Rant/VentingHave you ever noticed there is never a male 'fat acceptance' movement, because women and society do not care about you. (self.TheRedPill)

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This same post was spammed and removed last week too.

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What happened to the Dad bod that was floating around for a while.

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    My very first LTR had a ridiculous complaint: she was upset when I was doing sports and yelled things like 'don't do it!', 'I like you the way you are now', etc.

    I am a skinnyfat guy and I still try to get rid of it (my arms are bigger now and the belly is not so prominent, but there is much to improve, back then it all was horrible).

    I couldn't get it then, but now I understand: she was afraid and jealous. She was afraid that I can become more attractive, with increased competition against her.

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    Women do not invest in men's value.

    Women DO NOT invest in men's value. If anything, they'll try anything they can to stop men from gaining value.

    It's the same thing as an insecure man who feeds his wife cake so her own value will drop.

    Meanwhile, confused young men are stealing their mamas' credit cards to buy their month-long girlfriends breast implants.

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    Thats profund man . Invest in yourself.

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    I couldn't get it then, but now I understand: she was afraid and jealous

    There is a very strong evolutionary drive here: self improvement does not alter his genes. Unless it increases his resource providership potential (no woman will complain about your pay raise), there is no benefit to her. Because, genetically speaking, your genes are the same.

    Competition however will increase.

    In terms of how women think, yeah it's the competition thing. Had the same thing "but I like you as you are now" then later "ooooo you feel good these days".

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    Hmmm, that is an interesting point of view I failed to consider.

    I tried to explain that it would be her benefit as well: better physical shape = better sexual performance. She still kept on nagging how upset she would be if I weighed less than her (our weight and height were somewhat equal at 175 cm/63 kg). Eventually I just said 'I don't care', shrugged and later just ignored any mind screw from her on that particular topic. To be honest, back then I should have started with that. Alas, blue pill young days.

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    She still kept on nagging how upset she would be if I weighed less than her

    There is a weird and unfortunate thing today where women are competing with men. (Then they claim the game is unfair when they lose).

    It's all ego, and it's pathetic because they pick games they'll always win and play on an unequal ground - demanding extra privileges "to make it fair" and then doing a victory dance if their skewed game lets them win.

    This is where equality=sameness has gotten us: women with enhanced societal privilege competing against us in the workplace and most other spaces.

    The minimum you need to be attractive to a woman is better than her. Really though you need to be attractive is better than any of her other options - and these are your real competition not her. Competing against her should be laughed at.

    My ex would always demand equal food portions to me, despite being 5 inches shorter.

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    "But look at Leo's dad bod! He pulls supermodels consistently!"

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    You can be fat and have high value.

    You can be broke, short, smelly, etc; you just can't be all of them at the same time while sitting on your ass and complaining.

    Feminism's big game is acting like anything inconvenient to their narrative does not exist. From this, they draw the line that male SMV-disadvantages do not exist, or even SMV itself does not exist. Meanwhile, more half of their complaining is about supposed disadvantages to female sexual options in life.

    Long story short, build your damn value.

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    Women base attraction more on personality than looks. If you have shit personality and poor masculinity, your looks will matter more. If you have a great personality and high masculinity, your looks won't matter at all.

    The whole "looks matter" bullshit is a lie bitchboys tell themselves to excuse why they suck. Do you think that primal attraction some 200,000 years ago was based on a fucking mans looks? Lmfao. The guy who did the most for the tribe got the most pussy. Risk taking behavior and masculinity was rewarded. That's what women still want, it's just masked in social conditioning.

    As men, we base attraction on physical aspects which tell us if a girl is fertile. A woman bases attraction on personality traits. Alpha is not an appearance.

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    200,000 years ago it was a hunter gatherer society with no laws so a man could club a chic with a big stick and rape her, which is generally why women travel with someone and prefer a masculine guy to be a physical protector.

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    There were tribal laws. If you betrayed the tribe you would be killed or kicked out. Why do you think risk taking behavior is so rare in our species these days? Most guys are too fucking scared to even approach a girl because their fathers were little bitchboys with no balls who had to rely on the institution of marriage to get propagate their genes.

