfilment rather than worrying about what other people think.

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You sound like a woman. Nothing here has anything to do with TRP.

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I posted this "formula" on another discussion thread, but it seems appropriate for this discussion as well.

The basic formula is as follows: Attraction + Compatibility/Shared goals and interests + Outstanding wife/husband archetype + Exceptional mother/father archetype

Compatibility seems to be tracking, but are you both outstanding wife/husband and exceptional mother/father archetypes?

Also - consider Sexual Market Value (SMV)/attractiveness and Relationship Market Value (RMV) for both parties and is there continual effort to improve positive character traits and attributes? If both parties are close/very close to these descriptions you might be on your way, but if not...

Also - PRO TIP: Red Pill Women Sidebar Material. Read, review, study, internalize, and implement the best recommendations that support a healthy and productive relationship.

Point of interest: "I consider us exclusive"

Sure, but after a month into the "relationship" has he demonstrated or stated the exact same/similar sentiment?

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We’ve been together for around a month and I consider us exclusive

Yeah, but does HE consider you exclusive? Sounds like a covert contract to me.

You don't sound red pill.