Red Pill Theory[full video] The Private Man's first and last red pill presentation @ The 21 Convention, now free on YouTube (self.TheRedPill)

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Here is the full YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8iBLm9zARA

DISCLAIMER: my company is the publisher and owner of this video. I am not the speaker, most of which you are familiar with, Andrew The Private Man.

The speech was published ad-free at Andrew's request. I was more than happy to honor it given the situation. I had it bumped up our publication timeline as well due to his imminent death.

Please watch the video and send Andrew thoughts and feedback on YouTube/his blog/his twitter. I spoke with him in person last week over lunch and he made it absolutely, crystal clear: he reads and appreciates the feedback and interaction immensely. It is a part of his legacy.

This is also the first explicit red pill presentation at The 21 Convention. Women/dating/relationships/sex are one important category of multiple at T21C, and you will see more red pill presence in this category in 2017 and beyond.

Edit: we have now published a full 40 minute video interview with Andrew at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjlqNhOyHjQ

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Cheers. Please upvote this to the top (or sticky it) to honor the Man as he's reaching the end of his journey.

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It's sad seeing him having so much knowledge to share but having trouble breathing :(

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Dude is great. He was 270 lbs in his own words and right now this looks like 200. If he continues he even outlives the average fatty in America.

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Thanks for this post. Somehow this man encapulates the absolute truth about attraction in about an hour. No excess words, focused, actionable, thoughtful, complete explanation. This is worth it's weight in gold and counters ANY objection women have. It might hurt their feels but this is the closest thing to the unapologetic truth I've ever heard.

It SHOULD be standard viewing for all boys at age 12

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I really enjoyed this. Good general primer for newbies.

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Quality content even for the not-so-newbie.

If the Red Pill is a seed, this is the fertile soil from which it grows. Understanding how attraction works and even the nuances behind how the theory came to be provides invaluable insight.

In fact, I googled "lekking" (from the video) then found an article studying humans from a behavioral ecological perspective. The guy is spot on in his analysis. Gonna miss him.

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This guy followed me on one of my social media accounts. Always respected him & his opinions.

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Some thoughts One thing that got me thinking was his slide on the how and the why. Basically the chart looks like this:

Advice Reason
confidence risk taking
charisma social hierarchy
competence provisions
leadership overall survival

Talking to a stranger is risk taking. Having good charisma makes you seem higher up on the totem pole. Who gathered the most animals? A big question in women's hypergamous brain is who have the most provisions.

This got me to thinking about how I would develop social confidence? "The most important mark of confidence a man can do is to start a conversation with somebody... approach, approach, approach." (@~34:00)

So I brainstormed:

Advice Reason Action
confidence risk taking Approach
charisma social hierarchy Work in Bar/Meet Ups/ ...
competence provisions Job/Budgeting/Investing/show dangerous side...
leadership overall survival Get in Leadership Positions/Volunteer...

How feasible are the actions? Approaching can be done today by going outside, but I am [insert hamstering] and she is [hamstering]....

Here are the books he recommended @~40:18

1) A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the Internet Tells Us About Sexual Relationships

Shows what men and women want.

2) Dataclysm

3) Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game

4) What's the most popular book for women? 50 shades... (a man taking charge is attractive and dominant)


Become keen observers of human nature and behavior based on reality. One way is to take walks with your dog, sit at a cafe and eavesdrop on people on dates.

He also recommended getting social history books and getting a book list together. Not sure if the list above is the list or a quick glimpse.


Man is dying. I saw him on reddit offering free advice and skype sessions before. I thought there may be a catch and I was insecure. Fast forward today I see him on the stage, I wish I have taken up the offer and am thinking about spending a day with him. Usually never have someone like that in my life, wonder about how a day with him would be like. Crowd in the room are tired and silencing his side jokes, but sometimes the crowd (or one person) comes alive and responds. I would of been stoic/quiet/beta (on and on) in the audience, but would fantasize about his points. At end no one seem to have questions so he have to probe the audience "anyone want to know about my eye patch?"

questions around @48:00

1) your pickup line?

2) charisma and leadership?


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Tough crowd, didn't even laugh at any of his jokes. At one point he even had to tell them to look alive.

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That's a lesson in itself. If you are in a situation in which a leader is prompting for interaction with the crowd, then find your voice, and use it. Interact with speakers, but not to an annoying degree. Make jokes that work with their subject.

I worked in telecom for a bit. We had a meeting with everyone on our shift in one room listening to the big heads of the company. The regional manager was talking about phone usage, and swipe gesturing. He made some joke about his wife calling. Almost without thinking about it, I said "just go ahead and swipe left on that one." Dude expressed his appreciation for my interaction in front of everyone when he was done speaking, and asked for my name. Some people in leadership positions pulled me aside after the meeting and told me that he really liked me.

Things like that can have a huge positive impact on how other's perceive you. It's just another weapon in your arsenal to get what you want.

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Its really being socially savvy on another level.

I used to always nod to my professors in college with warm eye contact (no homo) during lectures and always 10/10 got helped on grading. It would be massive social proof too (not in a teachers pet way) but the teacher would be bro'ish with me in a grab a beer type of way.

The old me in highschool would just be yawning, texting, talking to other students, looking uninterested like the reset of the class.

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The speech was given first thing in the morning on a Saturday... three days into the event.

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It's what happens when you get a bunch of beta men still on the journey. Everyone trying to be stoic and instead looking nervous and insecure.

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What allways strikes me about people with contrarian positions like TRP or free-speech advocacy is how gentle souls they are, they are smart and really care about people so they put a lot of effort into what they want to tell them. This guy should be a social science professor, not those looney sicko marxists, then social science would be valuable to humanity again. Great lecture.

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This is the reason I lurk in this sub. Solid, clear, easy to understand info.

(I am often hesitant to post here because far too many guys who post here are bitter as fuck, way more than in Seddit. I'm not here to be bitter. I'm here to change my life.)

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Glad you liked it!

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Most of the 21 Studios videos are pretty solid. James Marshall's stuff is very much in line with my personality so I often check his content out.

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What a sick guy. Wish I could've gone and met the dude. He has an amazing sense of humor and the crowd just didnt appreciate his energy and wit. I would've been laughing my tits off for over half of the presentation.

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Early morning talk on a Saturday.

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how do I stay updated on meetups like these and the one in orlando with Rollo? I would have attended this Miami seminar had i known...

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I'm also curious about this. I'd love to go to one of these.

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Sorry you missed it. Will work harder to get the word out to RP in the future.

You can subscribe to us on YouTube at 21 Studios. You can get on the events vip list here http://www.the21convention.com/events/

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Did he ever give you guys the list of books he recommends? Thanks for the upload.

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I asked him about this over lunch the other week, think he's still working on it.

You're welcome! Please subscribe to us on YouTube and think about attending our 10 year anniversary live event. Rollo will be there among other awesome speakers.

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Definitely a good watch. Nice to see a perspective that's not so action-oriented and all about results. Guys just a chill older dude making some scientific observations and arguing a point.

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You're welcome.

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Excellent video.

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would it be a good idea to start sharing this video to my blue pilled male friends?

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Good stuff. Nice job private man!

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Anyone know how to reach out to this guy? I'd love to interview him on my podcast.

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This is great stuff brotha. Gonna bookmark this

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This wasn't that enlightening...was it? I think it's fairly common sense, no?