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    You are getting hunter gatherer confused with organized culture. There was no writings or law systems 200,000 years ago. I guess you could say unwritten rules but yeah they had a function.

    You have common sense to use non verbal communication and can see who groups up and what is acceptable or not. 200,000 years ago they were Thinking way primitive, cognitive logic wasn't there yet.

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    That's a load of blue pill bullshit sorry. All it needed is "Just need konfiduns bro". There should be something in the sidebar about tinder conversations using male model pics since it's the simplest way to debunk blue pill lies.

    Looks are by FAR the most important factor for getting laid and the deception that looks don't matter is the foundation of the entire PUA scam. Women judge everything you do and say through a prism of your attractiveness. This is called the halo effect.

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    Looks get you initial attraction, nothing more. Once you open your mouth and your high pitched, supplicating voice fills her ears, she will blow you the fuck out.

    Bluepill thinking is that women feel attraction the same way that men do. Consider that a man's body has little sexual purpose aside from the pelvic area, whereas a woman's body communicates her fertility and sexual status in almost all areas.

    This is why men base attraction off of looks and women base it off of personality. Thinking looks will get you all da p000sey is fucking retarded. You still have to be dominant and masculine.

    Why do women shit test guys? If looks were all that mattered, they wouldn't give us shit to see how we react and test how grounded we are in our reality. There are so many flaws in the "luukz matter" argument that it's utterly ridiculous. Stop deluding yourself.

    You should improve your appearance where possible, but don't think it's going to do anything other than get the girl to be more reception when you initially approach her. You still need game.

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      Fat acceptance quickly turned into shaming people who find fat unattractive. They still don't understand why society pushed back on that issue.

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      Males are shamed unconditionally. If you've had sex then you've had too much; if you haven't had sex then you're a disgrace.

      Life is a shit test. Women will ask you to "deliver a message," then scold you all summer long for coming back with the other side's response instead of their concessions to all of the woman's demands.

      What is this, really? A convenient excuse to say all of her problems are your fault. Boys lacking father figures often grow up to do this too.

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      No you don't understand. You're supposed to just have sex with the one woman but only after you put a ring on it and only if you've got a huge paycheck.

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      Males are shamed unconditionally. If you've had sex then you've had too much; if you haven't had sex then you're a disgrace.

      I agree that men are shamed quite often, but since when do people say if you've had sex at all then you've had too much? I've never heard someone say a guy who had a count under fifty had too much.

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        Embrace it and look forward to the other pussies you'll be getting because of your reputation of being able to pull bitches by the many.

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        Best is to just not care about it. Have as much sex as you like.

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        The fucking virgin phase... I lost it last summer (I'm 22). You know, though, my philosophy was always to wait for the right girl. I finally found a girl from china who was working here (US) for the summer and lost it to her. I have to say it was boring as fuck. Maybe I just have low testosterone since I never move and have never worked out. That's honestly what I think it is. It enrages me, though, that I was made to feel insecure about being a virgin for 22 fucking years. I always thought it wasn't fair to have that label since I had my first opportunity with my gf in junior year of hs and then broke up with her because I was paranoid about getting her pregnant. Like, yeah I was dumb for not realizing how safe condoms are but I'm desirable enough to not have to be looked down upon by cunts. It's not even men, it's women who look down at you. Men feel bad and try to help you most of the time. The best girls did was try to set me up with their fat friends. I'm not fucking fat I'm not in that attractiveness bracket. Jesus.

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        Women are looking for high energy - that's the magical instinct which most young men fail to grasp.

        Rather, I think it was taken from them. Boys are showered with low-energy addictions, and then they forbidden to talk about the reasons for wanting to be high-energy.

        Meanwhile, girls growing up are always given their own girls-only spaces where they constantly chat about sex. Nobody ever seems to truly believe in stopping them, because they're the ones who birth children and keep the species going.

        Men just compete with other men.

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          Fully agree. Starting a company at 23 tho

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            Hahaha I think I've heard that one before. I have to say I'm guilty of wanting to create an app, but at the moment I'm producing a visual novel that I hope to get on steam and planning to open or buy some kind of dessert store this summer in a resort town my family is moving to. A real estate agent is gonna call me back tomorrow and tell me if a store is still for sale and how much they're asking. My dad keeps warning me that I'll have to be there every day unless I hire someone else, but honestly everyone else my age does the same thing and makes $10/hr (well maybe now since everyone's out of college they're making $20/hr -- or $30/hr if they're an engineer -- sitting in an office). Should be exciting. Also I'm totally with you on the disruptive technology thing. Read Exponential Organizations by Salim Ismail. Harnessing the power of exponential growth is everything.

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              Lmao my dad was talking about that book to me this morning. It's the weirdest thing, there's like this inner circle of books that all talk about each other. Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Bold (also by him. Have it but haven't read it yet), the book I recommended, and Zero to One by Peter Thiel (which my finding of was a COMPLETE black swan... I was blown away when other books were mentioning it).

              If you're a futurist, The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil (outdated though, just watch his talk and you'll get the gist) and Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom. Heavy stuff. I listen to audiobooks while playing mindless games. It's nice.

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                Whaaaaaaaaaaaa you lucky son of a bitch. If I ever see that motherfucker I'm gonna demand he tell me when his next book is coming out (I heard that "The Singularity is Nearer" was supposed to come out late 2016)

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                Your problems are caused by low test.

                Just like every fat girl has a thyroid condition.

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                I believe you 100%. The one trait I don't like about myself is the fact that I live like a sloth. I'm average build luckily (everyone's told me for my entire like that I must have a really fast metabolism or something), but I'm so done with that shit now. I'm gonna bulk up. You know, one of the major reasons I didn't want to bulk up is because it's embarrassing (I live at home) when I think about how my my parents' perception of me will change. That's actually a really significant thing I just said there o.o ... my mom pretends to be grossed out by anything sexual (but she'll give me dating advice) and my dad pretends to not lust after other women. My older brother did the fuckit/bulk up thing and in college he fucked 30 girls... and as shitty as this sounds I know it never would have happened had he not made that decision. It should have been so obvious... but I get it now. Phew!

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                Good post but holy shit mate don't ever say the male species again. Its a gender not a species. You end up sounding like a triggered feminist when you say that.

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                Did you just assume my species?

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                "fat phobia is rooted in capitalism"

                do fat people even exist in any other economic system?

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                In Feudalism, the nobility were often fat. Lots of others who were well fed (merchants) as well.

                Feminists use that 'fat used to be attractive', but that's like saying Trump is attractive because he is fat - not because he's rich as fuck. They confuse status and physical fitness as attraction. Part of me thinks it's on purpose to try to fit reality to the narrative, the other side tells me that they may just be that confused.

                The poor were always skinny to moderately built depending on type of menial work and the availability of proteins.

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                Lots of others who were well fed (merchants) as well.

                I would argue that this marked the beginning of capitalism. Merchants weren't really part of the feudal system, they were early capitalists.

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                Merchants existed since human civilization began. What really began 'capitalism' was the invention of the corporation where debts (and legal proceedings from the actions of the corporation) of the corporation could not be pursued to individual stockholders. This is what began the capitalist age because investors no longer had to be concerned with the ethics/legality of the corporation.

                Capitalism is not markets and market action, it's separation of the investor from legal proceedings and debt.

                Imagine if you had a few stocks in Ford and had to pay up when they went bankrupt.

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                The elites of other systems are quite often fat.

                But more to the point, all SJW crap like fat-acceptance is really part of a movement to undermine western capitalism with cultural-marxism. SJWs dont really care about women, gays, fat-people, the disabled. They only care about destroying western civilisation which is why they will side with islam over gays and women.

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                Try to bring such a topic up and prepare to hear irrational justifications around white privileged males that quickly stop being rooted in logic but are still used to functionally shout you down into submission. Recently saw a few wide spread hipped post baby women talking about 'the Dad bod' isn't sexy because the belly isn't washboard anymore. These women still see themselves as 18-24 apparently, despite what reality had to share with everyone else.

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                This whole appeal-to-emotion movement never wanted to lift the low ones upward.

                They only ever wanted to drag the higher ones downward.

                That's how collectives work. Everybody but the leader needs to be cut down to size because the leader said so.

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                I agree with this, except I think the solution is to just destroy the whole fat acceptance movement altogether.

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                We should see this 'fat acceptance' for what it truly is. A very very clever marketing campaign. Similar to the smoking commercials from the Mad Men days. They associate 'feeling good' with their product and people flock to buy it. If women see that dove commercial and feel slightly better about their bodies, thats not good for society. It's good for sales of moisturiser.

                The worst thing about this shit is how they try and claim it's somewhat ethical, they're promoting 'acceptance' and 'self confidence'.

                Peoples natural instinct to be unhappy about being fat is justified. It makes you less attractive to the opposite sex and unhealthier.

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                As men we are not allowed to be victims only the oppressors women cannot empathize with us as they are the only one who knows how it feels to be victimised.

                And this is a good thing. I have neither a desire to feel victimized nor to be a victim. To do such is to accept inferiority. I have no desire to have my laziness and whining tolerated as laziness and whining make me weaker. Why would I want women to stand up for me? I can stand up for myself. Et cetera...

                Although women could certainly improve the world by being more conscious in their selection, we should be thankful that women are less accepting of us than they are of themselves, it makes us stronger - though it must be said that in reality they're not really accepting of themselves either.

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                Napoleon Syndrome: when a man has had enough of being treated like shit because of his height, and has the nerve to call people out or otherwise act up.

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                  Well, to be honest 5'7 was not short in the XVII- XVIII century. The average french guy was 5'5 back then, so Napoleon was around 2 inches taller than average. That is like being 5'11 or 6 in the US nowadays.

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                  That's actually what's quite funny about the femitards and SJW nutjobs. They completely blackout on that in history, it was never a good idea to keep pushing the average white cis male to his limit and beneath.

                  No nice things are waiting for Western society, where the collective stoicism of it's male population ends.

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                  To me, it seems that this is simply a matter of laziness and stupidity. Most people are too lazy to exercise and maintain a decent diet since it involves spending time shopping and cooking. Stupid people have the biggest and most fragile egos. Therefore the best way to protect their ego (not admitting a fault) without expending effort to actually improve is to simply demand that everyone else accept their weakness as normal.

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                  Than I'll listen.

                  Maybe you better quit your female consumer mindset, where you provide nothing of value and feel entitled for everything in return and start producing content on your own instead?

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                  Nah, I just dont have time to read grown men crying like pissy children on the internet "Because theyre not accepted." Sounds like something women and children would do.

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                  I know this will be another red pill for you and actually not easy to swallow, but trust me on this one:

                  You don't have to read everything on the internet and you sure as fuck absolutely can spare yourself the time to type your absolutely worthless opinion on it. Win-win situation.

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                  It's because parents have been fucking lazy for a long ass time! It's easier to let the kid have the whole bag of cookies than to teach him that he only needs 2. When I watch all the fat kids at my kids school, it makes me sick! I'm blaming my parents for this shit too.

                  There are 2 moms at my kids school who always wait together for their daughter's. They are 25ish and both very, very fuckable. Yet, when their daughters approach, they are both fat. Why? Because their mom's a lazy bitches. That's why.

                  We need to not only have a society that doesn't promote obesity, but also a society that shames lazy parents for allowing their children to get fat in the first place.

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                  It even happens with the gay dudes.

                  Some gay dude made an extremely graphic music video as a tribute to the culture of using signals like coloured hanky's to show preferences: House of Air - Brendan Maclean (it's so NSFW I won't link it).

                  After watching the clip (which is not age restricted for some reason), there are no Bear types or gay men who aren't at a healthy weight or have ugly mugs or are old.

                  There was a whole load of wank written about how it is reprasentative blah-blah-blah but the product doesn't reflect the people it's supposed to inform/educate and if you like seeing a man get shat on, entertain.

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                  That age restriction is fake as fuck. There is material which is purely degenerative which is not age restricted at all.

                  Same as with Wikipedia.

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                  There is no gender equality, there never will be. It's a biological and physiological impossibility. So double standards will always exist; it is what it is. That said, I'm with you, fat acceptance is extremely unhealthy and the root cause of the problem is its inherent focus on appearance over health.

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                  You are reading too much into this. Most of those are advertising vehicles to sell products to fat women.

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                  The male fat acceptance movement is basically modern MGTOW. Nobody cares just like nobody really cares about the Healthy At Every Size movement. It's just trendy to preach equality and acceptance, and Dove capitalized on that (literally) to make a profit. Dove doesn't give a shit and neither do most of the attractive women. They just can't risk social ostracization that comes from telling a fat person that maybe they are the problem. The feminists just have a better PR campaign than the masculinists.

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                  More like Kelli Jean Drinksoda Jesus Christ

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                  Status is male fat acceptance

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                  There is no fat acceptance here for women as well and there should not be. Most people do not like fat girls. There is usually fat shaming. I am from eastern eu

                  [–]Senior EndorsedMattyAnon 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                  Men are told to just be themselves.

                  Then insulted and shamed for it.

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                  Please mother Fucker read this careful.


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                  More than anything else, I highly agree with that last line of yours.

                  I don't believe why there is a fat acceptance thing there for any gender.

                  I was a fat, obese guy myself a year ago and howsoever much I tried to accept this theory then ( probably because i was lazy af), I just felt tons better about myself the day I hit the gym.

                  Im still halfway there to attaining my version of a fit body, but boy do I feel better, and I look better as well. From zero tinder matches I've now even hit a few unachievable ones(which I might have earlier thought so). And somehow everything people on this subreddit talk about has a quite familiar ring to it.

                  p.s. and being a 5'6'' inch guy in height I have experienced just about the same. :/

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                  Pretty sure biddies were raging about how hot DILFs and dad bods were for a second. First time I witnessed it, my stomach churned at even thinking that mediocrity might even stand a chance at usurping hard work and dedication towards the essence of one's own masculinity.

                  Then again.. what else can we expect from a corporate America trying to sell us XXL size jeans and Supersized McDiddles.

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                  That landwhale got wrecked. What a retard

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                  Funnily enough i have been watching videos after a post here the other day and found this video.

                  If you actually watch the males explanations compared to the females, most of the males own up to it being their own fault, due to laziness, overeating etc.

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                  She was out of breath just standing there and talking. Fuck. That.

                  Fat acceptance only works if we allow it to. Don't accept fat girls. They do not exist.

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                  A fat blob of a woman is also an unhealthy vessel for your potential offspring. During pregnancy, the uterus keeps extensively stretching, as the fetus is growing in size. This pushes much of the soft tissue organs in the pelvic and lower torso upwards, even as much as pushing the diaphragm, which puts pressure on the lungs, which can give women a hard time breathing. Here is the kicker though:

                  Imagine all of the above happening in a womans body, who happens to be obese. Not only do you have the extension of the uterus putting pressure on the organs, but the fat tissue as well. This puts the life of the pregnant woman (nature's vessel) at risk, which puts the life of your offspring at risk as well.


                  Our forefathers, for thousands for years, have known this. This knowledge is imbued within our limbic system. We are hardwired to find fatty fat pigs disgusting. Men because of the above mentioned, and women because they instinctly (limbic system at it again) realize that a male fat blob will not be able to protect her or her offspring if danger arises.

                  This is also why we make a connection between health and beauty. A biologically healthy man or woman are considered attractive. ATTRACTIVE. We find health in our potential mates to be attractive! Who would have considered this a possibility! Certainly not the fatzis!!

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                  TRP would say that a woman's most important aspect is her appearance. So it's not hard to imagine why they would completely lose their shit if they don't meet beauty standards. For guys appearence is important but not the end all be all of their value in their own minds. That's half of it. The other half is that generally men are either conditioned or predisposed to not complain about their problems. Even TRP says men should never break frame so how can they tall about insecurities based around beauty standards?

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                  TEDx Talks disabled comments and likes/dislikes on that video. They don't want to hear the truth and fear people discussing it, hence why TRP will someday be shut down but at that point hopefully it's too late.

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                  Men are groomed from birth to be disenfranchised sperm donors, cash machines and occasionally status symbols ("You married a doctor?!?").

                  Beyond that they're not valued at all - one of the reasons that they're persistently represented in popular media as thick-headed couch potatoes who lack wisdom.

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                  Yea no fucking shit, no one said the world was nice, grow the fuck up and stop bitching.

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                  These things are known. Improve yourself and find a way to make the injustices of society work on your behalf.